Guest Post: Neighbor Jami & Her Nursery Furniture

Neighbor Jami is back today telling us about the paint technique she used on her nursery furniture!

As far as Lucy’s furniture went, I had none…at least none I wanted to use. My existing crib was way too bulky and masculine for a dainty little girl’s room, and I had given all my other baby stuff away.

So I put the word out via Facebook that I was in need of a crib and would be willing to take one off someone’s hands if they were needing to get rid of one. Within 2 hours I had landed one from my pal Mindy.

Next, I bought a solid wood dresser at the Bountiful DI for $25.00. Have I mentioned I love the DI? I do.

DSCN6479 (The knobs are new, from Hobby Lobby)

I painted these both using a spray paint by Valspar in “Pistachio”. After a few coats and letting them completely dry I sanded the edges and then rubbed “Distress Ink” in the color of “vintage photo” on the sanded areas. (Distress Ink is basically a rubber stamp pad you can find at any craft store.) I then finished by spray painting a clear coat in a satin finish.


My Rocking chair:

My camera stinks so you can’t fully appreciate the color. It is called, “Crystal Aqua” by Valspar. A cushion is in the process as we speak. I also lightly sanded the edges and glazed the edges the same way as mentioned before.
My cute and talented neighbor and friend Decorator Wendy gave me these cute little boxes she purchased from Pottery Barn, to use next to my changing table. James painted these using the same “Aqua-Crystal” paint by Valspar that was used on the rocking chair. Then I cut out these labels in white vinyl using my silhouette.



Hopefully the next installment will feature Char actually having sewed some bedding. If not, we might have to break up!

And, one more thing.  Apparently Valspar has changed the name of the spray paint color in question.  It is not longer called “Pistachio”.  It’s something like “Leaf Green”, but the paint guys assured Jami it’s the exact same color.  I’ll updated with the official name after my next trip to Lowe’s!

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  1. Love the little diapers and wipes boxes! So cute!

  2. Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots says:

    LOVE the vinyl on boxes…such an adorable way to display diapers and wipes!

  3. Blissmade Designs says:

    Love the colors and the use of distress ink!

  4. Jennifer V. says:

    Did you have to sand the furniture beforehand at all?

  5. The furniture is really cute.

  6. so cute!! gets me excited to start working on my little girls room :)

  7. Neat project – fab result.

  8. Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) says:

    Cute … love that color green.

  9. ificould says:

    Very cute!! Nice steal from the DI

  10. Love the furniture – it's so cute!
    But since I'm in the great white north, could you please tell me what DI is?

  11. How long does it take to sand and distress ink all of the edges? I wonder if I have that kind of patience.

  12. I was painting a dresser last week and waited for this post before I finished it. I will be trying your technique, Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jennifer, you only have to lightly sand, just enough to get the new coat of paint to stick.

  14. Love the blue! And I'm so glad the diaper and wipe holders are being loved :)

  15. ariananelson says:

    This is really amazing design and love it.. The crib is so nice that I don't have words to describe.. Thanks for sharing.. I will look forward to it.. Hey, any idea related to the cost?
    Baby Nursery Furniture

  16. Jennifer V.,
    Usually when I buy used furniture it comes with some serious paint jobs. The previous owners had slapped down like 8 coats of paint, so yes, I usually sand them down good to smooth them out, and to get the new coat of paint to stick. The drawers however weren't bad, so I ended up just having to lightly sand to get the paint to stick.

  17. Teresa,
    Here in the great state of Utah,(and possibly a few other states) the LDS church has a wonderful non-profit thrift store where you can donate used items or buy them for yourself. I have found so many things here, especially furniture. It is comparable to The Salvation Army.

  18. ariananelson,
    After doing some figuring, I bet I have spent around $230 dollars so far. This includes my dresser, the knobs, distress ink, spray paint, paint, 20 yards (give or take a few) of fabric for the bedding and window treatments (which Char is currently working on and will be shown upon completion, can't wait!)The stenciling, my diaper station and corbels, rocking chair cushion, rug, and lamp shade with lamp post, and chandelier. I think I have done pretty good!I still have some decorations to purchase. I will have to add up the grand total just for fun when I am all finished!

  19. Do you sand by hand or do you use an electric sander? Do you use anything else to take off the paint? I've wanted to refinish furniture but as you can see I still have the very basics to learn!

  20. Char @ Crap I've Made says:


    I use an electric sander most of the time, because I'm lazy. I also never sand down to the bare wood…I just rough up whatever finish is on there to get the new paint to stick.

    Does that help?

  21. This nursery is so yummy I could just about eat it! Love!

  22. Globe Trotters says:

    I love this nursery! We are going to try out the painting/distress look on our pieces of furniture- if you use the distress ink, do you have to use the finish to keep it on, or is it permanent once it dries? Thanks for sharing!

  23. BeingBrook says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crib. So pretty. It makes me want another baby just so I can get a new nursery! Cute!

  24. Ok this nursery is the cutest I have ever seen! You have done an amazing job! Makes me want to have another baby, too late for that! :)

  25. Is the paint you used on the crib safe should baby happen to someday chew or suck on it? I want desperately to paint the crib I have but the guy at the paint store told me it was toxic once color was added to the paint?!! I’m super disappointed so any insight you may have would be appreciated!!

  26. Do you have an update on the new name of the color? I see the pistachio color on the valspar website, but I can’t find it anywhere so it must have a different name.

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