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I wanted to try something else (i.e. not a thank you card) with my letterpress. The printing plates that Lifestyle Crafts sent me were this set


and a wedding set, which I cannot find anywhere on their site.

I’m not actually getting married again, so I don’t need any “save the date” cards. I decided I’d rather print some stuff I could enjoy, even if that meant spending a little money (just keeping it real). My pal Lara (who also has the Epic) mentioned that Hobby Lobby had supplies, so I went to check them out with my 40% off coupon in hand.

The heavens parted and angels sang when I found ONE of this set on clearance:


I’m not sure what that was all about, because none of the other identical sets were marked down. SCORE! All the letterpress papers were 40% off, too. SCORE! So, I picked up a couple of different ink colors and came home to play.

There’s the plate all inked up and ready to go. It doesn’t look like it has enough ink, but it totally does. Putting much more than that will give you a design that bleeds.

I’m not sure if there’s a learning curve and I’m getting better or if the bigger plate is easier to work with (although way way WAY harder to crank through the machine). Maybe it’s a combination of the two? Look how awesome the damask pattern prints!


If you look really closely you can see how the printed part is actually indented. LOVE that.

And I did the same thing in a couple more colors:


I took this shot to show you that the ink color on the label is a very accurate representation of the print color. You can also mix ink colors to get a custom shade. I haven’t gotten brave enough for that yet…

So, what am I going to do with all that damask-y goodness?

Stay tuned.

And remember that if you’re interested in picking up your own Epic and/or supplies, Lifestyle Crafts is offering all Crap I’ve Made readers 25% off through March 20th using code “BLOGCRAP”.

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  1. { kelly jo } says:

    Love finding awesome stuff on sale!!

    Do you think these letterpress plates would work in the cuttlebug??

  2. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    I am not familiar with the cuttlebug at all. Sorry!

  3. Amanda Joy says:

    I love the look of that green damask. My kitchen is sunshine yellow, black, and white with accents of damask. this plate would be perfect for a cute framed print:)

  4. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard says:

    Have I mentioned my love for Lifestyle Crafts? I have been following them since they came out with the L Letterpress. :) I'm a letterpress stalker.

    btw, headed to Utah today, woo hoo!!

  5. Ok, that is so cool. SO COOL!

  6. pretty.

  7. Amanda Brantley says:

    OK love these. Help me though, is "duh-mask" or rather, "da-misk"?? I'm afraid of being incorrect & ive heard both ways…Either way I love it.

  8. amy smart says:

    This is so cool!

  9. Mandi @ Vintage Revivals says:

    So that is what you gals were tweetin about the other night!

    It looks awesomely craptastical.

    Which in Mandilicious means amazing.

    Love your guts

  10. I love letterpress and it can be pricey! I only use those cards for my dearest friends :)
    Your duh-mask or da-misk looks purty! (Amanda, both are said…so whichever you choose is OK!)

  11. Michelle says:

    Love how it makes it 3D! Very fanciful!


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