Review & Giveaway: CanOrganizer

Are you familiar with CanOrganizer?

I’ll admit that I was not, until they contacted me about reviewing their products. I do, however, own 2 other brands/types of can rotation systems, and they were WAY more expensive than CanOrganizer’s. So, I was interested to see how their stuff compared.

The organizers arrived flat and wrapped in plastic. I was a little nervous about assembling them so I turned that job over to Macy. Plus, if a 10 year old can assemble them, anyone can…right?

Here’s what your CanOrganizer will look like straight out of the package:


I liked the fact that it was clearly labeled with which parts to remove and discard. One of my organizers was not labeled, which I’m guessing was a fluke thing, but it wasn’t a big deal. We used one of the others for reference.

There were also printed instructions. We had a little incident with ours getting cut in half by an over zealous kid with scissors:


No worries, though, because there’s also an assembly video online.


And then she got to work.





I got the cupboard size, because my pantry is RIDICULOUSLY small. It might be my least favorite thing about this house.

The cupboard size held 7 cans, in my highly scientific experimentation.


What I liked:

Both of the other can rotation systems that I own have tracks, making it so that you can only use very specific can sizes. The CanOrganizer boxes have “ramps” (for lack of a better term), so you can use a a variety of can heights. See how the mandarin oranges are way shorter than the rest? They rotated just as smoothly.

The different size options. My pantry is so shallow that the other systems I have don’t work in the pantry and are relegated to a storage room in the basement.

The fact that they could be easily labeled or even craftily embellished. Winking smile

What I’m not so sure about:

I’ll admit that I’m a little worried about durability, with them being cardboard. However, the cost is low enough that I’m willing to take the chance and I’ll definitely be getting some more.

And, we definitely could not have put them together using just the diagram. We for sure needed the video.

What’s in it for you?

A chance to give your own pantry/cupboard/storage room a CanOrganizer style makeover!


CanOrganizer is giving one lucky reader a 4 pack of organizers in the size of her (I mean it *could* be “his”, but I’m pretty sure there are no dudes reading this) choice.


Click on over to CanOrganizer and look at the sizes. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) saying which size you’d choose.

Get a second entry for leaving an additional comment telling me what food item you stockpile (for me it’s totally brownie mix).

I’ll leave the contest open through noon on Monday.

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  1. *Ashley Lou* says:

    I am all about giving my cupboards a makeover (especially after my last little "broken-toe-because-of-falling-cans" incident! Plus, my house is not equipped with a pantry…not of any size…I know, sorrow ensues.

  2. L0veLindsey says:

    I would get the shelf size.
    [email protected]

  3. I like the shelf size!!

  4. L0veLindsey says:

    I stockpile… cake mixes. Cake batter is Heaven on Earth.. yum!

  5. I stockpile pasta. all different kinds, I don't know why, it's kinda strange…I know

  6. *Ashley Lou* says:

    And my stockpile item…believe it or not…is diced potatoes. We use them in everything! I have never been so good at the "peeling-boiling-cooking" potatoes business so they work wonders!

  7. Lexi's Mommy says:

    oohhh pretty cool. i think the Cupboard Organizer would be best for me since we live in an apartment.

    [email protected]

  8. Cupboard Organizer! My cupboards are also super small, i HATE it!!!! I hoard food storage re-fried beans! We love them!

  9. I'd go with the pantry ones. I need something to stack my cans. LOL. I hate that a lot of the can don't stand on each other anymore. What's up with that?

  10. I stockpile cake mixes, they are cheap and delish!!!

  11. Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy says:

    Genius! I'd go with the cupboard size. We have a pantry but it's more of a closet with pull out drawers and so there isn't a lot of height or depth since we try to jam so much in. My husband contantly complains about the cans, so this would totally tidy them up!!

  12. Tyler-Ashlee's Mommy says:

    We stockpile cream of chicken soup. Weird, huh? We don't even eat it as soup but we put it in everything!

  13. I would totally go with the pantry size canOrganizer. The cans in my pantry are in no kind of order and are all over the place. This would so help me. Thanks!!! :)

  14. I would definitely use the cupboard size b/c my pantry is very small.

  15. I stockpile soup!

  16. I have been eyeing these for awhile. I'd love to try the shelf size.

  17. I stockpile applesauce!

  18. Lindsay Conner says:

    I'd try to shelf size–what a smart idea!

  19. What a great idea! I like the cupboard size.

  20. I stockpile Cream of Chicken soup and Rotel.

  21. i would go with the cupboard size. i hate that my cupboards are so small! these are AWESOME!

  22. Nama Halacy's Comfy Cottage says:

    I would totally use the shelf size, what a great idea!

    [email protected]

  23. i stock up on cream of mushroom soup and pasta. heaven forbid my kids eat anything with a little flavor. haha

  24. Cherie@DragonfliezCreationz says:

    Well that is totally great! I would go with the shelf organizer

  25. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    Love the cupboard size! Have not seen anything like this before!

  26. Cherie@DragonfliezCreationz says:

    Ohh and I stock pile pasta and green beans and tunafish.

  27. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    Okay, so I stockpile Kraft salad dressing. Odd? Not entirely until I mention that I almost never buy salad.

  28. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I like the pantry size!

  29. I think I'd get the cupboard size. If I knew we'd be staying in this particular apt for a while, I'd get the pantry, but who knows.

  30. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I like to stock pile chocolate chips!

  31. I, too, stockpile brownie mix!
    MFEO :)

  32. Amanda Jo says:

    I've never seen this product before but I can tell you already that I love it! I like the shelf size, pesonally.

  33. Shannon Green says:

    I like the cupboard size. It would be perfect for my small family.

  34. Amy from Our Dish says:

    You've GOT to be kidding me – these are AMAZING!!! Thanks for introducing me! I would love a bunch of cupboard and pantry size.

  35. The shelf size!

  36. Amanda Jo says:

    I stockpile diced tomatoes! You can use them in just about anything!

  37. Amy from Our Dish says:

    Stockpiling: definitely applesauce! We go through it like oxygen around here.

  38. frugalmom says:

    I would probably get all the sizes, but the longest one first. We have an assortment of shelf depths in our kitchen/pantry.

  39. Stockpile….candy and diet coke.

  40. frugalmom says:

    ANd I stockpile chocolate. I almost always have more than 25 lbs of chocolate chips in a 5 gallon bucket. Plus I have a sweater-sized plastic tote filled with candy bars. I figure if we're eating food storage, we might as well enjoy it, right?

  41. Oh man… I'd get the biggest size they have! (My shelves are tall and SO much wasted space since I never want to stack those cans…)

  42. Papi and Wee Granny says:

    Shelf size for me, please.

    [email protected]

  43. Oh… and I stockpile everything… but I'd have to say I freak out just a little bit if my spaghetti sauce gets low. That and cold cereal… because the kids would starve and I don't want to listen to their pitiful sobs. ;)

  44. Papi and Wee Granny says:

    I stockpile chicken broth, cr. of mushroom soup, and Chef-Boy-Ardee Pizza mix.

  45. I would have to do cupboard or pantry! (Our pantry is ridiculously small, too. I bet it's worse than yours!)

    [email protected]

  46. How do you think cans of Diet Coke would store in those babies? :) Okay, if not Diet Coke, probably corn and beans!

    [email protected]

  47. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    I'd pick the shelf size. My cupboards are a depthy enough for those ones I think.

  48. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    I stock pile those instant mashed potatoe mixes… Mashed potatoes go well with almost everything and they're quick and easy!

  49. Ryan + Angie says:

    I would like the cupboard size. My pantry is large but the shelves are not…go figure!

  50. Ryan + Angie says:

    My husband is the shopper in our family so I stockpile whatever he buys on sale. We have a large supply of cereal, pasta and soup cans…hence then need for the CanOrganizer!

  51. Connie Walsh says:

    I would love the cupboard size (11"). Would make my soups organized…and I love organized.

  52. Connie Walsh says:

    I stockpile pasta. I get it on sale and the kids and husband always have an easy meal, if I am unavailable. The weird part is that I am a Gluten Free girl.

  53. I would do the shelf size. What a great concept!

  54. Amanda Joy says:

    I would do the cupboard size since I don't have a pantry. This would really help organize the kitchen.

  55. I would totally get the pantry size. I have this ridiculously deep pantry that the back part of is absolutely useless.

  56. I stock pile soup! Cream of Mush, Cream of Chick, Tomato!

  57. I stockpile canned corn. I put it in a ton of things I cook and my kids will always eat it.

  58. Amanda Joy says:

    We stockpile Fat Free Refried beans and the green El Pato salsa cans. We also like the Bear River's Best "darn" Chili, because it is filling and you can add protein. Only problem is less stores are selling it, and the prices are going up.

  59. Stacy Family says:

    Oh my gosh these are perfect. We too have a terribly small pantry lots of unusable space with can stacked on top of each other. I would love the cupbord size.

  60. I would get the shelf size. This is perfect for my crazy pantry.


  61. Melissa Bond Davis says:

    GASP! shelf size! I didn't even know they had ones that size!

  62. Stacy Family says:

    We stock pile anything my girls will eat. LOL!!

  63. I would love to try ALL of the sizes! This looks like such a handy organization tool.

  64. Two Broads Design says:

    I would get the 16 inch size, it would fit perfect in my tiny kitchen

  65. Melissa Bond Davis says:

    I stock pile cream of mushroom and cream of chicken, those babies can be used in almost all my recipes!

  66. Two Broads Design says:

    i stockpile frozen pizza, keeps him from ordering takeout every night when im at work. :)

  67. I'm with you on the stockpiling of Brownie Mix. If you count buying a gigantic Costco sized bag of Chocolate chips as stockpiling, then thats where I'm at. :)

  68. I would need the cupboard size. I have no pantry, have to use cabinets:(

  69. That would be wonderful. I have a small pantry and it's hard to organize.

  70. I tend to stock up on diced tomatoes, Rotels, & tomato sauce. I'm not sure why those things, but I always do.

  71. I stockpile water flavor packets. We have a tall jar on the counter that holds all of them and I panic if that jar is getting low.

  72. I have a small pantry, so I'd have to get the cupboard size.

  73. Oh, my goodness! I have been looking for budget-friendly organizers! These would be perfect! Thanks for bringing them to my attention! (I'm picturing pretty paper and modge podge and labels…*sigh* What fun!) I'll be buying them anyway, but winning some would definetely help! : ) I would go with the Pantry size.

  74. I stockpile Diet Coke. My name is Ashley, and I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

  75. I stockpile brownie mix, too! Yum! I make it for the batter…then go ahead and cook a small pan of brownies if there's any left! : )

  76. Ooooh, I want both the pantry size and the cupboard size. Fabulous! wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  77. I stockpile diet pepsi for me and Prego Pasta sauce for my husband. wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  78. I'm too lazy right now to get up and measure my pantry depth, but I'm guessing I'd get either the shelf or pantry size. I'm so glad to know about this, because I've wanted some can organization for a long time, but those other kinds are so expensive!

  79. angelique says:

    We stock pile canned vegetables, and tuna. I would love to have either size to accomodate those.

  80. It's hard to say what I stockpile the most. I always get comments from the cashier when I show up to the register with 10 jars of peanut butter, but lately I've been acquiring a lot of tuna. I guess it just depends on what's on sale.

  81. Brittney says:

    I would have to get the cupboard size because my pantry is very small too. Love these!

  82. Brittney says:

    I stockpile olives right now. My 3 year old cannot get enough of them.

  83. Shelf size! My pantry is in desperate need of a little organizing!

  84. I would go for the new shelf size. No pantry at all in this house, only cupboards. Which is definitely my least favorite thing.

  85. I stock pile Peanut butter! It's a staple at our house!!

  86. I have sugar-free, fat-free pudding (chocolate and vanilla) stockpiled right now.

  87. Sarah Rae says:

    The shelf-size is the perfect depth for my current pantry!

  88. Sarah Rae says:

    And right now, I'd probably stockpile corn, peas, and spaghetti-os. They're my go-tos for my two toddlers.

  89. I would choose the cupboard organizer, it's the perfect size for my pantry!

  90. I stockpile canned beans and tomato products…I get nervous when I get down to ten cans or less!

  91. petesprincess says:

    I would get the 16 inch shelf size, I have deep shelves

  92. Amy Savage says:

    I would get the cupboard size. So handy!

  93. Amy Savage says:

    And I stock pile choco-chips.

  94. petesprincess says:

    I stock pile cereal, cake and brownie mixes, beans and soup

  95. Yettiebug says:

    The pantry size is great!!!

  96. Yettiebug says:

    We stockpile Kraft Mac n' Cheese (Sad but true)

  97. In the rental we're in now I'd have to go with the shelf organizer. I love that they are so much less expensive than the others out there!

  98. I totally stockpile canned tomatoes in all forms. My mom used them all the time so of course now I do too.

  99. evacookie says:

    The cupboard size is the only one that would fit in my kitchen, I believe. These are so cool, I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Mrs. Olsen says:

    Pantry size filled with canned beans!

  101. Cupboard size. Another tiny pantry owner here!

  102. stgraham says:

    I would have to choose the cupboard size. Unfortunately I don't have as much room as I would like.

  103. stgraham says:

    I stockpile chicken broth! I always use a tone of this, especially in the winter time(SOUPS)!

  104. I would do the cupboard size. they look great to me!

  105. We stockpile black beans. Yum!

  106. I would use the pantry sized ones!

  107. i stockpile "beefaroni". my daughter LOVES it, although i hate cleaning it up!!

  108. I stockpile instant potatoes. I add them to everything…

  109. Domestic Diva In Training says:

    I would choose the pantry size. I could totally use this product! Thank you for introducing me to it!

  110. Domestic Diva In Training says:

    I stockpile broth…chicken broth mostly, but some beef broth. I use it for soups and to flavor rice.

  111. These look like a really neat idea. I would probably get the cupboard size.

  112. I usually stockpile brownie mixes, too. Especially when they go on sale for 10 for $10 :)

  113. Cream of everything soup; chicken, mushroom, celery, asparagus, etc you name it!

  114. Cupboard Size!! My pantry is full of organized cans!

    Aubrie [email protected]

  115. I think I'd get pantry, cause I'm going to get to build a new house in the next year or two, so I would be able to get shelves that hold the big organizers. Though, when that happens, I think I'd get the other sizes too, cause then I can use them for stuff I don't stockpile as much.

    I stockpile stuff to make my favorite recipes: Chicken Enchiladas and Chili. And cakes… brownies…cookies….What can I say? I love food!

  116. K. the Littlest Crafter says:

    I would definitely want to get the cupboard size. I think this is so awesome, and just showed my hubby who gave me the look – you know, the "you're more crazy than I thought when I married you" look. :)

  117. K. the Littlest Crafter says:

    We stockpile mushroom soup in our house. My daughter loves it and we eat it almost everyday for lunch. I know, confessions of a bad mom, probably not the healthiest lunch choice,but it sure makes lunchtime that much easier.

  118. Stitched Sew Sweetly says:

    Cupboard size for sure. We dont' have a pantry and only one cupboard is set for cans. I have fruits and veggies on a different stand that's out in the open and I hate it.

  119. -Veronica says:

    Pantry size all the way baby – get as many cans stuffed in there as possible!

  120. Stitched Sew Sweetly says:

    I stockpile cream soups, vegetables and fruits. I have no idea why but I have so many I probably wouldn't have to buy any for two months.

  121. Stephanie says:

    These would be perfect for me! I put all my cans on the bottom shelf of my pantry and I stack multiple cans on top of each other… it's a mess! I think the cupboard size would be perfect for me.

  122. I would love to re-organize my pantry with these. I'd need the shelf size. Crossing my fingers! :)

  123. Love this idea! Like you I have really shallow cupboards. I would definately get the cabinet size ones. Even if I don't win, I think I'll hop on over there and order some!

  124. Stephanie says:

    I also stockpile brownie mix! My husband LOVES when I make him brownies, so I usually stock up on mix every time it's on sale.

  125. I stock pile chocolate chips. So if there is ever an emergency, you and I will totally be prepared to hide in a corner and eat chocolate. ;)

  126. Pantry Organizer!

  127. -Veronica says:

    I'd say diced tomatoes are a great thing to stock up on – not exciting, but lots of uses! :)

  128. M Mommy to 4 says:

    The shelf size is definitely the best size for my pantry. I wish I had shelves deep enough for the pantry size! That's huge!

  129. Cupboard size for me! And enchilada sauce is what we stockpile ( oh, and spaghettios, even though Im the only one who eats them!)

  130. M Mommy to 4 says:

    I stockpile canned goods. Mostly tomato sauce and tomato soup (both of which are used in my spaghetti sauce recipe which my husband LOVES!). But I definitely stockpile cake mix and other mixes as well!

  131. I stockpile Chicken Broth and Mushroom Soup. Never know when I'm going to need them!

  132. Jessica says:

    I would like the cupboard size too b/c I have a super small pantry too!

    [email protected]

  133. Jessica says:

    I stock up on spaghettio's for my son and cream of chicken soup.

  134. Shannon says:

    Pantry organizer! Thanks!

  135. Shannon says:

    And we stock stewed tomotoes! Yum!

  136. The Hancey's says:

    This is so genius! I have never been able to use these because I could never afford them, but this is very affordable. I would go for the cupboard size because I lack a pantry :(

  137. The Hancey's says:

    I stock up on peanut butter. We go through like a can a day!

  138. Cortney says:

    I would have to get the shortest size. We have ridiculously small cupboards in this house. We stock pile macaroni and cheese. With a ton of kids, we unfortunately eat it all the time. We also though, steal the cheese packets out of them and sprinkle them on our popcorn :)

  139. sleeplesswonder says:

    I stock pile pasta's my son and 2 SS's love them for dinners, so when they are on sale I stock up. I think the pantry size is perfect.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Melissa D
    [email protected]

  140. Shelley says:

    I think I'd pick the shelf size. Those are totally cool!

  141. Jeff, Catina & the Kids says:

    These look like a great option! I'd get the shelf organizer :)
    jcma1997 @

  142. Jeff, Catina & the Kids says:

    These look like a great option! I'd get the shelf organizer :)
    jcma1997 @

  143. Shelley says:

    We stockpile macaroni and cheese. It's our go-to meal when there's nothing else. I'd like to stockpile more but have limited storage space.

  144. marcidon says:

    I would definitely use the cupboard size. Just perfect! Love this idea! :) My canned goods are so unorganized. :(

  145. Michelle says:

    I'd choose the cupboard size since I'll be moving soon and don't know what I'll be working with.

  146. I would loooove the pantry size! We've got a ton of cream-of soups that need to be organized… We stock up on the practical stuff, but I buy tons of boxes for fruit snacks or fruit roll ups if they're on sale… My son is too young for them, but my husband loves them!

  147. Delanna says:

    Totally need the pantry size ones!

  148. Michelle says:

    I stockpile green beans because it's about the only veggie my husband will eat and my son loves them…and for me it's definitely brownie mixes and Oreos.

  149. Delanna says:

    I would/do stockpile Diet Coke!

  150. Fraser's and Co. says:

    I have really deep cabinets that have "dead space" in the back… the pantry size would be PERFECT!!!

  151. Fraser's and Co. says:

    I have an issue (says my husband) with collecting too much soup… so that is what I would use them for. MORE SOUP!!!

  152. KZ Embroidery says:

    I think I would get the shelf size, although I have different cupboards that would use different sizes! They should sell a multi-pack!

  153. KZ Embroidery says:

    I stockpile cream of mushroom soup! You can use it for everything! LOL

  154. emily @morefromthemoorefamily says:

    I love the pantry size, they are perfect for my small pantry!
    [email protected]

  155. 3 Little Things says:

    I have deep cabinets and would love the pantry organizer! These would be so awesome!

  156. CreationsbyJune says:

    I would get the cupboard size… it would help limit my buying for family of 10 when there is just me and my son!

  157. emily @morefromthemoorefamily says:

    I can't go a week without using at least 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup… yummy in everything (especially over a beef roast)

    [email protected]

  158. 3 Little Things says:

    I stockpile tons of "cream of" soups and veggies too.

  159. CreationsbyJune says:

    I hoard, I mean stockpile cereal! i refuse to pay more than $2 for a box of cereal so when I can get it for less, look out!

  160. Valarie says:

    I'd get the cupboard size- our pantry isn't that deep, and I rarely have 9-12 of the same item.

  161. Valarie says:

    yup, brownie mix. I even have an amazon subscribe and save set up for it. there's a reason we're friends.

  162. Cupboard Organizer! I am without pantry like some of these poor commenters. I feel your pain. These are cool!!

    Have a good day!

  163. I would definently get the pantry size.

  164. Quiggle says:

    I do belive I would have to go with the shelf size.

  165. Also, I stockpile Tuna! Never once as a child did I expect to hoard Tuna… I'm even more cool than I hoped for!

  166. I have a problem not buying ROTEL, I mean that stuff makes any meal better.

  167. Quiggle says:

    I stock pile cake mixes. Would you believe I have even canned a bunch? I have. I figure natural disaster or whatever…my kids will get a b-day cake.

  168. I would get either the pantry size or the shelf size, I'd have to measure my pantry shelves to see which one would fit best.

    tevagirl0516 at gmail

  169. I stockpile marshmallows. Seriously, I have a problem. I love love love the french vanilla flavored, snowman shaped marshmallows. I will probably cry when they stop stocking them at walmart.

  170. Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    I would have to get cupboard size, as we're short on space.

  171. Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    I like to hoard dehydrated fruit. Strawberries are great in cereal, my daughter loves apple chips, and I just made kiwi today.

  172. I like the shelf sized can organizer

  173. I tend to stockpile goldfish crakers. My kids love them and honestly, I can't stay away from them either.

  174. lhunt212 says:

    I would go with the shelf size. These are awesome.

  175. lhunt212 says:

    I stockpile cereal. You can never have enough variety.

  176. Rebecca says:

    If you count my frontroom closet underneath my stairs, then I have a pantry. Therefore…I love the cupboard size ;) Rebecca
    [email protected]

  177. I would like the shelf organizers! These are sooo cool!

  178. Rebecca says:

    I stockpile muffin mixes, which reminds me…I should make some muffins! Rebecca
    [email protected]

  179. As for what we stockpile…It tends to be dry noodles or cereal. We love us some tasty pasta!

  180. Laurieann says:

    I love this idea! I wonder too how durable they are. I would love the cupboard size.

  181. The Mang Family says:

    I would like the Pantry Size. They would be a great help since we are ALWAYS losing cans WAY in the back!

  182. Laurieann says:

    I stockpile Cream of Chicken soup. Can you say casseroles?!

  183. The Mang Family says:

    I already stockpile Cake Mix! Never a shortage in this house!

  184. n8'swife says:

    I would get the cupboard size!!

  185. n8'swife says:

    My stockpile item is cereal!

  186. JK and S says:

    I would love the pantry size can organizer – perfect
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    burns @ jwstucki (dot) org

  187. lmoylan says:

    I would want the cupboard size, we don't have many cabinets in out kitchen

  188. JK and S says:

    I stockpile cans of tomato soup, so once again, this giveaway is perfect!
    burns @ jwstucki (dot) org

  189. {autie} says:

    how fun!
    thanks for this opportunity!
    I'd choose the cupboard organizer size…no pantry around here…dang!

  190. {autie} says:

    and…I've got enough diet coke to last me…well, maybe a couple of weeks. Right behind it are canned beans…mostly black and great northern!
    pick me! I need to organize those beans!

  191. I'd choose the cupboard organizers – i have shallow pantry shelves too!

    [email protected]

  192. i stockpile Jello pudding mix. you can make any number of desserts with pudding mix! :)

    [email protected]

  193. Id lovethe pantry sized organizers for my long term storage like you my actual pantry shelves are shallow and pretty much useless!

  194. I stockpile tons ofstuff! I do a lot of my own canning but I also keep tons ofthe one kind of cereal my 7yo dd likes!

  195. Wow, I've had the same issues with the other organizers as you have (cost, inflexibility, etc) so this is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do the giveaway! I'd choose the shelf size, seems a happy medium! le(dot)tigerlily(at)gmail(dot)com

  196. I totally stockpile Cream of Chicken Soup. Use it way too often to not have a case (or two) on hand. (P.S. it makes your homemade chicken noodle soup so delish! and cream yum!!) le(dot)tigerlily(at)gmail(dot)com

  197. I stock pile canned beans, mostly black. I can use them in so many things! I'd get the shelf size. I have a rediculously deep and narrow cupboard that I am forever losing stuff to the deep dark depths of it.

  198. oh, a separate comment.. got it….again, I'd get the shelf size!

  199. The Tinsley Family says:

    I would get the pantry [email protected]

  200. The Tinsley Family says:

    I stockpile chicken broth, beans, cream of chicken, brownie mix, and anything else that is on a rediculously good sale!
    [email protected]

  201. I would get the pantry size. I have a decently deep pantry…that gets piled with crap, because its so deep. I need to have some of these and bring my cans inside & put my boxes out in the other "pantry" area in the garage.

  202. love these! i would get the pantry size for our storage out in the garage.

  203. I totally stockpile canned fruit. Veggies too, but A LOT of fruits.

  204. heather says:

    I would get the Shelf size.

  205. heather says:

    I stock pile canned soup and cake mixes, why, I have no idea!!

  206. I would get the cupboard size. [email protected]

  207. Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) says:

    lOVE THESE! I bought and returned the expen$ive, fancy plastic ones that I bought a while back. I would totally order the shelf size… and I just might once we get into our new house.

  208. I stockpile canned pumpkin.
    [email protected]

  209. Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) says:

    I stock pile beans, canned tomatoes, and fruit for the kiddos. Come to think of it, we totally should have more brownie mix :)

  210. Stephanie says:

    Shelf size.

  211. cupboard size!

  212. I stockpile cake mix, CoChicken soup, and diced tomatoes

  213. Shelf size for me. My pantry shelves are about 20 inches. so the 16-inch depth would give me just a little room to spare.

    PS…what a cool product. Would you believe I've never seen these? Where have I been?

  214. Stephanie says:

    We tend to stockpile cake mixes. And tuna. But not to eat together. :)

  215. I tend to load up on chicken and beef stock. My husband is a fan of homemade soup, so whenever I boil up the bones, there's nothing left to store for later.

  216. I'd have to go with the cupboard size. I only have kitchen cabinets to work with!

  217. I accidentally have stockpiled a ton of spaghetti sauce. I mean, when it goes on sale for less than a dollar I get 10…every time…oops. I guess my family won't starve in the event of a natural disaster. I suppose I should start saving pasta too…

  218. The pantry organizer would work for me!

  219. I stockpile Gold fish!

  220. I would want the cupboard size. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! kskeeler at msn dot com

  221. I stock pile cake mix. Mmmmmm :) kskeeler at msn dot com

  222. I would love the pantry size organizer ;)

    [email protected]

  223. I stock pile canned milk (I know I am weird) [email protected]

  224. awomanandherboys says:

    I would love the cupboard size.

  225. I would love to get the pantry size mama2caleb at gmail dot com

  226. I love to stockpile fruit cocktail

  227. NicKim Family says:

    I would get the pantry size – this would be so awesome! I'm keeping the link in case I don't win!! kimwmower (at)

  228. NicKim Family says:

    I stock pile cereal whenever I get it on a good sale. Yumm! kimwmower (at)

  229. I'd get the pantry size organizers.

  230. I would like the shelf size. I stockpile brownie mix as well as cake mix.

  231. These are too neat. I would get the cupboard size. Thanks
    katie – [email protected]

  232. I stock pile cake mixes :).
    katie – [email protected]

  233. I stockpile canned fruits, veggies, beans, and tomato sauce.

  234. Oops! I put what I stockpile on my original post. I stockpile brownies, cake mix, and several types of canned goods.

  235. The cupboard size would work best for me as I also have small cupboards.

  236. Tabitha says:

    I'd go for the pantry size.

  237. We always have a stockpile of brownie mix and microwave popcorn. My husband practically lives on microwave popcorn.

  238. A.J. Dub. says:

    These are awesome! I want the pantry. We have a nice deep shelf in ours that would be nice to not waste that space.

  239. Tabitha says:

    Salsa is our stockpiler. You can never have too much salsa, right?

  240. Wow!!!! Love this!
    If I don't win, I will definitly buying it anyway! But I sure hope I win, so that way I can have even more! I would and will be getting the pantry size.
    [email protected]

  241. And I always have cream of chicken soup in the pantry. You can always whip something together with that.
    [email protected]

  242. Kristin says:

    I would definitely get the shelf size as I have no pantry!!!

  243. Kristin says:

    I stockpile canned soup, specifically Progresso. They are on sale ALL the time and have such a variety that it takes a long time for my husband and I to grow tired of it.

  244. Krystal says:

    I would need the pantry size. It holds the most! :)

  245. Krystal says:

    Hmm, if we went by what I purchase the most at the store, I'd say I'd stockpile oreos. But since there are no oreos in my storage right now, you might not believe me.

  246. I would get the pantry size
    [email protected]

  247. I stock pile cream of chicken soup
    [email protected]

  248. I would love to try the cupboard size. bluebird1018atgmaildotcom

  249. I would get a combo of the cupboard and shelf sizes if I could. I have shelves in my basement pantry area that are in serious need of organizing!

  250. SandraMc says:

    I always have a ton of Rotel cans on hand. It goes in just about everything I cook. I also am never without at least 3-4 boxes of brownie mix :)! I would love the win a set of the cupboard size, they sound perfect.
    mcclusks at bellsouth dot net

  251. My pantry if full of canned chicken. So awesome to always have on hand for many many recipes.

  252. I have a tiny pantry, but it deep at 24 inches. So I would get the pantry size. It would be so nice not to have to stack cans 4 and 5 high, only to hear them topple over minutes later.
    [email protected]

  253. I stockpile baking items and gummies for the kids.
    [email protected]

  254. I'd get the cupboard size. We don't have a pantry…

  255. I also stockpile brownie mixes…and canned beans for some reason.

  256. I would use the shelf size. I like the pantry size, but i'd have to measure to make sure they'd really fit.

  257. As for what I hoard it would be cento green olives and chickpeas. Anytime either one is on sale I stock up like I'm never going to see another olive again :)

  258. I would like the pantry size. I've been looking for something like this to organize my cans in my pantry. I'm so excited to try this.

  259. Kiersten says:

    The shelf organizer pantry size would be awesome. Thanks so much!!

  260. I would use this to organize all my vegetables and soup cans.

  261. Kiersten says:

    I stock up on canned pineapple. I know it sounds strange, but I use them in several recipes, and it's never something that I think to buy, so when I do get them, I get a ton. Thanks again!

  262. Hi Char! This is tttoootttaaalllyyy right up my alley. My coworkers make fun of me because I rotate my pantry stock! I would get the shelf size!


  263. We stockpile noodles (my kids are going to turn into buttery noodles!) and cream of mushroom soup. And creamy peanut butter. Oddly enough, or not, I have NO recipes that use all three. (Thank goodness!)


  264. Karisty says:

    The cupboard size since I don't think my pantry is very deep. But I'd have to check.

  265. Karisty says:

    I stock pile a lot of stuff to make mexican food and sides (beans, enchilada sauce, olives, corn etc…)

  266. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    Shelf size!

  267. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    Stockpile soup. yum!

  268. Ed and Bel says:

    The pantry size would be great!

  269. Ed and Bel says:

    I stock pile cake mix and cream corn.

  270. Fillmore says:

    I would definitely use the cupboard size. What a great idea & cost effective! LOVES IT!

  271. maggie4182 says:

    We stockpile ramen. my daughter would eat it everyday

  272. maggie4182 says:

    pantry size all the way!

  273. pantry size!

  274. I'd have to do the shelf size since my pantry isnt very deep.

  275. And with you on the brownie mix, I think I have 12 boxes now!

  276. Crafters Window says:

    Oh, I would so use the cupboard size.

  277. Crafters Window says:

    I also stock pile beans, mostly kidney or black eyed pea. I always find that even when money is tight, I can make something hearty out of my black eyed peas or kidney beans.

  278. Courtney Q. says:

    I would need the cupboard size, because I too have the one of the world's smallest pantries.

  279. Courtney Q. says:

    I stock pile boxed cake mix. Between cake pops, cake mix cookies, and cupcakes I am always needing a box!

  280. The Dummers says:

    Got to go with the pantry organizer! Great size! [email protected]

  281. The Dummers says:

    Stuff I stockpile? Pickles and olives. I get at least one jar of pickles and a case of olives every time I go to Costco. Store what you eat, right?
    [email protected]

  282. Sant Family says:

    I share the small pantry problem! So it would be cupboard size for me, too.

  283. Corrine says:

    I would love the "shelf" size organizer!

  284. Kara Cornejo says:

    I would definitely go for the new 16 in size. It would be perfect for all my husbands soup cans that he stock piles.

  285. Corrine says:

    We stock pile Cinnamon Life Cereal for the kids & Diet Coke for me.

  286. Kara Cornejo says:

    I stock pile cake mixes and biscuits and my husband stock piles soup.

  287. That's exactly what I need for my cupboards! I would get the shelf size!

  288. We hoard Diet Mtn Dew and canned mushrooms. Quite the combo, huh?!

  289. Lee Ann says:

    I am currently away from home. So, I'm guessing that I would need the Pantry size because, like you, mine is ridiculously small. However, The Shelf might also work.

  290. Lee Ann says:

    I tend to stockpile on Bush's Baked beans, Muir Glen plum tomatoes, Hunt's Tomato paste, and a few other things. :-)

  291. Cupboard size for sure. These seem so great.

  292. I stock pile green beans :)

  293. Heather says:

    I would love to win the pantry size. Thanks for posting this these look great!

  294. Heather says:

    I like to stock up on mandarine oranges!

  295. I would get the cupboard size!

    nhunt79 @ yahoo. com

  296. I also stockpile kraft mac & cheese! :)

    nhunt79 @

  297. Brianne says:

    I would get the shelf organizer to put in my pantry… Apparently I have small pantry shelves since the pantry organizers are too big for them. Thanks for the review! Please let us know how they hold up!

  298. Brianne says:

    I stock pile black beans. Lots of black beans.

  299. QueenMeadow says:

    I love. Love! these. I don't have space for the big shelf units and I can't afford the metal ones, I think these fit the bill. I could use the pantry size ones for sure.

  300. QueenMeadow says:

    I stock pile tuna, we don't eat it much but I always have to have a ton on hand.

  301. Diamond says:

    I think we could go for the shelf size.

  302. Diamond says:

    We stockpile coconut milk/cream.

  303. kharms80 says:

    Pantry size for me :)

  304. kharms80 says:

    My stockpile is spice cake mix :)

  305. I like the shelf size!

  306. I stockpile anything tomatoes…canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc…

  307. i so need this! i would choose the same ones you have for the soup. i stock up on tomato soup!

  308. i love tomato soup! i keep several several cans on hand!

    [email protected]

  309. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    I'd have to go with the cupboard size. My pantry shelves aren't nearly as deep at theirs are, apparently. And I think they would fit the shelves out west, too. Actually, I'm thinking I could put uniform socks in them this summer. Gotta love those boring brown socks that get lost in the dang drawers…..

  310. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    Stock pile? Oh sheesh, my DH can't survive with out tons and tons of tomato soup cans. Very odd that, since he DOESN'T LIKE tomato soup. Wierdo.

  311. What a fantastic idea! And the shelf size would be perfect!

  312. Cheyenne says:

    Cupboard size for sure!! [email protected]

  313. Cheyenne says:

    Stockpile~~ Just about anything that is on sale that we use!! I'm a sucker for a good deal!

  314. Cheyenne says:

    Stockpile~~ Anything on sale that we use!! I'm a sucker for a good deal!

  315. I would get the cupboard size

  316. MICHELLE says:

    I would get the pantry size. The shelves are so deep. Cans get lost at the back of it.

  317. MICHELLE says:

    I stockpile cake mixes. I use Spice Cake mixes and chocolate cake mixes–mix w/ a can of pumpkin for delicious muffins.

  318. The shelf size would work for me – I have canned goods in my basement that always seem to fall off the back of the shelves.

  319. annamariegross says:

    I would get the shelf size for sure. Would really help my 4 year old when putting away the cans in the stockpile! She tends to build walls and castles rather than veggies together, soups together etc. :)

  320. annamariegross says:

    My main stockpile items are petite diced tomatoes, snack crackers and fruit snacks (my kiddos are 2 and 4)

  321. pantry size!!! love these!

  322. i stockpile beef cnsommé. it's hard to find in my area, so every few months when i find it at my local grocery store, i usually buy them out. makes recipes that call for beef broth so much better! my husband, on the other hand, buys cases of black olives at a time. he takes them to work for snacks.

  323. Those are so cool! I think I would get the cupboard size.

  324. I stockpile cake mixes and chicken broth.

  325. I am in DIRE need of the Pantry sized CanOrganizers…my poor, sad, OVER-FULL pantry is a DISASTER! ;)

  326. i gotta go with the cupboard size we have a dinky little pantry… its sad:(

  327. Brrrrooooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnnniiiiiiieeeeessssssss!!! When Smith's had Betty Crocker Brownie mixes on sale for 50cents each I only bought 20…I could kick myself for not getting more! :D My 4year old will eat brownies for breakfast unless I actually put them ON TOP of my kitchen cupboards- as in ABOVE them. Yeah…we stockpile brownie mix here.

  328. Michelle says:

    I would love the pantry size!

  329. I would get the pantry size! [email protected]

  330. i totally stock pile chicken broth and tomato sauce… not entirely sure why, hmm…

  331. Michelle says:

    I stockpile chicken noodle soup–it's ridiculous how many cans we have!

  332. I stock pile pasta and cake mixes.

  333. Betenson's says:

    I would have to go with shelf size, as my pantry is also not very deep! :(

  334. Betenson's says:

    I would stockpile…..well EVERYTHING! But mostly canned goods I use all the time. Cream of chicken, canned beans and tomatoes! Yum!

  335. I would get the shelf size. I have no pantry in my home so we had to buy the little fake wood ones for our garage…

  336. I stockpile Cream of Chicken Soup. I use it for several recipes. Love it!

  337. Brett and Heather says:

    I would got for the pantry size. I'm so excited to see these. Definately a must try!!

  338. Brett and Heather says:

    I would go for the pantry size. I've never seen these before. Definately a must try!!!

  339. Brett and Heather says:

    I stock pile cold cereal and cream of chicken soup. I realized that is a weird combo after I typed it.

  340. littleredclogs says:

    The shelf size is perfection! And GIRL….you should see my cupboards. Ugh. I need these!

  341. littleredclogs says:

    I stockpile crushed tomatoes and organic chicken broth. Absolute essentials. :-)

  342. Shelf size! honestly because it is the middle and I'm not sure which would be best.

  343. I stock pile Beans… mostly black beans, we use them in so much.

  344. Anna Galvas says:

    I would get the cupboard size. We don't eat a lot of canned foods so this would be the perfect size for our family.

  345. Anna Galvas says:

    I stockpile pasta sauce!

  346. Timothy says:

    i would also get the cupboard size because my pantry is crazy tiny!!!!!!

  347. Timothy says:

    We apparently stock pile cans of green beans, lol! We have a TON right now!!

  348. Candace says:

    I would get the pantry organizers. These look like such a good idea, I can't wait to try some and am going to show them to my DH asap. He does much of the shopping and likes to stockpile almost everything. The problem is we don't have room and he doesn't know many recipes so there are only some of the ingredients. He will love these.

  349. rickimoo says:

    I would have to go for the cupboard size.

  350. rickimoo says:

    I stock pile Chicken Noodle Soup. Hubby likes it and when he has to make himself something to eat this is his choice! Plus this winter the icky cold and flu has hit hard here. So whats better for the cold?? Chicken Noodle Soup! lol

  351. Wellman Bunch Blog says:

    I like the shelf organizer because of the size of our shelves. We stock pile pasta and canned vegetables. Canned veggies are always my back up on a busy night. Plus pasta is my back up when I don't have anything set out. I'm terrible.

  352. CracklinRosie says:

    I would love the cupboard size!

  353. CracklinRosie says:

    I stockpile BEANS! Love me some beans! :)

  354. UtahMillers says:

    I would pick the shelf size. :)

  355. UtahMillers says:

    I totally stockpile cornbread and muffin mixes! I currently have at least 12 of each in my cupboard. :)

  356. baseball_260 says:

    The cupboard size would be great for my small cupboards – I never thought of getting a can organizer – which is odd considering how annoying I find the fact that cans don't stack well like they used to! Thanks for a great blog!

  357. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I think the 11" size would fit perfectly in my cupboard. I think…LOL I am curious…how does one get to review such cool products?

  358. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I stock pile microwave mac n cheese. DD can zap it after school and she loves it.

  359. blissclaire says:

    I'd have to get the cupboard size!

  360. blissclaire says:

    I stockpile tomatoes (multiple kinds) and baby foods.

  361. I would love the cupboard or shelf size. We're military and have to move every few years…never really know what how much room our kitchen will have for storing food. These look great!

  362. My family LOVES spaghetti and we MUST have our sweets! We stockpile spaghetti sauce and cake/brownie mix!

  363. Christa says:

    I'm thinking cupboard size. Thanks for introducing us. I wonder if cans of Diet DP will fit in there? I stock pile that and I'm out, pretty sure the world is going to end! Haha

  364. Sangeetha says:

    I would go with cupboard size as well

  365. Joyful Notes says:

    I love this idea!!! I love the cupboard size!!!

  366. Shelf size would be just right for me!

  367. I would get the shelf organizer.

  368. And what do I stockpile the most ….. soups!!

  369. Hooker Family says:

    I would get the shelf size, my pantry is so tiny!

  370. I stock pile soup and pasta.

  371. Hooker Family says:

    I tend to stock cereal and mac and cheese. Two things we can't have too much of!

  372. I would totally want the Shelf size :) these are super cool!

  373. the food I stockpile.. Broccoli.. (if it can be anything) but if it has to be something that goes in a cupboard.. Mac & Cheese :D

  374. I would purchase the Pantry Organizer! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  375. I stock pile can goods when they are on sale–Tomatoes and beans were 50 cents last week! You should see my pantry now!!! My husband thinks I'm crazy!!! Thanks!

  376. Dawn Ludwig says:

    I would get the shelf size – perfect for my small little kitchen.
    [email protected]

  377. Dawn Ludwig says:

    I would stockpile cream of mushroom soup – I can make so much with that stuff!

  378. I've wanted to try these for a while now. I have an awesome new storage room (with enough room to make me giddy) and now I want to get serious about stocking up. These would help! I would get the pantry pack.

  379. I would get the pantry size to use in my downstairs storage area…my pantry is already squished with plates and cooking utencils.

  380. Colby~Megan~Hayden says:

    Oh if I could win this- I would totally want the pantry size!!! And I don't just stockpile one thing- I stockpile- brownie mixes, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, diced tomatoes, mac and cheese and ramen noodles!! haha

  381. I always have to keep stocked up on cream of soups…chicken, mostly. I add them to all sorts of recipes.

  382. I would get the pantry organizer. Definitely need it!

  383. We just did some food storage inventory and discovered we have 170 cans of tuna and 168 cans of black olives. Whoops … :)

  384. Pantry size for me!

  385. I am a little wary of the cardboard construction,as you mentioned. But, I don't see me moving them around a lot, so they probably hold up better than I expect. The shortest ones would be the most flexible, I think.

  386. I would (and do) stockpile Jelly Beans–a dangerous habit, especially this time of the year LOL.

  387. By the shortest, I meant the ones with the 11 inch depth.

  388. Soccer Aunt says:

    The cupboard size is perfect for me. This a neat thing because I have to stack cans or reach back in the cupboard for fallen ones. It be easier for my niece and husband because then they would mess up my aisle system but just shoving cans in the cupboard.

  389. sarah*spunda says:

    definitely the cupboard size for my rinky-dink cabinets!

  390. sarah*spunda says:

    I stockpile cake frosting….a sugar fix straight out of the can!

  391. Soccer Aunt says:

    I tend to stockpile beans. I try to use them in everything because they are packed with a lot nutrition and everyone likes at least one kind.

  392. i would love the cupboard or the shelf size! :)

  393. I totally stock up on tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc, there is nothing worse then trying to cook dinner and running short!! :) vals_bacon at

  394. I like the cupboard size.

  395. I'm a diced tomato stockpiler!

  396. Melissa says:

    I would get the cupboard size.
    [email protected]

  397. Melissa says:

    I stockpile cake mixes and brownies but since those won't fit in the organizers ;) I also stockpile canned tomatoes and pinto beans and black beans!

  398. scrapcraft says:

    I could use the small size. I believe that is the cupboard one.

  399. scrapcraft says:

    I stock pile break and bake cookies.

  400. Josh and Leslie says:

    I would get the pantry size too!

  401. I would get the cupboard size. because our pantry shelves are lame.

  402. I am a cake mix stockpiler.

  403. Rachel Berry says:

    I would love LOVE the cupboard size!! These are great… No AWESOME!!!!!

    :) Rachel Berry

  404. Judy Wessman says:

    I can't resist anything tomato! Cupboard size would be perfect for my new kitchen.

  405. Irigoyen says:

    Love this idea! The shelf size would work great in our pantry in our apartment that I can never seem to keep organized.

  406. Irigoyen says:

    I stock pile lots of different things but mostly Chicken broth, chili, and black beans! YuM!

  407. I would get the shelf size. I have a small pantry in my kitchen and it is a disaster!! These are a wonderful idea. [email protected]

  408. We totally stock pile ranch dressing at our house!

  409. Mary @ Bugglebee Handmade says:

    I'd pick the shelf size. Looks like a great product to try out!

    marij4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  410. Mary @ Bugglebee Handmade says:

    I stockpile taco seasoning and tomato sauce…basically the essentials for fast and easy meals.

    marij4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  411. Abbey & Robyn says:

    i would have to have the cupboard size for my tiny i-live-in-a-1970s-duplex pantry.
    [email protected]

  412. Abbey & Robyn says:

    i would have to have the cupboard size for my tiny i-live-in-a-1970s-duplex pantry.
    [email protected]

  413. Abbey & Robyn says:

    It seems that I stockpile noodles and baking mix…not usually used together ;)

  414. Abbey & Robyn says:

    It seems that I stockpile noodles and baking mix…not usually used together ;)

  415. Kristen says:

    Pantry–I just stocked the pantry and would love this item!

  416. Chelsea Haight says:

    I would get the pantry size because I have large shelves in the basement.

  417. Chelsea Haight says:

    I stock pile "cream ofs" whenever I find them cheap. Also, tomato sauce and diced tomatoes because I always run out of those.

  418. Love Lorri says:

    I would get the pantry size! [email protected]

  419. Our Story says:

    I would go with the pantry size, moontastic10atmsndotcom

  420. Love Lorri says:

    I like to stock cream of anything soup!
    [email protected]

  421. Anne and Peter says:

    I would get the shelf size. [email protected]

  422. Anne and Peter says:

    I stockpile cheese. But in my pantry I stockpile Black Beans.

  423. Suzanne says:

    Definitely the pantry size!

  424. I'd choose the 11" cupboard size. And just so you know, dudes got organizing neurosis too. ;)

  425. We stockpile peas, corn, and various soups.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Very cool.

  426. I would get the shelf size. [email protected]

  427. I stock pile any kind of canned tomatoes…Tomato soup, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, whole peeled tomatoes. II use them all the time.

  428. I would get the pantry ones they hold the most and my pantry has wide shelves.

  429. I would get the pantry size. I have a tall, skinny, deep pantry that needs organizational help BIG TIME!

  430. Oh, and I stockpile lasagna noodles and cake mix. No idea why, I don't use either on a regular basis :)

  431. I stockpile almost anything non perishable, soup, corn , green beans, tomatoes, pasta, ravioli ect (I coupon. lol)

  432. Cupboard size – my pantry is 2 upper cabinets

  433. I stock pile chocolate chips and peanut butter – my family loves cookies

  434. Legacy Leaver says:

    We stockpile Campbell's Cream Of ______ soups. Cream Of Chicken, mushroom, etc. So good in recipes! =)

  435. Legacy Leaver says:

    Loving these! Definitely could make good use of the cupboard size!

  436. I would need the "Cupboard" size (11" deep) as my pantry shelf is 14.5" deep & if only they would make one between 11" & 16" that would be best. I have a few of these in metal, and they were about $10 each…they are the rack type, so agree that different cans sizes are problematic. I've never seen them made from cardboard before. It would be great to organize all the typical 16 oz. & smaller cans in my pantry!!!

  437. I tend to stockpile mainly fruits, vegetables & refried beans.

  438. Anna Wilson says:

    I would deffinetly go for the cupboard size. No pantry…no shelves…just cupboards:)
    [email protected]

  439. Anna Wilson says:

    I stockpile Campbells Chuncky Soup.
    [email protected]

  440. Christina says:

    I would get the shelf ones. sydneyv at yahoo dot com

  441. Christina says:

    We also have lots of diced tomatoes on hand, sydneyv at yahoo dot com

  442. I'd get the pantry size.

  443. I stockpile cereal and tomatoes – diced, sauce, paste, soup.

  444. Courtney says:

    I think the cupboard size is as big as the depth of my pantry would allow – love this idea, thanks for the chance to win!a

  445. Courtney says:

    As for stockpiling, baking supplies (sugar, flower, etc) and rice from Costco!

  446. I stockpile chicken broth, refried beans, tuna and canned tomatoes.

  447. I would get the pantry size!

  448. Cupboard size for me! I hope they fit…..I only have 10 5/8 …

  449. the things I stockpile….Chicken Stock, Cous Cous, Cream of Mushroom soup, Stove Top Stuffing

  450. I would get the pantry size. Thanks!

  451. I stockpile cream of chicken soup…and brownie mixes!

  452. Carolyn Windley says:

    In our home we stock pile Mac n Cheese, butter, cream cheese and chocolate. While the kids eat thier mac n cheese Mama can make some cheesecake brownies (I have a private stash of these for me and the hubby, shhhh don't tell the kids)

  453. cupboard size! my pantry is actually smaller than a regular cabinet. :)

    catiejoy (at) gmail (dot) com

  454. I would get the pantry size. kristenpwilliams(at)gmail(dot)com

  455. We stockpile Mac N Cheese. Not healthy at all! =0)

  456. I would choose Shelf Organizer size

  457. I stockpile cans of corn.

  458. I'd go pantry size, my shelves are so deep! Plus these things would help keep my kids from completely re-doing my rows all the time!
    [email protected]

  459. I use to stick pile chocolate, but my waist line didn't like that, or the hubby when he'd come home and it'd be all gone, so now it's mostly canned green beans and corn.
    [email protected]

  460. Bart and Kellie says:

    i stock pile diced tomatoes… i am married to a salsa fiend.

  461. Bart and Kellie says:

    i have been wanting to try these so badly! i would get the pantry size so i can find things in the back of the deep shelves finally!!!

  462. I would get the cupboard size since I live in the land of tiny cupboards too!

  463. I would pick pantry size, i think, but i'm too lazy to measure right this second :)

  464. I stock pile…what ever case of food is on sale, i'm a food storage junky, time to shop next weeks case lot!

  465. Two Dollars says:

    I think I would go with cupboard size. I am literally setting up my kitchen today from moving and I think that size would help me out best.

  466. Two Dollars says:

    I don't stockpile too much, just kind of depends on what's on sale or Costco. Though I have been working my way through a 30# bag of oatmeal :)

  467. i would definitely get the shelf size. and i stock pile everything related to baking..since cakes is what i do..:)

  468. The pantry size looks like it would work for us, oh and I stockpile desserts. Brownies. Cakes etc
    MommySaves ata yahoo hoo

  469. KarenOjai says:

    I would use the 16" on one of my shelves… and the 22" Pantry size for the other shelf. I would LOVE to win these…. Oh… and I stock-pile ingredients for poppy seed cake, but unfortunately none of these ingredients are in a round can.

  470. I would get the shelf size!!!

  471. I stock pile cake mixs for some reason…

  472. Those are great! I'd either get the 16 or 22-inch size.

  473. I stockpile cream soups. I'd be lost without them because so many of my recipes include them. One of my favorite cookbooks is the Campbell's Soup cookbook.

  474. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Cupboard size, hubs measured my shelves wrong when he built my pantry! Oops…

  475. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    And we stockpile…wait for it…black bananas. In the freezer. I occasionally make some into the world's best banana bread, but since each double-loaf recipe takes 6 egg whites, unless I start stockpiling egg whites I will never get through my pile of bananas!

  476. jolenebingham says:

    I would totaly love the cupboard size, I have been looking for a can organizing system and this is exactly what I'm looking for!!

  477. jolenebingham says:

    For some strange reason, I stockpile Ketchup. I always think I'm runnung low on ketchup so I buy some, I come home to put it away and realize I already have 5 bottles!! My husband thinks I'm strange.

  478. I would get the shelf size. I'm tired of my stacked cans falling over in my cabinet.

  479. I would get the pantry size (although they wouldn't fit in my pantry…but would in my store room!). :)

  480. I like to stockpile cream soups because you can always make something for dinner with those! :)

  481. I would get the shelf or pantry size.

  482. I stockpile green beans and tomato products of all kinds.

  483. I would get the shelf size.

  484. I stockpile Wheat thins. :-)

  485. I would have to go with the cupboard size since I have no pantry. I know what a pain huh!

  486. We stock pile, mandarin oranges in a can, my children love them for an afterschool snack or we put them with pineapple and bananas for a quick fruit salad sidedish.

  487. Kathryn says:

    I would use the shelf sized

  488. The Van Fam says:

    These are just what I have been looking for. I would try the shelf size.
    [email protected]

  489. The Van Fam says:

    I stockpile popcorn, I know weird but I can't pass it up when its on sale.
    [email protected]

  490. I would choose the shelf size because I believe the pantry size is too big for my tiny pantry!

  491. Well I stockpile lots, but my favorite item to stockpile in this family is salsa — we can NEVER have too many jars.

  492. I would get the shelf size.
    [email protected]

  493. I stockpile cream of mushroom soup, beans and cake mixes.

    Can you ever have enough?!

  494. With a small family I think the shelf size would be ideal.

  495. I would also choose the pantry size. Apartment size cupboards and kitchen would make it the perfect size.

  496. I tend to stockpile popcorn kernals and butter…stove popped popcorn is my weakness.

  497. Wow, lucky number 497! I would like the cabinet size–it would work in my cabinets or pantry.

  498. erinantonelli says:

    I would love to have the Cupboard Organizer 4 Pack…unfortunately I don't have a pantry :( and am forever digging to see what I've got!

  499. The Cookie Mama says:

    I like both the pantry and the cupboard organizers. Think I would definitely have to go for the pantry one though!

  500. The Cookie Mama says:

    We stockpile cereal…lots and lots of cereal!

  501. I would get the pantry size.

  502. Shaleigh says:

    I would use the cupboard size. What a great idea and so inexpensive.

    [email protected]

  503. Shaleigh says:

    Kraft Mac and Cheese (has to be Kraft)…my kids love it. It would be a sad day if there weren't a few boxes on the shelf.

    [email protected]

  504. I would get the pantry size…I've maxed out my big metal rotation system.

  505. I stock pile several things…largely canned fruits, creamed soups, baking supplies and brownies. :)

  506. Cupboard size for me :)

  507. We stockpile pasta salad mixes.

  508. Princess Danell says:

    I sstockpile tomato and soup cans. This is a great idea!

  509. I so want the 16in. I need this! PLEASE PICK ME! [email protected]

  510. Quiltnut says:

    interesting product…I would use the cupboard size. I agree with you, I have used the wire can dispensers and have been disappointed as to how they work….cans falling through the rails, etc. I have rather large pantry that I keep stocked…usually a lot of soup, canned fruit, tomatoes, etc.

  511. I would get the shelf size.

  512. I stock pile cake mixes! When they go on sale, I stock up!

  513. I'd go for the shelf organizer (the mid-sized one).

  514. I try to keep things balanced, but, like everything else about my life, it's unbalanced. Somehow I ended up with a big pile of cake mixes. OK, they were really cheap (25 cents, maybe). Well, at the time I had just read an interesting idea for making something non-cake like out of cake mix and I thought it looked really good and really simple, and there they were at 25 cents, so I stocked up. Whatever that recipe was (already forgotten), it was not good. Funny I only remember the awefulness and not what it was. Now I guess I'll have to make a bunch o' cakes. And, shucks, they won't fit in the organizers. Must buy more canned goods…

  515. I'd go with the shelf size. This would also be great so I'd know what I already have & what I need. Lately I've bought more diced tomatoes every time I go to the store because I think I'm out. I'm not. I now have 900 cans of diced tomatoes, but no other veggies. "Hey kids! It's diced tomato night again!" This does not go over well in our home….

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  516. I may accidentally stockpile diced tomatoes, but I prefer to stock up on granola bars & cake mixes!

  517. Danielle says:

    I would love these!! We would need the shelf size.

  518. One Fish says:

    I think the cupboard organizer would be great.

  519. Danielle says:

    We currently have a stockpile of wheat and apple juice. Interesting combo but we got a steal of a deal on both. :)

  520. One Fish says:

    I stock pile candy. If the world ends- I will be on a sugar high.

  521. I would also get the pantry size. Great idea!

  522. Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike says:

    I wold get the pantry size. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  523. Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike says:

    I wold get the pantry size. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  524. littlebitty says:

    I could use both sizes, the larger ones for items I buy in bulk, the smaller for ones only have a few cans of. I would probably choose the longer size.
    dvdenter (at) gci (dot) net

  525. The Amoah-Boadi Family says:

    I would love to have the cupboard or shelf size..both would work great for us :)

    [email protected]

  526. The Amoah-Boadi Family says:

    And We stock pile cake mixes and beans..but never do i mix the two ;)

    Amanda A.
    [email protected]

  527. I would love the cupboard sized. I have no storage space whatsoever – this would really help me. I stock up on soups when they are on sale – I use them as a quick and easy base for sauces, gravies, etc.

  528. honeebee58 says:

    I would love the pantry size! Great idea!

  529. honeebee58 says:

    My stockpile item is rotel tomatoes! Use them in so many dishes!

  530. I would get the shelf organizer size. I need these!

  531. I stockpile Ranch style beans. My daughter LOVES them!!!

  532. Jubilee says:

    my pantry is also very small. i would get the pantry size.
    [email protected]

  533. Jubilee says:

    i stockpile cereal and pasta! i hope i win!!!
    [email protected]

  534. Funky Kim says:

    Definitely get the cupboard size. Those are out of control in my house!

  535. I'd get the cupboard size!

  536. And I totally stockpile cake mixes. They come so cheap and are so nice for a dessert in a hurry.

  537. Christine says:

    I would love to try the shelf size!

  538. Christine says:

    I also love to stockpile…Peanut Butter!!!

  539. Shelf size!

  540. I stockpile soup. Don't eat it that often, but I like to have it as a just in case meal.

  541. shelf size. Love it :)

    [email protected]

    I stockpile whatever is on sale. But it seems like I have been stockpiling snack foods.

  542. Deelightful says:

    Shelf size :) I totally stock pile cans of soup.. but man when my favorite goes on sale for $1 I just never know when it will again lol.. so I guess I better buy a ton…


  543. I stockpile corn – love it and can't go without!

  544. Jessica says:

    I NEED these!! Soup size please. jhurst1 @ hotmail (dot) com.

  545. Jer and Myaela says:

    Ooh, I would probably get the cupboard size like you. The joys of apartment living =)

  546. Jer and Myaela says:

    I stockpile refried beans. Mmm…I love me some mexican food =)

  547. I just came across your website when I did a google search for can organization. I am totally sold on this idea for my can disorganization problem. I also love your idea for the bill box. Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

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