Pattern Review: The Little Gentleman’s Closet Necktie Pattern

Just a reminder, you have until noon tomorrow to enter to win either this or Michelle’s bowtie pattern here.


I feel like the alternate title for this post should be “Bennett Hates Me”, so just keep that in mind whilst you’re enjoying the pics.  Like this one, for example:


Yes, we do go through this EVERY single Sunday, why do you ask?  He also rips off his shoes and hands them to me as soon as he gets out of class every week.


Where was I?  Oh yeah…the pattern.

The pattern comes in 4 sizes.  I made the large, which is supposed to fit sizes 3T – 6.  Bennett’s a good solid 3T and Campbell’s a 6, so I thought this would be a good size to gauge fit.


The pattern pieces went together easily, and I liked that there were cutting options for making the tie out of either a fat quarter or a traditional quarter yard.

It was a REALLY quick and easy sew.  The only part that I had trouble with is turning the tube for the neck strap right side out, but turning tubes is the bane of my sewing existence, so take that for what it’s worth.


Michelle provides you with a link to a YouTube video to show you how to tie the tie.  It’s slightly different than tying a usual tie, so pay close attention.


I did have a little issue with the seam being visible on the knot of the tie, but if you tie it slightly shorter or slightly longer you can avoid this…It’s only a very specific length where this happens.


Your tie pattern comes with 2 sets of clips.  You can buy more from Michelle’s store as needed.  Making one neutral neck strap and then just swapping out the tie parts might be another option.

And, I’m working on a post for part one of Neighbor Jami’s nursery curtains right now.  Look forward to it?


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  1. Oh my goodness, those pictures are fantastic. I'm thanking my lucky stars that my little boy isn't nearly big enough to put up a fight over church clothes yet . . . all in good time. The pattern looks adorable!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. darcymae says:

    holy cow! he looks just like bryan in the second to bottom picture!! oh, and cute ties!

  3. adorable tie, but I really am excited to see neighbor Jami's curtains!

  4. I love the tie! Your lucky he waits until after class to hand you his shoes. I usually go to pick my shortman up from class and he' already taken his shoes, tie, and sometimes his socks off. It doesn't matter how many time I tell him we don't do that a church. Boys!

  5. This cracked me up! :) I need to make a tie for Josh for Easter – right now he just has a peeps tshirt – I know real classy right!?

    By the way..thanks for writing a REAL review! It's so refreshing to hear real honesty!!! But from you I would expect nothing else! :)

  6. Char you are so mean, making him poise for pictures like that! Exploitation I tell you!!!


  7. And that is why we should be best friends and live next door to each other. I am not a sewer, but I can turn tubes inside out like nobodies business. And I am quick!

    So you do all of the sewing and I will do all of the turning inside out.

    That TOTALLY seems fair!

  8. Get yourself a hemostat and turning any tube becomes a total snap! I have a 12 inch one that I use to turn 42 inch tubes and it takes less than a minute now!

  9. 1. Bennett and Q should be bffs because this is exactly what my pics of him in the tie looked like.
    2. You are a mad sewing genius with your neutral strap/different ties idea. Brilliant.

  10. Two Dollars says:

    your pics of the tie and the advertisement pics look a little different ;)

  11. Two Dollars says:
  12. steelebjm says:

    I love that it opened up with the peaceful child in the ad pic and then went straight to reality. Aww. Kids. ;)

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