5 Fab Blogs You Might Not Be Reading

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Instead of talking about the BIG blogs I read regularly (UCreate, Tatertots and Jello, Made, Make It and Love It, etc.), because I know you read them too, I decided I wanted to talk about 5 fabulous blogs with 1500-ish or less followers.  These are blogs that I adore.  You know…the kind of blog that makes you smile when you see an update in your Google Reader.  So, here they are (in no particular order)…


#1: Sew A Straight Line


Sabra is one of my very favorite people on Earth.  We’ve been friends for 8 years now, since our oldest boys (11 days apart) were tiny.  She’s HILARIOUS, especially on a road trip when you’re both pregnant and staying at Circus Circus.  Sew A Straight Line is a blog she created to (re)learn to sew.  If you need a good laugh, go read this page where she starts out by telling you about the first thing she ever sewed trying to kill her in her sleep.  Now?  She makes all sorts of fabulous-ness.

sew1IMG_1625harmonicaborder pattern[7]sew2

And she shares the less than stellar stuff, too, which makes me love her even more.


#2: The Crafty Cupboard


Melanie is the genius behind The Crafty Cupboard.  She was a top 3 finalist in season 1 of Crafting With The Stars, but I was a fan long before that.  And, sometimes she even comes to Utah.  I got to show her my favorite fabric store and have lunch with her a couple of months back.  The only thing that could have made it better was less of my kids in attendance.  Winking smile


She shares my love of vintage Pyrex and has some INSANE thrifting luck.  You need to get her to tell you about how she got the money for her DSLR.


#3: Sutton Grace


I think I was first introduced to Erin from Sutton Grace via her family trees.  I made 2 of them for Christmas that year (and have the stuff to make one for myself tucked away awaiting the names of the rest of BC’s ancestors).  I kept reading because she just seems so dang nice!  I want to hang out in her dining room and stare at her curtains…I’ll even bring the drinks.


That’s not creepy, right?


#4: The Boy Trifecta


Emily was my partner for the first season of Crafting With The Stars, but I originally became familiar with her when she won the crap out of A Lemon Squeezy Home’s purse week. I adore her.  She’s one of those people I feel like I needed to meet/be friends with, and blogging made that happen.  (So YAY for blogs!)  I love that she sews things for boys that a kid with an opinion will actually wear.  She’s also got mad crochet skillz.  (Note to self:  learn to crochet or knit or something ASAP!)


Plus, we both have 3 boys and are married to Bryans.  Fate, right?


#5: Less Cake {More Frosting}


I don’t remember how I met Lara from Less Cake {More Frosting}, I just feel like we’ve always been friends.  (Pier 1?  Cheesecake Factory?  The Chocolate?)  She has that “thing” where to know her is to love her.  And I do.  She adores Barbara Streisand and hates the word “crafts”.  She gets WAY more excited about fonts than anyone I know.  She’s not afraid of color and she makes a mean printable.


Plus, the girl loves Diet Coke and Neil Diamond.  You can’t go wrong with that.

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  1. I love the blogs you chose – they’re some of my favorites too! Especially Sabra – I’m jealous that you know her in real life! I love that I know I can pop on over to her blog whenever I need to figure out a shirt placket or a tricky collar. She’s like a sewing encyclopedia for me (you also reminded me that I have GOT to make that diaper bag!) :)

  2. Those are my favorite blogs too. I have to read them everything. They are some amazing women!

  3. Thanks for sharing I love to find a new blog to follow!

  4. Um, you’re adorable. Thanks for including me Char! I feel pretty damn special to be included with this group of fantastic women!

  5. I’m with Emily! Thanks, Char, that post was *almost* hug-worthy. I just added two new blogs to my list (I already read and love the others).

  6. I’m speechless Char! This was me reading this post: First blog, “i already read that one, it’s great. Second blog, “I don’t read that one, I’ll have to check it out cause it sounds awesome.” Third blog, “Holy crap that’s ME!”

    What a great way to start a day! What an honor to be grouped in with these seriously talented ladies! Thanks!!

  7. best thing is :D i already followed 1 of the 5 :D (#5: Less Cake {More Frosting}) Thanks for the new 4 to start to follow!!

  8. love this post. you’ve added a couple to my list! as a new blogger and blog reader, it’s awesome to have concise lists like this to navigate this huge community! thanks.

  9. Awww…CRAP! You KNOW you’re in my top five! :) I can’t remember the first meeting either. Pretty sure it was when I tweeted that I was coming to Pier One, but I had to shower first. And you thought I was weird! But now you know that was just to clean up and NOT to wash my hair. :) You are the bestest roomie ever! And I love everything about you.

  10. Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cecilia says:

    But I like yours the most ;-)

  12. I kinda did the same thing back in January, except I mis-stepped the last 3 steps going down into the basement and landed on the cement floor!!! I swore that I broke it in al least 3 spots but they said nope just a really bad Hematoma!!! I couldn’t step on it for weeks, then the pain lingered for the next few months!! Then one day I decided to put on a pair of heels and what do you know, it felt great the next day!! i still get some pain every once in a while but I totally feel for you!! I know what you are going through and being a Mom, it was not easy taking care of anything!!

  13. Love the list of blogs. I will have to check them out. Of course I too love Less Cake, More Frosting :)! But I will definitely be looking into these others!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing/introducing these blogs. I had only seen one – Less Cake, More Frosting (A gal after my own heart} I have only been blogging since November 2010 but the scene has already changed so much! I love the blogs with the huge link parties and thank them for being some of my original inspiration. But lately, I have started to totally enjoy the smaller more personal ones that have some of the most amazing creations.

  15. sweet! I’ve been looking for new blogs to follow and these are a hit!

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