Blast From The Past!

So, I think my big bad switch to WordPress went off without a hitch, right?


Somebody say something, please!

Whilst I’m figuring this all out, I thought I’d show you a project I did almost 3 years ago that is still one of my favorites.


I swapped out a few of the pictures yesterday and was reminded how much I love it.

The short explanation is that I duct taped a bunch of cheapo IKEA frames together.

For the longer explanation and details on where the idea came from, you can check out my original post here.

And check out that cute new lamp I picked up at Target this weekend.


Under $20, too.  See?

If you were notified about his post in a reader, could you let me know?  I just want to see what’s working!

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  1. I got notified by my reader at 5:03 am. Great job on moving your blog with no problems. I’ve been following silently for a while. :)

  2. It works! I am in google reader (using the next button) and here you are!

  3. Google reader updated me of this post.

  4. It worked like a charm!! :-)

  5. I read your post in google reader. =)

  6. I too was notified via Google Reader using the next button.

  7. This showed up as an unread post for me in Reader this morning :)

  8. I read your post through google homepage and I had no interruptions. Fabulous. What is so much better about word press? I use blogger. Is there a reason I should switch to word press? How did you switch with no problems?

  9. Looks like a wonderfully smooth move to me. As always, I enjoy being here. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  10. I don’t use a reader, sorry. But my sidebar was updated nicely.

    Cute lamp.

  11. I got notified by my reader too :D

  12. Seems to be working here – notification came in on my reader this am. xo

  13. Adorable project! You have a beautiful family. Congrats on the fun find at Target…I love that store :)

  14. I’m here!!! Looks like your design carried over as well… how did that work out? I have a few others that want to make the switch but don’t want to loose their design….

    Have a great week!

  15. Ok your transition was excellent. I love your new site. I am a WPresser to and love it. Welcome. Hope you enjoy my site as well. I very very new so….;0)

  16. Tiffany says:

    Yep, in my reader.

  17. I love the picture frames ductaped together! How did you hang it? And do you have to take the whole thing down to change one or two photos? I have a bunch of 4×6 picture frames and I”d love to do somehting simlar. Also, I saw your post through Google Reader. Thanks!

  18. Valarie says:

    I love that lamp! I saw it at Target. and that frame project is one of my faves, too.

    I got this in google reader.

  19. I knew you had changed over yesterday when my Google Reader told me you had 10 new entries and I had read all of them! LOL Today you just showed one new entry and this was it and I’m reporting.

  20. Kristen says:

    Love the change, I figured it happened because Google Reader wanted me to get your last 10 posts again, but from you I’d take it ;) I got this post in Google Reader as well. I love the frames. I missed it the first time around but I’m totally loving it.

  21. Your change was seamless!

  22. Looks like it worked perfectly. Love your frames. I must have missed it the first time around. Glad you posted it again.

  23. I get you on Google Reader, and I got this post just fine. I did, however, also get your last 12 or so posts again…. But, no biggie. I just got to read them again! Seriously love your blog and hope I can fork out the money to meet you at SNAP!!!!

  24. Linsey says:

    Worked for me!

  25. I love this idea!! Ikea is my fav!! You are so creative!! The lamp is adorable too:)

  26. Tawnya says:

    Reader picked it up – as well as some older posts. OK by me!

  27. Hi, Char…got it in my reader with no problem, regular as clockwork. Thanks, and it looks great!

  28. Jessica in WA says:

    Got this in my RSS Google reader this morning, 4:01 am. The pictures are great, the words spaced right and all looks good. You get a gold star from me :)

  29. I got this in my reader this morning at 6:01 central time. Everything looks great! Awesome idea with the frames! It looks like something you could purchase for about $100!

  30. Works for me and I am in Google Reader as well.

    Love the frames all together.. and the lamp too.

  31. WOW, that is so cute. Loving the lamp too!

  32. Yep, saw this in Google Reader, too. Congrats on the successful switch!

    PS: I <3 IKEA.

  33. It loads faster but i don’t like the way the posts are shorter. I hate blogs with the “continue reading” link. I usually stop reading. Please fix this! I like your blog I just don’t like the fact that I don’t know what I’m about to click. Full length posts please!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:


      I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to. Are you talking about the extra posts down at the bottom after the initial 3 full length ones?

  34. Lovely pictures and lamp looks so good right there =) Oh yeah and I did get notified about this on Google Reader =)

    Hugs from Lilli =)

  35. I’m lame and didn’t realiae you were switching over, but then again everything was coming through so i didn’t have to think about it.. thanks for not having me think =)

  36. i saw it in google reader!

  37. Beth O. says:

    I use Feed Demon Lite and got your post! Yeah!

  38. Barbara says:

    Your site popped into my Google Reader at 7:01 AM! Lookin’ good, kid!

  39. It showed up in my google reader!

  40. I had problems loading this site all morning. Could be too much traffic from your giveaway that came through on Google Reader this morning.

  41. Leeann says:

    I’m using Feeddler and I would be heartbroken if I didn’t get to “hear” from you ;). Thanks for the idea on the “cheapie” IKEA frames. Since I get a discount I’m glad I can count on you for inspiration! This goes for everything, I so love your blog!

  42. Melanie C says:

    Got you in my google reader…working great :)

  43. Jane T in NW Louisiana says:

    I get you from the RSS feeder.

  44. Looks like the switch went off without a hitch! Nicely done! My Google reader notified me of your new post. LOVE your blog! (And btw, GREAT lamp!)

  45. I was informed via email

  46. Ok, so maybe I will break down and make the switch. I’m not gonna lie and say that i am not having hesitations. I have heard lots of people losing followers etc. Tell me honestly how it goes m kay.

  47. I’m a couple days late and you probably have all the info you needed, but I thought I’d respond anyway.
    I read your blog on Google Reader. The switch worked and I’m getting your posts, but a bunch of recent posts got re-posted (in seemingly random order).

  48. You might consider changing the pale yellow text font. It’s very difficult to see. Otherwise, it all look terrific.

  49. Ooh, love the lamp! I was eyeing that at Target myself :).

  50. I bought that lamp last week! I’d been eyeing it for a while now.

  51. Carolyn says:

    Hi Char,
    Love this idea and I see you said you duct taped the frames together but how did you get them to hang on the wall all together?
    Love this idea and the little lamp.

  52. I got it in my google reader! Love this project-so easy and cheap!! I am visiting today because Mandi told us we could schmooze the judges if we wanted to, and I’m all for it;) jk! I am in the top 15 and hopefully will make it to the top 5!! But really, have been following your blog for awhile now and just love it!


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