So, where are the winners?

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In the past, I’ve posted the winners and screen shots, right?

That’s not happening anymore.


WordPress has a plugin for that.  (I still don’t get it either, so don’t ask me to explain Open-mouthed smile)

I click on some magic buttons and WordPress picks winners for me and then I click a few more buttons and it emails them for me.  Sweet, right?

So, the names of the winners are: Jennifer, Sarah E., and Leanne.  Go check your email if that could be you!

I also had WordPress pick new winners for the Woombie and Imaginisce giveaways.  They were old contests, from before the switch, so I couldn’t click the magic buttons to have them notified via email.

The new Woombie winner is The Knapps.

The new Imaginisce winner is Heather (goldiecar).

You two will need to email me ASAP at [email protected] to claim your prizes!

And, guess who I met last night!



She was delightful and didn’t even act weirded out when I asked her about modifying one of her patterns to make it a dress.  You know…like I’m someone important or something and have the right to do that.  She was also kind enough to sign this for her biggest fan, aka Neighbor Jami:


Fun night, with some of my favorite local bloggers!


Today I have a kid home sick.  I think that might be the perfect excuse to make something!

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know her middle name was Frickin’. I like it. I think I’ll change my son’s middle name. It’s unisex, right?

  2. oooh i cant belive you got to meet her! Lucky!

  3. Yay, I’m so glad I won and so is my “ugly” sofa! Thanks Char! And how exciting to meet Amy Butler. Yay, for you too.

  4. Very glad I won :) I just sent you an email from danielleaknapp at gmail dot com Thanks!

  5. I’m so excited! Just ordered my new slipcover from UglySofa and saved over $10 on shipping! Thanks!!

  6. SWEET!!! my middle name is FRIKIN’ too!! Ya know, Char, I’m gonna have to enter MORE of your giveaways. I dig thru my spam folder in hopes of finding giveaway wins!!! I WILL reply!! :)

  7. Holly F. says:

    Was the free shipping supposed to run a full 24 hours? Looks like you posted that info 23 hours ago and auto response said the code expired 5/11? Shoot!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      Yikes! I don’t know…the email I got just said 24 hours from the time that I posted.

  8. What is the name of the plugin that generates the contest winners……?

  9. Sarah E. says:

    I’m so excited! I hope you got my email confirmation! Can’t wait to get one!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      Sarah, I did. I’ve been a little behind on the email game as of late. I forwarded your info to the folks. If you haven’t heard from them, let me know!

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