The Return of My Mojo

I did it.  I busted out my sewing machine.  I took the fabric I’ve been hanging onto for months, and turned it into pillows for my living room.  See?



I’ve got one more somethin’ somethin’ in mind for the long couch.  In my mind, it’s fabulous.  We’ll see how that translates to reality. Winking smile

And then yesterday one of my favorite teenage neighbors came over for the day and we came up with this super simple (reversible) sling bag based on a cell phone pic she’d snapped.


I have to make a couple of modifications to the pattern piece and get it scanned and converted to PDF, but look for it soon!

You know what else I did yesterday?  I made a delightful leather cuff bracelet thingy.  It was inspired by one I saw in Kentucky, but that one was $130.  Total cost for mine?  About $5.


Look for that soon, too.


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  1. Valarie says:

    nice shaggy pillow.

  2. Very cute!! LOVE your “coffee table”!!!

  3. Wow….Look at U Go!!! I’m glad you got your mojo back!

  4. Good work! On all fronts!

  5. Ahhh the return of Mojo is a great thing.
    Those are so cute pillows. I love the color, such a pop of summer.

  6. Sweet! I’ve missed seeing these fun projects. Your living room looks great by the way… love the pillows (and the rug and the built-ins… although I don’t think those are new).

  7. Bwahahaha! Sorry, I saw Val’s comment and started cracking up.

    Anyway, I really love those pillows. They look awesome and compliment the room really well. It almost makes me want to do orange and green just so I can use that fabric.

  8. Love your splashes of color! Orange and green – yeah! I’m glad your back and hope things are going well with the post-stroke recovery!

  9. I wish I could sew!

  10. love the fabric you made those pillows out of!

  11. Love these pillows! And your barrel table is awesome!!

  12. You have denim couches and a water trough for a coffee table?!?!? I die! haha LOVE IT!!!! :)

  13. darcymae says:

    i guess the new pillows for the couches means you really AREN’T going to sell them to me!! dang it!

  14. Love the pillows! The fabric and color are gorgeous. Glad your mojo’s back. I love that rug too! I received the slipcover last week. I love it! I’ll do a post about it soon. Maybe without my new pillows though. I’ve had the fabric for 4 months and it’s just sitting in my bedroom.

  15. Oh honey, you’ve always had your mojo! Where did you get the white shelves in your living room? That’s what I’m looking for. LOVE the pillow fabrics!

  16. You lost your Mojo…..what-ever!
    After seeing your room….I want to toss ALL of my family room stuff out. My room is so uptight!

  17. I love everything! I especially like the pillows! They match your blog!

  18. Cute pillows and I really love the bag. Can’t wait for the PDF :)

  19. Ooooh! I LOVE your living room! Great pillows. :) You amaze me.

  20. loving your ‘mojo’!!

  21. Love the pillows and really love the bag! That is great fabric and I can’t wait for the PDF! I need a new bag that will not have the ability to carry the kitchen sink!

  22. I love the pillows!! I also love the water tough as a table. You are very creative!!! Love your blog!!

  23. I love everything!!!! Especially the bracelet and the pillows and the sling bag!

  24. You rock! I use a similar bag as a diaper bag when I’m out with the baby. I got tired of feeling like frump queen :)

  25. Hey Char!
    As a fellow DIY’er myself.. I wanted to share this cool Wedding Gallery Wall I did the other night that cost almost NADA!! I’m kinda proud of myself for the way it turned out.. (I was crossing my fingers as I was doing it that it wouldn’t turn out Anyway.. check us out.. thought you might appreciate it… :)

  26. Yay Char! I love the pillows!

  27. Love those pillows in that super cute room! Could you share where you found that rug?

  28. So glad u found ur mojo

  29. I love your blog! When looking through it today, I had to double take…we have those exact couches!! My hubby and I were given them years ago and before that they were given, etc etc. They are old, but insanely comfy! Yours look spankin new! Anyway, it made me smile…thanks for your posts.

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