10% of my readers…or less

According to Google Analytics, only about 10% of you live in Utah.

So, why am I posting about this?  Because I think it’s important, and I think there are things that are applicable to everyone.  And I have something to give away.  Stick with me.  Winking smile

Do you use public transit often?  I’ll admit it — I don’t.  I like the idea of public transit, but accessing the trains hasn’t been convenient.  In fact, getting to a TRAX (our local light rail) station has been a 25 minute drive.  Once you’re all loaded and driving 25 minutes…

Here’s the good news:

UTA has recently expanded the TRAX lines to the west side of the valley.  AND, there is a stop within walking distance of my neighborhood.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Mom Aboard event for bloggers (there I am on the very left edge of that top picture) to preview the new Mid-Jordan line.  I took all 4 kids with me…solo.


Some were happier to be there than others.

We talked ahead of time about train safety.  Tangent: UTA had gone to my kids’ school (and many others locally) and presented an assembly about the trains and staying safe.  As someone who lives near the tracks, I appreciate this A LOT.  I’m also impressed that my kids seem to have remembered most of the information.  Nicely done, UTA assembly people!  We were about 4 cars back when this happened…not close enough to see anything, but close enough for it to really hit home for my kids.


UTA did a fabulous job with the Mom Aboard event.  The kids have asked when we get to take the train again.  The answer?  The new west side lines (Mid-Jordan as well as West Valley) open officially August 7th.  You can check them out early, on August 3rd, by donating a canned food item as your fare.  Details here.

Are you one of the 10%? Winking smile

I’ve got a Mom Aboard Group Pass for one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader!

This pass is good for up to 4 passengers (5 and under are free, I believe…waiting for official word from Tauni on that) and is valid for one round trip during the month of August.


Leave a comment.

I’ll pick the winner on Friday so I can get you your pass!

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  1. I am one of the 10% I would love to take my sister and nephew on a trip downtown, he loves trains! :)

  2. I am also one of your 10%!! We take the train all the time to Discovery Gateway – my kids love it!! ITs so nice to sit back and spend some time with them instead of worrying about traffic.

  3. What If I’m only 2%?

  4. Mel Spen says:

    Well I’m not currently one of the 10%… reading from Oklahoma, but will be after our move the second week of August.

  5. I am a 10% (so appropriate for Utah too ;) I’d love to do a trax ride with the kiddos.

  6. I would love this!

  7. I’m one of the lucky 10%.. heck I’m only separated from you by one person, if that makes any sense and doesn’t make me sound creepy. I used to take Trax ALL THE TIME when I was still working, and my husband has never actually ridden on trax. I think it’ll be a fun family outing one day to go and visit downtown or something fun like that and not drive there; just do a park and ride!

  8. Sounds awesome! I’m at the end of the line in Daybreak and can’t wait to be able to take the TRAX downtown with the kids. Would love this MomPass!

  9. Jenn Spillman says:

    My kids love riding trax! We’d love this!

  10. can’t pass up train passes!
    I’ve heard that we can ride free next week (the 3rd i think?) for a donation of a can of food, too. my boy has been asking if the trains are ready EVERY time we pass the station on the way to the library. EVERY time. it better be a go next week! ;)

  11. Yeah! We could def use that free pass! One by us opens Aug 7th. It’d be fun to try out with my kiddos!

  12. I would love to win this. I think my kids would have a blast riding on the train. It would be a fun afternoon for all of us.

  13. We cross over the Trax rails on our way to daycare and my daughter LOVES to see the trains. She has been asking for a while when she gets to ride them.

  14. I am one of the 10% and we are so looking forward to this line opeing to the public. We have already planned on taking our kids downtown and then jumping on Front Runner to head to Ogden for the day.
    pick me. Pick Me. PICK ME!!!


  15. I knew it was a test train that hit her, but I had no idea there were people on it? Holy cow, Char. That is so, so horrible. :( wow.
    Anyway, we are super excited for the train to be close too. My kids can’t wait. Plus, we are wondering if it will save Marty time (sanity and money too) to ride the train from here to work (he works in Research Park). fun giveaway. Count me in.

    Thanks Char! :)

  16. darcymae says:

    Shut up! You were on the train when that girl got hit and died? That is terrible!! As a kid, I was on the bus when it ran over a little girl. Seriously so sad!

  17. I’m interested! Saw you and your beautiful kids in the newspaper after the event and I’ve been waiting for this post since! We’d love to win as we live pretty close to the west valley line.

  18. I enjoy trax, it always makes downtown more accessible to me!

  19. Heather says:

    YEA!! I am one of the 10% as well! I have 5 kiddos (all under 8 I might add) CRAZY, I know! They all would love love love to ride the train! My 2 boys are obsessed with trains and crazy enough we have never ridden it! I would love to win the mom pass. We are going downtown the second week in August, so that would be perfect!!

  20. I think a train ride would be fun. My kids have enjoyed watching it be built and are so excited to try it out. :)

  21. I live in UTAH! I am a student and currently attempting to do as much crafting as I can shove into one summer. Once school starts I will not to systematically procrastinate to fit in my most “necessary” craft projects…you know whatever meets my fancy or whatever I get inspired into :). I’d love to take the train into SLC for some additional inspiration.

  22. colette says:

    I’m one of the 10%. we love trax!

  23. My son LOVES riding the train! We like to take it from Layton to SLC (the gateway)! How fun to win :)

  24. I am one of you 10% my kids love the train. We live in Eagle Mountain so it is sometimes easier to just drive. When we get the chance they love it.

  25. My kids love to ride “the train!” It will be so fun to have Trax out here!

  26. I have a couple family members that work for uta and I have heard the real life stories of accidents that have happened between trax and people. I cannot tell you how important safety is. Thank you for this post.–connie, measuredbytheheart.com

  27. Samantha Wayment says:

    Ooh, I’m one of the 10%! I’m special :) — we love to ride the Trax! I’d love a free pass!

  28. I love finding a good local blogger to follow! I’m glad I found you, and I’d love a free trax pass!!

  29. Yes! I am interested! I have a grandson who is nuts about trains. We try to go downtown on adventures when we have him. The new West Valley line has a stop walking distance from my home. The excitement is palpable!

  30. I had no idea you were that close to me. Now I am trying to decide if I’ve seen your kids around or which neighborhood you live in.

  31. If I win, maybe my kids will stop bugging me about riding the train?

  32. I’m one of your 10%! I’ve been spoiled living near 9th and 9th withe the train stopping just three blocks from my house but we’ll be moving to Riverton next month. Imagine my joy when I realized they’re opening the new lines on the 7th! I’ll still be able to commute downtown for work without using my car! Also, it stops near gardner village! YES!!!

  33. That’s so sad about the girl who died while crossing the tracks. If anything, I’m glad your kids were able to take that to heart. You really don’t have time to cross the tracks if a train is coming!

    My husband takes the bus from our place in the suburbs of Portland to downtown 5 days a week for school and work. Whenever we go down there together I always ask to take the bus but he is SO SICK of waiting for the bus every day that he gets me to drive down there. I’ve never been on a bus before! We have the MAX train in Portland (which I have ridden on, downtown) and I love having a train available while downtown. That’s great you’re getting a nice system where you live!

    What a good idea for a giveaway!

  34. I would love to get this pass. A group of my crafting friends and myself are planning to take the train on a Saturday to the Farmers Market. That would be GREAT if the trip was a free one for us. Love your blog BTW!

  35. I love close to the Trax line too. The kids and I would love to hit up a Bees game! I love your blog and check it all the time.

  36. We took our family on a little tour of our own city. It started and ended with Trax. It was nice to not worry about parking, or driving for that matter.

  37. I’m one of the 10% and I would LOVE a Trax pass considering it’s 4 minutes away!

  38. Catrina says:

    I am in your 10% however i dont want to enter. I just want to say thanks for the UTA compliments. my partner works for them and we get really tired of hearing all the negative comments! thanks for giving out some possitive UTA vibes

  39. Proud to be of the 10%. I want some free transportation!

  40. The new line is opening a few blocks from my house. Wouldn’t I love to ride it to the new Homegoods store in Murray? Yes I would!

  41. I would love a pass. My husband rides the frontrunner and trax everyday! It would give us a good excuse to visit him.

  42. My junior high school was bordered on the south by tracks. We had lots of safety tips, but it didn’t really hit home til my social studies teacher talked about working for her dad’s ambulance company when she was in high school and college. She said they had to go to the tracks and pick up body parts and put them in trash bags. That was graphic enough to keep everyone away from the tracks.

  43. Love a practical giveaway!

  44. My kids would love this. Thanks!

  45. Gina Hamm says:

    I’m not in the 10% but my sister is! Would love to win this for her!!!

  46. me please? pretty please? free high five?

  47. Pauline M says:

    I used to be one of the 10% who rode downtown on Trax every weekday until I switched jobs, thanks to the West Valley line, it will now come within a very short walk to my current job! I’m excited for this line to start full operation!

  48. Ambre W. says:

    I love riding the Frontrunner!

  49. sarah hinhart says:

    I would love to win this

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