Family Motto: Fix Your Mistakes


We sat down a few weeks ago, before school started, to come up with a theme for this school year.  After much deliberation, we settled on:


We want to focus this year on doing our best, even when it’s hard, and not giving up.  Mistakes are OK, we just want to learn from them.

I asked the delightful Miss Ellie G from Less Cake More Frosting if she’d be so kind as to make me up a printable to display.


I hung it over our stuff storage near the garage door.  (For more about my stuff storage, go here.)  It’ll be the last thing we see as we’re rushing out to the car in the mornings.


Does your family have a motto?

What is it?

Do you change it yearly?

Is it displayed in your home?

Do you want your own copy of “FIX YOUR MISTAKES”?  It’s your lucky day!

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  1. Yes, we have a motto (what’s a-motto with you?!?!). Ours is “Smile big, Bring joy, and Make good choices”. No, we don’t change it every year, and yes, it’s displayed in our home. I have it on the wall in our living room. First thing you see when you walk in our front door. I love it. It’s simple, but it reminds my kids of everything I want from them.

  2. Delightful! So true.

  3. Ours is “Act with love.”

  4. OOoooh! A family motto–love it! I don’t suppose “Quit crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” would be appropriate? :)

  5. We totally have a family motto, they are great! We don’t change ours. But thanks for the printable, it goes along great with us trying to teach them to “take ownership” which is part of our motto. THANKS

    Jenn M.

  6. Are the dots order/color a representation of your children?

  7. Oh what a great idea! I love the colors too!

  8. Our motto (mostly for me) You CAN do hard things!

    I want one of those!!

    And just wanted to say hi.

    That’s all.
    And I sent Mr. Campbell a card in the mail. Let me know if he doesn’t get it in a few days.

  9. Ooooh love it! It looks very pretty to!


  10. I don’t have a family motto, but I love the idea. My school is using the phrase “have you filled a bucket today?” as a school-wide initiative to promote kindness to one another.

  11. Our motto is, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit” With 5 kids in the house at one time, (now down to 3) it is hard to please everyone. Be happy with what you have, always.

  12. Fabulous! thanks so much….we don’t have an official family motto….but we’ll be discussing it this weekend and figure one out….great idea!

  13. Yep.. sure do.. Clean up your freakin mess ..warms the


  14. What a beautiful motto & great lesson to learn so early. I’m in my late 20s & only feel like I’ve only just learnt that mistakes are ok, it’s how you respond to & learn from them that matters. Maybe I should hang this on my own door!

  15. We don’t have one, but I think it’s a great idea. More concise, easier to come up with (and cuter to display) than a whole mission statement!

  16. Our family motto is “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” It covers everything from bad behavior to inappropriate clothing.

  17. LOVE THIS!
    One of our family motto’s is “Work hard, play hard.”

  18. oooh i like this one! i am going to remember it for when my kids are older. this year ours is…”jesus said love everyone”

  19. The perfectionist in me loves your motto! We don’t really have one, but if we did – it would be “Never, never, never give up!”. Got it from my Mom :)

  20. You inspired me to try a family motto at our house :) We came up with “Kindness begins with me.” I’m still trying to come up with a good idea for displaying it though.

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