Giveaway: My Only Sunshine Design

First, I never got a response from the winner of the Vinyl Crafts giveaway.  The new winner is Anne.  If your name is Anne, check your email and respond ASAP.

The winner of the Riley Blake fabric bundle is Sha.  If your name is Sha, check your email and respond ASAP.


I’d like to introduce you to Crap I’ve Made’s newest sponsor: Kelly from My Only Sunshine Design.

Do you want to add a little sunshine to your next gift?

My Only Sunshine Design offers high quality personalized gifts.  And, they LOVE custom orders…contact them if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for.

They have everything from engraved jewelry to personalized aprons for adults and kids.

Kelly posts her promotions and customer images over on the My Only Sunshine Design blog.  Be sure to check there for deals before placing an order!

My Only Sunshine Design is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader their choice of personalized Ultimate Carry All.

(You don’t have to get the pink one…check out the link above for more color options!)

How perfect would that be for hauling blankets, water bottles, snacks to the sideline at football?  (Can you tell how my weekend was spent?  Again.)  Or what about to carry your farmer’s market purchases?


Click on over to My Only Sunshine Design.  Have a look around.  Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST (not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) saying what your favorite item is that Kelly offers.


Leave a comment saying which Ultimate Carry All you’d pick.

Like My Only Sunshine Design on Facebook.  Leave a comment saying that you did.

Subscribe to the My Only Sunshine Design blog.  Leave a comment saying that you did.

Giveaway runs through at least Friday night at 10pm MST (but I’ll be in Minnesota until Sunday so you might be able to sneak in entries for a little longer).

Ready?  Go!

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  1. my favorite item carry all is the pink – but I’d probably pick the black that way my husband didn’t feel embarrassed to carry it.

  2. I love the engraved bracelets!

  3. I love the Crayon Roll ups. We are driving back east next year and those would be awesome!

  4. my favorite is the dottie backpack! love it!

  5. I would choose the Swirl Carry All. That would be great to hold all the crap we take to the pool with us.

  6. I like the personalized diaper covers. So sweet!

  7. oh goodness! That lavender & chocolate travel pillow looks decadent!!! I love the minky/satin combo.

  8. I have liked My Only Sunshine on facebook.

  9. The carry-all would be take to take camping!

  10. Kalyn Ernest says:

    I am a friend on facebook!

  11. Kalyn Ernest says:

    I would pick the Zebra carry all!!

  12. I love the Wacky Dot tall Tote Bag.. so cute!

  13. I would definitely go with the pink carryall… that’s one of my favorite colors!

  14. Kalyn Ernest says:

    I think one of my favorite items is the crayon keeper

  15. I love the classic weekender bag! It would be great for getaways and overnight work meetings! Please please!

  16. I would definitely choose the dotty! It is so cute. It would be my new school bag!

  17. The crayon keepers are too cute!

  18. I like the fire fighter tee (the face one) and I think my little one would, too…it is almost his…might make a great present.

  19. If I were to win (YAY ME!) I’d pick the black dottie carry all. I think it would work best with my 3 boys, but still allow me to have a bit of girlie when we go places as well!

  20. I love love love the Wacky Dot Duffle and all the Utlimate Carry Alls

  21. The Ultimate Carry All is screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  22. I liked My Only Sunshine Designs on facebook~

  23. I am following My Only Sunshine Blog~

  24. I’m a die hard Alabama fan, so I would choose the black check ultimate carry-all.

  25. I like the silver fashion cuff bracelet the best!

  26. i love the messenger bags!

  27. i think i would go for the swirl carry all.

  28. I’d get the Houndstooth black check Ultimate carry all.

  29. I’m a sucker for zebra….I’d love the zebra messenger bag

  30. So, I’d have to pick the zebra ultimate carry-all….cuz of my love of all things zebra!

  31. My favorite item is the ultimate carry all! I could put it on my scooter and go to the farmer’s market on Saturdays!

  32. I’d love to have the red ultimate carry all! It would suit me to a T!

  33. I like the pink carry all

  34. That Dottie Backpack is pretty cute!

  35. I love the Swirl Carry All. I hope that I win!

  36. I NEED the classic messenger bag, looks like it would hop all my crap!!

  37. I would go for the Dottie ultimate carry all!

  38. I love the wacky dot lunch bag. They are all great! I love the carry all too. Thanks for such a cool giveaway.

  39. i would definitely pick the black and white polka dot carry all. SO cute!!

  40. i ‘like’ my only sunshine design’ on facebook!

  41. I love the swirl ultimate carryall. It would be great for taking on a picnic to the park.

  42. My fave item is likely the Black Check Mini Cosmetic Bag… but they are all great!

  43. LOVE the sweet travel pillows! Fabulous!

  44. This is a fabulous giveaway! I would have to choose the zebra print carryall!

  45. The Ultimate Carry All I would choose is the plain black fabric… classic! Would be great for trips to the park!

  46. I like My Only Sunshine on FB!

  47. I like the polka dot carry all

  48. I liked the page on FB

  49. I am subscribed to this blog

  50. I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite item, it’s a tie between the jewelry and the pink stripe doodle bag. (Jewelry for me and the doodle bag for my daughter). :)

  51. My favorite ultimate carry all would have to be the houndstooth black check bag. Such a classic look.

  52. I love their engraved rings!!

  53. I’m loving the swirl carry all bag!

  54. I’m following My Only Sunshine on Facebook now.

  55. I’m now a follower on facebook of My Only Sunshine Design!

  56. And I just subscribed to My Only Sunshine’s Blog. :)

  57. My 2 year old would LOVE the doodle bag!

  58. Love the ultimate carry-all, I think I would have to go with the red one, so my husband would use it, too! (although the polka dots are too cute!)

  59. My favorite item is the Doodlebag in Camo!

  60. Id LOVE the Zebra Carry All!!

  61. I really like the color beaded bracelet, my daughter would love it!

  62. I like their facebook page

  63. I am following their blog.

  64. My favorite carry all is the Dottie Ultimate Carry All.

  65. I like the flamingo apron for my little girl who loves flamingos.

  66. I’d probably chose the Dottie Ultimate Carryall.

  67. I like MOSD on facebook.

  68. I like the lunch bags (and I could really use one)!

  69. I love the zebra pattern, but I’d probably pick the black instead.

  70. love the silver engraved cuff bracelet!

  71. Love the swirl pattern in the ultimate carry-all

  72. DianeC in WA says:

    I would pick the zebra pattern carry all. What a great bag!!!

  73. Wow! These look great. I need one of these. I have 6 kids and lots of crap!!! hahaha!

  74. I love the Swirl print!

  75. I liked My Only Sunshine Design on FB!

  76. I love love love the doodlebags. I hate all the loose crayons in the van

  77. woo hoo! I emailed back about the win!

    Thanks so much!


  78. I like the zebra patterned Ultimate carry all

  79. I liked on Facebook for My only sunshine

  80. I am in love with the Zebra print with cute pink letters on it! So girly!! Thanks for the giveaway and thanks to My Only Sunshine. Your products are darling!!

    Jenn M.

  81. I visited My Only Sunshine store and loved the Dottie backpack. Love polkadots of all colors.

  82. If I won the ultimate carry all I would choose Swirly.

  83. I liked My Only Sunshine Designs on Facebook.

  84. I am now also a follower of the My Only Sunshine blog.

  85. I love the Pink Stripe Doodlebag!

  86. My favorite Ultimate Carryall bag is the Swirl.

  87. Karen Blevins says:

    I like the wacky dot purses!

  88. Karen Blevins says:

    I would definitely go with the hot pink carryall.

  89. Karen Blevins says:

    I liked My Only Sunshine Design on Facebook.

  90. I checked out then site. What great stuff. I love the baby gift sets. A colleague is expecting twins soon, so that is on my mind.

  91. I love the hot pink carry all. Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. I would have to get a girly apron for my little girl – awesome!

  93. I love the hot pink carry all – we’re girl heavy in this family, so we love pink!

  94. I can’t decide whether i like the baby items or the bags best!!! As far as the carry all… the swirl one is my fave!!!
    thanks for the giveaway!!! May the best post win! LOL

  95. My favorite is the zebra messenger bag

  96. Liked my only sunshine on FB

  97. OHHH! I am a sucker for an embroidered purse! LOOOOOOOOVE:) I am in love with the signature weekender bag–

    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  98. The burp cloths are so cute, especially the flamingo one!

  99. I like the Wacky Dot Duffel Bag! Thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  100. I like the Dottie Ultimate Carry All!! Thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  101. I would pick either the black or pink carry all. I like simple things.

  102. Went to Kelly’s site and I have to say that my favorite is the Simpy Black Tote Bag is my favorite.

  103. If I won I would like the Black Ultimate Carry-All. Fingers crosses!

  104. Amanda Andrus says:

    I love the doodlebags. What a great idea to entertain kids.

  105. Amanda Andrus says:

    I would pick the swirl ultimate carry all.

  106. I think I need the Dottie Duffle Bag for when I travel. That seems to be just the right size for my make-up bag and all my hair stuff. And there is no way hubby would fuss to much about it because it so cute (well maybe??). Thanks for sharing.

  107. I would definitely pick the swirl design carry all. Thanks again.

  108. I now like My Only Sunshine on FB

  109. I love the Reagan Weekender Bag!

  110. Regarding the Ultimate Carry All I prefer the Dottie one! So cute
    Thanks for the giveaway

  111. My favorite’s the black check duffel bag.

  112. Love the purses. (agirl can’t have too many!)

  113. I would choose the zebra print carry all.

  114. I love the Dottie Ultimate Carry-All!

  115. That would also be the one I pick if I win! :D

  116. I’m a new My Only Sunshine fan on FB!!

  117. Im now following My Only Sunshine blog!

  118. I love the dottie mini cosmetic bag.
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  119. I would choose the Zebra Ultimate Carry All.
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  120. I Like My Only Sunshine Design on Facebook – emillie rose.
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  121. I Subscribe to the My Only Sunshine Design blog – gfc -emillie
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  122. I love, love, love the Silver Fashion cuff bracelet! My mom had one so similar when I was little…that is definitely on my Christmas wish list!

  123. I checked out the website. I would love any of the items! I thought the traveling toddler items were awesome!

  124. I love the swirl ultimate carry all!! Pick me, please!

  125. If I am lucky enough to win the Ultimate carryall, I would have to pick the Dottie with Hot pink embroidery.

  126. I liked My Only Sunshine Design on FB.

  127. I love the classic weekender bag!

  128. My favorite ultimate carry all is the black check.

  129. I like My Only Sunshine Design on FB.

  130. I’m following the blog.

  131. I love the fancy diaper cover, especially since a little girl will be joining our family in December.

  132. I want the black swirls ultimate carry all.

  133. I thought the chalkboard placemat was super creative! Definitely need two of those!

  134. Love the Swirls Carry All.

  135. I do like the Carry Alls the best

  136. Of the Carry Alls, I def. like the swirl the best

  137. I liked them on FB, and said you made me ;)

  138. I love that Ultimate Carry All in the swirl. The uses are endless!

  139. I absolutly love the simple blag messenger bag

  140. I’d choose the pink ultimate carry all

  141. Liz Brueseke says:

    I liked MOSD on Facebook!

  142. Liz Brueseke says:

    I love the travel pillows and cases. That’s the size my LO’s use in their beds, and it’s hard to find cases for them!

  143. Liz Brueseke says:

    I’d pick the red carryall, then it’s manly enough for all in my family!

  144. my favorite item of hers is the fancy diaper cover.

  145. My favorite carry all is the Black Check Ultimate Carry All

  146. I love the silver chain engraved necklace.

  147. Definitely the red ultimate carry-all.

  148. Love the travel pillows!!!

  149. Those bags are wonderful….. love them.

  150. The black k and white is awesome… but I like the pink too, so hard to decide.

  151. Donna Bowes says:

    Love the lavendar and chocolate travel tote! Love the bracelets too!

  152. Donna Bowes says:

    Liked them on facebook!

  153. Donna Bowes says:

    Following their blog!

  154. I think the messenger bags are my favourite

  155. I am definitely a Swirly Ultimate carry all kind of girl

  156. LOVE the pink carry all!

  157. love the crayon roll up!

  158. Oh, those personalized Onsies are so CUTE!!!!

  159. Love, love, love the circle link bracelet!

  160. The zebra carry-all!! How chic is that!?

  161. I subscribed to the blog! Love the adorable appliques!

  162. LINDA PIEKKOLA says:

    What beautiful work you do! I’d pick the black swirls ultimate carry all. :~))

  163. Of course I love the Ultimate Carryall, but I also love the graduated bead monogramed necklace. Too cute!

  164. It was a tough decision, but I would have to go with the swirls carryall. It will match the purse my mom is making me. :)

  165. I’ve Liked My Only Sunshine Design on Facebook.

  166. I’m a follower of My Only Sunshine Design on Blogger too.

  167. I love the swirls carryall! So cute!

  168. Bethanie B from TN says:

    My favorite is the Wacky Dot Carry All Case. Uber cool!

  169. Bethanie B from TN says:

    I like the basic black carry all case the best.

  170. Bethanie B from TN says:

    I ‘liked’ My Only Sunshine designs on facebook.

  171. Stephanie Klemm says:

    I love the classic messenger bag

  172. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Like them on FB (Stephanie Klemm)

  173. I like Swirl Ultimate Carry All the best.

  174. Carry All I’d pick: Swirl Ultimate Carry All

  175. I would choose the red carryall. I have a grandson named “Jack” that loves red and this would be perfect for his special toys at Mimsy’s house. Thanks.

  176. I love the little pink scrubs as my favorite item on My Only Sunshine Design. Thanks!

  177. I subscribed to My Only Sunshine Design. Thanks!

  178. The Dottie is just too cute!!!!

  179. Fave product Is the toodler travels doodle bagz

  180. Ii would pick the zebra carry all

  181. And I “liked” them on facebook

  182. Karen Geyer says:

    Everything that I have purchased has been fantastic! Keep up the good work!!
    Can’t wait to see the Halloween items that you’re working on! Karen

  183. The Swirl bag is so cute! As an itinerant therapist, I’m always trying to find the “perfect” bag to carry all of my music books & instruments- this looks great!

  184. I like the wacky dot ultimate carry all! :-)

  185. the checked one (houndstooth)!!! LOVE!!!

  186. I “liked” on FBook!!

  187. My favorite item is the classic weekender bag

  188. Great job Kelly! I already like her Facebook and will pick up sOme cute shirts for my nephews. Nice work Kelly!

  189. Iris Pitman says:

    What a great site! I absolutely adore the Red and Blue Crayon Toolbelt=)
    My niece is 4 and she’s gonna love it. It’s a great item for a pre-schooler who loves to color AND multitask.
    Thanks for the recommendation,

  190. My favorite item is the black check ultimate carry all. In fact, I think I need several!

  191. I “liked” My Only Sunshine Design on Facebook!

  192. And, I subscribed to My Only Sunshine blog. Yay!

  193. My favorite is the weekender bag!

  194. I would most like the black carry all.

  195. i like the crayon rollups and also like the carry along

  196. I love theblack and white check carry-all. Perfect to fit inthe back of my car for farmer’s market purchases.

  197. I “like” My Only Sunshince Design on FB

  198. i subscribed to My Only Sunshine blog!

  199. i love the monkey onesie! adorable!

  200. and for the carry-all, i love the polka-dots, i never love polka dots!

  201. I’d love one of the carryalls. It’d bd hard to decide between black with pink lettering or pink with black lettering.

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