Giveaway: Riley Blake Fat Quarter Bundle

First up, I haven’t heard back from the Vinyl Crafts giveaway winner.  If your name is Sarah, check your email!  If your name is not Sarah, pray she doesn’t respond and we’ll draw again tomorrow.  Open-mouthed smile

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend!  We spent our Saturday like this


and then Macy and I saw Mary Poppins.  And yesterday evening I had the chance to catch up with some old friends from high school (thanks Michelle for having us).  Today we’ve got big plans to clean out closets and the playroom.  Woo.

In order to make your Labor Day a little more exciting than that, I’ve got a giveaway for you.  And, it’s the best kind of giveaway…FABRIC.


Riley Blake Designs has provided a fat quarter bundle from their Indian Summer line!


A couple of my personal favorites from that line:


(Can you tell I love polka dots?)

I’m gonna make this one quick and easy to enter:

LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST.  You can tell me how funny I am.  You can tell me you wish I’d stop blogging.  You can tell me a joke.  You can tell me your shoe size….whatever!  Just leave a comment on this post (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription).

Extra entries, if you’re feeling frisky:

1 – Head on over and “Like” Riley Blake Designs on Facebook.  Come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did.  A little love on their wall never hurt anybody either.

2 – Go browse around the Riley Blake fabric selection and tell me which line is your favorite (in a comment on this post…don’t call me, I’m busy cleaning the playroom Winking smile).

3 – Leave a link in a comment to a project you’ve made using Riley Blake fabrics.

Giveaway closes Friday night at 10pm MST.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love your blog! You are so funny and have the greatest ideas! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Like Riley Blake Designs and said you sent me :-)

  3. My favorite fabric is the Christmas Candy! It’s SO cute!

  4. I hope I win!

  5. I’m leaving a comment! :) I love this fabric.

  6. 8*.

    The whole reason I started reading blogs was to learn about new fabric I wouldn’t have otherwise known about… your blog entry proves again it is time well spent. Nice fabric! Thanks for a chance to win.

    * shoe size :-)

  7. I “liked” Riley Blake on Facebook!

  8. I LOVE polka dots too!

  9. I {heart} all things about you Char, but especially your wit and truthfulness. :)

  10. And I’ve never made anything with their fabric, but I like the “Sweet Nothings” pattern.

  11. Please o please pick me!

  12. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook!

  13. Whatever happened to the million dollar bill?

  14. And I “liked” Riley Blake Designs on Facebook!

  15. My fav pattern is the green damask from the Indian Summer collection! Love!

  16. Pick me, pick me!

  17. every time i read the title of your blog, it makes me chuckle

  18. I love this line!!! So pretty – my shoe size is 8. I wish it was a 6 though – sooo many sale shoes in a size 6.

  19. i liked them on facebook

  20. hope to win

  21. Thanks for doing the giveaway!! I love fabric too!!

    Jenn M

  22. What a great day you had…football and the movies.

  23. I like Riley Blake n Facebook

  24. i love the sugar and spice collection!!!

  25. This is a great giveaway…thanks for the chance!

  26. You had me at Riley Blake

  27. And I like the “Lola’s Posies” collection! Thanks so much!

  28. I like RIley BLake on FB :)

  29. I’ve liked Riley Blake on Facebook :)

  30. My favorite fabric line would have to be decadence

  31. I would make my first quilt.

  32. I really like DEcandance…so perfect :)

  33. You’re hysterical – don’t ever stop!

  34. I follow Riley Blake Designs on FB :)

  35. I really, really love C2641 Blue- Promenade – Floral

  36. I retweeted this giveaway… does that count?

  37. I love Riley Blake fabric!!

  38. I’m really loving the Promenade Cottons in Blue right now, beautiful!

  39. I am a fan of Riley Blake on FB :)

  40. I LOVE the Hoo’s in the forest in pink!

  41. Shoe Size: 8 1/2 :)

  42. Kristina Hepworth says:

    Love those fabrics! Could definitely find something fun to make with them.

  43. I love reading your blog – You have tons of fun ideas! We are also neighbors!

  44. I need to make a table runner for the dining room table and the fabrics in that fat quarter bundle would be absolutely perfect… I am not good at picking out fabrics, so it would be awesome to have them already all picked out, because the colors are perfect!

  45. I facebook “liked” Riley Blake Designs~

  46. Here’s a link to a post about my boy’s nursery, the curtains and the bed spread were made using Riley Blake’s All Star Collection, I wish I could still find that fabric, LOVE IT!

  47. I really like the Sunny Happy Skies that’s coming soon!

  48. My favorite is Tuxedo!

  49. Oooh! And I just checked out their site, and I love the Aplhabet Soup (for Girls) line, too! But, that wouldn’t work as well for my table runner :)

  50. I “like” Riley Blake Fabrics on facebook. Thanks!

  51. Dawn Ludwig says:

    I love polka dots, too.

  52. Here’s a dress I made using Riley Blake’s Halloween fabric.

  53. I love the colors in the Sweet Nothings collection. I am having a girl in November and you just can’t make too many quilts!

  54. I enjoy reading your blog and my shoe size is 11 (!!!)

  55. And I don’t have a link to it yet, but I am in the process of making a pinwhweel quilt for the baby girl out of the Hoo’s in the Forest fabric. It is adorable and whimsical!

  56. I liked Riley Black Designs on facebook.

  57. Kimberly Breier says:

    Liked Riley Blake Fabrics on FB!!

  58. I love this blog!

  59. How did you like Mary Poppins?

  60. I liked Riley Blake designs on Facebook.

  61. I liked Riley Blake Fabrics on FB

  62. I love reading your witty comments! I also had Mary Poppins in my head yesterday!

  63. Kimberly Breier says:

    love… Love… LOVE the Trick or Treat Cottons!!

  64. I am adoring “Farm Fresh” Such a sweet line!

  65. I have liked Riley Blake on facebook for a while now! :D

  66. Sugar and Spice is the collection I used in my kitchen. But the Christmas Candy collection is awesome! It has gingerbread men and now I need to buy some to make Ginger her annual gingerbread Christmas skirt. I LOVE it!

  67. I like the lost and found fabric

  68. I love this fabric..Riley Blake is my favorite!

  69. I think that fabric looks like a lot of fun projects to work on after my baby is born and we are hunkered down inside for a few weeks.

  70. I love your blog! I also love all the bright colors in your house. I’m just starting to decorate mine (I’ve only been married for 16 years!) and I am drawn to the bright colors too! Life is too short to be boring! ;)

  71. I liked them on facebook!

  72. Great giveaway! I love all the ideas I get from your blog. :)

  73. I Liked RBFabrics on FB!

  74. For my first entry: Last night we were all driving in the car and my husband released some gastrointestinal pressure (ahem) and it smelled SO bad. So I just pulled my shirt over my nose, but our 2-year-old broke the silence with really dramatic “YUCK!!!” from the back seat. I haven’t laughed so hard in a while!

    That was obviously not blog/fabric/kosher related. Sorry. :)

  75. Those are super cute fabrics!!

  76. I “liked” Riley Blake on Facebook!

  77. you are so funny! I wear size 8 1/2.

  78. I like Riley Blake on Facebook!

  79. Love your blog. Beautiful fabric!

  80. I like the “decadence” pattern…makes me think of fall.

  81. I liked the Riley Blake FB page, I LOVE the Lola’s Posies line and my shoe size is 11W, which makes finding cute shoes nearly impossible so I think you should pick me just for that reason. :)

  82. I think my current favorite is Sugar and Spice, but my all-time favorite is All Star 2!

  83. I recently made a skirt for the baby. It is first pick from her drawer… when it is clean!

  84. I read your blog everyday! I love it:) oh…..and my shoe size is 8 1/2. Ha!

  85. So, my favorite Riley Blake fabric is Hoo’s In The Forest…no, it’s the Lost and Found…um, maybe the Sweet Nothings…do I have to pick just ONE!? (Actually, my VERY favorite line has been Andrea Victoria, but since it’s discontinued…)

  86. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. I love all of their collections, but right now, my fave is Boo! to You!

  88. LOVE your blog..and you are hilarious! :)

  89. Also, I’m loving this Indian Summer. The main fabric is fabulous and so is the floral.

  90. I like Riley Blake on FB!

  91. I love dots too!!

  92. I like Sugar and Spice and Sweet Nothings…but the Indian Summer may be my favorite!

  93. I just discovered riley blake…love love love. Oh I really hope I will be the lucky winner!!!

  94. I am drooling over that fabric! I can only imagine all the fun to be had with such a pretty bundle of fabric! Fingers crossed!

  95. I like riley blake on FB!

  96. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    [email protected]

  97. In this post, I made an Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. blanket (Pinterest inspired) and matching big/ lil bro shirts for my new little guy that used Riley Blake Sugar and Spice Dots with other fabrics.

    And in this post, I used All Star 2 Dots (yep, I love polka dots too!) to create an applique shirt and shorts set for my almost 2 yr-old.

  98. Deanna Buchanan says:

    I love the Indian Summer fabric. You also crack me up…but the fabric would make you funnier!

  99. Cherie Troutman says:

    Love the blog. I get lots of decor ideas!

  100. I like Riley Blake on FB

  101. Thanks for the giveaway! Football season will keep you busy, I see.

  102. Cherie Troutman says:

    “liked” of facebook!

  103. Cherie Troutman says:

    Love the indian summer fabric. Would love to make a quilt with it.

  104. I love the sunny happy skies, and sugar and spice!

  105. I am excited for Fiona’s Fancy! It looks beautiful!

  106. so pretty! thanx for the chance

  107. um… id love this!! so pretty, and im currently in the sewing mood.. got twins onthe way :)

  108. i like on fb!

  109. I liked them on FB.

  110. i love the sugar and spice!

  111. I love the football season and those little players are sweet! just like you and the giveaway! thanks!

  112. I like the Christmas Candy!

  113. I love the fox trails – the flannels are lovely! thanks!

  114. i ‘like’ riley blake designs on facebook!

  115. Rebecca Drake says:

    Love it!!,

  116. Rebecca Drake says:

    Andddd I LIKED Riley Blake’s Facebook page!!

  117. PIck me! (please) PIck me! (please) What I love about your blog is the name. Whenever my husband looks over my shoulder as I am reading your latest posts he gives me a funny look and asks what I am reading. Always gives me a giggle!

  118. I love your blog. My blog, Zetta’s Aprons is always telling people about your great ideas. I link you, of course! Keep them coming! =D

  119. Love your blog-lots of great ideas!

  120. Beautiful fabric, and I love your blog!

  121. I liked on Facebook, too!

  122. i’m have a hard time choosing between ‘sweet nothings’ and ‘sugar and spice’ as my favorite. thats a hard choice!!

  123. Debbie B Sam says:

    I love the crap you’ve made! Your blog just makes me smile every time you post!

  124. Since you are already cleaning…. do you want to come over and clean my house? :)

  125. i love you. i love your blog. pick me! pick me!!

  126. Debbie B Sam says:

    I love their basic shades! I need more green, pink, blue, yellow, orange, LOVE THEM ALL!~

  127. I liked Riley Blake on FB.

  128. This line is so beautiful! I hope I win! :)

    mseaber (at) gmail (dot) com

  129. I like RBD on FB

  130. I think Inidan Summer is my favorite line. Such pretty prints and great colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Howdy! Loving this giveaway, just found out we’re having a girl and would love to use this line!!!

  132. I “liked” Riley Blake designs on FB!

  133. SO jealous you went to see Mary Poppins. I really want to go, but the ticket prices are just not in my budget this year. =[ I’m sure it was wonderful.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. I think those fabrics could even inspire me to sew something.

    and my shoe size is gargantuan- like Macy is destined for.

  135. I like Riley Blake Designs on FB.

  136. I pretty much love all of their lines but my favorite (at least at the moment) is the Farm Fresh :) The little cows are so cute!

  137. My favorite probably is the Indian Summer collection. So cute!

  138. Love the Happier Cottons fabric line.

  139. We’re planning on cleaning today too! Grand ways to spend a day off, huh? :)

  140. I like the sugar and spice line – super cute!

  141. I put some of the “Sew Cherry” fabrics in embroidery hoops to hang on the wall in my 2 year old’s room. She’s got a red/teal retro theme going on in there :)

  142. Love your blog and I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe :)

  143. OOh polka dots. love the introduction to Riley Blake. Liked on facebook as well.

  144. I absolutely love the Indian summer line!!! It’s my favorite of all of them!!! You are a hoot….and I love your blog. Hoping I win!!

  145. Oh…AND I liked them on facebook.

  146. Ooooo so pretty!!!

  147. I “liked” Riley Blake on Facebook

  148. My favorite collection is “Whoos in the Forest”

  149. I love polka dots too. Who doesn’t?

  150. I love the polka dots too!!

  151. I <3 your blog. Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize! I would tell you a joke but the only ones I can think of are 'poop' jokes that my 7 year old has been sharing. ;)

    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  152. I would love to win the fat quarter bundle!

  153. Oh my goodness!! This is the best giveaway ever!! I’m obsessed with Riley Blake fabrics!! Thanks Char!

  154. I love the alphabet soup line for little boys!

  155. I liked Riley Blake Designs on facebook. :)

    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  156. I like Riley Blake on facebook!

  157. While I do have freakishly large feet for a girl (10.5) I would rather say how excited I am cause I just got eyelash extensions! And I love fabric so pick me!!

  158. Donna Bowes says:

    Yeah, you’re funny! Thanks for the giveaway!

  159. Donna Bowes says:

    Liked them on facebook!

  160. I love your blog!!! :) I get lots of ideas from you!!

  161. Donna Bowes says:

    Love the alphabet soup boy and girl fabric!

  162. The decadence line is so pretty! Happy cleaning! I have the windows open, enjoying the cool breeze outside and getting some cleaning done today also.

    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  163. Beautiful!

  164. I love me some pretty Riley Blake fabric, and I also love me some Crap I’ve Made. I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts, you have some great ideas!

  165. Love you humor, blog, and Riley fabrics!!

  166. Oooh! I love fabric!! This looks like a fun line!

  167. Here’s what I made with Riley Blake fabric (don’t know if you can actually see this, but I’ll try).!/photo.php?fbid=10150361007613200&set=a.62572843199.90039.543823199&type=1&theater

  168. Liked Riley Blake fabrics on Facebook.

  169. Oh how I LOVE Riley Blake. I’m sure I could find something to do with that pretty fabric!

  170. I have “liked” Riley Blake Designs on FB :))

  171. “Liked” RB on facebook.

  172. I “liked” Riley Blake Designs.

  173. Green alphabet soup beads ( would be cute for the car seat blanket I’m needing to make here shortly!

  174. I have big plans to clean out my master bedroom today. So far this weekend, I have painted the bathroom, cleaned the house, sewed a skirt for my daughter for church yesterday and made two batches of banana bread. Oh and I’m 7.5 months pregnant. Nesting much?

  175. I love the Halloween fabric Boo To You by Riley Blake. I think I kept the fabric store in business last year from buying it all up.

  176. I love the alphabet soup girl.

  177. I’m loving the sugar &spice line. I’ve got a thing right now for turquoise and red since that is what I decorated my daughter’s room with.

  178. I love the Lola Posie’s Cotton collection!!!!

  179. I love polka dots too. I didn’t realize how drawn to them I was until someone pointed out that most of my daughters clothes have dots on them and probably about half of mine too!!

  180. I had plans to clean today, but I’m reading blog posts instead. A girl has to have her priorities! Thanks for sharing.

  181. I already like Riley Blake on FB.

  182. Heidi Cosseboom says:

    Oh, I’d love to win that fabric! I love checking your blog, and I’m jealous you got to see Mary Poppins. I’d love to take my little girl to that.

  183. I want to win this fat quarter bundle! beautiful fabric.

  184. I’m looking forward to the Delighted line.

  185. I wear a size 7 1/2… Ha! I love your blog. Thanks for being so real!

  186. I “like” Riley Blake fabrics on facebook. :)

  187. Had to work today and your blog entertained me for 8 agonizing hours I had to be here.

  188. It’s not like I’ll really have a chance of winning, seeing how there is already almost 200 entries, but I guess it’s worth a shot. I love your blog, you crack me up!

  189. I made my 17 M.O. a little purse to carry her treasures in. I adore it, probably more than she does. I’m not sure the name of the RIley Blake fabric I used, but it was perfectly girly. :)

  190. I “like” Riley Blake Designs on Facebook! I wrote on their wall too. :)

  191. I love the Green Decadence Damask laminate fabric. I think it’s begging me to recover my baby’s high chair.

  192. Krista Hansen says:

    I love your blog! We spent our Saturday watching football too, but the College Game Day kind. We love college football!!! But I love quilting just a little bit more!

  193. Krista Hansen says:

    I went to Riley Blake and browsed around. I really like the Farm Fresh line but I have to say I liked Indian Summer the best. So winning would be great!! Hint Hint!

  194. I just visited their website, and Oh dear! They have fabric of the Alphabet Soup Boy now!? My bank account isn’t going to like this! I ♥ Riley Blake Fabric!!

  195. I’m a long time reader of your blog! In fact, I think yours was one of the first craft blogs I ever subscribed too. I love it!

  196. I used Riley Blake jelly roll for a baby quilt. It’s entered in the Quilting Gallery contest this week – it’s called Olivia’s Sweet Nothings…
    Feel free to go vote for me:0) I have no illusions that I’ll win, but I thought it’d be fun to enter…

  197. Looking for new fabric for my custom shirts!!


  199. Now following Riley Blake on facebook. Whoop!

  200. I made a baby quilt out of the Riley Blake Sugar and Spice Cottons. It’s a beautiful line!

  201. I love your site, and making crap!!

  202. I “like” Riley Blake fabric on facebook!

  203. So cute! I am in the ‘i love polka dots club’ too! :)

  204. My kids crack up every time I am reading your blog! They love your Blog name…they call crafts craps (always have).

  205. I just found your site through pinterest! I love it!

  206. Cute fabric! I love it!

  207. My favorite fabric is the Yellow Promenade Damask….it’s beautiful!!

  208. I am really hoping this is my lucky day and I win!!

  209. Here is a link to a quilt. I’m still working on the binding. I LOVE the All Star line! All of it.
    This is a link to the diaper bag I made with All Star as well.
    I have a few more, but I’ll spare you from having to look at it all. :)

  210. Did you know you can sing “Amazing Grace” to the tune of Gilligan’s Island? That’s all! Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. I “liked” the Riley Blake page on FB.

  212. oh i can think of so much fun stuff to make for my daughter with that fabric!! pick me! :)

  213. I do “like” Riley Blank designs! I had never heard of them before!

  214. Hmm.. What do you say to somebody you just met?
    Hi, I’m Diana, I’m in the middle of a post-weaning depression!

    Man, I really hope I won’t win with this comment :)))))))))

  215. I like them on Facebook.

  216. I’ve been to FB and left some LOVE!

  217. Sugar and Spice and Sweet nothings are probably my favorite RB collections :)

  218. i ‘liked’ riley blake designs on facebook

  219. There are too many great designs to choose from. Hope I win!

  220. i love all the collections but the sweet nothings cotton is one of my favorites

  221. I like Riley Blake Designs on facebook

  222. Oh no….now that I know of this place the Husband is going to wonder why we are eating rice and oatmeal every night for dinner! :) I love the Cotton Tuxedo Collection, The Alphabet Soup Boy Cottons, the Indian summer :), the Lost and Found cottons….I better stop!

  223. What a great giveaway! Thanks for sharing your projects.

  224. I spent my Labor Day with my family :) thanks for the great giveaway!

  225. I like Riley Blake on FB.

  226. I enjoy following your blog. I’m always disappointed when I check it only to find that you have not put up a new post. Keep on blogging. Thanks for the chance to win.

  227. I really love the Promenade line!

  228. Here’s my favorite, old school joke.

    What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese!

    I would love to create something with that fabric!

  229. I made a mug rug in January using RIley Blake owls:

  230. Isn’t this the prettiest bundle??? Just when I think I have ENOUGH fabric already I see something I can’t live without!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the give away! Love your blog!!

  231. I’m just thinking of all the cool things I can make with that bundle… My daughter could use some pretty dresses for next summer!

  232. I think I’ll try guessing your shoe size – I’m thinking 7.5 M – am I right? Thanks for the giveaway – it’s a goody!

  233. I really like the Sweet Nothings.

  234. I just love the cute fabrics in the SEW CHERRY line! I see a table runner in my future ….. THANKS AGAIN!

  235. I love the alphabet soup line of fabrics. I enjoy sewing with RB fabrics – so fun! Thanks for a chance to win.

  236. I have had a really rubbish day and your blog is the best thing in it so far! I love the Riley Blake fabric and have about a hundred and one ideas popping through my head for them now! Thanks.

  237. I love reading your blog and all the great ideas

  238. Ok, I like their FB page. Now that’s a comment I can win with :)

  239. I like Riley Blake on facebook

  240. Me! Pick me!

  241. I love the laminated dots from lost& found!

  242. I would love to use this to start on some Christmas presents!

  243. Just Liked on Facebook. It’s amazing to see all the projects being made from this fabric, so pretty!

  244. I would love to win that fabric!

  245. I love making crap too! ;)

  246. You ARE hilarious!

  247. I went over to Riley Blakes and “liked’ them!

  248. I like Riley Blake designs on facebook :)

  249. My favorite current line is Alphabet Soup Boy and I can’t wait till the Peak Hour lines comes out

  250. I have made several things with Riley Blake fabric and posted about it here – but my favorite is the new toddler sheet, quilt and curtains I made for my son’s room using Wanna Be A Cowboy 2 Collections

  251. I could use this for so many crafty projects!

  252. My favourite line is the Sew Cherry Cottons. Gorgeous!

  253. Lusting after this fabric!!

    And, it’s 7 1/2… ;)

  254. I love the Riley Blake “Sweet Nothings” line. I’m really partial to paisley and retro prints, and these are perfect! I also like the “Happier Bugs” fabric!

  255. I love Riley blake fabric! It’s some of my favorite. Would love to add this to my stash.

  256. My favorite Riley Blake collection is….. Sweet Nothings!

  257. I love your blog, keep blogging!!!

  258. I “Like” Riley Blake fabrics on facebook!

  259. I love most of Riley Blake fabrics, but my fave right now is alphabet soup and whoooos in the forest!

  260. Love your blog because you keep it real… and sometimes it’s crap :)
    BTW that fabric is totally awesome so thanks for the chance :)

  261. I just saw a cute tutorial that uses fat quarters!! I’d love to win so I can try out that tut!!

  262. Awesome giveaway. Thank you so much for having it! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what crafts and shenanigans you get into. :)

  263. Oooo I want! So cute. I’d probably make a strap for my camera, I’ve been in search of cute fabric to use for that project!

  264. A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a beer and a mop.

    Hope I win! :)

  265. I love your blog – I would be sad if you stopped blogging AND my shoe size is 9 1/2!!

  266. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook!

  267. Those are so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. I really enjoy all of the crafty things you come up with. I quilt, but I have no crafty talent at all you really amaze me. Love Riley Blake, thanks for a chance to win.

  269. I absolutely love the alphabet soup for girls!!! yummy!

  270. I love winning!! I love winning fabric!

  271. I like your writing, your sense of humor and your creativeness! Thanks for writing and sharing.

  272. Stephanie R. says:

    I love the fabric!

  273. Wow, I am number 272. Oh well! I love fabric and this would be such a treat. Hope I win. )

  274. Lisa Wolfel says:

    I like to craft because I can’t find cute shoes in a size 10!! lol

    • Danna McCrary says:

      This fabric is fantastic and who doesn’t love free stuff? Crazy people, that’s who! This fabric is perfect for the pillowcase dresses I’m making.

  275. You’re the best! Pick me pick me!

  276. I love reading your blog! Always have such great ideas and giveaways. I especially love THIS giveaway!

  277. I ‘liked’ Riley Blake Designs on facebook!!

  278. I love that fabric.

  279. I’d have to say that the Indian Summer line is my favorite. Our second daughter is due in December and the fabrics in that line would match perfectly to my nursery decor.

  280. I just read your post about the Martha Stewart glitter paint, oh my, what a great package to come to your door!!! Now onto this post…love the fabric and would love to have it arrive in my mailbox. Keep on blogging :)

  281. When you are done cleaning your closets, wanna come clean mine? I think I will put it off for another week and go lock myself in my craft room for the day:)

  282. Oh I love your blog. So don’t stop blogging!! Thanks for all you share. I would love to win this bundle of gorgeous fabric. Love it!!

  283. I love you blog and all the projects you do!

  284. I really like farm fresh. It would make such a cute apron!

  285. Love the fabric. I can already think of things to do with it…

  286. I like Riley Blake on fb!

  287. Oh heavens….I am in love with this fabric!! Thanks for the chance to win it :) Happy Labor Day!

  288. I love the daydream cottons! Just beautiful.

  289. Yay! A giveaway from my favorite blogger.

  290. I like Riley Blake Designs on facebook.

  291. My favorite fabric design is “Hoo’s in The Forest Cottons”

  292. I love polka dots too!

    p.s. I think you’re hilarious :D

  293. I love, love, love the Alphabet soup for boy and girl.

  294. You are so funny; I love your crap!

  295. My name is Lisa and my greatest wish is for RAIN!!! I want it to rain almost as much I want free fabric. LOL!!

  296. I am loving the Sugar & Spice collection.

  297. I log in every day so that you can make me smile. And I would love to win the fabric!!

  298. Love your blog! And Riley Blake, what a great giveaway!

  299. Alison Swanson says:

    I love your tutorials!

  300. Love this fabric. Love you blog too!!

  301. Alison Swanson says:

    I liked them on facebook!

  302. You have a great blog……..and I wear a size 6 in shoe. lol

  303. Alison Swanson says:

    I like the Sweet Nothings line! So adorable!

  304. Carolyn Wood says:

    I love the yet to be released Peak Hour collection.

  305. Carolyn Wood says:

    I chuckle when I read your blog. Thanks!

  306. Lauran Frank says:

    You have a fun blog! This is a great give away!

  307. Lauran Frank says:

    I liked Riley Blake on FB!

  308. I love polka dots too! Great giveaway

  309. Lauran Frank says:

    I like the Sweet Nothings line of fabric. I could use any of it for lots of fun projects for my girls.

  310. cute fabric. I want some.

  311. You come up with some fun ideas and I love to read your blog. Thank you

  312. Yellow- Promenade – Damask is my favorite.

  313. Don’t stop blogging! I love your blog! I would love to win too, I have a new step grand-daughter and can’t wait to get started sewing for her!

  314. I like Riley Blake on FB!

  315. pffft. Like I’m not already a RB FB fan? LOVE ‘EM!

  316. My all time favorite RB line was Boo to You, but currently, I’m rather appreciative of both Trick or Treat and Lola’s Posies. The pirates sorta rock my boy-infused world, too.

  317. Uh, just one link? Okay. A quilt top that is now finished:
    and for good measure, my lola’s posies kaleidoscope quilt in progress:
    did i tell you I love riley blake yet? Cuz I totally do.

  318. I am in love with the entire Sugar and Spice collection!

  319. Kelli Marshall says:

    loving the green polka dot.. and your blog is awesome.. don’t ever stop!

  320. Kelli Marshall says:

    i like RBD on FB

  321. Kelli Marshall says:

    Indian summer or alphabet soup boy are my top picks.

  322. Gorgeous fabric! I love it!

  323. I Love reading your blog! You are so down to earth!

  324. Love the Happier Cottons line of RBD!

  325. Love the fabric! And, don’t stop blogging!

  326. Your blogname always makes me smile and wonder… Great giveaway – thank you!

  327. you are too hilarious. and this fabric is soooo cute.

  328. Saying hello from Idaho –Love the fabric! Thanks for sharing! :0)

  329. i think the alphabet soup fabrics are adorable!

  330. Like RBD on Facebook!

  331. I love Riley Blake almost as much as I love Crap I’ve Made ;)

  332. Found you while looking up Creative Connection because I have volunteered to design a mural that’s going into the Enchanted Makeovers booth there. Your blog is making me smile.

    This is fun, fun fabric. I won’t pretend that I quilt, though; if I won I would be sending the fabric to my amazing quilt-making mom!

  333. I like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook!

  334. I love the Christmas Candy fabric, but a close 2nd is the Halloween collection–so fun!

  335. You are hilarious and you’ve got the best blog name around. ;)

  336. Feelin’ frisky and liking Riley Blake on Facebook.

  337. I <3 the Pirates line. Arrrr!

  338. Becky Pelishek says:

    I love her sense of style!! My shoe size is 9 :)

  339. Becky Pelishek says:

    I also liked her page on facebook!

  340. Becky Pelishek says:

    Hard to pick a favorite fabric, but I LOVE the Black- Lost & Found – Damask!!

  341. I like Riley Blake on facebook

  342. I love Boo! to you!!

  343. I wear a size 9.5 shoe but I hardly have shoes on. I do wear socks almost daily but no shoes.

  344. I hop eyou enjoyed Mary Poppins. I am looking forward to going to see it this coming Saturday. I can’t wait. I love the material. I do hope I win it. Thanks.

  345. My thumbs are double jointed ;)
    P.S. I love this fabric!


  346. Melissa T. says:

    You have great taste. I love the polka dots, too. :) Love your blog!
    I saw Merry Poppins in NY. Not a fan of it, but so glad you liked it!

  347. Melissa T. says:

    It’s not ready yet, but I love Peak Hour . I just had a boy. :Love it!

  348. Oh yes. I need more fabric.

  349. You are funny and talented and geat at making lots of useful crap (send with the upmost respect). Love Riley Blake fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win.

  350. size four, and of course you’re funny :)

  351. and the pirates line would be great for my little boy.

  352. Before I had children, I wore a size 5 1/2 shoe…. now I wear a 7 1/2 :)

    Love this fabric line. I see all these fabric giveaways and would love to win one!

  353. Great giveaway! I love your blog, been enjoying using some of your tutorials lately making things for my girls and for the sweet wee one I’m expecting this fall. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  354. i LOVE the farm fresh line, soooo cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  355. I love reading your blog. Keep on sharing.

  356. I love fabric! This would make a fabulous baby blanket. Not that I have anyone to make a baby blanket for right now–I’m just obsessed with making them.

  357. I liked them on facebook.

  358. I love the Alphabet Soup – Boy line. I can’t resist an adorable animal print.

  359. fantastic giveaway! i hope i win!

  360. Love this fabric, love your blog. Thanks for feeding my fabric obsession!

  361. I liked them on FB.

  362. A guy walks into a bar. “Ouch!”

  363. I {heart} the Alphabet Soup-Girl line!

  364. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook too. Thx for the giveaway!

  365. Oh wow, I <3 Riley Blake, and thanks so much for the chance to win. i love reading your Blog.
    I live in Portugal, so Its really hard to get this fabric, I sometime order off ebay/etsy.
    I have already liked them on facebook, and I can't choose just one fav. line.
    However I did buy the ones with cars. I got them as Its hard to find cute fabric for boys.
    The project I made :
    easter eggs :)
    Thanks once again

  366. I think you are sooooo funny and I love reading your blog. My shoe is 6.5 on most days and I’d tell you a joke if my grandson was here, cause he knows some and I don’t.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  367. I liked Riley Blake on FB!

  368. I love the New Alphabet Soup’s for both boy and girl! Think I’m a gonna buy me some.

  369. I think you are adorable. I just found this blog looking for a bag tutorial – and I totally used your “sling bag” tut. Thanks for being awesome!

  370. Your blog is great! Here is my joke!

    A woman is knitting as she drives (which is totally unsafe, and I don’t advocate it). Pretty soon, her speed has crept all the way up to 95 mph–and she passes a parked police car. The car gives chase. Officer Bob turns on his siren, but the woman, oblivious, doesn’t notice him. Finally, he pulls up alongside her car and yells, “Pull over! PULL OVER!”

    She looks at him, looks at her knitting, and yells–

    “NO! It’s a CARDIGAN!”

    Happy Crafting!

  371. megan bell says:

    your blog is so funny!

  372. alphabet soup – boy line!

  373. Love the promenade. So vintage and cute.

  374. melissa x. says:

    Ohh I wanna win this!!

  375. Size eleven. Do you know how annoying that is???

    Btw, I am enjoying a wonderful Blue Hawaiian shaved ice today! Yeah for holidays!!!

  376. I should be cleaning my craft room instead of reading your awesome blog! PS: Love the blog title :)

  377. Love the orange mini dot…how cute is that!

  378. I live finding new to me fabric designers! I was looking at some patterns thinking they looked a lot like scrapbook papers and sure enough they carry prints by October Afternoon and My Minds Eye. Thanks for the chance to win the fat quarters!!!

  379. I read your blog almost everyday!!!

  380. Love your blog, keep up the good work…and good luck cleaning the play room!

  381. I liked Riley Blake on FB

  382. The Decadence cotton line the best!!!

  383. Well, my shoe size depends on the brand of shoe. Usually it’s between 8 and 9. :)

  384. Like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook.

  385. I love the Lost and Found line. The flowers, the labels, the damasks, it’s heavenly!

  386. Kristen Trappett says:

    Every time I read your blog name I giggle inside, love it!

  387. Kristen Trappett says:

    Gotta go with Indian Summer for my favorite fabric line

  388. Love the patterns!

  389. For some reason my first comment didn’t publish. I just mentioned that my shoe size varies between size 8 and 9, depending on the brand of shoe. :)

  390. Love, Love your site. You are one of the few sites I check every day. Good luck with the playroom.

  391. Just went to the Riley Blake site. Love the Happier line.

  392. Love your blog and would love the fabric!

  393. I wear a 9 1/2 shoe. :-)

  394. I liked Riley Blake Designs on Facebook.

  395. I am loving the Indian Summer and Lost and Found fabric lines!

  396. Natalya Hoak says:

    My husband laughed his head off when he saw the title of your blog :)

  397. Natalya Hoak says:

    Love the Sugar and Spice collection!

  398. I think you have the best blog name! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  399. I think your wonderful and check your blog daily! Don’t ever stop! Thanks for making my day brighter!

  400. I’m a shoe size eight, but either way – I love the sweet nothings at Riley Blake!

  401. I love your blog and all the tutorials.

  402. I like Riley Blake on facebook

  403. I love the Hoo’s in the Forest line. So….cute!

  404. Beautiful:)

  405. Thanks for a chance to win!

  406. Sara Smith says:

    Would LOVE to win the fabric…so cute. And I love your blog.

  407. I like Riley Blake on facebook.

  408. Sara Smith says:

    Alphabet Soup Girl is so cute. I am getting ready to redo my daughter’s room (when she moves to a big girl bed) and that would be so darling to use there.

  409. I love polka dots too!!!

  410. I like Riley Blake Designs on FB :o)

  411. Farm Fresh is too stinkin’ cute!

  412. I love the Sugar and Spice

  413. HI! You are funny & you make me laugh & I love your blog! :) Oh. And I wear a size 11…my kids killed my feet (although they were a size ten to start with!!!).

  414. I got to feelin’ frisky and I liked Riley Blake on facebook.

  415. Happy labor day!!! I hope I win :)

  416. I’m totally with you on the polka dots. My son is about to be 5 and wants a quilt, so we decided each kid will get a quilt for their 5th birthday (if they want). My 3 year old is already picking her fabric out. I am certain, were these fabrics to arrive at my door, she would think they were for her: so lovely!

  417. Hi! It’s me. Again. I checked out their site and my favorite design is Decadence! How’s the playroom looking? I need to clean ours…

  418. Love the blog. love the giveaway, wish I didn’t have to beat my keyboard to make the G work…:)

  419. I’m likin those Riley Blake over on the FB. :)

  420. The dots are my favorite too! So fresh and cute! Great giveaway! Fingers crossed….

  421. I wear a size 7 :)

  422. Comment! :)
    fingers crossed!

  423. Love your blog. Thanks for the chance to win the fabric:)

  424. I like the alphabet soup lines

  425. Dots!!!

    Okay, here’s my son’s joke for today:

    What do you call a shy lamb?


    Thanks for the chance – - such pretty fabric. :)

  426. I LOVE your blog! You have such a great sense of humor! And I also love this fabric. Thanks for a chance to win! Anne, yourmainestamper

  427. Love this line! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    (and my shoe size is 9, just FYI)

  428. I liked them on FB :o)

  429. Thanks for the giveaway! And no, I am not revealing my shoe size. Some things a girl needs to keep private!

  430. I like “dreamy” – so cute!

  431. so my name is Sarah, but I guess I’m not “THE” Sarah that won the last giveaway, as I have no email notice…but FYI, I’d be happy to fill her shoes. Or just let me win this bundle here…either/or ;) also, you are awesomeness!

  432. LOVE the “farm fresh” collection! how perfect!

  433. I would LOVE to win some of that wonderful fabric. I would probably stare it for months before I finally got the guts to cut into it. When my friends come over I show them all my pretty un-cut fabric. Maybe I have a problem.

    P.S. You are funny and I’m not just saying it so I can win. I mean it.

  434. Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life says:

    I’m Sarah too! But alas, no email :(

    I’d LOVE to win this one though!

  435. Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life says:

    I honestly love this line the best!

    But I also like the Alphabet Soup for girl!

  436. The Alphabet Soup Girl/boy flannel line is to DIE for. I love to make receiving blankets for all my friends having babies. These prints are FABULOUS!

  437. Love your website and this collection!

  438. Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life says:

    I like them on FB!

  439. I like Riley Blake on fb!

  440. I love the polka dots! (and your site!)

  441. I love the blue promenade floral, it’s gorgeous!

  442. Two snowmen are standing in a field. One says to the other : “Funny, I smell carrots too”. boo-do-ching!

  443. I like (love) Riley Blake on facebook

  444. C2541 White- Christmas Candy – Candy is my current favourite (it changes often)

  445. Latest project is using the Hoo’s in the forest fruit yellow to make some frilly bums for my bub :)

  446. CUTE! I am in love with fat quarters right now. I want to win!!!!

  447. Love your blog…I started laughing at the title and just kept going..good job

  448. If I had facebook I would totally like you!!!! neighborhood drama;;;enough said :)

  449. Cute! I love Riley Blake Designs, such pretty fabric. And I love Polka Dots too… would love to be able to win. Thanks!

  450. I’m always wanting…errr, needing new fabric.

  451. I “liked” Riley Blake on FB.

  452. I love your blog and your sense of humor and I hope I win. Thanks.

  453. Since Halloween is coming next month I’m really liking the “Boo to You” line.

  454. Molly Ishmael says:

    I just found your blog about a week ago and am enjoying it very much! Thanks for the ideas.

  455. I like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook!

  456. I think the Boo! to You fabric is just the cutest Halloween fabric ever. :-)

  457. I love your blog and all your “crap” ;)

  458. Those are just lovely fabrics….I think I love the Sweet Nothings line….just beautiful and girly.

  459. Gerri Zahnle says:

    OOOOOH! Lost and Found in pink, please! Yummy and you’re funny, too! Always enjoy your blogs.

  460. Gerri Zahnle says:

    I also “liked” Riley Blake on Facebook : )

  461. Nicole Pendley says:

    I love seeing your newest crafty designs! I’m a new follower and am defintitely inspired by your blog!

  462. I would love some free fabric. Thanks for doing the give away.

  463. There once was a man from Nantucket… Nah, better not tell that one! Love your blog – you make me giggle!!

  464. I just came back from Riley Blake’s FB – and sprinkled a little sugar over there!

  465. Ooooo – those fabrics are SO pretty! I am crossing my fingers that I win!

  466. I love the “Delighted!” by The Quilted Fish. 100% cotton laminate, pattern L2661 Blue – Mosaic. I can see a cute table cloth with that in my kitchen.

  467. Also I just went to Riley Blake’s site and Indian Summer is a must have!

  468. Stacey Morgan says:

    I love your blog! It’s so sassy and fun to read :)

  469. Stacey Morgan says:

    I “liked” RB’s facebook page.

  470. Stacey Morgan says:

    I can’t decide between RB’s “Trick or Treat” and “Scoot Flannels”. They are both super cute so they’re both my fav.

  471. Monster feet wears a 10.5 WIDE (thanks kid and genetics). And you are funny. And all that jazz ;)

  472. Hi there! Hope to meet you at the next Guild meeting!

  473. I not only like Riley Blake on Facebook, I big puffy heart love them!

  474. I love SO much of their line! Samantha Walker & DooHickey Designs are some top favs!

  475. My baby’s nursery is pretty much *all* Riley Blake/Samantha Walker –

  476. Liked on face book!

  477. Love the indian summer main in cream. Such beautiful fabric!

  478. I liked Riley Blake on FB!

  479. Would love to win this bundle – my sis is having a baby soon (I’m certain it will be a girl) and would love to use these for the baby quilt. Char, I can’t tell you how many compliments her lil one got when wearing the tie applique onesie I made for him after seeing your tutorial. Thanks for the awesome blog ideas!

  480. I’ve been on Pinterest and Etsy too much today!

  481. I enjoy reading your blog, it is great inspiration!

  482. I don’t really have any Halloween decorations, I think I could make a really cute pennant garland from the “Boo to You Fabrics”

  483. I like Riley Blake Designs on FB

  484. I ave a new baby grandsob (5months) and a new baby granddaughter (6 weeks) and I really want to win theses fat quarters. :)

  485. I’m digging the “Sugar & Spice” line by Riley Blake!

  486. Here’s a link to a pool robe I made for my nephew using Riley Blake’s “Wheels” fabric:
    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! Jen

  487. I hate when my kids are sick like they are now. Love the fabric!

  488. The bundle is so beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the fun ideas I get from your blog!

  489. I always enjoy visiting here–LOOOOOOOOOVE! Thanks so much for the chance to win! sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  490. I love your blog!

  491. you are hilarious!

  492. i now LIKE Riley Blake Designs :)

  493. Finally getting my mom cave and would love to win this. Perfect colors.

  494. I liked Riley on Face Book.

  495. I love this fabric! I love your blog…keep blogging. You are funny! And my shoe size is 8!
    :) Nat

  496. Love the Lost and Found line.. all products and colors.

  497. Love this fabric bundle. It would make an awesome quilt.

  498. I follow RBD on FB.

  499. Love the alphabet soup line for boys, also like the sugar and spice.

  500. How did the hipster burn his mouth?

    He ate his pizza before it was cool. :P

  501. Amanda Andrus says:

    I love your blog!

  502. Amanda Andrus says:

    I liked Riley on Facebook.

  503. Gloria-TheLastOfNine says:

    1. Hmmm lets see…I’m your follower #5651.
    2. I think you’re hilarious, keep blogging.
    3. The end.

  504. My favorite fabric collection is Lost & Found. The chairs in our breakfast area are in dire need to be reupholstered, but I just haven’t found “the” right fabric, you know the one that speaks to you, yeah that one.

  505. Love the blog… was teaching another mom couponing tips tonight and she saw you in my blog reader list and cracked up and had to know more about you! :)

  506. don’t stop blogging! I’d miss you a bunch!!

  507. Love Daydreams!! So pretty!

  508. Sweet Nothings & Quite Contrary are both sets I know I would use for so many things!

  509. I love fabric, and I love reading about your odd obsessions (like Pyrex, and anything orange).

    Not finished yet, but one of my bee groups is making me blocks with Daydreams fabrics. I made several blocks before the fabric went out to the group and I show them in this blog post. It is going to be one fabulous quilt!

  511. Liked Riley Blake on FB!

  512. I made a quilt for my daughter’s bed using Riley Blake’s Summer Song collection. I don’t have a pic of it on my blog, but you’ll have to trust me. I have the bill for $90 for the quilter to prove it;)

  513. And I love Riley Blake’s new Alphabet Soup Girl fabric! I love the vintage colors-

  514. Ooooh! These fabrics are just about the cutest!

  515. First off I love your blog, second I wear a size 7 shoe, and I can’t remember the third question. No really I love, love, love ready your blog. Thank you

  516. Jennie Holt says:

    your blog is awesome….and i really want to win this giveaway!!!!

  517. Jennie Holt says:

    I also liked on facebook!

  518. Jennie Holt says:

    I can’t chose a favorite line, they are all ridiculously cute. but i am really wanting to get some laminated fabric to recover my highchair….so thats my favorite at the moment!

  519. Thanks for the giveaway. Fantasy shoe size: 6.

  520. Love your blog! Please don’t stop:)

  521. I “liked” Riley Blake on FB!

  522. Here’s hoping I win!!

  523. I already like Riley Blake on FB!

  524. I’d love to win a giveaway! (Does that count as a snarky comment?)

  525. Love Fiona’s Fancy line….oh and PICK ME!!! ;)

  526. Cutest fabric ever! I could definitely use this for something for our new baby that will be here in a week from today:)

  527. I like the alphabet soup girl and hoos in the forest collections. Adorable!

  528. I’m expecting a baby girl this November and would love to make her something from the Alphabet Soup Girl Flannels!

  529. I Like Riley Blake on Facebook!

  530. I’m lovin’ the new Indian Summer look!

  531. Karen Flood says:

    Oh the fun things I could make with that!!!

  532. Ooh. Pretty fabric.

  533. Karen Flood says:

    I’m loving the promenade line!

  534. I love Riley Blake and I love reading your blog! What a great combination of my loves.

  535. I love your site!

  536. Anita Kendall says:

    WOW I just went to Riley Blake Designs and they do not even have my favorite anymore. I just loved Rainy Days and Mondays but of course did not purchase when it was available. The new line looks great.

  537. I like Riley Blake Designs on fb!

  538. I love the Pink Lost and Found by Riley Blake Designs

  539. I hope I win, I love the fabric!

  540. Not that random generator recognizes coercion, but it sure would put a smile on my face if I won this amazing fabric!

  541. OMGoodness – My computer is OUT TO LUNCH – I totally couldn’t couldn’t find this comments section 15 minutes ago! LOL. I would love to win this fabric, my fabric stash is getting kind of anemic! Thanks for the opportunity!

  542. I like Riley Blake on facebook.

  543. I would love trying to use the Decadence Laminates fabric. That just seems like so much fun!

  544. I liked Riley Blake Designs on FB. =)

  545. i love your blog and these fabrics! my budget is really low lately so this would be a wonderful surprise! i LOVE the “sweet nothings” designs

  546. You are witty and wise. And entertaining :) Keep it coming !

  547. I wanna win!!

  548. Arrrgh Matey, love the pirates line, would make a cute quilt for my grandson :)

  549. FB fan now!

    Marisa Meme

  550. I liked Riley Blake on FB :)

  551. love the Blue Promenade

  552. I like the sweet nothings and alphabet soup for girls. So cute!

  553. I heart your blog and thanks for the great giveaway!

  554. My Comment is this, I miss you, Seeing you once a year and sometimes twice a year is not enough. I need a monthly Char fix. I am glad you blog, and facebook and text, but wish I could see you more.
    The End.

  555. I love reading your blog. You have so many ideas that give me inspiration! I wouldn’t follow you otherwise! :)

  556. I looked around and love them all. Especially the Indian summer line. I am a polka dot girl too.

  557. I love your blog. I fell in love with the name because so many people make crap and don’t admit it. Most of your stuff is great, of course. We all make crap at some point, we have to own up to it. You have great ideas and I’m a loyal fan.

  558. Been following your blog for a bit now, I’m usually too distracted to try and leave comments (I have a very active two year old & yorkie pup that keep me on my toes). This is a fabulous contest though, and I would so love to score some of that fabric. ;)

  559. You want me to pick just one of Riley Blake’s line???? I suppose if I had to pick just one, it would be the Sugar and Spice line, but it’s a hard pick!!!

  560. I’m now a fan of Riley Blake Designs on FB!

  561. btw I already follow them on facebook :)

  562. Seriously loving her “Promenade Cottons” line – the colors are fabulous!

  563. Please pick this one, out of the 562 comments you’ve received so far. :)

  564. my baby is now 3 weeks old. i gained 15 lbs with him, and have lost 24 lbs so far. all of my clothes are hanging off of me, yet my fat stupid fingers are still to fat for me to wear my wedding ring. what the crap is up with that? and before anyone gets too jealous of my baby-weight-losing-ablilties, i’ll just throw out there that i gained 102 lbs with my first kid, he’s four, and i’m still working that off…..

  565. Sweet Nothings is nice…I like the colors. Of course, Alphabet Soup Girl is cute. Probably because I’ll be having a girl in the next couple of weeks.

  566. And of course I like Riley Blake on Facebook!

  567. Now following them on Facebook.

  568. My favorite collection is Pirates.

  569. love your funny blog and ideas. What a generous giveaway, Thanks

  570. I went to Riley Blakes Facebook page and liked.

  571. The collections are are fabulous. Hard to pick one. If absolutely forced I would go with the Promenade Cottons collection. Since I love polka dots too.

  572. I think you’re pretty awesome. And you live in my sister’s neighborhood, which I’m very jealous of her for (although you don’t know each other but her neighbor knows you). Again, jealous.

  573. Love this giveway, my shoe size is a 7.5!


  574. I already “like” Riley Blake on fb ;)

  575. I liked Riley blake on FB..


  576. I love the Alphabet Soup collection!

  577. I was lucky enough to get to make several projects for the Making Memories booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston last Fall using Riley Blake’s/Doohikey Design’s (Shari’s) Hooty Hoot collection. I absolutely LOVED it!

  578. Loving the fabric, I hope I win!

  579. Ooo this is nice ! Love a fabric giveaway! Thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  580. Christmas candy is adorable!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  581. Priscilla from California says:

    OMG, you had me at the name of your blog: CrapIveMade! When I came across it, I sent the link to all my crafty friends and some non-crafty ones, too. LOL!

  582. I’ve made a small baby’s play blanket with Riley Blake fabric :)

  583. Priscilla from California says:

    I did “Like” Riley Blake Designs on Facebook. I looked at a lot of their photos and absolutely loved the projects they showed. I was particularly impressed with the “Pillowcase Dress” I saw. I belong to a local chapter of an organization called “Dress-A-Girl-Around-The-World”. About every month or two, we get together for a day and make little sundresses out of pillowcases. The dresses are then sent to a distribution center to be sent off with missionaries who are going out to third world countries. The dresses are then given to girls in places like Uganda, Haiti, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Mexico, and Guatemala. Because, of course, “every girls deserves at least one dress!”

    Here’s a link to the most recent “sew fest” we had; there are picture included, too:

  584. Priscilla from California says:

    After checking out all of Riley Blake’s lines, I’m torn among Sugar & Spice, The Alphabet Soups, and Hoo’s In the Forrest. And Lost & Found. Obviously, I really like the fabrics and this is the first time I’ve heard about the company.

  585. I love your blog and I DO think you are very funny!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  586. I like Riley Blake designs on Facebook

  587. I am currentely “working” with Alphabet Soup, from Riley Blake and I think it is a very funny colorful print for babies!

  588. I love Riley Blake desings and I have used their fabrics in several projects, but here is a special one done exclusively with Riley Blakes fabrics:
    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  589. Connie Haack says:

    I enjoy your blog and read every post!

  590. Connie Haack says:

    I liked Riley Blake designs on Facebook

  591. Connie Haack says:

    I like several of the fabrics. My favorite today would be the Alphabet soup

  592. I love your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  593. I liked Riley Blake designs on Facebook!

  594. My favorite collection right now is Holly Jolly Cottons. I really need to make something for Christmas!

  595. I love your blog – always inspiring! Thanks!!

  596. Sunny Happy Skies caught my eye – pretty!!

  597. I love polka dots too!!! Have you googled “polka dots”? As far as I can tell, absolutely no correlation between dots & the dance, but who cares, dots make great patterns!!! Maybe they make ya wanna dance!

  598. Yeah!! It’s FALL!!! FOotball, apple cider & QUILTS!!!!!

  599. I love this fabric and really any of the lines by Riley Blake Designs. Thanks for the chance to win! I’m having another baby girl and I could TOTALLY make her the cutest stuff with this fabric!!

  600. I liked RBD on FB and left some love on their wall.

  601. My fave RBD line of all time is Wheels. I made my son a blanket out of it (that I can’t post a link to b/c he’s never let go of it since I finished it and I’ve never taken a pic or posted it anywhere) and I LOVE it!!

  602. I have always loved their fabric I just have yet to buy any yet

  603. I liked on facebook

  604. Like the fabric. Like your cynical edge.

  605. liked on Facebook – and I do need some fabric!

  606. Love the fabric…thanks for the chance.

  607. liked riley blake on facebook

  608. i checked out their selection and like this line and alphabet soup.

  609. Well duh, I’m going to tell you how much I love your blog & love all of your projects. My to do list is piling up in my craft room.

  610. Liked Riley Blake Designs on FB

  611. This would make some cute clothes for my little girl :)

  612. I love the Sunny Happy Skies fabric so fun.

  613. The next project up on my list is artist portfolios for the kids for Christmas. This fabric is so fun.

  614. Thank you for introducing me to Riley Blake. Fabric is such a treat! Blessings

  615. I’ve been visiting Riley Blake’s site. I love the Lost and Found Sparkle cottons. I think they would make up beautifully.

  616. I think hoo’s in the forest is my current favorite!

  617. discovered your blog through the Nancy Z. blog tour. Yea! You are a funny girl and I’m going to enjoy reading more!

  618. Love Hoo’s in the Forest!

  619. Super cute!

  620. I love the fabric and would love to win it! And it’s a beautiful day in Houston because it’s 59 degrees for the first time since I don’t even know when!

  621. Ciao,
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG !!! Baci dall’Italia !

  622. My favorite line is probably Indian Summer, but I also really liked Lost and Found.

  623. I “liked” Riley Blake on Facebook!

  624. I love their Farm Fresh Cotton ! Those little animals are so cute!!!

  625. I would love to win. Thanks

  626. What a great giveaway! I could always use more fabric :)

  627. I just found your blog through a guest blog on how to sew a reversible shoulder bag. Pretty cool site you have here!

  628. Love ya!!

  629. pick me, pick me! You have turned me into a painted furniture convert! Someday I will post a pic! :)

  630. I <3 your blog!

  631. I love your blog! You are funny and should definitely NOT stop blogging!

  632. I like Daydream by Cyndi Walker in Riley Blake Designs. It reminds me of a farm house all cozy and dreamy.

  633. Love your blog. Get excited every time there is a new post from you. Long time follower, hope to be first time winner. :) Thanks!

  634. Love the Riley Blake Alphabet Soup Girl. So pretty!

  635. I have always liked your blog and love the name!

    Thank you for a chance to win me some fabric. :-)

  636. I like Riley Blake on facebook. :-D

  637. I’m loving the Farm Fresh fabric line. :-)

  638. Polka dots make me smile and remind me of my dad talking about dancing polka dots one time when I was little.

  639. christie S. says:

    Love all your crap! And I love this giveaway.

  640. I will tell ya…I’m about to head to the Restore store. I’m so excited!!

  641. I love your blog!

  642. I enjoy your blogging and ideas – and I love giveaways, especially fabric ones. And I haven’t ever won one yet…on any site…but there is a first time for everything. This would be an AWESOME giveaway to start a new trend for me :)

  643. I just like Riley Blake Designs on facebook….YAY, another entry!

  644. I liked RB on FB!

  645. My fav is the Sugar and Spice line – I just bought a bunch yesterday for a Christmas project I’m working on!

  646. I’m really liking the damask prints in the Indian Summer collection, which just happens to be my favorite collection right now on their website. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  647. Thanks for the chance to win….off to take my daughter to her first day of preschool – wish us luck!

  648. What a wonderful give-away!

  649. I absolutely love the Alphabet Soup Boy – Line

  650. Love your blog!!

  651. I “Like” Riley Blake on FB

  652. I love the Farm Fresh Flannels for warm winter pjs for the kiddos

  653. fantastic giveaway-I have so many ideas to make with fat quarters.

  654. I Love your site!

  655. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook!

  656. I love this site! thanks for being so create and entertaining!

  657. I have been admiring this collection for a while now, and would LOVE to be able to use these fabrics in my little girl’s nursery (due October 27th!)

  658. I also love all Riley Blake fabric but if I’d have to choose I think Indian Summer would be my favorite choice! Thanks again!

  659. “liked” on facebook

  660. Honestly, this line (Indian Summer) is the line I pick. I know, unoriginal :) But the colors and coordination are perfect.

    THIS is my favorite! It would make super cute bed linens!

  662. I already like Riley Blake on Facebook! Thanks!

  663. I’m a new follower of Riley Blake on facebook. I let them know that you sent me. LOVE their fabrics.

  664. My shoe size is 8 1/2……same as my 11 year old daughter! HOLY MOLY!

  665. I think I like Happier the most, but this Indian Summer could easily become my favorite. It’s gorgeous! Thanks!

  666. I don’t even know where to start. I love all the fabric. My absolute favorites are the Pirates and the Sugar and Spice. My mom and I made an adorable quilt for my little guy out of the Wanna Be Cowboy. It is mine and his favorite blanket. LOVE this fabric!

  667. Random fact: I have two little boys (age 5 and 3) who fight over which of them gets to marry me when they grow up. We just had our third baby, and I was thrilled it was another boy! Who doesn’t love being adored?!!

  668. Love your blog! You have some great tutes, I’m going to make the Reversible Sling Bag today! Thanks so much!!

  669. My favourite Riley Blake fabric is the Alphabet Soup Boy line… the pattern is called Squared with the little animals! So perfect in every way!

  670. And I have liked Riley Blake on facebook! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  671. So much I could say to you. Such a fun blog! I love reading it.

  672. The alphabet soup is so cute

  673. I like Riley Blake on FB!

  674. I love your blog! I get so many ideas from you I feel like I should be paying you for your creativity!

  675. I ‘like’ Riley Blake.

  676. I just found your blog and I love it : } My shoe size is 9 .

  677. I wanna win! My baby is tooting on my lap as I type this with one hand.

  678. Your blog cracks me up and is very inspiring. I enjoy “stealing” your ideas :)

  679. Shoe size is always a winner comment. I mean, it’s not a normal everyday question, and yet, I am so sure you are curious about it.
    Size 11.

  680. I just “liked” Riley Blake on FB

  681. You’ve got skillz. LOL! Love your blog. I always find something fun to do on it!

  682. I already liked RB Designs on FB.

  683. Whoa! How can I choose which line I like……there’s Sugar and Spice, and Sweet Nothings, and Alphabet Soup, and Happier Cottons…..I can’t choose! They all are pretty rockin’, though!

  684. The scoot line would be my boys’ favorite, but mine is the Sweet Nothings cotton line.

  685. And I still love the Happier line.

  686. I like RB on FB

  687. i like the sugar and spice line!

  688. I love your blog!

  689. I like Riley Blake on FB

  690. I’m torn as to which designs I like best. I think Alphabet Soup for the kiddies and Indian Summer for me.

  691. I just want to win something at least once and why not start with Riley Blake fabrick =)

  692. Char- if you’re ever sick of your cute, colorful sandals, send them my way! And just FYI, you inspired me to re-finish a dresser this summer. Normally I would have chickened out, but I’m glad I followed through, I love it. It’s not a blue piano, or green baby furniture, but it’ll do :) Take care!

  693. Oooooo! Love me some Damask Decadence Laminates! I can think of a few baby (or baby proof) items I could make with this stuff!

  694. Liked Riley Blake on FB!

  695. What’s not to like at Riley Blake! Sheesh all those cute little animals, and flowers and trees and rainbows and hearts!…I like it all!

  696. OOOH! I wanna win! :) Hope you had a great Labor day weekend!!!

  697. stormyyskyy says:

    I’m so glad this ends THIS friday. I left Thursday night for Washington state & just got back at 4 this morning. Awesome weekend that I didn’t want to end so this has made coming home a lot better.

  698. I Like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook

  699. I’ve never won anything on a blog before, maybe this time? Thanks for blogging and sharing a part of your world. :)

  700. I hate ants. I’m considering getting an anteater for the backyard.

  701. I have never heard of this line of fabrics and now I am in love! thanks for sharing!

  702. I love, love the red sugar and spice. I really want to find it in laminate too!

  703. I would have to come up with a project quick fast because my husband will only let me feed my fabric addiction if I know what I am going to make with it.

  704. I haven’t seen this fabric line yet…I think it’s pretty!
    I have very big feet… size 11, it’s challenging finding feminine shoes!

  705. I like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook!

  706. I’m entering the giveaway. Very cute fabric, thanks for giving it away!

  707. I like the Peak Hour fabric – that would make some cute boys clothes! :)

  708. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook too!

  709. Shanon Gibson says:

    Cute fabric! It would make an adorable quilt for my daughters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  710. I love your blog and all your “crap”!

  711. Kristi Myers says:

    I LOOOVE RILEY BLAKE and I think you have one of the best blog titles ever!!!! :)

  712. winning this would sure make me smile :)

  713. what a beautiful fabrics!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  714. LOVE their fabric!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  715. I would love to win this! Thanks for all the wonderful blogging. You help keep me inspired!

  716. I enjoy your blog…you’re funny :)

  717. Holey Moley!! Look at all the competition! There’s sure a lot of people out there who like polka dots. :)

  718. I liked RIley Blake Designs on Facebook too.

  719. Hoo’s In the Forest? is just too doggone cute. I’m a huge owl-lover.

  720. Love your site! It gives me SO much inspiration!

  721. I “liked” Riley Blake!

  722. My name is NOT Sarah so I didn’t win the last one… pick me this time? :)

  723. I love the Farm Fresh line. Super cute!

  724. Ooh. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for a while, but fabric isn’t really in the budget right now. This would be awesome!

  725. Leigh Anne says:

    Love your blog! Excited for such an awesome giveaway! My shoe size is 9 even though I’m only 5’5″….what the?? Kinda nice though, cuz I there are alot of cute sale shoes in size 9 :)

  726. I love the vintage feel of the promenade cottons. THanks!

  727. I liked Riley Blake Designs on FB.

  728. Leigh Anne says:

    I think the Farm Fresh line is ADORBS!

  729. I just found your blog, and love the name!

  730. I wear an 8 1/2 shoe and I love polka dot shoes (I have one pair but my daughter broke my favorite pair of polka dot heels) hint hint….

  731. I already like Riley Blake on FB

  732. I am totally diggin’ the Tuxedo Collection of Laminates!!! Oh I love those!!! Can’t wait for them to come out

  733. I love the wheels series.

  734. Too tired to think of a joke…busy taking care of a newborn. But some lovely Riley Blake fabric just may be the impetus I need to get back to sewing again.

  735. My all-time favorite Riley Blake line is Wheels! I don’t think they make it anymore though. Liking the Indian Summer line too.

  736. You are he-larious!!! I love your blog. Thanks for this chance!

  737. I love Riley Blake fabrics. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  738. Knock knock!

    Who’s there?

    Me, thanking you for a great giveaway (=

  739. I’m crushing a bit on the Decadence orange circles…and the Indian Summer looks great too!

  740. I like polka dots too!!!

  741. I love Alphabet Soup for boys. So cute!

  742. I think you are hillarious…I hope you NEVER stop blogging…and I wear a size 7 shoe!

  743. It’s the day before school starts and I am stressed! I hope I can make it one more day :)

  744. I liked Riley Blake

  745. Oh my, I love these. I’ve been itching to start up another quilt and these are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  746. I liked them on FB

  747. I love Farm Fresh & Indian Summer. Both lines are too cute!

  748. I like alphabet soup boy line

  749. I love your blog! Thanks for all the great crafting ideas. I bought some martha stewart paint supplies this weekend due to your blog — I got them on sale during the Labor Day Sale! Oh- and please pick me for the giveaway!

  750. I’m diggin’ the alphabet soup for boys beecause I’m in a baby bsoy state of mind.

  751. This is me leaving a comment to tell you that I liked them on Facebook.

  752. I am a FB fan of Riley Blake Fabric!

  753. Looks like we spend our Saturdays pretty doing the same thing! Even the color of the football uniforms are the same :)

  754. I like Riley Blake on FB!

  755. I really like the scoot dreamy fabric with the trains that is coming soon! i can’t wait to use that for some crafty train projects for my little boy!

  756. I like the Happier Cottons line. Cute little kiddies quilts to be made with all that. :)

  757. Oh my gosh how cute is the Boo! to you collection??? That is my current favorite.

  758. My birthday is Thursday.

  759. Please pick me!

  760. Riley Blake Just Dreamy baby blanket and embellished onesie. One of my favorites!

  761. Love the little football dudes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  762. Erica Miskin says:

    I love the fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  763. Love reading your blog!

  764. Chris Waddell says:

    Oooooooo fabric! I have a new grandbaby and a new set of projects. I could use this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  765. Chris Waddell says:

    I liked Riley Blake on FB!

  766. Chris Waddell says:

    I went to the Riley Blake website and I found a lot of fabric I loved! I couldn’t choose just one.

  767. I love Riley Blake fabric! I’m making a queen size garden fence quilt, but don’t have pictures or a blog! LOL I
    am using sugar and spice line. Thanks for the giveaway.

  768. Random. Comment. :P

  769. I “liked” on facebook.

  770. Do I really have to pick one favorite? I love all of it! Indian Summer for sure, but I really can’t pick out one favorite. lol

  771. I LOVE fabric, would be so happy to win this :)

  772. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook too ;)

  773. Love the Lost and Found fabrics :)

  774. Leigh Ann F says:

    I love Riley Blake fabrics and Crap I’ve Made!

  775. What a fun giveaway!

  776. I liked the Riley Blake Designs facebook page. :-)

  777. Leigh Ann F says:

    I love the Indian Summer line!

  778. I love all of the Indian Summer line but really like the Brown Big Dot. Love your blog too! I had not seen Riley Blake designs I am hooked on her fabrics and have liked her on FB

  779. Tracy Wineberg says:

    Although I do love Riley Blake fabrics, I realized that while you were watching football in the cool mountain air, I was watching football in 110 + heat – all for the love of my child. I could sure use this fabric to help me forget that I am actually living in purgatory.

  780. I love this bundle! Hope I win!! :)

  781. I don’t think I’ve told you lately how much I love your blog name. :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  782. I love your blog!! Hope I win!!!

  783. I love the Indian Summer Line!!!!

  784. I liked Riley Blake Designs on Facebook

  785. I love your blog!

  786. I never win…..

  787. Hey! I reminded you about Sock-Locks! You owe me! Kidding! :-) I do enjoy your blog very much, and I also love Riley Blake Designs! I need some fabric; I’m e xpecting a new grandbaby!

  788. I think we’re going to need some of that laminate for the baby that will arrive in April! We don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl yet, so what ever is neutral!

  789. Your facebook profile pic makes me laugh out loud everytime I see it! Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

  790. I “Like” Riley Blake Designs on Facebook b/c of you!

  791. The Back Country collection is my favorite!!! It makes me wanna curl up with a flannel blanket full of moose print in a Log Cabin with a fire glowing somewhere out in the Smoky Mtns!~

  792. Getting older makes me want to buy red shoes. I’ve been looking but haven’t found the perfect pair.

  793. Love your blog!

  794. I “like” Riley Blake on FB

  795. I like the sugar and spice collection

  796. i am in love with the riley blake fabric. I too have a thing for polk a dots.

  797. I just started following this blog. Like it so far!

  798. I “liked” riley blake on Facebook.

  799. I LOVE Riley Blake designs!!! They are my absolute favorite. I love reading your blog too! Looks like you had a fun Labor Day weekend!! :)

  800. Liked them on facebook. I didn’t even know they had a facebook page! So happy they do!! :)

  801. One of my favoriet fabric lines is the sugar main line. Doesn’t really matter which color version… I like them all! :)

  802. I just have to say that the name of your site just cracks me up.

  803. I like the “Lost & Found” line. The black damask is especially lovely. :-)

  804. I just liked Riley Blake Fabric.

  805. One of the quilts that I designed and made out of Riley Blake fabric made it into the top ten of their quilt contest last month. I love, love, love Riley Blake fabric.

  806. A quilt that I designed and made out of Riley Blake fabric made it into the top ten in their quilt contest last month. I love, love, love Riley Blake Fabric.

  807. Adorable! I hope I get it! Thanks for the chance!
    I’m a new follower of your awesome blog. I’d love if you came over to look at and follow my new blog:

  808. I am fairly certain my socks are migrating to Narnia… I’m slowly but surely finding myself without socks…. lol

  809. I love the Trick or Treat Orange Damask!

  810. Love your blog! Great ideas, and you are very fun to read. Thanks for the chance.

  811. I’m a facebook fan! (and one in real life too ; ) )

  812. Love, love, LOVE, Riley Blake Fabrics. I think the “Boo to You line is my all-time Favorite though.

  813. Christmas Jammies, made with flannel from the “Colorful Christmas” line.

  814. I think you’re funny! I don’t want u to stop blogging! And I just leRned how to sew in a straight line. Yayyy! Go me!

  815. So do I get bonus points for saying “I knew Char way back BEFORE she became famous for this blogging thing?” If not, I at least liked Riley Blake on FB and love Love LOVE the “So Sophie” collection coming out next month! Actually I like a LOT of the collections, but anything w/ paisley is an instant winner!

  816. Don’t stop blogging!

  817. I love the polka dots in So Sophie!

  818. love your blog, love the fabric!

  819. Oh my gosh, I have had so much fun looking at past posts here…you’re a genius! :)

  820. I think you’re great, what would make you even MORE great is if I won these fabrics!

  821. I love reading your blog and I love polka dots, too!

  822. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!
    amybalas at gmail dot com

  823. I love reading your blog and like your spunky personality! <3

  824. I recently discovered Riley Blake and LOVE the designs. I would have so much fun with that fabric!

  825. I love your blog!

  826. the Alphabet Soup collections (both the boys and the girls) are just ADORABLE. I think that’s my favorite. but then again if I go look again I’m sure I’ll find another favorite…The Riley Blake stuff is just so fun!

  827. woa don’t know what happened to my other comment/entry but i love your blog and really would like to win some fabric :)

  828. Having a 1 out of 800 chance for winning kind of feels like a 1 out of a million chance. But I still hope I win!

  829. here i am, leaving a comment.

  830. I love your blog! Seriously, you have the best ideas EVAR!

  831. I like you, friend. Seriously.

  832. I just liked Riley Blake on facebook…sometimes I wish there was a Love button…

  833. So I sorta love the sugar and spice line…if I had to choose. I basically ;Love all of it!!!

  834. Love your blog and love Riley Blake!!! My favorite line right now is their Trick or Treat line! Getting excited for Halloween!!!

  835. Love ‘em on facebook!

  836. You posted this giveaway on my birthday so maybe I’ll win and 35 will be my lucky year!

  837. I LOVE fabric!

  838. I “like” Riley Blake on FB.

  839. I really like this line (Indian Summer). I have two little girls and there are so many cute things that could be made with these fabrics.

  840. Really, you ARE funny. And it’s because you’re honest.

  841. I am in love with those polka dots!!

  842. I “like” Riley Blake Designs on FB.

  843. I actually just finished a patchwork camera strap for my SIL using your tutorial and their fabric. I am in love and am thinking I might need to make another! Sorry no link, but had to comment anyway. :)

  844. I’d like to win this one!

  845. What a great giveaway!!! I can’t even begin to imagine all the fun things I could do with that darling fabric!!! Thank you!

  846. I liked Riley Blake on FB!!!

  847. I headed to Riley Blake’s website and I loved their new selection with the green and blue flowers. It’s so darling-yet kinda retro.

  848. I love your blog!! Been a follower for a while and you make me laugh every day!! Thanks!!

  849. I liked Riley Blake on Facebook!!

  850. Love the Indian Summer polka dots!!

  851. Recently stumbled across your blog & love it! There are so much crap I wanna make!

  852. Liked Riley Blake on FB!

  853. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to put these to use!

  854. Would love to win! Thank you so much!

  855. Pick Me! Would love to win!!

  856. mary norman says:

    I do think u r funny… especially when u have a post like this.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Mary n

  857. I really like you, and I really want to win. :)

  858. I like Riley Blake Designs!

  859. I follow you on Google reader and I love reading your ideas. And your blog name. :)

  860. I love the decadence laminated cotton :)

  861. When I discovered the world of craft blogs, yours is one of the first ones I started following. You are hilarious, and your ideas are great. :)

  862. My favorite is the Hoo’s in the Forest collection

  863. Love this fabric and love reading your blog!

  864. Love the Sugar and Spice collection

  865. Pretty! Love your blog and check it many times throughout the week. We are pretty close to each other, I live in Sugarhouse :)

  866. I love love love Riley Blake! Every line they come out with is adorable. I have used the All Star and Hooty Hoots in 2 quilts so far.

  867. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric!

  868. I like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook!

  869. I think the new collection is my new favorite! Love those colors.

  870. I love fabric and that is so cute!

  871. I would really like to win this giveaway! I like polka dots too. Here’s a joke for you (for some reason I just love those jokes that start out with “A something-something walked into a bar….”) . Here goes:
    An amnesiac walked into a bar, went up to the bartender and asked, “Do I come here often?”
    Or how about this one:
    A rabbi, a priest and a nun walked into a bar. The bartender looked at them and said, “What is this, some kind of joke?

  872. I LOVE all colors of Indian Summer Damask. I also love dots….they make me happy!

  873. I like Riley Blake Designs on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway. My mind is spinning with ideas to make for a friend’s first baby girl!

  874. Thanks for the giveaway. Love your blog.

  875. I LOVE the Decadence line, especially the main fabric, the pears and the damask. Thanks for making me check out the fabric lines as this is a new one that will be fabulous for a home project. I can end my search for the perfect fabric!

  876. I liked Riley Blake on FB.

  877. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m just getting into Riley Blake fabrics. :)

  878. I love Fox Trails by Doohikey Designs. I’m making a baby quilt with Hoo’s in the Forest right now.

  879. I love riley blake, and this indian summer is perfect for fall!

  880. I “liked” riley blake on facebook!

  881. I love your blog! And your piano :)

  882. Love reading your blog daily to see what crap you’ve made that day :)

  883. I love the all star line from Riley Blake……….but this new line has me drooling too!

  884. I also just liked Riley Blake on Facebook!

  885. Thank you for the chance to win, I love your blog :)

  886. I love the C9001-Teal Farm Fresh – Farmyard fabric.

  887. I would LOVE to with this super cute material.

  888. “Crap I’ve Made” gets my vote for best blog name ever in the history of craft blogging…that’s how I view all my projects, but I just keep quilting and sewing! Thanks for the entertaining and enlightening blog.

  889. Thanks for the great giveaway! I would love to win :)

  890. My favorite design on their site right now is Sunny Happy days… coming soon!

  891. Thanks for the giveaway!

  892. I am now a fan of Riley Blake Designs on Facebook.

  893. I like the Sweet Nothings design on their site.

  894. Just started reading your blog. Nice work.

  895. PLEASE pick me to win! I love your blog. And I think your little guy goes to school with my nephew!

  896. My mother-in-law made me a car seat cover with the sugar and spice fabric and it is ADORABLE!

  897. I love all the fabrics, but the Alphabet Soup Boy is super cute.

  898. I wear about a size 7.5 in shoes. I never wear stillettos (see, I can’t even SPELL the word it is so painful) and typically wear flipflops or tennis shoes. Or my sparkly pair of flats.

    Thanks for a chance to win, I love Riley Blake!

  899. Love the title of your blog…reminds me of my friend, Mandi.

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