Lifestyle Crafts: New Holiday Releases!

Today is the day that Lifestyle Crafts releases their new holiday dies (code “CRAP” gets you 20% off).  I was fortunate enough to get to try out some of the Halloween line.

Because I’m a giant sucker for the letterpress, I HAD to use that, too.  The damask printing plate is quite possibly my favorite thing on Earth.  You’ve seen it before on my Easter mantel.  I used violet in place of yellow this time and instead of Spring…


you get Halloween.


The bat is one of the new die releases.  It comes with perforated fold lines to make it 3-dimensional.  I left mine flat, since I wanted to be able to slip them into envelopes.


(Envelope printed using the spooked printing plates)

And since I was busy pressing and cutting, I decided to make some Halloween art for my bookshelves.


The background papers are letterpressed.  (You can press regular old cardstock, it just doesn’t get the cool indentations that the fancy paper gives you.)  The text is also letterpressed.  The witch and the ghosts are part of the holiday release.  Cute, right?


***Lifestyle Crafts provided me with some of their new holiday dies.  I purchased the letterpress plates on my own.***

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  1. I think your ideas are sooooo creative!

  2. Thanks for sharing such great projects. I really like all of the banners you do, but I have a thing for Halloween, so I especially love this one.

  3. I really think that ‘lil witch is cute. And I am now a proud owner of that Damask plate. So I don’t have to be mad at you for having one any more. (particularly since I got a deal on it. I might have been holding that against you.)

  4. Love that damask!! Adorable projects!

  5. Love Damask, always have so that is really pretty! Great post, thanx for sharing!


  6. You made a really attractive Halloween arts in your bookshelves. The ghost design got my attention, it’s really cute. I also like the orange background you used here. It is a good match for the ghost.

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