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Sometimes there are things that I don’t share on the blog.  Like how (in a moment that can only be described as insanity) I took BC’s truck and drove to IKEA and came home with a couch because my kids are disgusting and I NEEDED something that could go in the washer RIGHT THAT SECOND.  And my poor unsuspecting husband was sitting at football practice the whole time.

So, the couch needed pillows.  I bought a bunch of delightful aqua linen on clearance several years back.  If it looks familiar, it’s because I’ve used it a couple of times for pillows in my family room (see here and here).  I decided that this was also the perfect excuse to try a few more of the products in the Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line.

For this project, I wanted a subtle tone on tone look, so I used the craft paint in Sea Lavender (which is not lavender).  I also used the Arabesque laser cut stencil, the tintable fabric medium, as well as a stencil brush and the specialty sponges.  ***The stencil brush provided a much more even application.  Don’t bother with the sponges.***

I centered my design on the pillow fronts and got to work.  One coat was plenty and the stencil covered all but the very edges of my pillow fronts.  I used binder clips to make sure the fabric didn’t blow away whilst it was drying.


Once the paint was dry, I heat set and assembled my pillow covers with a simple envelope back.


Since I already had the fabric and the pillow forms and the paints, this project was basically free.  Good thing, since I just bought a couch.  Winking smile


Have you tried painting/stenciling on fabric?

How’d it go?

What’d you make?

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  1. Still processing how quickly you bought a couch and why. So you could wash it??? Or it has a slipcover??? By the way, your stenciling turned out great.

  2. ROCK ON!!!! I stenciled a canvas that I covered….you can see it here:

  3. I love this!! So simple and perfect. That stenciling would be fun down the front of a dress or blouse.

  4. How do you feel like the couch is holding up? I always think about doing the same thing so that I can wash the slipcovers but I wonder about the quality. (You know Ikea, sometimes it’s hit or miss.) What is your opinion/experience?

  5. I just tried making my first envelope pillows and love them because I can whip the cover off and wash it when my dirty kids spread the wealth. I can’t believe you bought a new couch without telling your husband…mine would kill me.;) I love the stencil and how your design turned out. I really would like some of that Martha Stewart paint. I’m jealous of ya’ll who got to give it a test drive!

  6. Now we need to see the whole couch, Char.

  7. Kinda like the time I drove to Goodwill while my husband was sleeping and picked up a China cabinet that he hated, that later yielded a new DSLR. I love those impulse buys!

    Question: Is the laser cut stencil any easier than freezer paper and paint?

  8. I haven’t done much stenciling but I have done MANY MANY things like your couch purchase and my husband usually gets over it. In fact, the rule in our house (I just layed it down this morning) is…. if you are going to go to garage sales with me !. you give me the money you are planning to BEFORE we leave the house. 2. You don’t get to tell me “we don’t need that, that’s ugly, etc 3. and it’s now my money and I can buy what I want. He agreed…but then, I don’t say much when he goes to play golf 2 days in a row.

  9. LOVE it! (Love the couch buy too. My husband is totally mellow with such buys – of course we have been married 38 years! LOL) Do you like that Martha Stewart line? I haven’t tried it yet… Thanks!

  10. I have made lots and lots of freezer paper stencils (which I learned from you blog) to paint lots and lots of t-shirts.

  11. I JUST picked up this stencil kit with a bunch of paints! Love this project! Thanks for sharing!
    =) Breann

  12. LOL! My favorite part of this post is actually your binder clip! Made me laugh. :)

  13. Love your pillows. I just used the same stencil to make a table runner! Great minds think a like! :)

  14. Char,
    You’ve given me another reason to love you more see you’re human running off and just buying a couch and not telling your hubby hey at least there is no way of stashing it in the trunk for a few days just rip the band aid off surprise hunny. lol

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