14 days

until Halloween, and I haven’t even thought about costumes.

Pretty sure I’m about to get kicked out of crafty blogging all together.

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  1. Totally purchased our costumes. It’s ok. :)

  2. I cannot confirm not deny the recent purchase of Halloween costumes. I hope to at least make an embellishment on the baby’s.
    If not…..it’s life!!!

  3. I only have one. And that is because my 4-year-old has gained an opinion. And that said costume is still only a pile of fabric.

  4. me too. i have purchased costumes this year!

  5. Last year, I finished my costume the day of the party. I’m going to do it this year too.

  6. Hahahahaha, honestly I’m not even sure I can be bothered making any!

  7. Only one of my two has even decided what he’s going to be this year. At least his will be super easy. Hopefully the older one will come up with something easy too.

  8. This year is crazy! Luckily my mom took care of Ruby’s and Olivia is being a witch for the third time in her life so we have some stuff to recycle. Now I just have to make our part of a s’more costume for my son and we should be all set! :P

  9. Crap. Is Halloween that soon?

  10. What?? Can’t believe you haven’t made costumes yet!! SHAME!

    Totally kidding.. I’m buying my girls’ costumes this year as well. My wedding is 5 days after Halloween.. Can you blame me? Please say no..lol.

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