Can we talk about boots?

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You guys helped me find sandals (and started my Born addiction), so it only makes sense that I’m turning to you again in my time of need (er, want).

The days are getting shorter…

the weather’s getting cooler…

and I can’t stop browsing for boots.

Do I stick with my beloved Born?

Image from Born

Do I splurge and try the Frye?

Image from Zappos

Something else entirely?


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  1. oooh the frye looks gor-geous!

  2. I love the born!

  3. love the born

  4. I love the Frye!

  5. Those Born boots are beautiful!

  6. I’m going to say the Frye. Just because I can’t afford them, and if you can you absolutely SHOULD!
    I tried some one the other day and it was like Heaven on my feet…Or something.
    Plus the leather is really soft and smells good.

  7. ooh, both are gorgeous! i went for a cheaper version (im too rough on my shoes) – and i wasn’t sure when ordering but, i love them – and get compliments all the time…
    good luck in your search!

  8. Ok, I’m in the same boat you are. I LOVE the Frye boots, but I was at Nordstrom’s Wednesday and they are $328…ouch….but I LOVE them so much. I then went to DSW and found some really nice boots and they were a great price too…but I can’t decide either! Let us know what you decide!

  9. I like the way the Born boots look.

  10. I vote the Born…I just really love those covered buttons up the side. Super cute!

  11. Frye….or look at the riding boots at Garnet Hill (I’m in love with them…just not the price!)

  12. The Born ones are incredible! LOVE them…..

  13. Born all the way, the buttons add a nice touch. Easy to dress up with a skirt or just wear with your fave skinny jeans.

  14. I am loving the born!!! May need to get some of those myself! :)

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Born!

  16. Amanda Andrus says:

    I love them both. I think the I like the Born just a tinsy bit more though. I love the buttons down the side.

  17. I originally thought the post title said “Let’s talk about boobs”… hence why I am here. But I guess I can comment on a boot post too. I like the Frye… splurge.

  18. I love the buttons on the Born boots. They are steampunkish without screaming..”Hey, look at me! I like steampunk.”

  19. I love the Born!

  20. I like the first pair better. :)
    These are two pair that I have my eye on.

  21. I completely adore Uggs. I have some foot problems, and wear one pair of shoes (Sketchers) all summer, and my Uggs all winter. Splurged on a black pair this year, after havng milk choc colored ones for the past five, even tho they still are great. :) Super comfy!


  22. I like the Born (alot!) – which fits better? I feel your pain – last year I tried on a friend’s Gentle Soul boots ( – they were SOOOOOO soft. But I about had a heart attack when I saw the price (I think last year they were about $100 more – but $298 is still too much for me!)

  23. I am loving buttons on this season’s boots! I do love my basic knee high riding boots, but the buttons were a splash of fun I had to have!

    I really like the Borns you posted!

    I just bought these and have worn them a few times and L.O.V.E. them! Plus…they are pretty unique with the buttons and the wedge. I also liked the somewhat vintage style. Here’s the link:

  24. Oh my goodness those Born boots are ADORABLE! I just saw some quite similar to those in a shop window near London.

  25. it you can afford the frye you should totally get them. if not, the born is a gorgeous 2nd choice!

  26. Both are probably amazing boots, but the buttons on the Born boots are too cute!

  27. I love the Born pair. The buttons are gorgeous!

  28. Gah! Love the Borns! Can’t find them on the internets! Would you pretty please post the name of the boots or the site where you found the pics? Thanks!

  29. Team Born! :)

  30. I like the Born boots way better!

  31. The Born win hands down to my eyes, but comfort is most important in my books! Have you tried both on?

  32. My 2nd pair of Fryes came this week. If I was stranded on a desert island, my Fryes would be one of the things I would want with me. Hands down…Fryes…I’m a teacher…on my feet all day…my feet love Fryes even after 8 hours!

  33. I love the buttons on the Born boots…but Ree Drummond swears by the Frye boots. And we all know the Pioneer Woman would never lead us astray. :0 LOL

  34. Now I want boots, the Born are way cuter.

  35. I don’t know anything about brand name boots, but between these two chices – I really like the buttons on the Born!

  36. Definitely the Born! I love the buttons on the side, and the Frye, while beautiful, are not in the same league.

  37. Oh I LOVE those barn boots!!! I also have been presently surprised by the selection has! :) Also – thanks for following my blog! I hope you enter my giveaway! :):)

  38. Love the born boots.

  39. The buttons on those Born boots are so great!

  40. I buy cheaper so I can buy more! (: Boots boots boots. I can’t get enough!

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