Giveaway: Scentsy

We’ve had Emily here before…she’s an Independent Scentsy Director (and a friend of mine from way back).

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In case you’re not familiar with Scentsy, here’s the short version.  Bascially, Scentsy = smelly candles without the fire hazard (or am I the only one that can’t remember to blow those suckers out?).

(The Jolly warmer…HILARIOUS, no?)

Emily and I don’t live in the same state, but her customer service is fabulous.  One time I really really REALLY needed an aqua colored warmer. I guess it had been discontinued? Emily found me one and had it on my doorstep in a couple of days.

My new favorite thing is these cute little plug-in warmers.  You don’t lose any counter space. Heck, you don’t even NEED counter space!

(I’m enjoying this one in my kitchen right now.  The moon lights up all spooky like and it makes me WAY happier than it should.)

I have a Christmas one ready to roll, too:


So what’s in it for you?

Emily is going to be giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader $40 in Scentsy product of their choice!!!


Click on over to Scentsy and have a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) saying what you’d spend your $40 on.


“Like” Emily Andersen, Independent Scentsy Director on Facebook. (Post a little “hello” on her wall, if you’re feeling frisky.)  Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST saying that you did.

Click back over to Scentsy. Take a look at the fragrances and leave a comment ON THIS POST saying what your favorite one is.

That’s 3 potential entries, so get to commenting!

***Giveaway closes Friday, October 28th at 10pm MST. Disclosure: I received Scentsy product to review for this post. I enjoy Scentsy and use it in my home even when I’m not blogging about it.***

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  1. I really like the Jane Full Size Warmer. I would start there and then probably end up spending some of my money too. BUT isn’t that often the case? LOL

  2. I like Emily on FB

  3. I prefer a clean smell so I would probably choose something like the Ocean Scent but without smelling them it would be difficult to say. Overpowering smells tend to give me a headache so I would need help from someone more experienced with Scentsy.

  4. I’d spend my $40 on one of the following: Jolly Full-Size Scentsy Warmer, University of Colorado Scentsy Warmer, or the Play Ball Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. LOVE the cupcake warmer!!!

  6. I liked Emily Andersen, Independent Scentsy Director on Facebook and spread some love (as kathy Schaller Snider). Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I like the Autumn Sunset and Christmas Cottage fragrances.

  8. I like the white DIY square warmer. Looks like it could go anywhere. I would use my $40 giftcard there and then get some scents to go with it.

  9. I’d go with the Christmas Cottage bar as my favorite scent.

  10. I would start with the cupcake warmer! So cute!!

  11. I love my Scentsy plug in…so much that I would get another one! the Taro Plug In Warmer would be so cute in my living room.

  12. I enjoy the Spa and Scentsy Man scents so I would choose scents from those lines. But I also need a good fall scent right now too…so hard to choose!!

  13. I think a plug in warmer would be awesome and I love the sound of the sentimental cider smell. Yum!

  14. Christmas cottage for sure–it is my favorite!

  15. I think sunkissed citrus would be my favorite I love fruity smells. It’s really hard to decide.

  16. I would get the little gingerbread man warmer and a pile of bricks in baked good fragrances. :)

  17. I would get the Zebra plug-in and the Grotto plug-in. I already have a plug-in in my kitchen and a full-size in my living room. Love it all!

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the candy shop full size warmer! So cute!

  19. I like spicy scents, so I’d probably pick Cinnamon Bear or Pumpkin Roll. Whiteout sounds pretty good, too!

  20. i love the room sprays! i carry my bottle in my purse so i can have the scent at home and at work. would definitely start with a couple of bottles of that!

  21. I am a huge fan of the plug in warmers as well! I really love the manger scene — silent night — plug in!! So cute.

  22. i love black ruby room spray the best (right now)

  23. I like Emily Andersen, Independent Scentsy Director on facebook!

  24. I LOVE Flirtacious and Lucky in Love scents!

  25. Skinny Dipping is one of my all time favorite scents… soo yummy!

  26. I would really love the Mollie the Monkey for my sons room. The Buddies are so cute!

  27. I liked her on FB!

  28. This time of year, my favorite scents are Cinnamon Vanilla and Welcome Home. Just feels more like fall when the house smells a little spicy and warm.

  29. Darlene Staley says:

    The holiday warmers are awesome, but I would buy Faith Full-Size warmer instead along with some bars. Thanks for a chance to win!

  30. I’m torn. I don’t have any Scentsy products yet, so reason tells me to get something I can use year-round like the Classic Black Satin warmer. But, I also love the Santa and Halloween ones you featured!

  31. I like Emily on Facebook!

  32. I would love to try the Cinnamon Vanilla scent!

  33. I love the Flint and Shale warmers!

  34. I think I’d love the “Welcome Home” Fragrance.

  35. I love love love the Jolly and Tannebaum warmers. I’d spend my money on one of those for sure!

  36. I would have a hard time choosing between the Rustic Star burner and the Halloween one shown above!!! I have never been to a Scentsy party :( They look great!

  37. I absolutely LOVE the Doodlebud warmer. So cute!

  38. I liked Emily on facebook and I let her know that you sent me! :)

  39. I have a favorite scent for each season. For fall I love pumpkin roll!

  40. I’ve never used Scentsy, but I imagine my favorite scents would be Christmas Cottage and Autumn Sunset.

  41. I’ve never seen the warmers that plug in. I would get a couple of those for my house. I like the halloween one and the snowflake one.

  42. My favorite all time scent is pomegranate! I also love fresh cut cantaloupe which I think is discontinued. :(

  43. They are so cool. Would love to own one. I would definitely get the Zebra Warmer so I can use it year round. To start off I would get the fall scents, such as Pumpkin Roll.

  44. I would choose the Pop! plug in warmer along with some yummy baking scents. Then my house would smell delicious without actual sugar and butter schmearing onto my thighs.

  45. Hello,
    I love scentsy too and use their products daily. I would have to put some of my own money with the prize. I would start with two of the rustic star plug in warmers, two plug in warmers for Christmas or the winter months, the cupcake warmer, and the monkey scentsy buddie.

  46. I visited facebook and left a message on her wall!

  47. My all time favortie Scentsy scent is CINNAMON BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
    I have that scent in all three of my warmers and oh my house smells sooo good!!
    Have a wonderful day and I hope that I am chosen to win!!!

  48. sangeetha says:

    Snow Day Plug-In Scentsy Warmer

  49. I would get the Roma Warmer with the Hazelnut Latte scents. I can imagine that smells amazing

  50. I’ve never seen the warmers that plug in. I would get a couple of those for my house.I prefer a clean smell so I would probably choose something like the Ocean Scent.I visited facebook and left a message on her wall!

  51. I like Emily on Facebook (Andi Bauer Trautman)

  52. I can’t decide!! I have been wanting to get some scentsy buddies for my kids but I would also like a small plug in warmer and a brick of Whiteout!! Smells soo good. So does Pumpkin Marshmallow…Yumm.

  53. Brooke Nelson says:

    I love the Silent Night Full Size Scentsy Warmer

  54. Brooke Nelson says:

    Cinnamon Vanilla

  55. I have a regular warmer, but I would love to have one of the plug-ins! And I really need to stock up on fall and holiday scents…it’s finally fall in TX!

  56. Cucumber Lime is my favorite scent, but for fall I would love to try Baked Apple Pie or Oats and Honey. Pretty much anything that smells like something yummy from the kitchen! :)

  57. Okay, I liked her on FB.

  58. With the $40, I’d definitely be buying the Jolly Santa scent warmer.

  59. Yeah, Ima need that Jolly warmer. And some more Cucumber Lime.

  60. And it’s hard to pick just one favorite scent, but I really like Festival of Trees for the holidays.

  61. If I won I would choose the Snapshot warmer. I have a bunch of favorites but for now that’s the one that I want.

  62. And my favorite scents are the fresh ones, like Cucumber Lime, and the ones that smell like pie, lime Pumpkin Roll. Mmmm. Pie

  63. I love the Rosso mid-size warmer. It would be the perfect pop of red for my living room!

  64. And I liked her on the FB

  65. My favorite scents have been discontinued (hoping they will be part of bring back my bar) so now I choose cinnamon bear and cinnamon vanilla.

  66. The Cocoa Clementine scent sounds amazing!

  67. What a fabulous giveaway! I would have to get either the doodlebud warmer or the cupcake warmer, they’re both so cute!

  68. I think the cupcake mid-size warmer is adorable! That’s what I would choose!!

  69. I’ve been following Emily on Scentsy for a while now! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  70. One of my favorite fragrances is Clean Breeze. I love fresh scents like that!

  71. I want the Cosmos warmer and some wonderful Hendrix wax! Love those scents! =)

  72. My fave scent is (hard to pick JUST one)…. simply irresistible!

  73. I like the jane full size warmer. The cupcake is pretty cute too!

  74. I LOVE Scentsy!! I’ve tried some other lines and keep coming back to Scentsy.

  75. i would choose the cloves and cinnamon scent esp since the holidays are right around the corner :)

  76. My new favorite scent in Cozy Fireside. Smells wonderful!!

  77. I would definitely get a plug in warmer. or 5. So cute! And I love that they are not on the counter!

  78. Love the Tannenbaum Full-Size Scentsy Warmer . My house feels cozier just THINKING about it! :)

  79. I would totally love to try Home Sweet Home scent— wonder if it smells like MY home?

  80. I have never tried Scentsy! I would have love to purchase the Faith warmer with the Pumpkin Marshmallow!!

  81. I need a new warmer pot. I have a plug in for the wall but want one for my counter. I love the Halloween one as well!! Great giveaway!

  82. Melanie Bremer says:

    My favorite warmer right now (other than the cute Christmas and Halloween ones) is the yellow Dotty Warmer. That is what I would spend my credit on! I love Scentsy!

  83. Melanie Bremer says:

    I like her on facebook!

  84. Melanie Bremer says:

    My favorite fragrance is Paradise Punch. Ahhhh!!!

  85. What a great giveaway! If I had $40 to spend – I’d start with new scents. I have multiple burners (who can ever just stop at one?) and I need something homey-winter smelling. Everything I currently have is spring/fresh/cleaning type scents. I’m in the mood for something new!

  86. Definitely the police officer warmer. Perfect for us!

  87. Cinnamon Bear sounds yummy

  88. If I had to choose just one scent to try – I think I’d really love to try cozy fireside – sounds like something I would love in the winter when I want to curl up and sip something warm :)

  89. I would buy another full size warmer for my living room. I adore the plug-in I have, and I need more!

  90. My favorite scent of all time is Hemingway. I also love Thunderstorm.. so fresh smelling!

  91. there are so many scents that i love, that i would probably get a bunch of bars with the $40!

  92. Would it be wrong to spend the whole $40 on Christmas scents? No? Good. That’s what I’d do.

  93. Liking her on FB

  94. Right now, my favorite scent is Autumn Sunset, but in a month or so it’ll be festival of trees.

  95. I would get the Satin Black Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. Love it.

  96. I love the cherry blossom warmer. I’ve been wanting one for a while and would absolutely get one if I had $40 to spend on Scentsy!

  97. I don’t have a Scentsy, and would totally want to try the Honey Pear Cider. It sounds like it could be amazing.

  98. I like her on facebook!

  99. For fall, I’d probably choose the baked apple pie. (Yummy!) But my favorite overall scent is the black raspberry vanilla.

  100. I “like” Emily’s FB page.

  101. I love anything cinnamon. Thanks!

  102. I would get the Grotto Plug-In Warmer and the Vanilla Cream Scentsy Brick.

  103. I love the Jolly warmer and the Jane one! I would also buy Christmasy smells to fill my home!

  104. My favorite scent is the Vanilla Cream -mmm mmm good!!

  105. I would get some fall scents for this fall…but I love the camu camu the most!!

  106. Probably a couple plug in warmers as Christmas gifts. The “snow day” ones are cute.

  107. I love that Jolly warmer!!! Way too cute!

  108. Hard to say what my favorite fragrance, I don’t think I could just pick one. The Vanilla Suede sounds very yummy though!

  109. I liked Emily on Facebook!

  110. I have two mid-size burners but would love a plug in–the red snowflake is so pretty! I love so many of the scents, esp the kitcheny-spicy ones but that coconut lemongrass is the BEST.

  111. Oops, I was supposed to leave the favorite fragrance for a seperate comment…coconut lemongrass but do we have to pick? I’m not sure there’s one I DON’T like!

  112. Natalya Hoak says:

    Oooh! I’ve had candles from them before. They are fabulous! I would definitely buy a Scentsy Warmer (full size, the Jane design is lovely)!

  113. I would spend the $40 on that cute santa (Jolly) warmer!

  114. Natalya Hoak says:

    I love the Welcome Home scent. Anything with cinnamon says welcome to me :)

  115. My favorite fragrance is “Home Sweet Home”. I also like “Welcome Home” and “French Kiss”

  116. Liked Emily on Facebook!

  117. I would buy the Rustic Star warmer for my living room and get Christmas Cottage scent for it there. :)

  118. I’ve been loving Autumn Sunset for about a month now. With fall all around it’s been perfect!

  119. I would need to start with a warmer. I don’t know if would be one of the Christmas ones, or there were three that that I would choose from in the individual collection. And then some scents.

  120. I “like” Emily on Facebook. That girl rocks! :)

  121. I would spend the $40 on a BUNCH of scents since I have plenty of warmers. Either that or one of those scentsy buddies.

  122. I’ve never smelled them, but like the idea of the spicy/baked scents. But for the holidays I would really want to try the festival of trees.

  123. And finally, my favorite scent is Sticky Cinnamon Bun.

  124. I would use that $40 to stock up on bars and circles! :)

  125. I would use my winnings to buy a team support burner. Go Mizzou! LOVE Scentsy!!!!!!!!!!

  126. I would be spending my $40 to stock up on some fall & winter bars. I’m partial to pumpkin and cinnamon. :) Oh, and I would also use it towards a warmer for my sisters birthday. She’s been wanting one for a while now.

  127. My absolutely favorite scent hands down is the Perfectly Pomegranate. I love love love that smell any time of the year!

  128. I’d get the Silent Night plug in warmer, actually two. One for me, one for my mom, cause she loves nativities. I think I’d get the cinnamon vanilla smellies, cause that’s probably closest to what my Christmas smells like.

  129. I really like this one: Silent Night Full-Size Scentsy Warmer .

  130. I like Emily on FB.

  131. Clove & Cinnamon would be awesome!

  132. I love the graphite mid size warmer!

  133. coconut lemongrass fragrance sounds amazing!

  134. I love the new Pop Scentsy holder. I definitely want to add some holiday scents to my already decent collection. I love scentsy!

  135. i like her on Facebook too!

  136. I have a plug-in warmer, but I really want a non-plug-in one like the Chateau Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer

  137. my favorite scent is probably Black Raspberry Vanilla

  138. A Christmas warmer would really be nice. I also like the new Trellis design.

  139. I like Emily on Facebook!

  140. Any of the Holiday fragrances would be incredible! Nothing like the smells of the season!

  141. I’d choose Boho Chic plug-In warmer, be still, just breathe, french lavender, and Mediterranean spa bars.

  142. I think Cinnamon Vanilla would be my favorite.

  143. Fun giveaway! I think I’d get either the classic black full-size warmer or the Rosso Mid-Size and a couple of bars. Thanks!

  144. I think I’d love black raspberry vanilla. But cinnamon vanilla sounds fun for the holidays. Thanks!

  145. LM Jacobs says:

    I’d pick a cute warmer for my nursery (depending on what kind of baby we find out we are having)…there is never any lack of items I want on Scentsy!

  146. LM Jacobs says:

    I like Emily on facebook :)

  147. I would get the grotto plug in warmer and the central park pralines scent brick.

  148. LM Jacobs says:

    I love so many scents… I’ll pick Lucky in Love as a fave :)

  149. I think, without having smelled them of course, I like the Festival of Trees scent and the Central Park Pralines. They sound lovely. If only my monitor were scratch and sniff.

  150. I would love to spend $40 on a variety of stuff:
    Odor out room spray, a couple of the travel tins, and a brick of the honey pear cider. :-)

  151. With the current selection of scents, I really like the honey pear cider.

  152. I’ve always heard of Scentsy but never knew really what it was, until now! I would love to win this giveaway, but if I don’t, I just may have to purchase these anyway. I LOVE having my home smell great and there’s so many delicious Scentsy smells. If I won, I would probably choose the “Snapshot scentsy warmer” and the “Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bar” mmmm. I can almost smell it just thinking about it :)

  153. I’d definetly buy baked applepie scentsy bar. I would also get a warmer for my babys nursery & possibly the white and red stripped one for christmas! Love it :)

  154. Some Odor Out room spray, and some of the new fall scents, specifically Pumpkin Marshmallow!

  155. Well…I really like that Capri warmer..and I need some travel tins…and autumn smells…so I’d probably go over on the $40.00, but I bet Emily wouldn’t mind.. :)

  156. I like Emily on facebook…actually, I love Emily anywhere…

  157. Can I pick just one? Don’t think so. But I do love Bubble Gum…I hope they bring it back.

  158. Cathy Grider says:

    I really like the Jolly Full-Size Scentsy. There are lots of fall and winter sents that sound amazing too!

  159. I would go for the Lisbon Full-Size Scentsy Warmer and some scents!

  160. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    I would get either the Rustic Star plug-in warmer or the Silent Night plug-in warmer and some winter and fall-ish scents! :)

  161. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    I already like Emily Anderson on Facebook! :)

  162. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    I would love to try Autumn Sunset or Silver Bells scents.

  163. seeing as my warmer died on me i think I’d be getting a new warmer but i’d probably put it into one of the savings packs and get some more scents too there are some i really really want!

  164. I am in Love with Quill Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer !!! Matches my home Decor perfectly!!

  165. I “like” Emily Andersen, Independent Scentsy Director on FB

  166. Mmmmmmm all of them smell SOOO good!!! I would have to have Cinnamon Bear or …. better yet… AND Home Sweet Home!!

  167. I have been lusting after the Baby’s Breath warmer but I might be interested in a plug in – it can go in the laundry room up high above a shelf – but NEAR THE LITTER BOX.

  168. I have Simply Irresistible right now and a few others but I wonder what Newborn Nursery smells like- sounds like it would be nice for the laundry room/cat box restroom area of my house.

  169. I love Emily! I liked her FB page ages ago…

  170. I’d stock up on scents. They discontinued my favorite Christmas ones, which really annoyed me, so I need to check out Festival of Trees and Whiteout to see if they’re similar to Christmas Tree and Winter Wonderland.

  171. Clean Breeze is awesome for a laundry room/clean scent. Love it. Lately, my favorite is Mochadoodle though. Very fallish and caramel/cocoa/coffee scented.

  172. Ellen Davenport says:

    I would get the Lisbon full size warmer. I have a warmer in the kitchen and LOVE having yummy vanilla and fall scents wafting around. But they don’t seem to make it all the way to the bedroom, so I think I need another.

  173. Ellen Davenport says:

    I liked Emily on facebook.

  174. Ellen Davenport says:

    I would love to try Honey Pear Cider, It just sounds so cozy, my favorite.

  175. I am loving those plug in ones for the bathroom.

  176. I think the black raspberry vanilla would smell devine!

  177. I’d use the $40 toward the purchase of one of the combo packs.

  178. I “liked” Emily on FB.

  179. I’d spend it on the Nativity warmer. I love it!

  180. Cozy Fireside scent. Yummy!

  181. Well I just have a small place so I wouldn’t need a big warmer. I REALLY love the fright night plug in, and the mocha doodle, cinnamon vanilla & black raspberry scent bars sound fabulous :) think I’d top it off with a mocha doodle scent circle for my locker at work ;)

  182. I’d get the O Canada warmer and give it to my cute duel-citizen niece!

  183. I would love to try the Central Park Praline bar, but my favorite will always be Camu Camu.

  184. Donna Bowes says:

    I would finally get the cupcake warmer I have been drooling over! Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. Donna Bowes says:

    Liked Emily on facebook!

  186. Donna Bowes says:

    This time of the year I love the cinnamon and vanillas! Spring, cucumber lime!

  187. I would get a Christmas warmer, it’s been a lot of fun for my kids to have a Halloween one.

  188. I would get that jolly warmer – adorable!

  189. I would definitely buy the Jolly full size warmer. It would be so cute for the holidays.

  190. I like Emily on facebook.

  191. I love the lisbon style warmer as well as the red snowflake warmer you posted in your blog. What a unique way to add scent to your home. Looks like great products!

  192. Would definitely get the cupcake warmer!

  193. I liked Emily on FB!

  194. I love my full size warmer, I’d probably go for a plug in. Or two. :)

  195. Skinny Dippin is the best scent ever!!

  196. I would love the Fright Night Scentsy warmer!

  197. I liked Emily on FB!

  198. I would pick Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bar for my warmer, or maybe some hazelnut latte bar!!!

  199. I would like to get one of the full size Warmers! Thanks!!

  200. I like the autum sunset ! Thanks!

  201. I would spend my $40 on the Jolly Warmer!!!! Love it and it would go great with my Santa tree!

  202. Kristine Bunting says:

    oh I have been wanting that moon and bat halloween warmer but didn’t feel like I could splurge on it, that is what I would get!

  203. Kristine Bunting says:

    My favorite scent is home sweet home

  204. I love Scentsy and I know exactly what I would chose- The Gingerbread warmer as my kitchen has a gingerbread theme at Christmas.

  205. Kristine Bunting says:

    I liked Emily on Facebook :)

  206. LOVE Vanilla Suede!!!! Oh and French Lavender!!!

  207. Just left my Hello! on Emily’s wall!!!

  208. I would choose Pooky, the Scentsy bear for my 7 yo daughter who has Aspergers. She loves good scents and sprays her room with Fabreeze, lol. She would adore this as it is two of her favorite things, stuffed animals and “good smells”.

  209. I love the Silent Night plug in warmer.

  210. My favorite was right on the front page of her Scentsy site! LOVE the snapshot one – so great for pictures of my grandsons!

  211. I “Liked” Emily and Scentsy on FB! :) ( and commented on Emily FB page too!)

  212. I think I would like the Rosso Mid-Size Warmer, then a delicious fragrance to go with it!

  213. I like Emily on the Facebook!

  214. Hazelnut Latte sounds like it smells delicious!

  215. Enchanted Mist Scentsy Solid Perfume really sounds luscious to me!

  216. My favorite flavor is Cinnamon Vanilla.

  217. I would love the Sol warmer! So pretty.

  218. The Pumpkin Roll looks like it might be my favorite scent!

  219. I love the Enchanted Mid Size Warmer. Sweet!

  220. I’ve had my eye on the Silent Night warmer for a year now…if I won, I would get that!

  221. I like Emily’s facebook page!

  222. one favorite scent? So hard! I think festival of trees!

  223. Hazelnut latte scent. Yum!

  224. I’d opt for the Pinecone warmer. It’s beautiful!! Have a blessed day!

  225. As far as scent goes, I love anything woodsy. The festival of trees would be wonderful around the holidays! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  226. I would love to get a cute nursery themed one like the cow jumping over the moon because I am due in December. And then get some baby scents. Also a christmas one would be nice.

  227. All of their stuff is great,but I love their holiday prancer warmer

  228. I “Like” Emily Andersen, Independent Scentsy Director on Facebook

  229. my favorite scent is the cinnamon bear

  230. Tannenbaum would look great on my entry table for the winter. A travel tin would be nice also. And there were a few other ones that would look good in other areas of my house,,,

  231. Peggie Sue Jackson says:

    I would simply have to have:
    a replacement bulb for one of my warmers
    more fragrance bricks – almost out!
    and the zebra warmer for my 16 yr old’s b-day – it’s today!!

  232. Peggie Sue Jackson says:

    I have signed in and now I like Emily Andersen on FaceBook!

  233. Did a “like” on facebook

  234. Peggie Sue Jackson says:

    My all time fav fragrance is Sweatpea Vanilla!

    I must have Autumn Sunset for fall (almost out) and I’d love to try Christmas Cottage!

  235. I was going to go with my standard favorites of “cocoa clementine” or an oceany choice until I saw “Amalfi Coast” . So unsmelled, I have to go with the fantasy scent.

  236. I would love all the Christmas Scentsy warmers!

  237. I love Scentsy! The Jolly Warmer is just too cute! I have 3 warmers in my home already so I am always in need of new scents.

  238. I liked Emily’s FB page.

  239. There is no way to choos one favorite scent. I love the vanilla ones and the fall scents too.

  240. I would love the charity plug-in with a cinnamon scent or apply pie!

  241. I “liked” Emily on FB!

  242. Shelley Flannery says:

    I would get the Pop and Bloom plug-ins. Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. Shelley Flannery says:

    I liked Emily on facebook.

  244. I would have a hard time deciding on a warmer.. I <3 the new Snapshot warmer, it would look great in my living room. But the Zebra full size warmer would look AH.MAZING in my daughter's bathroom. Then there is the Cemental full size that I need for my bedroom. Oh the choices!

  245. I liked Emily on Facebook!

  246. My favorite Scentsy bar is Vanilla suede!

  247. Jodi Fenley says:

    I would spend my $40 on the Jolly Full-Size Scentsy Warmer and a Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bar. I just love Scentsy!

  248. It wouldn’t do me much good this year, but I’d probably get the Fright Night warmer…I’ve been wanting it for over a year now! Thanks for the chance.

  249. Rachel R. says:

    I would get a UNC full sized warmer for my hubby for his “Dude Lounge”.

  250. Rachel R. says:

    I like her on FB!

  251. Rachel R. says:

    I would love to try the cinnamon vanilla for the holiday season ahead!

  252. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I LOVE Scentsy!! And I LOVE their charity plug ins with the Cross on it. I think I need to order one for every room and a couple for Christmas gifts!!

  253. Ashleigh Hall says:

    I would love to try coconut lemongrass!!

  254. The LaPaz warmer would look amazing in our newly decorated living room!

  255. Pam Bivens says:

    I’d have to have the University of Kentucky Warmer, and the Pumpkin Marshmallow Bar!! Yummy! Go Cats!!

  256. Pam Bivens says:

    Cocoa Clementine is my favorite scent!! Edible!!!

  257. Pam Bivens says:

    I LIKED Emily on Facebook!!

  258. I’d love to have the police officer warmer!

  259. I liked Emily on FB.

  260. The Christmas Cottage scent sounds amazing!

  261. I liked Ms. Andersen’s page on Facebook

  262. I love the Charity plug in!

  263. I would like to try the Christmas cottage scent

  264. If I was the lucky winner I would get a plug in warmer for the bathroom and then some yummy seasonal secents.

  265. I love Black Raspberry Vanilla.

  266. I would spend my $40 on a plug-in warmer and some scents, most likely anything that has to do with cinnamon.

  267. I haven’t smelled any of the scents, but I’m just betting my favorite is Baked Apple Pie.

  268. I did it. I liked her.

  269. I’m a Scentsy newb, so I would spend my $40 on a warmer. Just saw those campus ones, so I might have to go with BYU, but mostly likely, I’d just get a classic warmer and a few Bars: Cinnamon Bear and Cinnamon Vanilla sound pretty nice. :)

  270. I would put the $40 toward a plug-in combo pack I think.

  271. I “liked” Emily’s page on Facebook. :)

  272. I have lots of favorite scentsies, but I think my favorite favorite is the Welcome Home Bar.

  273. Favorite fragrance? That is hard. But, the Clove & Cinnamon sounds pretty amazing.

  274. I want the Florida Gator warmer!

  275. I have never tried Scentsy, so I would love to win and get a warmer and some yummy smelling scents.

  276. I love the smell of “Sugar Cookies” so I would love to try that one.

  277. Heather dela Cruz says:

    My FAVORITE Scentsy item is the Hazelnut Latte room spray… oh my gosh, it makes my house smell like Starbucks! Yes please!

  278. I NEED a new warmer! My boys were throwing a ball in the house and broke the dish part, and now my scentsy warmer has a regular ol’ kitchen bowl on top of it because I am too cheap to buy a new warmer. I love Faith and Milano warmers. So cute!

  279. Coconut Lemongrass is my absolute favorite smell! Especially in the spring time!

  280. Jessica F. says:

    I would get the Lisbon warmer with Christmas Cottage brick. I love winter scents!

  281. Jessica Nix says:

    Definitely in the market for a plug in warmer since I saw them a year ago. Just haven’t take the plunge. Took a closer look and love the Wonkey Plug In for my kitchen.

  282. Jessica Nix says:

    Cucumber Lime sounds delicious!

  283. Amanda Andrus says:

    I like the Pop plug in warmer.

  284. Amanda Andrus says:

    I like the Honey Pear Cider scent.

  285. Crystal McKinnon says:

    I dont have a Xmas candle or burner so Im definitely loving the Jolly Full Size Warmer!!

  286. Crystal McKinnon says:

    I’ve “liked” Emily via FB!

  287. Crystal McKinnon says:

    I’m a thinkin’ I’d be a fan of the Happy Birthday scent!!

  288. I would love this! I really love that Santa Suit warmer. I have been dying for a Scentsy warmer. The Prancer and Merry Berry are very cute. And I love the Perfectly Pomegranate scent. Yum!

  289. I’ve seen a lot of posts about Scentsy on various blogs lately. Would love to try them out! So many yummy scents to choose from!

  290. I’d spend it stocking up on Scentsy bars! I ldo really need an extra warmer, though. Hmm…

  291. Heather W says:

    I absolutely have to have the AF warmer!

  292. Heather W says:

    I’m torn between the Black Ruby and the Sugar Cookie scent!

  293. Heather W says:

    I “like” her page on facebook!

  294. If I won, I”d buy the full size Caldera warmer, and some bricks! So cute!

  295. I would love the Merry Berry Full Size Warmer. My favorite scent right now is Autumn Sunset.

  296. I think I’d have to try out the Clean Breeze scent. Sometimes scented candles can be too strongly scented for my liking — but I love fresh, clean scents.

  297. I liked Emily Andersen Independent-Scentsy-Director on FB.

  298. My favorite scent right now is the Autumn Sunset.

  299. I LOVE any of the fall type smells! It does make me want to bake more, though!!!

  300. I LOVE Scentsy!!! We just moved back to the states from Germany and I discovered I am missing my plug-in :( If I won the $40 I would buy the Taro Plug-in for my bedroom to replace the one that was misplaced between Germany and here. I would also buy the Rustic Star Plug-in for my kitchen!!

  301. I cant pick a FAVORITE scent…there is a three-way tie between Enchanted, Flirtatious, and Flutter.

  302. I would totally spend my $40 on Christmas gift for someone I just love. And maybe a few extra scents for me. :)

  303. I would get the snowflake plug in warmer!

  304. My favorite scent is anything with vanilla!

  305. I “Like” Emily on Facebook!

  306. I would want a full size warmer and some bricks. Too cute!!

  307. I like Emily on Facebook.

  308. Baked Apple Pie or Hazelnut Latte sound amazing!

  309. I would love to buy some Christmas Scentsy Bricks like Festival of trees and Snowberry

  310. My favorite scent is paradise punch

  311. I’d spend the $40 on the Silent Night plug in warmer, Cinnamon Vanilla Scentsy Bar, Cozy Fireside Scentsy Bar, Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar, and Whiteout Scentsy Bar

  312. I like Emily on FB

  313. cinnamon bear is my favorite

  314. Caryn Fletcher says:

    My favorite scent is Baked Apple Pie and anything that is fall/christmas-y…

  315. Caryn Fletcher says:

    I liked Emily on FB!

  316. Caryn Fletcher says:

    I would spend my money on scents! I change my warmers every 2 days and can never have enough scents to choose from!

  317. Caryn Fletcher says:

    I’d spend the $40 on all the holiday smells! I can’t have enough….

  318. I would get the Taro plug in warmer and then any scent from the spa collection!

  319. Lisa Hathaway says:

    LOVE Scentsy! I would get the full-size shale warmer and the Blackraspberry Vanilla bar.

  320. Lisa Hathaway says:

    My favorite fragrance is the Welcome Home. It reminds me of my mom’s house and Christmas.

  321. I would spend the $40 on either a bunch of bars to try new scents (like Hendrix and Spice Bazaar) or get 2 bricks of my favorite scents (Sunkissed Citrus and Amalfi Coast).

  322. Erica Miskin says:

    That jolly warmer is great. i also love the citrus scents and vanillas

  323. OHHHH! I’d spend my $40 on some scentsy bars…blueberry cheesecake, love story, french kiss, thunderstorm, wishing well, Central Park Pralines, Mochadoodle & Christmas Cottage =)

  324. I would love the Angora warmer and a few bars!

  325. My favorite scent that I know I like is Honey Pear Cider, and my favorite scent I’d like to try is Pumpkin Roll. :)

  326. I would spend $40 on some new fallish/christmas scents!!!

  327. My favorite scent is the mochadoodle right now!

  328. I would get the BYU scentsy warmer and the My Dear Watson scent for it. It smells so clean!

  329. Hmmm – so much to choose from! Since the holidays are coming up I’d have to go with something cinnamon or balsalm pine.

  330. I like the Hampton warmer. CUTE! And would go with everything.

  331. Autumn sunset and Christmas cottage sound great for this time of year!

  332. I would spend my $40 on the Bolelyn Full Size warmer…so cute!:)

  333. I “Like” Emily on FB

  334. I really like the cinnamon vanilla scent! YUM!

  335. I saw this going around at the office! I would totally buy the DIY Scentsy warmer. It is perfect for year round decorating and I fell in love with the Honey Pear Cider & Autumn Sunset – YUM!

  336. I (probably) have enough warmers (3 full size and 3 plug ins) but the Jolly one is rather tempting! I’d likely get a brick of Camu Camu (one of my main go to scents) and hopefully Mountain Retreat if they bring it back in January. Whiteout is an awesome scent for Christmas. Oh so nice.

  337. I was frisky on Emily’s facebook page.

  338. My favorite scents are Camu Camu, Whiteout, Lilacs and Violets (discontinued) and Mountain Retreat (discontinued). Clean Breeze is up there too.

  339. I’ve havent seen Scentsy in my area. I’d love to try it. I think the Fright Night and Jolly warmers are my favorite.

  340. I might have to get one of the ScentsyPals ~ those guys are so cute!! Or maybe the DoodleBud one… or one of the DIY kits. So many fun choices :-)

  341. I also can’t decide on a favorite fragrance! I’m a big fan of coffee scents, so maybe Mochadoodle, but Black Ruby & Black Raspberry Vanilla both sound really awesome too!

  342. Rebecc Webb says:

    It’s hard to choose but I LOVE the Jolly warmer!!

  343. Rebecc Webb says:

    I like Emily on FB (and in real life too!).

  344. Rebecc Webb says:

    Peach a la mode sounds like a great scent!

  345. LOVE the Flint Full-Size Warmer!

  346. kerri ward says:

    I would spend $40 on cinnamon vanilla bar and a full size Toscana warmer for my kitchen counter. I can smell it already!

  347. If I had $40 to spend, I would purchase the Tea Rose Plugin warmer and then Autumn Sunset or Silver Bell or Whiteout. I’m sure that I wouldn’t be able to stop at $40! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this awesome product!

  348. I liked Emily on Facebook

  349. Not sure what fragrance would end up being my favorite, but I like name of Eskimo Kiss! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  350. I am a purple girl through & through so of course I fell in love with the “Lei” in the Botannical Collection and the “Cosmos” in the Mod Collection! So cute and would match perfectly with the decor in my apartment!

  351. Chelley Black says:

    I love the Jolly warmer, but I might choose something I could use year ’round like Crinkle or Rosso. I’d like to try Cozy Fireside, Amalfi Coast, and Rio Beach. It would be so fun to spend $40 and then some! Thanks for the giveaway!

  352. Chelley Black says:

    I “like” Emily on FB!

  353. Chelley Black says:

    I don’t have a favorite scent yet since I haven’t tried any, but I think I’d really like Amalfi Coast!

  354. With the $40 I would buy the dotty full-size warmer. I’ve had my eye on it for a while.

  355. I think havana cabana sounds like a yummy scent! I like anything fruity and not perfumey!

  356. I would choose the Christmas Cottage brick and the Eskimo Kiss brick

  357. I liked her Scentsy FB

  358. My favorite scent is Christmas Cottage

  359. 3 entries woo woo
    i liked emily = 1
    fragrance = clove & cinnamon =2
    40 bucks i would spend in a flash!
    square white do it yourself warmer 30-
    do it yourself theme pack – skulls and houserules 10-
    i’m already at 40 and i dont even have any scents yet!
    i would then proceed to spend an additional 20 bucks easilly on scent bars

    thanks for the opportunity

  360. I’d buy a Victoria Full-Size Scentsy Warmer and the Blueberry Cheesecake Bar!
    Also my favorite scent is Hazelnut Latte!

  361. Bridget =) says:

    I dont have ANY Scentsy items, so it would be SO hard to choose since I LOVE IT ALL! I’d love some winter/fall scents! But I LOVE vanilla scents too!!!! I love the Santa warmer! I love the NFL warmers too!

  362. Bridget =) says:

    Oh! And for the fragrence I’d LOVE to try clove and cinnamon!!! That says Christmas to me! =)

  363. I would use it to get Christmas gifts

  364. I really like the man fragrances

  365. I would LOVE a prancer warmer and some Christmas Cottage bars!

  366. I’ve never seen a Scentsy product in person but I would love to try Home Sweet Home!

  367. Kendra Burns says:

    I LOVE Scentsy! I am currently using Peach a la Mode and am loving it! I would LOVE to get the Cherry Blossom full-size warmer – LOVE IT! Thanks for the giveaway! I sure hope I win!!!!

  368. I would use the $40 to buy the wall plug-in warmers as gifts!

  369. I like the Jane warmer. Or any of the holiday ones too!

  370. Black Raspberry Vanilla or any of the Christmas. I just bought my very first warmer yesterday! I need more!

  371. I would chose the Milano warmer and the Autumn Sunset scent!

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