Oh, hey…I’m busy making a quilt.

We’re making over Macy’s room, inspired by these delightful prints from The Handmade Home.


Our search for bedding was not going well (how come there’s no awesome bedding in twin size?), so I’m sewing.

I’ve got 7 rows completed thus far.


I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Like, once I have the top pieced, what do I do next?


Sometimes I don’t think things all the way through before I jump into them…

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  1. I love these colors! It looks fabulous so far! — I’m a sucker for hand quilting so of course I recommend that once the top is done!

  2. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Me? I’m no help whatsoever when it comes to quilting. I can make square quilts and that’s. it. Love those prints!


  3. This is going to be a cute quilt. As far as what to do next, are you talking about in the quilting process?

  4. You know where to find us quilters…we promise to hold your hand ;)
    Silly…you get a backing, some batting and then sew through the layers for a quilt sandwich. With that design, I would do 1/4 inch inside each seam to accentuate the zig-zags. When you get to binding the whole thing…so many different choices!
    It looks amazing already!

  5. Heidi’s description is accurate – batting, and backing., make a sandwich, and then sew through all the layers. I’d recommend going with a thin batting since it’s your first time, and read the batting for how close you should be between the rows of quilting – following those guidelines will help it last much longer, through more launderings, with no bunching. I would also recommend accenting the design, and again since it’s your first attempt, don’t cross your quilting lines (go for parallel quilting lines, not perpendicular ones – conveniently, your design suggests parallel lines anyway!) Good luck!

  6. Yay!! I think you have done a great job so far. Yes, it is accurate that once the top is pieced you must quilt it. That requires batting, backing, both of which should be slightly larger than the top. Pick a thread to compliment the top either blend the color or contrast… your choice. Baste the layers, then quilt. A walking foot or even feed foot for your machine will definitely help…. no bunching on the back. Any other questions, send me an e-mail!

  7. WOW…this is adorable!!! how did you get this far??? do you have a pattern? will you share where you got it??? I’d like to follow along with you in making this quilt!! Please share!

  8. Well, on the zig-zag quilt I made, I think the quilting I did wasn’t enough. After washing it a few times, I’m not a fan of the un-quilted parts as much. I just did 1/4″ from the print, straight line. I think a lot more repetitive stitching would have been better, but I’m not sure my sanity would cover that, especially on a twin size! So, um, good luck?

  9. I LOVE it! It’s going to be amazing! Now I want to make one too!! :) and i love the colors, that’s similar to what we’re doing family pictures in this year!

  10. The colors are fabulous and matches the prints extremely well! The next step in the process is the backing. Once you have your backing, You will need to sandwich it — top, batting, backing. You’ll need to baste it in one of the variety of basting methods out there and then quilt it! Final step would be to put on the binding and you’ll be done!

  11. I love the pattern! It looks great – I’m in the beginning stages of my first quilt and I have no idea what to do. I’m planning to sew the pieces together then send it off to my mom to finish! Good luck with yours, can’t wait to see how it finishes.

  12. Gosh can I relate!! I have no clue how to make a quilt, but I also don’t know how to build a fireplace mantel and I thought I could do that. I was sick of ours, it was boring and didn’t match the flow of our house. So one day at nap time I grabbed a hammer and smashed out the tile surround and took the mantel down. Well 5 months later it is still like that because, well, I don’t know how to build a mantel like the guy at Lowes said I could. We recently got a quote to have a new one built…$2k!!! I better learn how to build it before Christmas!!!

  13. Char, I have the whole jump in part down…now if I could just get the finish part working…

  14. It looks great! & your fabric choices are perfect!! (of course :-) )
    whatever you decide to do next with it, it will turn out wonderful.

  15. It always sounds like a good idea when you get started to do this yourself – and then it turns into a never ending project that makes you crabby every time you look at it. Or is that just me? Take my suggestion – pay someone to quilt it for you.

  16. I love it!! It looks great so far! I hand quilted my zig-zag quilt that is a twin size and it didn’t take very long!!

  17. And what a cute quilt it is! There are tons of tutorials on how to finish a quilt. Try http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/ for starters. Look for her quilt making basics on the sidebar.
    Have fun!

  18. Looks good so far

  19. I have no quilt making suggestions, as I’ve never made a quilt, nor do I ever plan to make a quilt (too much work for me, I’m a lazy seamstress), but I LOVE yours so far! Nice work!

  20. So Cute! Patience and more patience is my only suggestion! This is so cute and will be loved!

  21. cute, cute, cute! love zig-zag quilts. good luck with the quilting! you’ll be fine.

  22. Easy, you send it to someone like me to does longarm quilting for a living!.. I do it and then send it back to you to bind.. seriously. For people who don’t quilt this is what they do.. I also highly suggest you you quilt the whole quilt if you choose to do it yourself, not just around the chevrons since batting no matter what they say needs to be quilted no further apart than 1-2 inches or the battling will wad up and you work will be lost. I bet you have a local longarm quilter in your area..but if not put it in a box and send it here.. it’s what i do :)


  23. Have you checked out Ashley’s tutorial from Make It Love It dot com? Here is the link http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2010/07/piecing-and-binding-quilt.html She makes it look super easy. HTH BTW- You and Ashley are my heros! I love yall!

  24. I’m in the same boat! And I do NOT want to pay someone flaw to machine quilt it… And I have too many other projects to finish – to even think of hand quilting would be laughable!

  25. Shelly W. says:

    Just beautiful! You daughter will treasure it! My mom handmade me a queen-sized quilt for my college graduation. It is on our guest room bed, and if I’m ever missing my mom, I can look at the quilt she made me. Enjoy every step of the way and please…..post photos of the final piece!

  26. So pretty–I love the colors. I’ve found I love making quilt tops and binding them but am not a big fan of doing the actual quilting. That’s probably why I have a stack of finished tops (and the itch to start more) and a pile of half-quilted blankets. Whenever I have quilting questions I always reference Oh, Fransson! She has some great quilting basics here– http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/quilt-tutorials-.html

  27. That’s fantastic! Welcome to the world of quilting! Look at all of the lovely people you have available for support. Can’t wait to hear more about your progress. :)

  28. Priscilla from California says:

    Love the quilt; can’t wait to see the finished product!

  29. For not knowing what you are doing, you did a pretty spectacular job! That quilt is going to look awesome!! What fabric are you using for the back? I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  30. Beautiful! I love the colors
    If you want to quilt it yourself, I would suggest straight lines or following the chevron shapes. Or pick one of the longarmers that have commented on here and send it to us ;)

  31. Cheat and send it to someone to quilt, it wont affect the amount of love put into it just the level of cursing required to complete it.

  32. Please post photos when you are done!!

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