Giveaway: 101 Tees, by Cathie Fillian + BONUS!

So, I may or may not be at jury duty right now.  I’ve got free crap to keep you entertained whilst I’m dealing with that.  Today I have a copy of 101 Tees by Cathie Fillian.  Tomorrow?  It’ll blow your ever loving mind.  Promise.

This is a super fun book in which Cathie shows you 101 ways to refashion, makeover, and improve your standard boring run of the mill t-shirt.

AND, because everyone can’t be a winner (no matter what your mom told you), I’ve got a fun freebie for EVERYONE.  The nice folks at Lark Books has provided a PDF on how you can make your own “Tattered Chic T”!

Tattered Chic T

Fun, right?


Leave a comment ON THIS POST (not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) telling me about your favorite tee.  Where did it come from?  What color is it?  Have you made any “improvements”?

1 entry per person, please.

This book was sent to me by Lark Crafts.  I’m footing the bill for the postage.  Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Monday, November 21st at 10pm MST. Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. What great ideas, I’d love to be entered!

  2. Ricki Duke says:

    I love new ideas for boring t shirts! Count me in.

  3. I don’t wear T’s because I don’t like their boxy fit – maybe this book would help me!

  4. My fave T… hmmm that’ts difficult to say, I think it ‘s my orange one, it’s the only very bright one in my closet, but I love it.
    Would love to win to improve my other ones :)

  5. I really need this book! I don’t think I have a favorite t-shirt because I’m never 100% happy with the ones I buy.

  6. I have a ton of favorite T’s. Most are from colleges or universities I’ve visited (bit of a college junkie). I always buy a women’s shirt so it fits better and not so baggy.

  7. I have a great TWA airlines shirt that I wear all the time…its definitely my fave.

  8. How neat! I am not sure I have a favorite tea shirt, but I have some from college that I frequently wear!

  9. My favorite tshirt is my hubby’s. It was back from when he was in the army as a teenager. It’s all soft and comfy and feels like a big hug from him.

  10. Right now my favorite T is my “The Oneders” shirt. I rewarded myself with it after losing 5 pounds. I’m wearing it right now! So soft.

  11. Cute! My favourite t-shirt came from the magnolia bakery in New York, it reminds me of being on my honeymoon and delicious cupcakes, I’m not messing with that great recipe!

  12. I don’t currently have a favorite T, but after reading your post I see some favorite Ts in my future! This book looks fantastic and thanks for the free PDF!

  13. My current favorite is a plain brown tee. I love brown. It’s got 1/2 sleeves and is Downeast brand but I got it at DI! Love it!

  14. Brooke Nelson says:

    My favorite tee is a dark red with half sleeves. It is plain and boring, but it is soft and comfy

  15. I have a ton of boring tees. Could really use this book, what a great idea.

  16. My favorite t-shirt is a plain gray Target tee. Nothing special about it but it is so soft and it fits perfectly. I loved it so much I bought several more in different colors. Even though they’re all the same size, only the gray one fits perfectly. Go figure.

  17. Favorite tee is a junky old white tee that is practically worn out! Have a ton but always go back to that one! Would love to win the book!

  18. I like a slightly longer snug fitting t shirt.

    I agree with the comment above. Target does get it right sometimes!

  19. My favorite tee is an old one my dad got me when he was on two week summer camp in the reserves. I don’t even know where it’s from, it has a Snoopy-like dog on the front of it, and it’s covered in paint from various projects-but it is SUPER soft and worn in. So comfy!

  20. My favorite tee is one I purchased from Kohl’s. It is red, and soft, and perfect. I am trying to come up with some way to embellish it to make it even better, but haven’t settled on how I’d like to do it… That’s why I need this book! ;o)

  21. what a fun book!
    i think my fav T is a soft cotton york peppermint patty T i ordered thru the mail with like, 20 upc codes or something like that. it was a bit baggy so i took about am inch from each side (to give it a bit more shape).

  22. Oooooo, this looks like a wonderful book. My fav T is a heathered cream colored T. It has quarter length sleeves. I used a few doilies and cut them so they had one straight edge that I lined up all around the v-neck. I used a little fusible web to iron the doilies in place and then sewed them on. Now I have great, lacey, vintage detail at the neckline.

  23. Great giveaway! I have a whole variety of Halloween shirts that I wear all year long but my favorite’s the one I picked up from the kids’ section at Target a few years ago that says, “My brother is a monster.” I like to wear it when my little brother’s visiting.

  24. My favorite T is a plain black crew neck. I love it because I can wear it with all my colorful sweaters.

  25. Right now my favorite tee is just a simple black tee from Shade. It’s actually a maternity shirt, but it’s really tight, so you don’t even notice, because it’s not baggy. I love it because I can be casual or dressy with it, depending on what I wear with it. I love versatile pieces!

  26. Favorite Tshirt EVER is the 1970s faded mustard yellow & crimson, paper thin T that I earned from Great Skates skating rink for winning the limbo contest. on skates. in the 7th grade. That sucker’s so awesome I’ve kept it all these year…folded quietly in the back of a drawer.

  27. my favorite tee is amercan apparel brand and says prairie girls turn heads – its got a screen print of an owl on it

  28. This looks like a great book. My favorite tee would have to be the navy one with buttons. Both things I love.

  29. My favorite T is hot pink with a black design printed onto the front. It used to have little rhinestones on it but they started falling off in the wash so I carefully picked them all off.

  30. My favorite tee is this teal and brown tie dyed shirt I got for $1 and all the older ladies at work and out and about are always commenting on how “beautiful” it is! The best $1 I’ve ever spent :-)

  31. i haven’t re fashioned any thing for me yet, i’m not brave enough. I did stencil some for my kids and I love my daughters. I added elastic to the botttom, gathered the sleeves and stenciled a cute flower on the front.

  32. My favorite tee at the moment is just a solid black v-necked tee. I love it. I feel good in it. :)

  33. I’d have to say my favorite tee is one I got at Salvation Army that says, “Actually, I am a rocket scientist” on it.

  34. My current favorite t shirt is from the men’s section at old navy. How could I say no to a vintage ewok print?

  35. Since I’m pregnant, most of my favorite tees aren’t exactly fitting properly. However, my sister in law made me a shirt that says “belly bump” on the front and has a jeweled cupcake on the back. It’s so cute and super soft and comfortable. I think I wear it more than I wash it!

  36. Jill medley says:

    My favorite tee is a grey shirt with the words ” team scout” it was from when my best friends son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He past away in July at 1 year old. I love this shirt because of the memories of that sweet boy!

  37. My favorite Tshirt is my “she thinks my tractor is sexy” t shirt. It’s comfy. No it’s not altered. Bought it at Fred Meyers.

  38. I just had a baby (4 weeks old), and I didn’t fit into my own t-shirts. I took my husbands shirt that I bought from walmart. I love it though because it’s really soft jersey and has count Chocula, boo berry and Franken berry, which I love!

  39. I have a beautiful light green Tshirt I got on my Honey moon. It has a very boxy fit. I have kept it in my sewing room always intending to take in the waist or anything to make it better. sadly it is still there.

  40. my favorite t shirt is dark grey, with an abstract print of trees on it. I got it at a second hand shop and it fits perfectly, so I haven’t altered it. All the other t’s in my closet could use some help, however.

  41. My favorite tee is a cheap-o old navy number. I tried to replace it & was severly disappointed! They just aren’t the same!

  42. My favorite tee is an Aquaman one I originally bought my hubby, who apparently does not like aquaman (something about being too clean cut & suburban looking for a superhero). So I adopted it and love it! It’s soft and wears well, and he shakes his head every time I put it on. :)

  43. I have 2 grey V neck tee-shirts from oldnavy I love!! I have never changed a shirt buty I would love to try

  44. Right now my favorite shirt is a mustard and white ruffle front henley, but that will probably change in a few weeks…I’d love this book!

  45. My favorite tee is old and worn out and super super comfy. :)

  46. I would love to win this book. My favorite t-shirt is a tank that I frefashioned from an oversized t-shirt.

  47. My favorite tee is one from college. It’s burnt orange, tissue thin (been through the wash a few times!!) and of course bears a white Longhorn on the front. No adjustments have been made to this one — but it may be in need of some TLC soon. Perhaps a refashion is in its future!

  48. Gina Arkell says:

    Truthfully, I don’t really have a favorite T because I like fun T’s but don’t have any (and I just had a baby and nothing fits me). That’s why I need this so I can make my T’s look cute.

  49. My favorite tee is a soft gray tee I found at Goodwill 8 years ago. It has a band’s name I’ve never heard of, but I love it all the same.

  50. My favourite tee is one I embellished a few years ago and wear for pyjamas. For my friends and my 25th birthday I stenciled a pig (our Chinese zodiac animal) and our year of birth with fabric glue and then glittered it up. I also put XXV on the sleeve in the same way. It’s just a simple men’s Hanes undershirt but it fits perfectly and is so soft and wondferul. Plus it reminds me of my friends.

  51. My favorite t-shirt is one that my husband gave me (it was one of his old shirts) when we were engaged and going to be apart for the month before our wedding. Now it is full of holes and it’s so worn the wording on the front is almost gone! But, it’s super soft and extremely comfortable for wearing around the house :)

  52. My favorite tee is an old navy logo tee. No additions from me. Its just so comfy and fits perfect – no hanging up on the lumps and bumps :)

  53. Oh, I have such a hard time narrowing my tees down to one! My favorite geeky tshirt is a super soft, thick, black tee that I found in the computer science building when I was in college that says “Talk nerdy to me,” and my favorite plain tee is a wonderfully-fitting dark gray v-neck I picked up at Target earlier this year! No refashions yet, but I bought an XL bright green clearance tee at Walmart the other day for that exact purpose….

  54. My favorite T is a baby blue long sleeve one that I bought at the thrift store for $3. It is a leftover from a 10k sprint which of course I didn’t run. But everytime I wear the T someone compliments me on completing the run. LOL yeah right!

  55. My favorite tee is a basic black from Kohls. I love the idea of customizing my tshirts – what a great idea for a book!

  56. My favorite tee is one from Old Navy. It’s a neon yellow and it has some bead embellishments on it. Love to have this book!

  57. My favorite tees are my basic black, grey and white from Kohls – use them hard and buy long and short sleeved versions for the various seasons

  58. Cool! My favortie T has to be my black v neck no boundries shirt. I bought it from walmart a few years ago. It comfy and I can wear it with anything. :)

  59. I love my plain old grey “T”. I would love to de-”Mom” it and glam it up!

  60. Abbey Despain says:

    For sure its an old raggy thread bare t-shirt that I work out, scrub tubs, smell like barf in.

  61. My favorite T is from J Crew several years ago. It is beige with bronze and turquoise beads and sequins. Love it! No ned to embelish.

  62. My favorite tee is aqua with birds on a tree screen printed on it. The only altering I did was to take in the arms so it fit better.

  63. My favorite T? That’s a surprisingly difficult question! I’d probably go for one of my threadless Ts, which I haven’t altered. :)

  64. I have two favorites I guess… But they’re the same shirt in different colors, so one! haha. They’re just plain tees, one is a dark pink color, the other is a dark turquoise color. They came from a local boutique here. They’re kind of a cotton/jersey-ish mix. MOST comfortable shirt ever!!!

  65. Kerri Blaser says:

    My absolute favorite is one of my husband’s old t-shirts that shrunk a little bit and didn’t fit him. I took the sides in a little bit and changed the collar up to make it more me. But it is my favorite bright green shirt ever!

  66. My favorite t-shirt is a U2 concert t-shirt. It is so fragile and thin!

  67. I am a huge fan of a plain white t-shirt but i love the new looks of adding bling and embelishments!

  68. My favorite tee is a plain black one from Target! It’s pretty sturdy which is important for tshirts! I’d love to redo some of my old ones with this book!

  69. Suzanne W. says:

    I hate to sound boring, but my absolute favorite T is a plain grey, long-sleeve shirt. In my mind “sweatshirt grey”= comfortable. I am inexplicably drawn to this color. I bet I’d be just as happy if I jazzed it up a bit:)

  70. Amanda Andrus says:

    My favorite tee is green with roses on it. I love it.

  71. My favorite had a jungle scene on the front. I rolled up the sleeves and tie a knot in the bottom to make it the best ever. Can you say “Let’s hear it for the ’80′s”?

  72. My current favorite t-shirt is one that I got at a craft show. It says, “Today I will think evil thoughts and try not to say them out loud.” It has a really cute fairy who it wearing a crown. It’s just darling.

  73. Oh! I am in serious t-shirt trouble these days! I just had a baby, so my favorite t is an orange maternity shirt from target! It’s loose on the tummy, and unfortunately, that’s my biggest requirement while I’m trying to drop baby weight!

  74. I pretty much wear t-shirts 5 days a week. My favorite is a black In-N-Out Burger t-shirt that has a picture of a cup (with the red palm trees on it) on the front and the words “it doesn’t take much, does it?” on the back. But I don’t wear it much anymore because, well, I’ve had 3 kids since I got it and it just doesn’t fit the same.

  75. I have a friend who went on a mission trip to peru and I guess they have a mascot that they like called cholo and they will “cholofy’ different iconic people. their cholo is known for his hat with ear flaps and their traditional triangular coat. So they got me a cholo harry potter shirt!

  76. Kathie young says:

    My favorite t shirt is not one I will wear out of the house. I won it in a radio show’s grab bag of prizes. It is so comfy and soft.

  77. My favorite tee is a plain v-neck gray short sleeve from Gap. Love it, wear it every weekend! :)

  78. My favorite tee is my old Army shirt, it is old and so thred-bare worn that I have to wear a tank under it or risk being completely indecent, but it is sooooooo comfy!!

  79. Wow! This is just what my teen daughter would love to wear.

  80. I love wearing Ts. My favorite is probably just a plain white v neck

  81. my favorite is an old t my husband got at a church youth camp. it is so worn i can no longer wear it in public. ;-)

  82. My favourite tshirt is long since gone…. it was from a Hothouse Flowers rock concert in 1993 (remember them?) and said in huge blue letters FEEL FREE! I wish I kept it, I know I could have upcycled it into something fabulous!

  83. My favorite tshirt was from the Wicked musical. Pale yellow and had an image of a mirror and inside of it said “It’s nice to see me isn’t it?” That shirt is so comfy!

  84. I love t-shirts, as soon a I’m home from work I throw one on. My favorite pink t-shirt fits perfect and has a little pair of gold deer antlers on the front with Trophy Wife written between them. :)

  85. I don’t wear many t-shirts because I’ve never found any that fit right. Maybe this book would help me like t-shirts better… Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  86. My fave tee is a from Castaway Cay, which I believe is a stop on the Disney cruise? I don’t know, the t-shirt was in a pile of clothes given to me to repurpose. It’s grey and orange, vintage baseball style and it’s my fave because it’s crazy soft – the softest tee I own. I haven’t made any improvements to it yet – likely I will wait until it’s worn out and needs new life breathed into it but for now it’s perfect! Of course, I have that whole rest of the pile that needs to be dealt with! LOL

  87. My favorite tee came form my hubby, nice big and comfy!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  88. My favorite tee right now is a gray tee with ARMY on the front. I always love watching the cadets at West Point run around campus wearing them, and now I have one of my own. I need to shorten the length, but that doesn’t keep me from wearing it to work out.

  89. My favorite T is chocolate brown and has an Indian Rangoli design on it in orange. I need to search for a new one since the design is slowly disappearing with every wash.

  90. My favorite tee is brown and says, “I fantasize about my UPS man.” (My husband is a UPS man.) I loved to wear it when I was pregnant. :)

  91. My favorite T is a simply melon colored (my favorite color), soft cotton with no frills. I love it because it is comfortable, washes great and makes me feel happy. If it’s clean, I want to put it on! Life is full of simple pleasures! Have a blessed day!

  92. I would love to make some of these and then I would have a few favorite T’s.

  93. think of the possibilities……

  94. My favorite T-shirt is for a charity helping families of childhood cancer victims. It was founded by friends of mine who lost their 8 year old son. They have turned a horrible negative into a positive for other families.

  95. My favorite t-shirt is probably the oldest one I have. It is from a basketball camp I went to back in my youth. I bet the t-shirt is 18 years old, but has been washed so many times and is still the softest one I have!

  96. My favorite T shirt is an old T shirt I found at thrift store.It fits perfect & seems to help me have a good day.LOL
    Hope we win the book! Will use with my Girl Scout Troop!

  97. My favorite is a muted lime green Martin Sexton concert t-shirt made by American Apparel… it is so super soft and worn I wish I could wear it all the time :)

  98. My favorite T-shirt right now is my yellow one from a summer concert “Rock The Garden” in downtown Minneapolis, it was so fun! I love the new ways to make scarves out of strips of T-shirt, so cute!

  99. Sadly, don’t have a fav T. I can’t find any that fit right. They are either too thin, too tight, too baggy.. I’d love to make the perfect tee for me!! :-D

  100. My favorite tee is my old worn-in NDSU T-Shirt. I am always a proud Bison fan. :)

  101. Jennifer Payan says:

    You know, you don’t have to entertain us with give-aways, but it sure is fun for us! ;) Thank you! I hope you’re out of this jury duty soon. What a bummer.

    Anyways, in answer to your question, I happen to be wearing my gfavorite tee right now. It’s got colorful stripes and that’s why I like it – I love how colorful it is. And no, I haven’t made any alterationos to it, but I do have a couple that need a lil’ something extra so this book sounds great! Thanks again!

  102. Jenalyn Mills says:

    My favorite tee is just a simple green one because it fits just right. I haven’t tried to do anything to it because I don’t want to mess it up. ;)

  103. My favorite T is a very old Cardinals baseball t. From the world series they played the royals. It is very thin and has holes in it. I wish I knew a way to fix it and wear it in public.

  104. My favorite T was bought in 1969 at a Harley Davidson shop and is full of holes and almost see through but I cannot give it up, It is the original tattered T, would love to know how to make my own tattered T, Aloha and peace Pamela

  105. Becky Pelishek says:

    My favorite tees are ones I’ve made for my daughters with their ages front & center on some flowers. Would love this book!!

  106. My fav tshirt is a red shirt that says – Whose your daddy?

  107. My favorite t-shirt is grey. It’s made out of a thicker jersey which means it great for my favorite season, fall

  108. My fave Halloween tee is one that says… Zombies only like you for your Brains!

  109. Painting tshirts seems to be my specialty, so it would be good to learn some more variety to add.

  110. My favourite t-shirt is one my brother gave me as a present which is a spoof of the Blues Brothers with the muppets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. My favorite tee is a plain magenta stretchy one from the Gap. It’s perfect.

  112. gail johnson says:

    First, let me thank you for the chance to win this book. My favorite tshirt is at least 20 years old! It came from a restaurant in Ft. Worth, TX, which was a favorite place for my husband and I to hang out when we were first dating. The name of the restaurant was Billy Miner’s. (it is now closed). The shirt is dark blue with gold lettering.

  113. stormyyskyy says:

    my favorite tee? i got it last year as a christmas present from my brother-in-law. black fabric with jack skellington images screen printed on the front. i haven’t altered it – yet – but when i do it won’t be because of the design. i love jack skellington & i have been slowly adding things to my stash.

  114. my favorite tee is one that I got at shade years ago and I haven’t made any improvements. It is black and hangs really nicely! Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!

  115. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My favorite t-shirt was a Pearl Jam- Music for Rhinos T-shirt…from the 90′s.

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