Giveaway: Fresh Fabric Treats

So, I may or may not be at jury duty right now.  I’ve got free crap to keep you entertained whilst I’m dealing with that.  Today I don’t have meat, but I do have a signed copy of Fresh Fabric Treats:

My copy was signed by Vanessa Christenson of V & Co (she uses the word “crap” twice), Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt and Kimberly Walus of bitty bits & pieces.  It was purchased with my own money for the benefit of my bloggy readers.


Leave a comment saying what the last thing you sewed was.

1 entry per person, please.

Giveaway closes Sunday night at 10pm MST and is open to US residents age 18 and over only. Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. The last thing I’ve sewn was a set of matching aprons for my little cousin and my niece as xmas gifts. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Mandy @ Sugar Bee’s Utility Apron tute :)

  3. my daughter’s Halloween costume – She was Daphne from Scooby-Doo. Purple knit dress.

  4. Ashley Arndt says:

    The last thing I sewed was an art roll that I will be giving as a Christmas gift.

  5. The last thing I sewed was doing the machine quilting and sewing the binding on the first set of placemats that I’ve ever made! :)

  6. I’m working on a “turning twenty” quilt for my daughter – using black and white fabrics…. I keep telling her I haven’t started it and I’m hoping it will be done in time for Xmas!

  7. the last thing I sewed was 16 teeny buttons on a bag that is for a gift and crap my fingers is killing me now,cheers..

  8. I’ve been working on Christmas stockings. I’m hoping to finish up the last 4 today and then I will be working on some embroidered key fobs for a boutique that I have some pieces in.

  9. The last thing I made was a journal cover. However, I’m gearing up to make some other “crap”.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Well . . . the last thing I sewed didn’t turn out and should be put in my “crap I’ve made” category. It was a jumper from a cute Project Runway inspired pattern in a robin’s-egg-blue, faux suede fabric. Not sure what I did wrong, but it was for my 23 year old daughter and if she was 2 or 3 it would have fit her, but not 23!!! So . . . the last thing I “successfully” sewed was a brown corduroy jacket for the same daughter. That turned out beautifully!

  11. I made two “sleep sacks” for my 9 month old. She moves too much when she sleeps so there is no way she can keep a blanket on, and I live in Michigan where it’s cold!

  12. I just finished flannel PJ bottoms for my daughter. And I would soooo love this book !

  13. Christie S. says:

    I sewed a Christmas place mat into a wine bottle tote. And it turned out pretty cute too.

  14. I LOVE this book! The last thing I sewed was a baby blanket for my friend.

  15. The last thing I sewed was a reusable fabric bag to use instead of wrapping paper for Christmas.

  16. Ii just re-purposed a sweater that I bought at the thrift store. It is precious! Blessings

  17. I finally finished my huge denim picnic blanket. We even used it a little before it got cold out.

  18. I’m currently working on a quilt, but the last thing I completed were some new pillows for my living room.

  19. machine applique to finih a wallhanging.

  20. The last thing I sewed was a Christmas table runner, and some swoon blocks — good luck today! Hopefully the day goes quick!

  21. The last thing I sewed was my son’s Halloween costume- lederhosen. Actually turned out really well! Thanks!

  22. The last thing I sewed was an IPad case. Thanks for the chance!

  23. A set of numbers 0-9 bean bags for my little nephews 2nd birthday!

  24. The last thing I sewed was a zig zag doll quilt for a contest. It’s still sitting on the kitchen/craft table. :)

  25. a quilt! well, three of them.

  26. I just made my first shirt.. I felt so accomplished :)

  27. I am making skirts for my girls, so that is the last thing I sewed.

  28. The last thing I sewed was a pair of pajama pants.

  29. The last thing I made was a diaper bag and I loved it!

  30. The last thing I sewed was a reversible fabric bowl.

  31. The last thing I made was a 2000 piece quilt with my daughter-in-law for my grandson.

  32. I’m currently sewing blocks together for a much needed quilt for my own bed. Gifts are nice, but so is staying warm in the winter!

  33. The last think I sewed was my finger, which I sewed through while I was making a table runner.

  34. The last thing I’ve sewn… This weekend I helped 6 girls hand sew yo-yo’s then sew on big buttons and attach the whole thing to a headband or hair clip… it was the highlight of my daughter’s birthday party!

  35. the last thing I sewed was mending my husband’s jacket and shirt! :)

  36. The last thing that I sewed was a t shirt quilt for my brother for Christmas.

  37. i sewed skirts for my sisters wedding for me and my 2 daughters.

  38. Stacy Wolfe says:

    I just finished a Bow Tucks Tote made with Breast Cancer Awareness fabrics for a friend.

  39. The last thing I sewed was a little headband that I use to wash my face – it was splitting so I put it back together1

  40. The last thing I sewed was my Christmas quilt that I just started yesterday:
    Today I’m basting a different quilt and hope to get started on the actual quilting.

  41. The last thing I sewed was a linen coin purse with hexagons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. The last thing I sewed was a dress for my daughter about a month ago. I’m dying to start on something new! Thanks for the opportunity! Love your crap!

  43. The last thing I sewed was heat/ice bag covers ;)

  44. A little skirt for my daughter that didn’t turn out so great…

  45. Krista Hansen says:

    The last thing I sewed was my new Christmas advent calendar. I’ve got to get it done by Dec 1st!!

  46. jennifer lucero says:

    the last thing i sewed were 3 pillow covers with spooky halloween fabric for our halloween party.

  47. Belinda Romney says:

    The last thing that I sewed was a car seat tent for my sister-in-law.

  48. I made a few hexies yesterday while I waited for the hubby to get his hair cut :)

  49. I just finished a beautiful checkbook cover and am about to start a ‘mug apron’ as a Christmas present for my son’s teacher.

  50. The last thing I sewed was my son’s Halloween costume. My sewing machine died, so I had to hand sew it.

  51. I just finished matching quilts for my 80 year old friend (she is our adopted grandma) and her dog. They both loved them!

  52. The last thing I sewed was the armpit hole in one of my favorite shirts. I’m not ready to lose it!

  53. the last thing I worked on was an I-Spy baby blanket for a tutorial I am writing so that I can guest blog for Clover & Violet. It has been great fun!

  54. The last thing I sewed was a zipper pouch

  55. The last thing I sewed was colored pencil rolls for a friends daughters.

  56. I sewed my kids’ Halloween costumes and I’m currently working on sewing together a bunch of felt food.

  57. The last thing that was on my sewing machine was a Christmas dress for one of my little girls. I am trying to get things done early this year and have some dresses ready for Christmas pictures.

  58. I’m currently working on sewing flannal pajamas for my girls… 2 sets done, 2 to go! :)

  59. The last thing I sewed was a charity quilt I’m working on…. Batman themed! I had hoped to finish it this past weekend, but it didn’t happen.

  60. The last item I sewed was a cloak and sash for a re-purposed dress to become a Christmas Princess much fun!

  61. I just finished Rudolph Christmas shirts (yesterday!) for the kids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. The last thing I sewed was a nursing cover for my new baby girl.

  63. The last thing I sewed was a skirt for my 3 year old.

  64. Made a dress for my little girl!

  65. The last thing I sewed was my son’s halloween costume. He was a dalmation to complement his big brother’s fireman costume. First time I ever put in a zipper!!

  66. The last thing I sewed was a baby blanket that I made for a holiday gift exchange.

  67. I am in the midst of sewing place mats for a Christmas gift.

  68. Carolyn Slappey says:

    I’m on a self-propelled tutorial of quilting blocks, and the sawtooth star on the cover of that book is featured on my blog… a “fail” way.

  69. I just finished sewing a gothic witchy costume and right now I am remaking and recycling t shirts. …but I do have more aspirations!!! LOL

  70. The last thing I sewed was an owl heating/cooling bag for my kiddos.

  71. The last thing I sewed to completion were placemats for my mother’s Christmas gift. The last thing I sewed, but still need to do a lot of work on, is a quilt for my best friend.

  72. I sewed a simple gathered skirt for a little girl’s birthday gift.

  73. The last thing that I sewed was a bunch of flying geese for my Dutchman’s Puzzle vintage sheet quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. I sewed a couple of valances for my bedroom. They are no longer being used but I think they looked okay while they were hung up. Good luck with jury duty! or not.

  75. The last thing I sewed was a child’s necktie. Thanks for a chance to win.

  76. I sewed a clothespin bag for my sister. pegchr (at) yahoo (dot) com

  77. I sewed a quilt block for the mystery quilt I am doing at “my girlfriends quiltshoppe”

  78. I am making myself a nice Indian outfit right now

  79. I hope you aren’t stuck in the courtroom or worse the jury room waiting to see if you are called to service. I did that and sat for 7 hrs one year and then was told we weren’t needed. That was SUCH a long boring day in a room of complete strangers. lol Or maybe you’re in the courtroom hearing a fascinating case. BUT, either way, I’m sure you’d much rather be at home sewing.

    The last thing I sewed was a table runner I completed in a quilting class and then started another one which has been stalled. I need to get back to that one very soon.

  80. The last thing I sewed was matching aprons for my little girl and I. I just barely got my first sewing machine (what can I say…I’m a late bloomer)!

  81. I made a shirt for my daughter! And then Sunday came along and I realized I should have fixed my husbands suit coat instead. Big man in a little coat!

  82. The last sewing I did was mending. Big piles of mending. I hate mending, so it was a BIG pile. But I did it all. And now am psyching myself up for Christmas presents.

  83. The last item I sewed was the binding on a wintery table runner. Thanks for the chance, this book looks awesome!!

  84. Last thing I sewed were bean bags, yesterday, for a Christmas gift.

  85. Newbie Quilter says:

    I am almost finished quilting a baby quilt using the Wonky Log Cabin block. Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

  86. I made my son a Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon costume), which consisted of a tunic and furry vest.

  87. I am working on a stuffed elephant for my new nephew right now. It’s definitely one of those projects that looks easier than it actually is!

  88. Last thing I sewed was a quilt. I actually sewed the blocks together! Amazing, I know.

  89. Last thing I sewed was a quilt for a friend’s little boy who is having to deal with a brain tumor right now. Very sad.

  90. The last thing I sewed was fleece hoodies. Thank you for the opportunity.

  91. The last thing I sewed was a headband bow tie for my daughter, though I am working on a quilt for her as well…

  92. The last thing I made were four sets if flax seed-filled eye pillows with hot/cold packs, all four with different scents. They were donated to a basket for a silent auction. The money from the auction goes to funding a military ball! I hope they help bring in some money!

  93. It was an Indian sari for my daughter for Halloween!

  94. My jury duty notice got lost in the mail one time, so I got subpoenaed to court for failure to show up. Nice.
    I had to pay a fee, but it was a whole heckofalot better than actually doing jury duty. LOL!
    The last thing I sewed was my Pottery Barn knock-off Christmas pillow.

  95. I’m working on some Thanksgiving throw pillows for my couch actually. So last night I sewed the pillow cover out of muslin!

  96. Last thing I sewed was a tote bag for a sewing swap!

  97. I was home sick most of last week, so I got a lot done: A appliqued turkey jumper for my 3 year old to wear for Thanksgiving, 3 scarves, and a felt flower pillow – all ideas off of Pinterest (my new addiction)

  98. The last thing I sewed was halloween costumes for my 2 kids.

  99. I’m sewing a flowergirl dress for my daughter.

  100. One of these things is both the first thing I’ve sewed in 15 years, and the most recent thing I’ve sewed: I kinda royally screwed up the binding on mine, so it doesn’t look as good as the tutorial, but I’m still proud of it!

  101. I just finished my placemats for Thanksgiving. Now onto the matching napkins. Thanks for your fun ideas.

  102. Last thing I sewed was a Christmas pillow.

  103. I made a bunch of baby shower items: baby blanket, burp cloths, spit up cloth, and a nursing privacy cloth thingy. :-)

  104. The last thing I sewed was the blocks for my boys’ doll quilts. I making all 4 of my kids keepsake doll quilts using a crib sheet that belonged to their dad when he was a baby.

  105. I’ve never sewn anything in my life. But… my mom sews quilts!

  106. A quilt top.

  107. I’m ALMOST finished putting the binding on a quilt I’ve been working on…Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. Some patching for my Drunkard’s Path quilt! Should you be doing jury duty I hope it’s not too boring and goes quickly :)

  109. I made a travel sewing kit for myself!

  110. I sewed some felt turkeys for my kidlets.

  111. The last thing I sewed was a fall table runner. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  112. I just finished another zippered pouch using a pattern by Keyka Lou – six pouches in two days.
    Btw, I love the crap you make!

  113. Yesterday, I sewed in the zipper for the front of the sleep sack I’m making for my baby.

  114. The last thing I sewed was a baby gift for my new baby niece who came 5 weeks early. Some flannel burp cloths and receiving blanket with an applique monogram. I’m ready for a new project!

  115. I just finished a Christmas tree skirt…that I started before last Christmas.

  116. Hi
    The last thing I made was a fabric bag for my daughter
    Many thanks

  117. It has been a while since I have sewn anything, due to this horrid morning sickness but I think the last thing was some pillow covers for my sister. I can’t wait to start feeling well enough to sew again!

  118. The last thing I sewed was the binding on a black and blue Twinkle Twinkle Little Star quilt. I hope to finish sewing it this week so I can send it to my nephew for Christmas.

  119. the last thing I sewed was a rapunzel apron for my daughters birthday party.

  120. Made floral pillow cases to match my deep deep purple sheets. Brightens up the whole bedroom!!

  121. I’ve been without my sewing machine for a few months, but the last thing I (hand) sewed was a little fabric basket to catch all the random things on my desk.

  122. I sewed some bereavement dresses that I donate to the Newborn ICU at a local hospital. Sad but fulfilling work.

  123. Believe it or not the last thing i sewed was on a scrapbook page. Normally though i sew dresses for my niece! Thanks!

  124. Last thing I sewed was olivia the pig costume for my daughter! ;)

  125. I’m halfway through a foldable shopping bag for my sister :)

  126. I finished my best friend’s wedding quilt. Only a year late lol!

  127. In the process of sewing a soft toy owl for my niece.Well, not right this minute…I’m not that talented!

  128. The last thing I sewed was blocks for the Farmers Wife sampler. Fun!

  129. Amanda Andrus says:

    The last thing that I sewed was pillowcases that matched the quilt my mom made for my brother and his new wife.

  130. I sewed 3 Tooth Fairy pillows for my nieces & nephew. My oldest niece hardly has any teeth left — had to work fast to catch her before she was left gumming everything she eats!

  131. The last thing I sewed: a block for a tree skirt I’m making. Maybe it’ll be done by Christmas :)

  132. The last thing I sewed was a red n white quilt for my sister! Thank you!!

  133. I made a pair of fleece boots for my 10 month old.

  134. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Good luck on jury duty!

    The last thing I sewed was lotto blocks for guild. Actually got them done a week before guild, not the night before! :)

  135. Last thing I sewed was curtains

  136. I made a gazillion zip pouches.

  137. I sewed a crown for my son’s 7th birthday. Thanks for the chance!

  138. The last thing I sewed is a quilt for Project Linus!

  139. A Thanksgiving table runner that still isn’t finished and that I’m afraid isn’t going to be. Should have done a Christmas one instead!

  140. I just finished a sweet little dress for my granddaughter. She wore it to school today.

  141. My last sewing project was a Thanksgiving dress and Thanksgiving dress shirt for my grandkids:)

  142. The last thing I sewed was a bag in fall colors. Turned out real cute!

  143. I just finished sewing a couple of envelope closure pillow covers this evening! :)

  144. Wow! I would LLLOOOOVVVVVVVEEEE to win this book!
    The last thing I sewed was the quilting on a table runner which will be a Christmas gift!

  145. The last thing I sewed was a really cute paper pieced snowman pillow for my grandson to give to his 1st grade teacher for Christmas. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  146. I made a pair of pants for my nephew!

  147. sewed? as in completed? done? I can’t remember, i’m currently in the middle of 4 sewing projects!

  148. I sewed my first drunkards path quilt making colorful circles and a quilt that sort of looks like a twister mat.

  149. A minky blanket for a dear friend’s new granddaughter!

  150. The last thing I sewed was a fabric bowl.

  151. Working on aprons to sell for Christmas and my daughters baptism dress. Loads of fun!

  152. I just sewed some flannel bibs and washcloths for my 6 month old who has started eating solid food (messily, hence the bibs and cloths!)

  153. Last thing I sewed was a hooded towel for my baby girl a day ago. She just turned one but outgrew her “baby” towels quite awhile ago so we have been using regular towels until I saw somebody post about “big kid” hooded towels and I had to make them! Love it : )

  154. I’m working on a pair of pj’s for my son. :) Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous looking book!

  155. Robyn Foster says:

    The last things I sewed were Halloween costumes for my four kids. Two Yo Gabba Gabba characters, and two Jedi robes!

  156. The last thing I sewed was a brown satin dress and faux leopard fur coat for my granddaughter (she’s 15 months old) and made a little headband to go with it. They weren’t the easiest fabrics to work with, but she is worth it!

  157. I turned a pair of my daughter’s tights into arm warmers by zigzagging around the parts I cut off. Highly satisfying!

  158. A thrifted sweater to sweater dress for my littlest girl.

  159. I was busy working on a tiered skirt for my daughter today, until I realized that I am completely out of elastic. Grrr. Guess I’ll finish it tomorrow!

  160. Connie Haack says:

    The last thing I was sewing was a Quilt Block. Working on 2 different quilts.

  161. That i actually completed… was a simple card cache for when I’m on the go. But I am working on a baby quilt that has to be completed by this Saturday (the baby’s birthday). Good times.

  162. The last thing I did was to finish a table runner for a Christmas swap. I finished hemming the binding about an hour ago

  163. The last thing I made was a sunflower mug rug as a Christmas gift for my mom. Jury Duty! I lived in Maine for about 50 years and was never called. I’ve lived in SC for 5 years and have been called twice…and now I’m on the roster for Federal Court in 2012! Strange!! Have a blessed day!

  164. I am currently sewing a big sis shirt for my daughter and trying to get 2 quilts done before the baby is born. Oh and I dont have a sewing machine so its taking awhile. Thanks, [email protected]

  165. The last few things I’ve made were robes.

  166. Ricki Duke says:

    I just finshed a sock baby doll for a shower gift for grandbaby #6. Every little girl needs a babydoll no matter what size she is.

  167. Jade Westercamp says:

    The last thing I sewed was a quilt for my sister’s sweet 16 birthday.

  168. The last thing I sewed were the bat wings from Dana’s MADE tutorial….then my son decided to be a mummy instead :)

  169. Sheri in Fayetteville NC says:

    The last thing I sewed, from scratch that is, was a halloween costume for my daughter. Nope, it was to replace a red hood chewed by the poochie on sweatshirt jacket with a camoflauged fleece hood. My eight year old loves it better than the matching fabric the dog chewed up.

  170. Last thing I sewed was a pillowcase for in my new home!

  171. mary norman says:

    To be honest, the very last time I picked up thread and needle was last week to hem pants and fix a stuffed animal for a nephew.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  172. Miranda Taylor says:

    The last thing I sewed was some patches on my daughters girl scout uniform. Yeah, that’s pathetic, huh? I wish I could have said curtains for my pantry door or a church skirt or tree skirt or something cool like that. But alas, no, it’s girl scout patches…

  173. The last thing I sewed was a cute dress for my 14 month old daughter to wear on Thanksgiving Day. I’m so thrilled with it!! I finished most of it late last night and all I have left to do is the buttonholes…except I don’t have a buttonhole foot so I am still puzzled about how I’m gonna pull it off. I do have a week to figure it out, at least, lol. I hope to have the photo of it up on my blog as soon as I figure out my buttonhole quandary. =)
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win this book! =)

  174. The last thing I sewed was a purse!

  175. My friend, who does not sew, needs new cushion covers for her kitchen chairs.
    I sewed a prototype to show her I can make new ones for her. She liked it!
    Now we need nice fabric and I’ll make 6

  176. I made a birthday onesie for a friend’s baby’s first birthday. It turned out adorable!

  177. My daughters halloween costume~she was a “red” gypsy bride! Would love to have the book!

  178. I sewed a tiny house to make a Christmas ornament. Thansk for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  179. The last thing I sewed was a T-shirt quilt for my college freshman. : )

  180. glenda knight says:

    I made dinner napkins….easy and useful too!

  181. Joelle Driscoll says:

    I’m actually still in the sewing process of a quilt with chenille on the back (if this counts as the last thing I sewed.) If not, I made placemats. I’d love the book! :)

  182. The last thing I made was a Batman cape. Craft day is this weekend though!

  183. The last thing I sewed was the hole in the crotch on my pajama pants – that’s how much I love them!

  184. Last thing I sewed was a crochet flower onto a headband I made to finish it up. Great Christmas gifts and so cute!

  185. The last thing I sewed was a cute Christmas tree decoration from a tutorial I found on Maggie Makes. Thanks for thinking of us while you’re on jury duty!

  186. It was either hemming 2 pair of pants for a friend or making 5 eye masks for the hospital. I did both on the same night and don’t remember which I did first.

  187. Last thing I actually finished was a fabric notepad/pen holder. Last thing I actually stitched on? A commissioned t-shirt quilt. Thanks for the giveaway Char!

  188. Karen in KS says:

    I love reading what everyone has been sewing!
    The last thing I sewed was a dress for my granddaughter. Now I’m ready to make a couple of tops for myself.

  189. I am currently making my 18 month old daughter a full sized felt playhouse. Lots of work but totally fun to build and sew. She will love it!

  190. A cell phone/coin purse combo bag.

  191. The last thing was the binding on a baby quilt going to Ohio…I live in Texas!!! (Did I mention I stopped sewing to enter?! lol)

  192. Jill medley says:

    The last thing I sewed was a skirt!

  193. the last thing I sewed in its entirity was this past weekend I sewed a little vest and newsboy hat for my son. But right now I am waitting on nap time to finish the cushion cover I am recovering:)

  194. the last thing I sewed was a set of curtains for a new little boy’s room, for a neighbor.

  195. Audra Ciprich says:

    Last thing I made was this super cute table runner from Angela Yosten! I used Fiona’s Fancy by Riley Blake!

  196. The last thing I made was an heirloom daygown with hand embroidery on the front for my very first grandchild who will be joining our family sometime around the 1st of February. Her name is Lily Grace and we can not wait for her arrival.

  197. The last thing I sewed was a Halloween table runner. It was even finished BEFORE Halloween!

  198. The last thing that I sewed (not including mending) was a rod sock for my husband’s fly rod.

  199. I’m am sewing a quilt top for one of my daughters for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  200. I don’t remember the last thing I actually sewed. I think it was about 9 months ago and I made a bunch of burp clothes for a friend’s baby shower…

  201. I just finished a blue corduroy jumper for my 2 year old daughter – i LOVE corduroy on little girls and I LOVE sewing for little girls!

  202. the last thing I sewed was a boxy zippered tote for my friend who just had a baby so she could carry wipes and diapers in it.

  203. I sewed a pillow. It wasn’t crap. I’d like to sew a quilt :)

  204. I’m sewing my daughter’s winter coat right now. Yeah…I know it’s the middle of November already. She hasn’t frozen yet.

  205. Natalya Hoak says:

    The last thing I sewed was a table runner for a brand new table :)

  206. Abbey Despain says:

    The last thing I sewed…. Hmmm. I sewed up a hole in the crotch of my pants. I live a very thrilling life.

  207. Just finished sewing a cute Thanksgiving jumper for one of my granddaughters :)

  208. The last thing I sewed was more flying geese for the rooftops of the Full House Schnibbles I am working on in Christmas fabrics. But I am thinking it may turn into a tree skirt!

  209. The last thing I sewed….I hemmed my boy’s iron man costumes for Halloween.

  210. Super cute turkey tees and fabric scrap tutus for Thanksgiving. I realize they may be worn for only one day, but they are too adorable not to make! They might make it on my blog someday.

  211. The last thing I sewed was curtains for my living room. The book looks awesome.

  212. the last thing i sewed was some fabric pumpkins for fall. Super fun.

  213. The last thing I’ve sewn is a queen sized quilt. Thanks for the chance to win this great autographed book.

  214. I sewed a snuggie blanket wrap for a baby shower from an Amy Butler pattern book.

  215. SIX – count em – SIX ruffle butt onnsies!

  216. I just sewed today! I made some really cute treat bags for Thanksgiving for a friend of mine. She gives them to her girl scout troop for every holiday.

  217. Aside from mending things the last thing I really sewed was my baby girl’s Yoda costume. =]

  218. The last thing I sewed was a bottle holder for my son. I am Canadian but have a US address if I win. ;)

    I just started to quilt and love it! I am taking a quilting class that started in October.

  219. Last thing I sewed was a patch on the 7 year old’s jeans. I have yet to find a pair that will survive him. lol

  220. The last thing I sewed was a ruffled skirt for my niece – 10 minutes ago!
    Would LOVE this book1 Thx

  221. The last thing I made was a small landscape quilt for my husband. Thanks for asking!

  222. The last thing I sewed was a couple of blocks for a quilt which is a wedding gift! I’m excited for it to come together!

  223. The last thing I sewed was a quilt for my son. Thanks Char for sharing your creativity and positive, funny attitude with us. You are refreshing as a cool breeze.

  224. I just finished an indian costume for my son’s Thanksgiving Feat at school and now I’m onto a jelly roll quilt for my other son for Christmas!

  225. The last thing I sewed wasn’t very interesting actually, just some repairing of the kid’s crap, er clothes!

  226. I am working on a charm square quilt.
    I hope it turns out! !!

  227. The last thing I sewed was a wallet. I haven’t sewn anything since I moved into my current house in August. Winning this giveaway would be the perfect thing to get me started again.

  228. I made a scarf out of fabric strips on Sunday afternoon.

  229. Last thing I sewed was a quilt. Im pregnant and I had said before I had babies I would need to have a boy and girl quilt ready for whatever I had and I just finished the boy quilt last weekend!

  230. I am currently sewing 2 tote bags for Christmas presents.

  231. I just finished a quilt top for a christmas gift

  232. Last thing I sewed was a quilt!

  233. Becky Pelishek says:

    Last thing I sewed was my daughter’s halloween costume– a pillow pet costume!!

  234. The last things I sewed were my twin daughters’ Halloween treat bags. It was their first time trick or treating!

  235. Kitchen curtains for my daughter-in-law.

  236. I just finished sewing a quilt with my daughter.

  237. A “all in one day” (design, cut, and piece) quilt top with long strips of varying sizes with fabrics I’ve wanted to quilt with for over a year! Super easy and very cute!

  238. I sewed a skirt

  239. Carrie Anderson says:

    Christmas stockings out of old sweaters

  240. The last thing I sewed involved mending holes in my friend’s yoga pants! Getting back to my quilts this weekend, though. :)

  241. The last thing I sewed completely was a very large project bag that I wrote a tutorial for on my blog. I did work on the back of a quilt today though!

  242. The last thing I sewed was a fleece cover for the baby’s car seat! Phew, that took me a long time to remember ;o)

  243. Patricia Crowley says:

    The last thing I sewed was a snuggie and a matching giant pillow.

  244. Just finished up a quilt for a Christmas gift yesterday…well, still needs the binding, but the quilting is done!

  245. I am still working on my latest project it is a fleece blanket for my favorite little man. He loves puppy dogs and his favorite color is red. Low and behold as I walked through the store the other day I found a red fleece material with puppies, paw prints, and doggie bones on it. I am putting a trim on it while he is at school so I can keep it hid until christmas.
    Good luck all!!

  246. Gwen Windham says:

    The last thing I sewed was a log cabin type quilt for my new little granddaughter. I had made a door marker for her Mom’s hospital room when she was born– using jungle baby fabric and a tiny stuffed lion. It turned out so cute, that I decided to make a quilt for her using that as the main fabric and animal prints for the logs on the cabins– it turned out so cute! I’m going to give it to her for part of her Christmas gift. I think she’ll love it– she definitely likes her quilts! :-) Thank you for this fun giveaway– it’s been fun reading about everyone’s sewing projects! :-)

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