Giveaway: Omaha Steaks courtesy of Plum District

Are you familiar with Plum District?

Plum District is a deals site by moms and for moms.

The busiest people in the community—moms—are often the most plugged-in. And for them, the Internet is often the best tool to (re)discover what’s in their own backyard. Plum District was created just for them. Plum District connects moms with daily deals and inspirations from businesses in their community, and helps them get the most out of their day—for their families and for themselves.

In addition to fabulous local deals in almost 50 major metropolitan areas (and growing), they offer EVERYWHERE DEALS that can be enjoyed by anyone.  Like today, for example, they’re offering an INSANE deal on Omaha Steaks.

How does $59 for 2 (5 oz.) filet mignons, 2 (4 oz.) boneless pork chops, 4 (4 oz. approx.) boneless chicken breasts, 8 (3 oz.) gourmet franks, 8 potatoes au gratin, and to top it off, 4 Individual NY cheesecakes plus free shipping sound?

Guess what else?  I get to give one of those Omaha Steaks packages ($168.99 retail value) away!  Details/specifics/restrictions on the package I’m giving away are available HERE.


Head on over to Plum District.  Have a look around.  Come back and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite deal is…THAT’S IT.  Easy peasy, right?  One entry per person, no hoops to jump through.  Hot dog!  (More like 8 of them in your Omaha Steaks pack…ha!)


If you’re a Salt Lake area local and want to keep up on local deals, you can find Plum District of Salt Lake on Facebook here.

Plum District also has a new  “Give Back” program where Plum District gives 10% back to local non-profits and schools.  You can email my pal Michelle at if you’re interested.  (We really are pals…we were student body officers together in high school.  I suspect she has A LOT of embarrassing pictures of me.)   If you are on the PTA board and are interested in something like that for your local school or non-profit, Michelle can set you up (even if you’re not in UT).

Giveaway closes Friday, November 18th at 10pm MST.  Winner must have an address that meets the requirements listed in the link above.  Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only. Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION:  You can save 10% on the Omaha Steaks deal by using code “fabulous” at check out.  Go nuts!

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  1. My favorite deal is the Omaha Steaks. I do have to admit that the Dr. Seuss stuff was pretty tempting too. Thanks or the simple giveaway!

  2. I must say the Omaha steaks deal is my fav!

  3. I think the Omaha steaks are my fave, but i do love the Spoonful of Comfort :)

  4. The Holiday themed care package from Spoonful of Comfort looks wonderful. Thanks!

  5. That sounds like an amazing steak package! My hubby would be so happy!

  6. jennifer lucero says:

    my favorite is the spoonfull of comforts care package. i would eat everything in that care package. yummy.

  7. The personalized children’s book looks adorable!

  8. I LOVE the Omaha Steaks deal. I got Omaha Steaks as a Christmas gift one year and have been dying for some more!

  9. Steak package is my favorite too!

  10. I think the Omaha Steaks deal is by FAR my favorite. My brother-in-law’s family gave it to us for a Christmas gift one year and it was FANTASTIC! Not only was it yummy, but cooking everything was a breeze with the easy instructions that came with the food.

  11. had to beat a steak package, although the kids books looked cute too.

  12. My favorite is the steak package but that spoonful of comfort would be a second. Steak for me – chicken soup and cookies for my sister.

  13. I like the Omaha Steaks deal, but I also liked the Bumkins Children’s deal. (Huge thank you for only one comment per person. So much simpler and more fair! Love.)

  14. Well, I haven’t had any cookies for days and am in withdrawl, so the holiday themed care package sounds like heaven. No district near me tho…..

  15. Lori Batronis says:

    I LOVE the Omaha Steaks deal!!! Recently had to go Gluten Free, so this would come in VERY handy. PLEASE choose me!!! Thanks for offering this great deal.

  16. I’m liking the photo coasters today

  17. Amy Bounds says:

    I have to agree the steaks look the best.

  18. What an amazing steak package! Love the website, thanks

  19. The steaks! But the children’s book deal looks really sweet, too.

  20. Omaha steaks ROCK…and their cheesecake is to die for!!!

  21. I think the personalized childrens books look awesome!!

  22. OMAHA STEAKS!!!!

  23. So the steak one is my fav but come on…how lame is Iowa really?! NOTHING on there for our state. Real cool.

  24. The Omaha Steaks look delicious!

  25. I love the personalized books. I’ve always wanted to do those for my kids. How fun!

  26. Steaks for me. Have tried Omaha Steaks a while ago and they were great.

    Amy Henry
    quiltzy at pandahenry dot com

  27. I like the care packages from Spoonful of Comfort.

  28. The Omaha Steak deal is my favorite.

  29. I love the Omaha Steak deal the books were cool to

  30. my favorite deal is the steaks one too!


  31. I like the steak or holiday themed package!

  32. oh…that spoonful of comfort care package…now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to poke around their website awhile…thanks!!!

  33. I like the steak package of course!

  34. I think the children’s books are super cute but I would love to have some Mabel’s Labels!

  35. I like either the steaks or the 12 hair flowers for $12 :-)

  36. The Omaha Steak deal is great! I really like the personalized book deal, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. the personalized childrens books are very cute.its great to find another deal website :)

  38. Oh goodness! Can’t beat the Omaha Steaks!

  39. Definitely the Omaha steaks! That is a rad deal! But the spoonful of comfort is a close second. I love the holidays!

  40. I am all over the Omaha Steaks. We love them! Before my husband lost his job last year, we bought their stuff a lot.

  41. Omaha steaks are the best! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and so simple too!!!! The Spoon Full of Comfort looks pretty inticing but I think the steaks are my fav!

  42. Omaha steaks are SO good!! I really like the personalized children’s book but the steaks are at the top of my list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Hot diggity dog!! I love Omaha hot dogs!! This is the best giveaway ever!!!!

  44. looks like omaha steaks is the best deal . . . for a beef eater. LOL I’d gladly pass it on to people I know who eat beef, like my brother.

  45. I like the Swim Kids deal for unlimited classes for $43. I have a hard time keeping my rambunctious 4 year old busy so now I can completely wear her out (for a month anyway) ;)

  46. I like the Mabels Labels deal.

  47. Kristin Williams says:

    Omaha Steaks for sure!!

  48. I think the Holiday Care Package is super cute and a good deal. It would make a great gift! Or maybe the steaks. It all looks good!

  49. Love Plum District and actually just bought my first deal! Love the deal for the Oopsie Daisy Hair flowers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. casey england says:

    Holiday themed care package!

  51. The Omaha Steaks deal is my favorite by far. :)

  52. I would say the steak deal, although I did love the Mabel’s Labels one too. I have never had Omaha steaks before. I would love to try me some good meat.

  53. i love plum district, they are always having great deals. today my fav is omaha steaks. what a fun gift for the hubby for christmas!

  54. steaks for sure! yum!

  55. Once you had a review about some seasoned sunflower seed website last year around Christmas time. Do you remember that company name? If you do could you e-mail me?Thanks!
    [email protected]

  56. I have to say the Omaha Steaks deal is my favorite. When my husband and I got married, his sister’s gift to us was a seafood selection from Omaha Steaks and it was just wonderful.

  57. Oh I would love to go nuts with some steak! Please pick me!

  58. The Omaha Steak deal is my favorite!

  59. For reals….I’m STARVING! I need some steak right this second.

  60. Plum district is awesome!

  61. I think the Holiday themed care package is adorable! (And I’m pretty sure my hubby would love the steaks!) Thanks!

  62. Shena Benton says:

    I’m pregnant so I’m loving the Bumkins Dr. Suess baby products! I Heart Dr. Suess :)

  63. Christan Bringhurst says:

    I am an admitted label nut! The Mabel’s Labels is a favorite deal! If I win the Omaha steaks, I will bbq them up while putting cute labels on stuff. :)

  64. Natalya Hoak says:

    The Omaha Steak package is my favorite with the Spoonful of Comfort a close second. What a great giveaway!

  65. My favorite was the Omaha Steak deal for $59 :)

  66. The steak deal is obviously the best!

  67. The steaks, definitely. I have a teenaged son-I need all the help with groceries I can get. ;)

  68. Omaha steak deal!

  69. The steaks sound good. yum.
    The EZ paints also look interesting. As do the comfort care package. So does the bumkins.

  70. The steaks would definitely be #1. Would love to give my hubby these for Christmas!

  71. The Omaha Steak package sounds amazing! I hope I win!

  72. I’d have to say the Omaha Steak package sounds pretty nice, but the Mabel’s labels look cool too!

  73. I love the personalize children’s book!

  74. You know my fave deal has to be the steak… because I like meat in my mouth.

  75. Definitely the steak deal!

  76. This would be great for us because we are having a baby in December! I like the reuseable sandwich bags on plum district. We use so many of bags! Thanks, [email protected]

  77. Christine Waddell says:

    I would like a little wine to go with those steaks!

  78. The Omaha Steaks! Mmmmm….

  79. I have to say the Omaha Steaks deal…. their stuff is so amazing!

  80. As a vegetarian (but with a meat eating husband so we’d still love that giveaway), I have to go with the canvas prints deal! I have toooooo many pics of my kids that need to be up on my wall!

  81. Steaks all the way–but only because I am all full up on my Mabel’s Labels.

  82. The personalized kids books look really neat

  83. If I don’t say steaks, my 11 yr old steak lover will not be happy :) Really, great deal.

  84. steaks are always great. but i love the jewlery fromscarlet robin.!!!

  85. Great Giveaway!! I think Omaha Steaks is my favorite deal!

  86. My favorite deal is the Omaha Steaks package! :)

  87. Belinda Romney says:

    I like the steaks and the children’s books!

  88. My favorite deal would be $20 off the wine — which pairs quite nicely with some steaks!

  89. Steaks, canvases, kid clothes–how on earth do I choose a favorite?! I’ll just say it’s a tie between all the awesome they have listed! :)

  90. Michelle S says:

    So many good deals to choose from!! The Omaha deal is great, but I love the 50% off the storage containers and reusable bags- anything that creates less waste is great!!

  91. Loving the resusable snack bag deal!

  92. Heather dela Cruz says:

    Lots of great deals…..but I think the steak one is my favorite right now! (Probably because I’m hungry. ha)

  93. Besides the Omaha steaks deal, I’d have to say the Holiday Themed Care package. Thank you!

  94. wow! everything looks awesome! i’d say the omaha steaks deal or the book! my husband would be thrilled if i won!

  95. Julie Buckner says:

    I love the holiday card deal — just what I need right now! :)

  96. Love the photo cards deal

  97. I do love the Omaha Steaks deal, but really like the $39 for $90 Worth of Canvas Prints (plus Free Shipping!) from CanvasLifestyle deal, too

  98. Obviously the steak deal is great,but the reusable ziplock bags are great too!!!

  99. i don’t know if my comment got published, so hopefully this isn’t a repeat,but I love the steak deal of course and the reuseable baggies too!

  100. I loved the EcoMom deal I got awhile ago.. right now I’d have to say the steak… my hubby would love that for his birthday in a few weeks :)

  101. The personalized children’s books look awesome

  102. The Omaha Steaks deal is awesome…but I’m thinking my disorganized kitchen would really appreciate the Lock & Lock deal. :) Thanks for the chance!

  103. The canvas prints would be perfect for the family photos we just had done! :)

  104. MMMMmmm… My family would be all over this meat deal, although I think the Pioneer Party deal sounds pretty sweet!!

  105. I like the Omaha Steaks deal but I also love the $39 for $90 worth of pics on canvas.

  106. Ricki Duke says:

    The Omaha Steak Deal looks good to me.

  107. The “Best Seller” for the Omaha Steak deal looks pretty tempting!

  108. The Spoonful of Comfort package is sweet, and the steak is looking mighty good.

  109. The cake pops look super yummy today!!

  110. in the everywhere deals the omaha package is my fav; I looked at my local deals and my fav there is a hopme organizing package.

  111. For me CanvasLifestyle. As a gift Omaha Steaks.

  112. I’d love to send my sister the Spoonful of Comfort Care Package. She’s not able to come home for Christmas this year and I know she’d love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. fun and festive photo cards

  114. The Personalized Children’s Book’s are so incredibly precious. I just cannot even stand it! :)

  115. Abbey Despain says:

    The Spoonful of Comfort care package is my fave! Although the steaks look divine!

  116. There is a fantastic Photo Cards deal today – just in time for Christmas!

  117. I’d say that deal which appears to be no longer available from what I can see from Omaha Steaks is an awesome deal. Maybe because I haven’t eaten since about 4am today and I’ve been craving steaks a lot lately. LOL But there is one that would come in very helpful in a few months from for those adorable baby/toddler rockers when our Granddaughter is born.

    There are some really great deals on that site. I’ve heard of the site before but haven’t gone there before now.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I’ll be waiting with my fork in hand and knife for you to draw my name. haha

  118. I like Scarlet Robin’s jewelry and of course the Omaha Steaks. =)

  119. I like the OneHope wine deal. It seems like a great bargain!

  120. Who doesn’t like steak!?!?

  121. My favorite deal today is the Canvas Lifestyle deal!

  122. I love the Spoonful of Comfort Deal the best!

  123. My favorite deal is the one you are giving away. Perfect Christmas gift for my brother.

  124. mary norman says:

    There are so many…. I really have a hard time deciding.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Ladefly@aol dot com

  125. Omaha Steaks is my favorite-looks divine :) thanks

  126. Look, I’m a dude. I’d be throwing away man points if I DIDN’T say the Omaha steaks.

  127. Becky Pelishek says:

    As far as the deals, I think the deal for the photocards 24 for $48 worth of cards is a great deal!!

    Hope I win the steaks!

  128. I like the deal!

  129. I love the easy one entry things. And I’m so going to be the last entrant and not win.
    As for a deal I like, that $25 for $50 of metal serveware at Old Town Imports looks pretty awesome!

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