Giveaway: Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop

How’s about a fun little giveaway to get you through this dreary Wednesday?  (OK, it’s probably not low 30’s and drizzly everywhere, but it sure as heck is here.)


Meet Rachael.  She lives in the Seattle area and she makes soap.  Cool, right?  Rachael says:

I have been making soap for my family for the last 9+ years in my own kitchen.  Recently I have taken it to another level and participated in some local craft sales under the SassyMei name. I have had an overwhelming response to my soap and have decided to set up an Etsy shop, Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop.


The soaps come in a number of different scents that sound good enough to eat.  Cranberry orange anyone?  How about black raspberry vanilla?

In addition to the soaps, Rachael sells delightful little scrubbies (and they’re only 75 cents!!!).


Wouldn’t a box with some of each make a delightful gift?

Speaking of gifts, Rachael currently has a special Holiday Cheer section of her shop to help with your holiday gift giving needs.  There you’ll find festively colored scrubbies and special holiday soap scents, among other things.


Everything in the shop (except for an entire batch of 16 bars of soap) is under $10.  Nice, right?

What’s in it for you?

Rachael is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader 4 bars of soap and 3 scrubbies of their choice!


Click on over to Rachael’s Soap Shop on Etsy.  Have a look around.  Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) saying what your favorite scent is.

Bonus entries:

“Favorite” Rachael’s Soap Shop on Etsy.  Leave a comment on this post saying that you did.

“Like” Rachael’s Homemade Natural Soap on Facebook.  Leave a comment on this post saying that you did.

Giveaway will close Sunday night at 10 pm MST.  Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond.


Make a purchase from Rachael and mention Crap I’ve Made in the notes to seller to get a free scrubbie with your purchase!


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  1. Rebecca Drake says:

    Coconut Lemongrass probably smells heavenly :)

  2. Rebecca Drake says:

    I added her as a favorite on etsy – travellingtexasaggie

  3. Rebecca Drake says:

    anddd.. “Liked” her on facebook!

  4. The christmas holly berry please! so cute!!

  5. Heather dela Cruz says:

    I’d go for the all natural face soap!! I have super sensitive skin and use all natural soap now… but have been looking for a new supplier. Thanks!!

  6. I think the natural face soap would be awesome for my sensitive skin!

  7. I <3'd her on Etsy :)

  8. Warm Vanilla Sugar Soap is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. mmm…either warm vanilla sugar or mango tangerine.

  10. I “liked” Rachael on FB.

  11. Amanda Brantley says:

    I’d get the vanilla sugar for me, or the all natural for my aunt who has super sensitive skin & roscea.

  12. mackenzie keck says:

    My favorite scent would probably be the Warm Vanilla Sugar!

  13. Amanda Brantley says:

    I like Rachaels soap on FB!

  14. Grapefruit Ginger sounds like a good scent to me!

  15. Ok, you don’t really expect me to choose 1 favorite do you? Coconut-Lemongrass, Grapefruit-Ginger and Mango-Tangerine are really my 3 top favorites and I don’t think I could pick just one :) Thanks for the chance to win some of this luscious soap!

  16. Coconut Lemongrass baby!

  17. Krista Hansen says:

    I would love to try grapefruit ginger or vanilla orange soap. FUN!!

  18. Ohhh, so many yummy fragrances! The Honey Almond and Cranberry Orange sound fabulous. Thanks for sharing this cool shop! :)

  19. mackenzie keck says:

    I liked her page on Facebook.

  20. Krista Hansen says:

    I added her as a favorite on etsy. Now I can easily find her when my holiday shopping starts. Which should be very soon :)

  21. I added Rachael to my favorite Etsy sites! More than happy to do so :)

  22. I also favorited Rachael’s shop on Etsy!

  23. I also liked Rachael’s FB page. Don’t spend a ton of time there lately, too busy hopping around blogland :)

  24. …and just got back from “liking” on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  25. mackenzie keck says:

    I “favorited” her etsy page!

  26. I think I’d really like the citrus and sage soap!

  27. Lisa Hathaway says:

    I really like the grapefruit ginger. And I’d love to try the warm vanilla sugar. Or the citrus and sage … mmm …

  28. I would love to try the sugar plum and cranberry orange!

  29. Lisa Hathaway says:

    Favorite on Etsy.

  30. I “liked” Rachael on FB too!

  31. I’m pretty sure I’d like ALL of them but I’m going to have to go with the cranberry-orange. I LOVE homemade soap–pretty much all I buy for me (the dh and the kiddos just probably woudn’t FULLY appreciate it! LOL)! Nice etsy shop!

  32. Liked her shop on facebook. :o)

  33. citrus sage…spiced pear…grapefruit ginger…I love homemade soap!!!

  34. I liked Rachael’s soap on Facebook…

  35. Made her a “favorite” on etsy! Definitely!

  36. I would definitely pick the Peppermint Wake Up! I definitely need it most mornings!

  37. And she’s a favorite on Etsy now!

  38. Warm vanilla or lavenar rosemary! They both sound great!!!!

  39. Added her to my favorites on Etsy!

  40. So many great scents. I would have to go for the black raspberry vanilla.

  41. Mango Tangerine sounds divine! Mmmmmmmm :)

  42. I think the coconut lemongrass scent looks as if it would be my fav.

    I added her soap shop as an Etsy “favorite”

    Also “liked” her facebook page!

  43. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her peppermint wake-up bar! It is the best!!!

  44. Rachel’s shop is already a favorite on etsy.

  45. I like her on FaceBook!

  46. Dominique says:

    I think the black raspberry vanilla would be great! I would also get the peppermint because I have a hard time waking up in the morning ;)

  47. Dominique says:

    I faved her shop on etsy! username DominiqueD

  48. Dominique says:

    I now “like” her on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway :D

  49. Christine S. says:

    The oatmeal milk and honey and the black raspberry vanilla look wonderful!

    Christine in OH

  50. Christine S. says:

    I am already a FB fan of hers too!

    Christine in OH

  51. Would love the peppermint wake-up bar or rustic dispenser!!

  52. I like Rachael’s Handmade soaps!

  53. Added to Etsy Favorites!

  54. Liked her on fb!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Lavender Rosemary!!!!

  56. Rachael’s Homemade Soap Shop is my favorite!

  57. Peppermint is my favorite!

  58. Ashley Reece says:

    There’s so many yummy sounding scents! I’d like to try the warm vanilla sugar soap.

  59. Ashley Reece says:

    I’ve already favorite-d her Etsy shop.

  60. I would want to try Peppermint Wake Up Bar Soap w/Green Sea Clay, maybe that would help me jump start my day!

  61. Ashley Reece says:

    I like her Facebook page also.

  62. I added her to my favorites on Etsy!

  63. jennifer lucero says:

    i love lemon squeeze and lavender rosemary soaps she makes. they have got to smell heavenly.

  64. I think the peppermint wake up bar would smell fabulous!

  65. I favorited Rachael on Etsy (Andreabauer8)

  66. I like Rachael on Facebook (Andi Bauer Trautman)

  67. I’m gonna have to go with Spiced Pear, but it was hard to choose…they all sound heavenly!

  68. Added her Etsy shop to my Favorites

  69. Liked her facebook page.

  70. I think I would like the lavendar rosemary. I thought about the spiced pear but it says it has a hint of vanilla and that scent gives me headaches (odd I know). Thanks

  71. I like her on FB

  72. I add her shop to my Etsy favorites.

  73. Ooh! I would love to try the Peppermint Wakeup Bar! Sounds lovely!

  74. I added her shop to my faves as Kassi13.

  75. I liked her Facebook page!

  76. >.< too many of those sound like they'd smell just wonderful! the black raspberry vanilla and the spiced pear.. or perhaps the pearberry…those sound like they'd have me breathing deeply and smelling my skin constantly lol

  77. How about Cranberry Orange or Citrus Kitchen – I bet it smells wonderful :)

  78. I think the lemon squeeze soap sounds wonderful!!!

  79. Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking for those scrubbies!

  80. I like the .
    Warm Vanilla Sugar Soap!

  81. I liked Rachael’s homeade soap on facebook.

  82. I left a comment on her facebook telling her I have entered this blog giveaway!

  83. Hillary S. says:

    The Christmas Splendor sounds right up my alley at this time of the year.

  84. Grapefruit Ginger for sure!

  85. I like her on FB :)

  86. Hillary S. says:

    I love handmade soaps so this is definitely now an Etsy favorite!

  87. I made Rachael’s shop a FAVORITE on Etsy.

  88. I really love racheal’s soap shop! I will be placing a order! I love the peppermimt holiday soap, candy cane pins, and the mason jar soap/lotion dispenser!!

  89. The black raspberry vanilla even looks good! hehe I would probably pick that one..

  90. Its a favorite on Etsy!

  91. I already like it on FB!!!

  92. lavender rosemary. I adore lavender.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  93. Peppermint Wake Up sounds great! I love to take a bath in the morning! It is my way of saying, “I am up, but I am going to take my time.” Thanks for sharing with us.

  94. Julie Andrews says:

    I think the Christmas Sugar Plum would be fantastic.

  95. Julie Andrews says:

    I made her a favorite on Etsy.

  96. My favorite scent has got to be Christmas Sugar Plum Soap!!

  97. I think maybe mango tangerine. It was hard to choose. I felt like I should be choosing something to EAT. yummy. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  98. I would love to try the orange cranberry. Sure hope I win. Blessings

  99. Liked her on FB!!! Sure hope I win!!!

  100. coconut lemongrass!

  101. Warm Vanilla Sugar!

  102. Liked her on FB!

  103. The Warm Vanilla Sugar sounds wonderful.

  104. Grapefruit Ginger and Honey Almond sound wonderful. Thanks

  105. Made her a favorite on Etsy, one of my favorite places to shop.

  106. Warm vanilla sugar sounds good to me.

  107. I think I would love Sugar Plum – thanks for the chance!

  108. Rosemary lavender or Grapefruit ginger or Honey almond. Well, they all sound wonderful.

  109. Natalya Hoak says:

    My favorite scent from her etsy shop is the Peppermint Wakeup bar.

  110. grapefruit ginger sounds yummy!

  111. i like rachael’s soaps on fb

  112. i added her shop to my faves on etsy

  113. That Peppermint Wake Up sounds like a great start to the day!

  114. Hands down, my favorite soap is the Lavender & Rosemary. Unexpected, but wonderful combo!

  115. heather foster says:

    how fun! I’d have to go with coconut lemon grass

  116. Stephanie B says:

    My favorite smell that she has would be the warm vanilla sugar.

  117. I like Rachael’s Homemade Soap on FB!

  118. Stephanie B says:

    I have added Rachael’s Etsy shop on my Etsy page BensonLove

  119. Gina Sorenson says:

    Black raspberry vanilla sounds yummy enough to eat!! If i don’t win i am definetly buying them!!

  120. Grapefruit is always a favorite of mine. They all sound wonderful. Best of luck in her business.

  121. Mmmm, lavender rosemary! My favorite and it would be a big hit with my lavender loving 4 year old!

  122. She’s now a favorite on Etsy!

  123. And I liked her on FB too!

  124. The Coconut Lemongrass sounds delicious!

  125. I liked Rachaels Homemade Soap on facebook!

  126. Ooooh, so many nice scents! How about raspberry and rosemary? Good enough to eat! pegchr (at) yahoo (dot) com

  127. The peppermint wake up bar sounds perfect for this upcoming season.. I love Christmas :)

  128. I liked Rachaels Soaps on Facebook!

  129. I added Rachaels soaps to my favorites on etsy ( loveysforcharlie).. Now what to order?? So many choices : )

  130. Ok, I’ve narrowed it down to 3….no, 4, no ok, 3. Wait, you said which ONE is your favourite. Hmm, Ok, well it’s either the Honey Almond, Mango tangerine or Spiced pear. Or all three…um…I love them all!

  131. I can’t choose between Peppermint & Orange Vanilla!!!

  132. I added Rachel’s soaps to My Favs on Etsy – thanks!!!!

  133. the MANGO TANGERINE would be my pick if I had to limit it to one, but there are others that sound & look yummy!!

  134. I’ve added your etsy shop to my favorites

  135. Peppermint for sure! I love the smell and studies show that the smell wakes up the brain. Heaven knows this tired mom could use me some of that.

  136. Jessica F. says:

    Definitely the lavender rosemary. Sounds so soothing!

  137. I would love the Peppermint Wake Up bars~I love peppermint soaps!

  138. I added her as a favorite on Etsy and I am on there as Pink Lemonade Bags

  139. And I am maxed at 5000 connections on Facebook, but I really did try to Like her page!

  140. OOo Peppermint wake up sounds lovely!

  141. And I liked her on FB :)

  142. I would love to try the holly berry or the vanilla sugar!

  143. I added her to my etsy favorites!

  144. I liked it on FB!

  145. I want to try the Honey Almond Oatmeal! Mmmm …

  146. Rachael is on my favorites on Etsy.

  147. mickie byers says:

    Yeah for giveaways!! The honey almond and cranberry orange I am sure smells great! I also love those ruffle dishcloths and bath scrubbies!!

  148. Christina says:

    I would love to try the Peppermint Wake Up Bar Soap!

  149. I would love to try the holly berry. Thanks, [email protected]

  150. I hearted her shop on etsy. Thanks, [email protected]

  151. The Lavender Rosemary sounds absolutely delightful.. Please pick me!!!!!

  152. I’d love to try the Christmas Splendor or the Sugar Plum. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  153. I would love to try the citrus and sage

  154. Um, the orange cranberry sounds delicious!

  155. Hillary S. says:

    I have liked on facebook

  156. steph nelsen says:

    the peppermint sounds wonderful!

  157. steph nelsen says:

    etsy shop favorited!

  158. steph nelsen says:

    facebook page liked!

  159. Lavender Rosemary is my favorite! Rachael’s stuff is superb and the scrubbies are whoa cute to boot! Thanks for the chance to enter, Char!

  160. Rachael’s shop is one of my favorites on Etsy!

  161. I liked Rachael on FB!

  162. I think my fave would be the Warm Vanilla Sugar Soap

  163. Peppermint wake up bar, it would be great for my 5:30 am work days :)

  164. I also “liked” Rachael on FB!

  165. Definitely the Peppermint Wake Up bar! I love peppermint scents & I love to feel better about being awake. :)

  166. Coconut Lemongrass makes think of some place warm and sunny, but the spiced pear sounds yummy!

  167. I like the Christmas Holly Berry Soap.

  168. I favorited her shop on Etsy (Mari)

  169. I’m a FB fan (Mari Doug)

  170. grapefruit ginger sounds awesome!

  171. I liked Rachael’s shop on Etsy… so many amazing things!! Thanks for introducing her to us!

  172. I also like Rachael’s page on Facebook!!

  173. So many fabulous sounding options to choose from but in the Spirit of Christmas, I think I’d like to try the Christmas Holly Berry. And then Vanilla, Ginger, Coconut… the works!

  174. I like Rachel’s page on Etsy!! Love her homemade soaps and the price:D My faves would be cranberry orange,black Raspberry vanilla, citrus kitchen soap and Oatmeal Milk and Honey. I like to many;)

  175. I’d love the lavender soap!

  176. I’d love to have the coconut lemongrass!

  177. sangeetha says:

    peppermint or lavender rosemary

  178. It’s a fav on ETSY!

  179. I love all things citrus, so I would choose the citrus kitchen soap!

  180. I “Favorited” Rachael’s Soap Shop on Etsy

  181. I “Like” Rachael’s Homemade Natural Soap on Facebook

  182. I’m hooked on anything lavender, so her Lavender Rosemary soap would rock my world!

  183. How can I pick a favorite? They all look spectacular. Spiced Pear, Lemon Squeeze, Grapefruit Ginger, it’s all too much! But if I have to pick a favorite favorite, I’ll go with lavender rosemary. I love lavender.

  184. Grapefruit-Ginger! Yum! Wouldn’t that be great to wake up to at 6:00AM after a long night nursing a newborn baby?!?

  185. I like Rachael on FB!

  186. The spiced pear sounds heavenly!

  187. I liked Rachel on Facebook!

  188. Oatmeal milk and honey sounds like a wonderful treat. For your skin of course.

  189. I want to try her Christmas Holly Berry Soap!

  190. Rachelle M says:

    I am going to order the Coconut Lemongrass.

  191. Rachelle M says:

    I ‘liked’ her on facebook.

  192. Rachelle M says:

    I also added her as a favorite on Etsy.

  193. I would love to get my hands on some Peppermint Wake Up

  194. Mmmmm warm vanilla. Yum

  195. I liked her on FB!

  196. Liz Goguen says:

    I have purchased homemade soaps at crafts/arts fairs in the past and have always been so pleased with them! I especially am interested in the Holly Berry, Black Raspberry and Spiced Pear that Rachel offers! They look scrumptious! I have chosen her Etsy site as a “Favorite” and also have “Liked” her on Facebook! Best wishes to the winner (hope it’s me)—Thanks to you for promoting her!

  197. Definitely the Black Raspberry Vanilla…sounds absolutely yummy!

  198. Added her as a fav Etsy too

  199. Wish I had smellavision.

  200. I think I’d like lavender rosemary the best, but it would was tough choosing. I like the sounds of the peppermint wake-up bar, too. In the end, it was eenie, meenie, miney, mo that decided the winner.

  201. I added Rachael’s shop to my favorites. Very nice products!

  202. Although I have not smelled your Christmas Sugar Plum soap, when I was in Junior High….a long time ago…I had a favorite Lip Smacker lip gloss called Sugar Plum…..I remember ordering some little lip smackers from a magazine (to be like the rest of my friends—-a big deal back then—well, lip smackers were back ordered and the Bonnie Bell Company sent me a huge Sugar Plum lip gloss to “hold me over” until they could send my order. I was THRILLED! A young girl with not much money… was such a gift! (I swear that lip smacker lasted until my senior year!!!! :) And although my odds of winning your soap are slim, I have enjoyed a trip down memory lane. Thank you for your generous give-a-way.

  203. I think that mango tangerine sounds superb to remind me that winter will not last forever!

  204. Also made her a favorite on Etsy. Cannot wait to get ordering for Christmas!

  205. It is hard to pick a favorite, there are so many that sound awesome! I guess I would have to go with Spiced Pear if I had to pick just one…

  206. I ‘liked’ Rachel on Facebook!

  207. I added Rachel as a favorite on Etsy!

  208. Black Raspberry! Really nice products!

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