Life, liberty, and the pursuit of crappy-ness

I’m not myself as of late.  I suspect some of you have noticed.

I don’t want you to worry.

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.

It’s life.

We all have crap.  Some people have health crap.  Some people have job crap.  Some people have family crap.  No one’s crap is any better or any worse than anyone else’s crap…it’s just different crap.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…reflecting, even.  I went back and read over my resolutions for the year:

I want to visit Omaha. Done.  I have the check stub for BC’s $150 speeding ticket in Wyoming as proof.
I want to say NO more often.  This one is still a work in progress. Winking smile
I want to say YES more often. This was in reference to my kids.  I need to ask them about this.
I want to yell less and laugh more. Epic fail.
I want to DO more and worry less.
I want to take more naps. I think I’ve done OK on this one. Smile with tongue out
And, I want to stop buying diapers for the first time since 2000. I don’t dare say it aloud, but we haven’t used a diaper since last Wednesday.  Could this be the end of an era???

photo (19)
Yeah…I did it again.  I posted a picture of a kid on the toilet.  The comments and emails telling me I was a horrible parent who better start saving for therapy last time obviously had no effect on my cold shriveled heart.  So, don’t waste your energy this time.  Open-mouthed smile

I’ve let people down.  I’ve said I’d do things for people when I really should have said no.

I’m sorry.

I’m monumentally behind on emails.

I’m sorry.

The reality is that something’s gotta give.

I’m working on it.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is, but I feel like I owe you all an explanation for the lack of creative awesomeness going on ‘round these parts.

And, I wanted to reiterate what I posted on Facebook on Thanksgiving:

I’m grateful for all the usuals (family, friends, health, Diet Coke), but I’m also thankful for YOU. Blogging has introduced me to so, so, SO many people that I needed in my life. Some make me laugh until I can’t breathe. Some inspire with kind words in an email on days I’m ready to throw in the towel. Some make me want to be better and do more. Thank you for touching my life.


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  1. Oh please! Potty training is a serious achievement and I’m sure as hell gonna take a picture of my kids accomplishing something they’ve been working on. I didn’t see a naked picture, so what’s the harm? ‘They look so grown up sitting on a big toilet don’t they? Congrats on the end of an era! I’m going on 5 years of diapers and it will be another 5 years at least before I can even think about not buying them anymore. You are right, we are all going through different crap. Hopefully you get your sorted out soon :)

  2. I think you’re doing great! We all have the crap (hopefully not THE craps) and I hope you find your inspiration to be crafty soon… maybe the crapper? LOL :)

  3. I love you to the ends of the earth! And I love your crap too. Which I think is a pretty bold statement. But oh so true. Let’s have lunch, and let the kids snuggle. :)

  4. Like you said, we all have crap, and that’s well life. If you were happy all the time and were a never-ending well of awesome creativeness then I would wonder what planet you were from. There is never a need to apologize for being human. Those toilet pictures are hilarious! Fantastic for black mail files when they are older! Thanks for the update! Hope everything smoothes out soon!

  5. I love this because right now I am working on getting my crap together too! Congrats (fingers crossed) on the potty achievements!!!!

  6. THANK YOU!! I am a momma with 4 kiddos also. I yell too much, drink WAY too much Pepsi on “those” days, and tend to take on more than I should in fear of disappointing someone. Sometimes I read crafty blogs (usually when I should be doing laundry) and get so discouraged. How come those bloggers have time to clean their house, feed their kids 5 course meals, AND craft? Their lives seem so perfect! And although I KNOW I shouldn’t let it get to me, it does…and I feel inferior. And then I come here, and you are having a crappy time and feeling uncreative and possibly overwhelmed as well. And you are REAL1 And that makes it all better, so thanks! I also wish you a never ending supply of Diet Coke to get you through potty training! But it DOES end, we have been diaper free for 4 years now AND IT IS WONDERFUL!!! ;)

  7. Phenomenal post! You know why? Because you’re doing JUST FINE! We’re all here and we’re all reading! Take more naps and worry less!

  8. I feel your crap…er I mean PAIN! You Re right, we all have it but it helps to be reminded that it’s not just ME! I love you and your crap…cal me and complain to a listening, sympathetic ear :)

  9. Oh. My. GOSH!! The potty picture is pure comedy-gold!! I have 3 boys, all whom didn’t potty train until they were exactly 3. I thought the day would never come when I wouldn’t have to change a diaper. We’ve been diaper free here for 1 year and it feels-so-goooodd!! (my boys played the DS on the potty!)

  10. Just know, you are loved. I love reading all your posts, including this one.

  11. Getting rid of diapers?? Amazing! I think something that huge definitely warrants a child on the toilet picture. I am thankful for blog posts like this that help me realize that I’m not the only one out there who deals with crap and feels overwhelmed because I can’t say no, say yes too often, and make projects a bigger production than they need to be.

  12. You make us feel like we aren’t alone trying to navigate through our day to day “crap” Toilet pictures are hilarious and as long as you don’t display it giganticly above the mantle the kids shouldn’t require therapy.

  13. That is the best toilet picture. I hope our kids can spend time together in therapy. Mine will certainly need it by the time I’m done. :-) So here is wishing you a totally “craptastic” day! (I love that word and am so very happy I get to use it in a comment today!)

  14. I have never seen anyone treat a toilet like a lounge chair. Looks oh so comfy! Great shot. Give yourself a break, btw.

  15. Char, you are wonderful!
    Even if you do post your son on the toilet (I find it endearing). :)

    But seriously, I think you’re pretty dang inspiring. And, I love your blog. Crafts or not.

  16. our kids will be in therapy together, ive done the same thing!
    life happens… we cant please everyone all the time, do what makes you.. and your family happy

  17. Gealean Murray says:

    Just want to say, I read the blog b/c I love YOU! Your sense of humor and outlook on life keeps me smiling. Crafting aside, I think you are awesome and that is what keeps me checking in daily here!

    Good luck with the continued potty training efforts! I finally got one potty trained, for several months now, and it looks like it’s almost time for my daughter too. *sigh* Not looking forward to that!

  18. I cant actually believe that people would bother to comment about posting toilet pics – they have way too much time on their hands. Post away girl, they are funny as we all have those toilet training moments. My daughter is 4 on Saturday and she has started after more than a year out of nappies, she is now peeing on the bathroom floor – drives me to drink, there is too many times that I have had to mop that bloody floor – however, in saying that, it has never been mopped so many times in its life!!!

  19. We all have crap. I hope you get yours sorted out soon. =] And I can’t resist – but yay for more crap in the toilet and no diapers!

  20. Aw, you’re awesome man!!

    And if the posting of toilet pics annoys people, I say you host a potty picture linky party! ;)

  21. Thank you for being you (good and bad crap alike, it makes you relatable and special)!

  22. OMG, you are a MAJOR hoot! I Think you were the first person who coined the word “craptastic” and I just about lost it! And the references to all the crappy-ness….oh my, you are soooo funny! :)

  23. Let’s see…family crap, check. Health crap,check. Yelling too much, check. Yup, I know how you’re feeling! Just as long as the “something” that has to give isn’t your blog, everything’s cool ! And the picture of “Boy on Potty” is beyond adorable. Hang in there mama!

  24. I totally get where you are coming from, I think we all go through the same thing, some of us more often than others. That is why my New Year’s resolution is not make any resolutions. Trying to accomplish so many things tends to overwhelm and stress me, therefore, I will only make a list of things that NEED to be done. If it was done and sctatched off my list, that means it was a priority for me. If it was not done, I will not dwell on it, and move on. We like to feel admired, we like to please others and do not want to dissapoint, but this can burn you out. When all said and done what do you end up being? Not a happy camper, that’s for sure. So take a deep breath and ask yourself what is important to you, then do it. (and that was my two cents)

  25. PS. People: Don’t hate, I think the picture is hilarious.

  26. Kid on a toilet? Soooo been there. It’s funny.

    Good luck dealing with your crap…and thanks for still blogging!

  27. This is the best potty training picture I’ve seen since the one of my sister sitting on the toilet while her daughter sat on the little potty next to her. That one was awesome. Have you tried that? Maybe you should post that on your blog and see what comments you get then. I think he looks pretty content and happy sitting there. I don’t think he’ll need therapy. I have my fingers crossed! Yay, for no more diapers.

  28. Crap all the time! Ain’t it the truth? Pay no attention to people telling you that you’re a bad parent. Been there, done that — and none of mine have ended up in jail (so far). So take a deep breath, and tomorrow, we’ll both enjoy diet Cokes. I tend to start that early (9:00 a.m.), I don’t know about you ;)

  29. Thank you. Thank you for being REAL. Seems to me like we need a little bit more of that around some parts. We all have bad days, months, years… and you only know who your true friends are when you see who reaches out to you with a cold Diet coke. I’m not glad that you aren’t doing well, but I am glad that you are comfortable enough to share it with us. I have been reading your blog for a long time, and while I might not always comment I really appreciate all that you do. Thanks.

  30. Good for you! Potty training is an achievement. I posted one of my son as well. Hang in there. We all appreciate your honesty and empathize with your situation. Good for you for being real!

  31. Hang in there! I visit for the humor–the crafts, etc are just a fun bonus! I hope things get less crappy for you soon. Toilet picture=priceless. And I’m super-jealous of no diapers–dare to dream! :)

  32. Here’s hoping your crap is flushed away soon…

  33. Every day of your life is an accomplishment. You are more successful and amazing and fantastic than you think you are. Not feel sorry for you, you bet I don’t! You’re awesome!! Plus, if you were perfect, I wouldn’t like you much. ;P

  34. Oh.My.Crap!! I love this…not that you are dealing with crap of course…but that you say exactly how it is. I am thankful everyday for the people blogging has brought into my life…you are one of them! And by the way?…I love the toilet picture…perfect ending to a craptastic post!

  35. I love the picture! hahahaha! toilet training is hard work. Hope the crap feelings don’t hang around long but I’m sure you know you’ve got a lot of support here if they do!! No apologies needed, what you said is truth and how I feel sometimes :)

  36. I think your crap smells like roses :)

  37. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has taken a picture of my child on the toilet. My son was reading Money magazine on the pot just like his dad–I couldn’t resist. I didn’t post it but I did put it in a scrapbook which will be given to the grandparents for Christmas. I’m sure he’ll hate me for it someday. Oh, well. And from what I see on your blog, I think you do a fabulous job raising 4 kids. I go crazy most days and I only have one. :)

  38. Seriously people gave you crap (pun intended) about posting a potty picture? WTH? Man people annoy me.

    I personally, love a potty pic. Shocking, I know.

    I’m sorry that crap has happened. Hugs. You rock, sista.

  39. I think it is crap that you aren’t showing your awesomeness every flippin’ moment of the day. Who cares if the kid needs to learn to go on the potty…..I need crafty crapiness 24hrs a day.

    J/K……I love ya…….seriously….for this post alone…….

  40. DITTO! So happy your blog isn’t all perfect and shiny! It is a LIFE, we all have one and I am grateful for it, all of it, including the potty……it! Great milestone, it absolutely should be shared! Hugs, hope your life settles into something comfortable!

  41. I think if the something that has to give IS your blog, then you should let it go… at least for a while. You started this blog for fun. Not as a commitment. I’m sure that it’s bringing you a lot of joy, but at what expense? Family first, God next, and everything else is gravy. BIG HUGS.

    And don’t worry. 90% of my goals have been an epic fail too.

  42. I just love the heck outta ya Char!

  43. I wish my crap got this many comments. ;) Know you are loved, and appreciated for who you are- genuine, sincere, funny and REAL.
    Let me know if you need anything.

  44. Holy crap. You should sell your last pic to apple for a new promotion: the iPad for the iPotty. What a hoot.

    PS I’ve been reflective lately too. Must be something going around.

  45. I love your CRAP!

  46. I absolutely LOVE you!!!!! We’re spiritual doppelgängers.

  47. Oh my goodness…Are you in my head? It’s like you took all of my thoughts and put them on your blog! By the way…I take the potty pictures too. I think it’s halarious!

  48. Okay, now that you vented….just take a deep breath and KNOW that you are where you are supposed to be AND doing what you are supposed to be doing. You ARE God’s child and this crap IS a part of HIS plan for you. Just keep praying and remember that this crap “shalll to pass”.

  49. Hey, I thought we were SUPPOSED to take potty pics of our kids. For the very purpose of embarassing them later on. If we DON’T do this then aren’t we failing as parents? I love your post. You are pretty dang genuine. I can dig that. Hugs.

  50. awesome post, thanks. i’ve spent the last three days wallowing in my own crap — not a good idea. this was the push i needed to get out of my funk.

    thanks for the idea on the ipad. i want one really badly, but haven’t been able to justify it. getting my last one out of diapers may indeed be the justification i’ve been looking for.

  51. Don’t be so hard on yourself. As wonderful as the blogging world is, blogging is just a part of your life- not your life. We all get that. And we’ll still be around whenever your life has less “crap” and you’re able to “craft” more.

  52. I agree with Kimberly.. There is never a need to apologize for being human
    And anyone who’s offended by the potty pictures can just go read a different blog.
    I’m staying right here, I enjoy your blogging and hope you’re feeling more crafty real soon.
    Let’s wrap up this year and head on over to the next one with high hopes!
    Have a good one

  53. We’ve all been there & done that…I haven’t posted on my blog for over a month. Life sometimes takes us in a direction where we need to focus on other things…and to anyone that doesn’t understand that…I say pfffffffffffffffffffffffffft!

  54. I still heart you!

  55. I’ve done crazy things to teach my kids to use the toilet, if I wasn’t so scared of things getting dropped (ksplash) I’d done the same thing!! Don’t worry about the picture, just cause you’re honest enough with yourself to be honest and genuine with strangers. (Psst: The naysayers are just jealous!!)

    Love your blog, love the title, love what I’ve read so far. Know how you feel, wish I was brave enough to say it to the world!! You’re my hero.

  56. I love you Char. I’m so sorry you are dealing with any sort of crap right now. You deserve nothing but bright, sunny, colorful days. I think a lunch date is in order. Stat. This time I won’t have crap that stops me.

  57. I love your honesty! We have all been there and if we say we haven’t, we are liars! Life comes first, and I think you are awesome and love your blog!

  58. am lovin your crap! – be kind to yourself – we are all too hard on ourselves, you are not alone – (Yay!) xxx

  59. Well that’s a bunch of crap………… LOL. Girl life happens and we all have our moments, days, weeks or whatever. It’s called life. You hang in there. I don’t remember the first toilet picture (I’m old) but I know this one made me laugh.
    I love the line by kisatrtle says:
    November 29, 2011 at 6:03 pm
    Here’s hoping your crap is flushed away soon…

    Wish I’d thought of that.

  60. girl!! what an honest and fabulous post! it’s truly a comfort to know that others out there aren’t afraid to be “real”…. i have been going through a crappy time myself. pop by for the gorey details. *LOL*
    thanks for being you.

  61. I think everyone who knows you would agree that the best thing about you is you are honest!!! You are honest with yourself and you are honest with others! Love that about you.

    Hang in there.


  62. Just a technical question. I wasn’t sure how to send an email to you directly. I have made a dozen of the curling iron travel pouches (using your tutorial) for my 9 nieces, daughter, son’s girlfriend, etc for Christmas. Can I sell the 3 extra ones on Etsy? Does that infringe on your copyright?

  63. Elizabeth says:

    We are all entitled to a bad day, a bad week, hell a bad month, year, etc. Being a wife and mother is hard-ass work. Trying to do it well is even harder. We play the hand we’re dealt. Some do it better than others and some others bluff. But we all have crap. The people who can recognize their crap and embrace it for it’s craziness are real. You, dear Char, are real and that’s why we love you.

  64. Awwwww glad I’m not the only that has taken a picture of my child on a toilet… then again, I’ve taken them at her worst tantrum moments, too. Personally I resent people who have only smiling happy photos of their family, because thats not life. I know you understand that. :) LOL Thanks for the laughs.

  65. Char I love you!! This post seriously made my day! Thanks for keeping it real and being YOU! Yay for no diapers! So funny I took a VERY similar picture of my son this weekend (potty training). {hugs}

  66. You know, it’s really nice to know that YOU”RE HUMAN too. :) You’re doing an awesome job. Potty pictures??? BRING IT ON – don’t let ‘em get you down. Set a new rule for yourself and tell everyone – “don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.” Do what you need to do. I won’t judge you. :)

  67. Love your blog and posts – the good, the bad, the crap! Hang in there.

  68. Have you noticed that my cooking blog hasn’t been touched in months? Totally ran out of steam. It’s hard to keep the constant flow of creative juices. This time of year is craptastic for me. Always. I can paste a smile on and keep going and few people are the wiser, but inside it ain’t purty. I <3 you most sincerely for being a friend, for keeping it real, and for coming to sew with me even when your inbox overfloweth.

  69. I think the pic is hilarious and epic. I took one of my baby brother during his toilet training (we are seven years apart and I just found out that I loved photography). That picture ended up in his wedding video some 20 years later-he was so proud of it. He was reading his favorite book rather than an Ipad, but it almost looked exactly the same!
    I’m sorry about the negative comments on your blog you may have received. We bloggers can get 30 good ones and then a bad one hits us and can ruin our day. People may think it’s harmless and they’re anonymous, but they are still a person somewhere judging us, disapproving of us and it hurts. I’m sorry about that.
    I hope you have a great Friday. And congrats on getting rid of the diapers!

  70. haha! i love that picture! i have been buying diapers since 2003 and probably have 2-3 more years. Sigh.
    Char, take care of YOU. We will all be here ready to relish in your creativity when you have time to share it. No pressure. Live your life!!

  71. you wear many “hats” and blogging and creating happens when it happens. so please give yourself some grace. take care of you and yours. and we’ll enjoy a post when time allows.

    now pat yourself on the back for one more child very soon to be out.of.diapers!!!!!! yay, char!!!!!!!

  72. Well, this is a few days after you posted, so I am behind, as usual. LOL. See, life happens. Love your blog. Take each day as it is handed to you!!!! Love the picture. I agree with so many of the other bloggers, that this picture is priceless, a great lounge chair, etc. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  73. Today you are perfect. As long as you mean to be better today than yesterday or even if you just want to hold steady you are the most perfect you that you can be today. That needs to be alright with you and those around you. Think of it like being on a plane and they tell you if the masks drop down to first put on your own and THEN take care of others. Life is always like that. You need to be ok first so that you can take care of others. Be well.

  74. Aww…you sound like you’ve stolen my beat me ups!…They’re mine…you can’t have them! You know, we should all take a lesson from our obviously smarter relative the monkey, What does a monkey do with crap? Picks out the good bits that they didn’t catch the first time and then throws the rest at the stupid human that’s walking by…there’s a lesson in there! Sounds like you need some chocolate, or vino, or just a good belly laugh. Try the scene in Stepbrothers where she tries to break up their fight with the garden hose…her line after it’s all over always works for me, but then again I still love a good poop story if you’re at all like me check out Heather Armstrong’s story on Dooce , ” a story about someone elses ass”…I may have just horribly offended you, or I may have made a friend for life! Either way…chin up!

  75. I enjoy your blog so much, I have toilet pictures too. I should dig them out and post them on FB now that my daughters are young adults hahahahaha
    I hope you are feeling a little less crappy. I know I have those stretches too…. just stay on your raft lady. You are loved by me <3

  76. Hey Char~
    I’m so behind on reading and commenting(because I’ve been dealing with CRAP!), but I’m so glad that I read your post tonite. It really moved me, as I feel the same way right now. You are much braver than I…I’d like to let loose on my blog but I’ve got a few judge-y family members I’d have to handle. LOL
    And I’ve got to say- I can’t believe that out of all these comments no one admitted that they sit on the potty with their iPad, too! So, here’s me being real, girls! I do! Gotta keep our sense of humor- some days it’s all we have. I’m pretty sure I have a pic of Magoo in the same position as your little one!!! But looking at the bright side- no magazines all over the bathroom. ; )
    Chin up and know that we can all relate. Vent all you need to. You’re doing just fine.
    Big hugs,

  77. I loved this post – potty picture and all. (No more diapers is totally a milestone worth celebrating big time.)
    Your post was liberating to me. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who often feels this way.
    I think you’re craptastic.

  78. My dearest Char (fighting overwhelming urge to use your full name). I just wanted to leave you a note and tell you how much I adore you. When I am feeling a bit frazzled and ready to quit everything the only thing that keeps me going are the very close friendships I’ve made.
    Your post made me cry. Fortunately, I got over it fairly quickly thinking about the fact that if Bennett is old enought to use the iPad, he’s definitely capable of using the toilet. Glad he’s starting to cooperate.
    Love you and all that crap.

  79. Love reading what you share!! Its refreshing,,your so down to earth!!! I loooove the potty pic,cute cute! Thanks for sharing

  80. So, I’m new around your blog, but I love it! Thanks for making us busy and sometimes stressed-out mamas feel not-so-alone. I cracked up when I saw this potty pic. I showed it to my guy and he said your kid won’t need therapy because of the pic being posted, but maybe because he’s out of TP. lol… As if you needed one more thing to do! When we have bad days around here, we like to call them “craptacular.” Keep smiling through the crap–and remember you’re not alone.

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