Hey there!  I’m checking in for just a second to talk about a couple of things:

1) If your name is Charity, check your email (and spam!) because you could very well be the winner of the Rachael’s Soap giveaway.


2)  If you love fabric, you will for sure want to be here tomorrow morning…especially if you love SIX yards times FOUR different winners.  I KNOW!!!

3) I’ll be guest posting tomorrow over at Positively Splendid as part of her A Swell Noel series.

swell noel button 300

I’m showing you how to make a faux grain sack pillow.  (Because really…who has a bunch of grain sacks lying around?).  Mine sports a Santa silhouette, but you can use my tutorial to put words, initials, dates, etc on your own version.


Doesn’t that look like it’s part of a vintage coffee/feed sack?  And it’s CHEAP, too (unlike these found grain sack pillow covers at Pottery Barn, which are EIGHTY NINE dollars..yikes!).

4) I have jury duty next week.  Yes, again.  If you’re a long time reader, you’ll remember I had jury duty last December and like 26 months before that as well, so 3 times in barely 3 years.  Woo.  Since I didn’t actually have to go in last December, I’m up again.  I’ll be calling in at 5pm nightly to see if I have to show up the next morning.  Because of that, I’m going to have a week of giveaways for you.  Monday will be a sponsored giveaway and then the rest of the week will be delightful crafty books.  And, one of them is even signed by Vanessa of V & Co (she uses the word “crap” in her message).  It’s the least I can do to keep you all interested whilst I’m off fulfilling my civic duty, right?

5) Just checking if you’re still reading. Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Jury duty. Lucky you. In 32 years I have never been called….knock on wood. Have fun!

  2. I am still reading for sure! Wish my name was Charity :) Jury Duty – yuck! Sweet of you to give us goodies while you have to suffer thru jury duty.

  3. Excited for tomorrow! (cause who doesn’t love fabric giveaways!). ps. sorry to hear about jury duty – i’ve never been called and am happy about it !

  4. Looking forward to that tutorial! I’ve been called for Jury duty 3 times in three years also. They run jury duty so differently here in KY than they did in CA.

  5. hahahahaha of course I always read to the end!! Looking forward to giveaways! I’ve never had to do jury duty but it sounds boring!

  6. Can’t wait until tomorrow. And Charity is a damn fool (just sayin’!) because that soap giveaway was AWESOME!

  7. I would LOVE 6 yards of fab fabric and would make a duvet cover with Euro shams! Yum.

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