Giveaway: GoodieJar handmade goodies and art

Is it seriously Thursday already?  CRAP.

Are there seriously only 17 days until Christmas?  CRAP.

I’m in trouble.

If you’ve been around these parts for a year or so, you might remember GoodieJar.  They were here last December, too and I’m delighted to have them back.


GoodieJar makes fabulous flowery earrings and pins (affordable, too!).

(That picture makes me WAY happier than it should.)

They also have rings


and giclee prints.


Did I mention that the earrings only $5 AND buy 3 get 1 free?

(Macy wearing the pair they sent us to review last year)

And, if you order by December 17th, it’ll be there in time for Christmas.  Stocking stuffers or girlfriend gifts anyone?

What’s in it for you?

GoodieJar is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a $25 credit to their shop.  Do you know how many pairs of earrings you can get with that???


Click on over to GoodieJar on Etsy and have a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST saying what you’d spend your $25 on.

How easy is that?

What’s in it for everyone?

GoodieJar is offering all of you 15% off through December 16th using code “CRAPPY11”.

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Wednesday, December 14th, at 10pm MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. zalyndia powell says:

    my daughter loves the rings!!!!

  2. This one is easy: more earrings! I have four pair and wore the green lotus flowers while I had my home water birth this year. Love them!

  3. Karen Urias says:

    I would get the hair pins for my daycare girls. I only have biys, so my favorite part of the day is brushing the girls hair:) They would love all the colors to choose from!

  4. I love the large mum earrings, I would get 5 different colors, teal, red, mustard, cerulean, and fuchsia!

  5. I AM BEYOND IN LOVE WITH THE ITTY BITTY MUMS!!!!! Those are so stinkin cute. The Dahlia necklace and the itty bitty pins are to die for as well! Thanks so much for pointing out this fabulous shop!

  6. Heather dela Cruz says:

    I LOVE the rings!!! So pretty!

  7. Earrings for me and hairpins for my daughters!!

  8. OMG, how do you pick? If I have to narrow it down it would be tough but I would have to pick the dahlia hair pins, earrings, and necklace

  9. I LOVE the mini hair flower pins! My daughter and I love pink and purple, so we would buy a combination of those.

  10. Those Sunny Mustard Dahlia earrings are amazing! I would definitely pick up a pair of those plus some mini hair clips for my niece and little cousins!

  11. I would spend $25 on the adorable 5 x 7 Giclee Art Print – “Like So Much”, The mini pins(8), and the Teeny LILAC Orchid Flower earrings.

  12. Oh my! They’re all so gorgeous! I want the Itty Bitty White Mum Earrings, the Dahlia Necklace Pendant, the Clara ring in Lemon is SO PRETTY! How can I choose?!?

  13. I’d get the Rose Necklace Pendant for me, and a bunch of hairpins and earrings for my girls :)

  14. I would get some flower pins. Probably two sets because they are super cute! And some earrings!

  15. I love the hairpins. I would love a few of those to add some fun to my hair.

  16. I would get a bunch of hairpins and the dahlia necklace! All so pretty! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. love the itty bitty mums!

  18. love the purple daisies!

  19. My daughter loves the small rose earrings! She said she wanted ALL of them! LOL

  20. Tiffany M. says:

    I love the earrings and the rings! So cute!

  21. I love the Strength in Flight hairpin set! But really, I want it ALL! :)

  22. Definitely get a unique-looking ring. Thanks!

  23. I would so get the rose pendant necklace, and a bunch of those hair clips!

  24. Johanna Mathews says:

    I love the itty bitty mum earrings! They are gorgeous!

  25. ohhhhh i LOVE all the hairpins!!!! (the cute birdie one is to die for!)

  26. I love the mini pins and the pendants. Lovely stuff! pegchr (at) yahoo (dot) com

  27. I’d get mini pins and the Dahlia pendant. CUTE!

  28. kristen toy says:

    What an awesome give a way! I have a teal ring that I love, now I need the other colors ;)

  29. I would get a red Dahlia pendant for starters and then maybe a grey one. :) And then a rose pendant.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  30. I love the Betty Ring in Deep Eggplant! Plus a ton of other rings and then some earrings. :)

  31. I would definitely scoop up some of their earrings! The daisy ones are so fun!!!

  32. I want those mini pins and I don’t have to settle on one no I can pick up to 10 different colors, for my daughter of course.

  33. Fayth Klauka says:

    I loved looking through everything! I would definitely get the earrings, so dainty and beautiful! Great prices also!

  34. I love all the open rose earrings!

  35. The ear rings look so fun. I would definitly want a rose and mum pair, so hard to choose colors though. The daisy and orchid ear ings are gorgeous. I also love the Evelyn ring in Mint green. What fun stuff!

  36. I would get a couple pairs of small rose earrings as Christmas presents for my cousin, and then a few of those lovely rings for myself! I’m suddenly all about the rings…

  37. The Lillian pendant and some flower pins and some earrings and…. So much good stuff! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. I love the hair pins! They are super adorable. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  39. I love the mini pins!!

  40. I’d get a bunch of Small Mum earrings (which I would then have to share with my 12 year old), and some rings. I love these!!!

  41. The hair pins and the earrings are so cute!

  42. Great giveaway!! I would love the Rose Necklace Pendant!! The earrings and hair pins are too cute!!

  43. Sarah-Beth says:

    all of it is so cute. I would buy the 10 mini pines and the large gray carnation pin.

  44. i’d be getting the dahlia necklace for myself, because i’m greedy – but i’d pick up an alice rose necklace for my sis-in-law and maybe a lilac hair pin too!

  45. I love the Jade green earrings,. IT’s my favorite color! Crossing my fingers!

  46. Can I have one of everything? ;) I love it all! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  47. I love the Flower Pins – Set of Three – FORTUNE IN FLIGHT. So cute!

  48. ok. i’m officially in love with those rings, but i’d probably add some hairpins to my basket too, they are adorable!!

  49. Lisa Boshell says:

    I would get earrings. Lots and lots of earrings.

  50. I too would buy the little mum earrings in every color available. Actually when you get down to it I would like to have it ALL! LOL

  51. I would spend the money on the little mum earrings and on the precious hair pins for my daughters hair.
    she would have to share the earrings with me though. :)

  52. I love the hair pins and little mum earings. They’re too cute!

  53. I’m crushin’ on the Dahlia pendant! :)

  54. I like the different Rosebud earrings!

  55. What a fun shop. I would love to get some earrings to give as gifts! xoxo

  56. I love love love the hairpins! And for sure would wear the earrings! The carnation is my fave.


  57. So hard to choose everything is so pretty but I do like the Flower Pins – Set of Three – MOODY

  58. Here’s what I’d get with the $25 credit to the store (all earrings):
    Darling rose earrings – ivory
    Awesome Large Ivory
    Awesome Large Teal — I have the perfect top to wear with these!
    Classic Gray mum
    Stylish Brown Dahlia

  59. I would love the hair pins for my daughter!

  60. The mums are adorable with all these tiny little petals. I would get every size.

  61. That would be terrific and I could finally catch up a tiny bit on the Christmas — because I usually think I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME until December 24. When I don’t. I would get lovely flowery things for my girls.

  62. I really like the dahlia necklace and my girls would love the flower bobby pins.

  63. I like the lavender daisy earrings and the flower pendants – so pretty!

  64. Well I’m not one for flowers… except for black or dark roses >.< I'd have to go through and get both sizes of black rose earrings for sure… then I'd have to decide on the hair pins.. or that dark rose ring… or that one necklace … lol

  65. The rings ar awesome!

  66. I’d have to go after the bobby pins.

  67. Alexandra H. says:

    Fortune In Flight FLower Pins and the Clara ring in Grey.

  68. I love the bobby pins! Those flowers are so sweet (totally not too youthful for a cool mom to wear, right?)…

  69. Holy lands they have a ton of stuff.
    I’d pick the earrings and bobby pins. Which one is too hard for my brain right now. : )

  70. I really like the rose necklace. I would have to get my granddaughter some earrings and rings. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  71. I would definitely be getting the pick 10.. I think I would also make sure I get an owl and a bird hair clip for sure. I love all of the different flower shapes and designs!

  72. I love the necklaces, especially the cabbage rose.

  73. Shannon R. says:

    The pick 10 hair pins with an owl for sure and a ring in lemon and maybe some earrings.

  74. Do I have to decide now? :) I am torn between a few rings and earrings….or maybe a pendant. I love yellows, but I have no greens. Ugh! Too hard! Large mums earrings in teal for sure though.

  75. I loved the lavender ring – but my goodness – I think I want one of everything! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Ooooo….pretties! I LOVE them all! =)
    But to answer your question, my son has autism and he has 5 special woman in his life: his ABA therapist, his “feelings” therapist, his teacher, his special ed case manager, and the therapist who runs his group therapy. I need quick, affordable Christmas gifts for them all! At $5 per pair we could buy 5 sets of earrings as Christmas presents and then use my Cricut and craft supply cabinet to make really cute gift cards to put them on. My son loves using my Cricut and will look for any excuse to fire it up, lol.
    Thanks for the opportunity! =)
    11seventytwo (@) gmail (dot) com

  77. I would like the Teeny LILAC PURPLE Orchid Flower Earrings . . .

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  78. Kelsey Stewart says:

    I love these!!! I would get the set of 10 mini’s or the set of 3 clips in “Rainy Day”.

  79. I would get some pins for my daughters hair and also my own! Thanks, [email protected]

  80. Barbara C says:

    Earings I love the green ones your daughter has on so bright

  81. Elizabeth Brueseke says:

    I love the dahlia necklace, and then earrings to share! The hardest part would be choosing colors!-

  82. Dahlia Necklace Pendants for everyone!

  83. I’d definitely use it to buy mini hair pins – or rings for all the ladies in my family

  84. I love the rose pendant and then some fun rings!

  85. I would choose the Lillian necklace

  86. The first thing I would get a set of three flower pins. Then I’d look at a set of mum earrings and a ring.

  87. Anything coral but my absolute fave is the coral mums. How cute would these be, made into buttons?

  88. Jennifer Payan says:

    Cute items!!! I love all the earrings but have an allergy to metal in my ears but I would love to order an Alice Neclace in pink or Sky Blue, and a set a hair clips. Probably a couple of flowers and an owl.

  89. I would love some earrings or hair pins. Fingers are crossed!

  90. Love them all! I’d really love rose necklace inyellow and jade green and dusty rose earrings. Any and all would be lovely! Thank you for this wonderful site and chance to win!

  91. Love the sweet crimson red open rose earrings!

  92. Camille A. says:

    I think I’d go for earrings and use one pair as part of a Christmas gift for my sister in law. Maybe some of the hairpins as well.

  93. Jessica Nix says:

    Dhalia pendant and some of the small rose earrings and a rose ring!

  94. Carrie Anderson says:

    My twin 22-month olds are fascinated with rings–they especially love to lick them, while they’re on your finger. They’d love some brightly colored rings and Mama likes the Evelyn.

  95. I would buy icy blue mums and the bright red mum earrings

  96. Melissa c says:

    I like the rings for my 3 girls!

  97. Celeste O says:

    I love the hair pins.

  98. I would definitely buy the rose necklace pendant and would love to add some earrings and hair pins too!

  99. “Mini pins choose any 10″ for sure! Then I’s have some for my little one and some for me. Plus maybe a regular pin for myself, as I’ve never been one to go for post earrings. Thanks for the chance!

  100. I would need dainty white rose earrings, Betty in pink flower ring, a red Lilian rose necklace, and a set of 4 hair pins.

  101. I would buy cute earrings for my neice and a green Clara ring for my sister for Christmas! The earrings are the perfect size for a little girl. Then I would of course have to get the Rose pendent for myself… :)

  102. I would buy earrings for the beautiful women in my family – mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-laws! Those flower studs are too cute to pass up!

  103. i love the tiny lilac purple orchid earrings

  104. I would get a variety of things (for my daughter and myself to share, of course) because I can’t choose just one! the Clara ring in gray, the Lillian rose necklace pendant in indigo (to go with ALL our jeans), a set of three flower pins–I can’t decide between Fortune in Flight or Strength in Flight (with $25 free, I’d probably get both!), and finally, the Betty ring in deep purple because it’s our school color. :)

  105. I would buy the hair pins. That set of three in green is calling my name!

  106. Nicole Pendley says:

    I just bought $25 worth of gifts from GoodieJar and now want some cute mum earrings for myself :). Love the gray and lime green flowers!

  107. I had to place an order when I went to look, I would get ivory hairpins for my daughter to constantly pull out of her hair.

  108. Natalie Robinson says:

    I love it all! I would get as many colors as I could of the hairpins and then a dahlia pendant. I would love to wear them all and so would my little girls!

  109. Definitely get some of those cute earrings

  110. Wow what cute stuff. I would buy the large grey carnation pin, The grey Dahlia pendant, and the grey flower ring, and mini pins. Just in time for Christmas gifts! Thanks for the giveaway

  111. Love them! I’d probably get large rose earrings in assorted colors.

  112. What a great giveaway! I love the rose pendant and also the medium sized mum earrings! The colors are all too pretty…I’d have to get more than one! Thanks for the chance at winning!!!

  113. I would have to add a couple of more $25 to get all I like and want. I would have to have some of the flower hairpins, some of the rings, some of the earrings and omgosh a ton of others cause I would have to share with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law!

  114. These are so beautiful! I have a large orange pair already but I would love to add to my collection! The Mums are my favorite! I want a white pair and maybe some grey ones too, that way they will go with everything!


  115. I would buy a bunch of flower earrings in all colors!

  116. What a great give-away! I’d love to get a ring, the Dahlia Necklace Pendant and some flower pins. And probably some earrings :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. I love all the colors!! Definitely would get earrings and a ring or two!

  118. I would love some of the flower earrings. Very cute!

  119. I like the hair pins and the necklaces!! I also enjoy the exciting colors that are offered.

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