High Waisted Skirt Tutorial, revisited

Way back in August last year, I posted my high waisted skirt tutorial.


I combined it with a 2 seam tutu to get this look:


It’s probably my favorite skirt I’ve ever created (and it sews up SUPER quickly), but it kind of got lost in the shuffle last year….something about giving away a Silhouette that week, I think.  Winking smile

I decided to use that tutorial to make Macy’s Christmas skirt this year.

The result?


True love.

The little red ribbon tied around the waist was the perfect finishing touch.

The only change I made from the original tutorial was that I increased the length of the skirt pieces to 24”.  Someone’s grown 5” in the last year, and it’s mostly leg.


So, give this one a second look, will ya?

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  1. So very sweet! I adore the fabric, and I agree with you, the ribbon is the PERFECT touch!!

  2. Amruta Pandit says:

    Taht skirt looks so pretty on her! Would you mind sharing where the fabric is from? I’ve been looking for a print like this for an A line skirt for a while.

  3. Macy looks so young in that first picture!

  4. Char, she gets cuter by the day! I love love LOVE how the skirt turned out. AND, I’m making a Hobby Lobby trip tomorrow… hmmm…. :)

  5. I give it a 10!

  6. You are so talented! And she is gorgeous! I love both skirts! She is a lucky girl to have such a talented mom.

  7. Yay! I think this will sit on tip I my pregnant belly!

  8. Awesome job Char! These are darling!

  9. very classy. Macy looks so grown up!

  10. I love Macy’s whole outfit, and the skirt is just genius. It can go to a party or to something more casual. It is a classic design that shows what good taste she and her mother have! Outstanding!

  11. P.S. – I like all the skirts, but the damask one is the one I was referring to as being so versatile. And the red belt is just perfect!

  12. It’s perfect!!

  13. I was hoping you’d post how you made it–I’m totally making one for myself!

  14. Such a pretty skirt! Thank you for the tutorial. {again}

  15. Brooke Nelson says:

    very cute!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  17. Gorgeous! I know my daughter would love one of these. Maybe for Easter. LOL

  18. That is lovely! Such a classy look for the holidays!!!

  19. I want some of these skirts for me. Do you have any tutorials that include more adult measurements?

  20. So cute! I love the fabric and the ribbon does give it just a perfect little touch of Christmas. It is super cute!

  21. Oh my gosh that is cute!!! I wish I was your neighbor so I could have you teach me to sew. Actually if I was your neighbor I would just bug you until you made them for my girls too! :D

  22. The skirt is really adorable. I wish I was more of a skirt person, but I don’t wear them as often lol…but you did great.

  23. super cute skirt—oh my goodness, she’s a mini “you!”

  24. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for a great idea!
    Just pinned it.
    Jacqueline (visiting from TT and J)

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