Playroom Organization + $100 Lowe’s Gift Card Giveaway

You all remember the great playroom purge a few weeks back?

We’ve had some great shelving in there since we finished our basement 5 or 6 years ago…

Super old crappy picture alert:

but the fabric bins were just not working out for us.  I had little kids when I bought them, and only one boy old enough to play with toys.  Since that time I’ve discovered something:  Those cloth bins do not hold up to little boys…at least not mine.  We had an incident with scissors where some of the handles were snipped  Several others were missing bottoms.  Pretty much all of them were bent in weird places.  And, there was no way to label them.

So, here’s my industrial boy friendly organization solution:



I found these buckets at Lowe’s in the paint department.  They’re $6.57 each, so not a whole lot more expensive than the cloth bins.  They fit perfectly in my shelving (Pottery Barn Kids) and would also fit in ClosetMaid or IKEA stuff as well…anything where the holes are 12” X 12” or larger.

I also wanted my buckets labeled, and I wanted them labeled in a way that could be changed, because in a year or two we’ll be out of the Little People phase and have 5 buckets of Legos.  I thought about vinyl, but I wanted it to be easier to change than that.  My solution?


Chalkboard paint.

I traced an oval onto some contact paper and then cut it out, leaving the edges in tact.


Here’s my oval template, but really…it’s just an oval.  Find something and trace it. Open-mouthed smile

I applied the contact paper to the buckets as a stencil.  It’s a little bit tricky because of the slope of the bucket, but go slowly and make sure to seal the edges tightly.



Prime the bucket with primer for metal.  If you don’t, the paint will peel right off.

Apply 2 or 3 thin coats of chalkboard paint.  I like to alternate between vertical and horizontal coats to minimize brush lines.

Carefully remove your stencil and then label your buckets as desired.


Easy and customizable!

Random questions I always get asked when I post pictures of my playroom:

What color is your paint?

It’s called Apple 2 and I got it at Lowe’s.  It’s pretty much my favorite light green ever.  I used Apple 1 in another room in the house, even.

Are those rain gutters?


Yes. Yes they are.  I put them up in 2006 when we finished the basement and they’ve held up beautifully.  I saw the idea originally in Family Fun (see here).  They’re a great way to have the books visible and accessible to my kids and they made great use of an awkward spot behind the door.

And now for the good stuff:


To enter:

Leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) saying which room in your home needs some Lowe’s organization help.

Optional bonus entry:

Like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.  Leave a separate comment saying you did.

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Friday, January 27th at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen…I need the winner’s info before the end of the month!

And while you’re waiting to see if you won, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Disclosure:  Lowe’s provided me with a gift card to organize my playroom.  The paint and rain gutter projects happened many, many years before I started working with them…I’m a Lowe’s fan from way back.

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  1. I think those gutter book shelves are going to be the answer in my son’s cluttered room! Thanks for the great tips. :-)

  2. I would love to re-do and organize my bedroom for my anniversary.

  3. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  4. I love Lowes, and right now I’m spending tOns of money there. Hook me up Char ;)

  5. I liked the lowes page!

  6. LOVE the idea of the buckets. Never thought of that. Hi-hi, hi-ho, it’s off to Lowes I go…

  7. Love the gutter ideas. Will keep them in mind when we move. Right now the office needs the most organization.

  8. I already like Lowes creative ideas on FB too, and get the magazine too.

  9. Debbie B Sam says:

    Holy smokes, what a great idea! Love the metal paint buckets, awesome! My sons room could always use some organization, but my sewing room needs it more, there is just stuff everywhere! Thanks for the chance Char!

  10. Connie Haack says:

    My Craft, sewing, Ebay room needs the most organizing help! Love all your ideas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Our playroom and my office are both in terrible need of organization. I love your bucket idea! I’ve currently got a few fabric covered popcorn tins and a couple of colored storage lockers on our playroom shelves…. they don’t seem to be helping.

  12. My living room! The toys pile up like trash at the dump!

  13. My pantry! Since our kitchen flooded 2 weeks ago, it is a dump zone and needs help ASAP.
    PS I love the paint buckets – have to see if they will fit my repurposed hutch for the boys.

  14. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative ideas page on FB

  15. Our playroom is in need of some serious help!

  16. Our playroom could always use help from lowes organization!

  17. Sarah Lim says:

    My family room needs help. Right now it is piled high with stuff.

  18. We are moving into a new house on Thursday. Every room needs organization!!

  19. I liked lowes creative ideas on FB

  20. My finished basement rec room/craft room is in serious need of organization. If I could stop finding new crafts I like that would help too.

  21. I “Liked” the Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB.

  22. The playroom for sure! It’s an ocean of toys.

  23. pretty much everywhere lol but I’d probably start in the bedrooms, thanks!

  24. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  25. My craft room is in desperate need of some help!

  26. My kitchen NEEDS Lowe’s. We have paint bought, but that’s not going to fix the whole problem.

  27. joanna waddoups says:

    i love lowes on fb they have awesome ideas

  28. joanna waddoups says:

    my living room is in some dire straits

  29. My sewing/dvd/cd/fish tank/closet overflow/computer parts room is in desperate need of organizing help. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  30. Every room in my house needs attention, but especially my laundry room.

  31. Closet. Kitchen. Just about the whole tiny apartment.

  32. My laundry room needs the most help & this GC from Lowe’s would get things started. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I like Lowe’s creative on facebook.

  34. Cricket Potvin says:

    Our playroom is in need of some serious organization. The walls feel like they are clsoing in on us!

  35. I love wandering around Lowe’s for out of the box things and ideas.

  36. my whole house could use some reorganization, but especially my son’s room.

  37. Cricket Potvin says:

    I like Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook

  38. I love the buckets and the gutters! Great ideas!! Really, our whole house is always in need of organization, but we are always trying to figure out how to get the most use out of our living room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I would definitely like the organization help in every room, but if I had to choose just one… definitely the BASEMENT~

  40. I ‘like’ Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook; thanks Char for guiding me there… more ideas for my summer break projects!!!

  41. what a great play room – I really love your book display too!!!

  42. every room in my house needs some organizing because we just moved in. However, we’re currently working on the toy room and then we’ll move on to the bedrooms.

  43. Love the buckets! They’re perfect.

  44. My living room needs help. So much stuff.

  45. I like Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook.

  46. My craft/computer/kids room needs the most help!

  47. Our bathroom would be the first thing I would work on!

  48. I like Lowe’s on Facebook!

  49. Oh my goodness, where to start… I think our hall closet needs the most help as far as organization! I sure like the buckets and rain gutters, very clever!

  50. I just ‘LIKED’ Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! THanks for the chance(s) to win!

  51. I would love to organize my bedroom in the basement. It seems to be the place where everything goes when we don’t know where to go with it. We just shut the door and forget about it until we need something and then we see the mess again. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  52. Jennie P. says:

    I love the playroom organization. Great job on that! I know my kitchen could use a little help from Lowe’s right now.

  53. Jennie P. says:

    I also liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  54. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  55. Our bedroom closet needs organization!

  56. oh man – my office needs HELP! all of our paperwork and files and then all of my craft stuff and “creative juices” live in that room together and right now it is a giant pile of chaos!!

  57. working on our basement now too – $100 would be great help!!

  58. I “lke” Lowes creative solutions on FB!

  59. I “Liked” the Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB.

  60. I am in need of bathroom storage ideas!!

  61. I love using buckets in those shelves!! (like here:

    I think I most need to organize my kitchen!

  62. Lisa C Johnson says:

    My husband and I just moved into our first we-own-it home. Every room right now needs some help! I would probably use the gift card for supplies to help frame in a door to our laundry area. Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. I have a question…how do you keep the paint buckets from scratching your shelves? Did you line the bottom with anything?

    Also, my sunroom could use some organizing. Right now it is a catch-all for all of our junk. Toys, spare chairs, craft supplies, tools, you name it, it’s in there. Help!

  64. My kids room’s desperately need some organizational magic! It’s baaaad.

  65. Lisa C Johnson says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  66. Probably every room needs it, but I would use it on my son’s baby’s room!

  67. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  68. My craft room is in desperate need of a organization makeover. I took everything out of the closet to put some shelves in, and now I’m stuck. I can hardly walk into the room. I guess I better get crackin!

  69. Well, we’re getting ready to start decorating and fixing up a nursery. So, for now that could use some help :)

  70. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook (Andi Bauer Trautman)

  71. Stephanie R. says:

    At this point, ALL of our rooms could use a little organization! :)

  72. Melissa M. says:

    The boys’ bedroom is in desperate need of organizational help. I love the idea of using the rain gutters to hold books.

  73. Stephanie R. says:

    I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook

  74. Melissa M. says:

    I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas page on Facebook. :)

  75. This is the year of organization in my house. So I could use it in any room…but I would start with my playroom and foyer. The foyer b/c we are currently keeping all our shoes in a laundry basket and all our coats on a coat tree that was in my house when I was little.

  76. I have the same problem with my fabric bins. I need to get some of those buckets! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  77. heather f says:

    wow rain shutter book shelves! Now there is a GREAT idea. I love all things galvanized

    I used a galvanized pipe in my kitchen along with my range hood. I love the idea of adding galvanized buckets to hold things.

  78. Melissa M. says:

    Definitely my playroom and office need some organizational help. I love Lowes. Did you put anything on the bottom of the buckets to keep them from scratching up the shelves?

  79. Oh, my….what room around here DOESN”T need a little help. I’d say my top three are the garage, the craft room, and my son’s bedroom. HELP!

  80. I would love to have some help with my family room/living room

  81. I liked on Facebook

  82. I liked the Lowe’s page!

  83. The room that needs the most Lowes help right now would have to be the play room.

  84. Melissa M. says:

    I liked the Lowe’s creativity board on Facebook!

  85. Well let’s see, my bedroom for one, guest bedrooms, living room, family room, dining room, entry way…I guess that’s about our entire house. Lowes is my fav store and I do try to not go there every single day.

  86. I SHOULD say my kitchen needs the most organizational help, but the selfish truth is my guest bedroom/sewing room/office have kind of blended together with all the sewing/yarncrafting/papercrafting STUFF and that is the bane of my existence right now. :)

  87. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB.

  88. I just bought my first home this past August. I could use help for storage in both the children’s rooms, and my kitchen, which doesn’t even have drawers or cabinet doors at this point! Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. Our basement desperately needs some help. This giftcard for come in handy for us for sure.

  90. my living room could use some lowe’s help! we are saving to get new carpet from there, and a $100 gift card would be a big help!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  91. My family room could use $100 worth of Lowe’s goods :-)

  92. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas FB page

  93. The paint buckets are a great idea! I just purchased a cubby system for our living room and no bins beacuse like you the fabric bins stand no chance against my son! Paint buckets it is, so chic! Thanks for sharing!

  94. I would love to organize my basement/kids playroom. Everytime i look down there i think that there has to be a better way!!! Thx for the giveaway!

  95. Love the paint buckets! Too cute! My sons play area could totally use a make over!

  96. My sewing room needs an overhaul…there’s just SO much stuff in that small room & lately I can’t find anything I need.

  97. I LOVE the metal bucket idea! My son is only 18 months but is already destroying the fabric bins we have! We just finished updating the toy storage in the house, so I would use the gift card to organize our bathroom and closet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. And I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook :)

  99. Ok, ALL the rooms in my house need some organizational help! But right now I’m concentrating on the laundry room. One room at a time!!

  100. My daughter just bought her first home. Lowe’s would be a HUGE blessing for her to organize her new home.

  101. My garage is needing some reorganization.

    p.s. I just used metal buckets that I got in the gardening section at Ikea to organize my kid’s playroom

  102. My kitchen needs it more than any other room.

  103. Our living room REALLY needs some organization!

  104. My living room needs some help.

  105. What a great giveaway – I would love to win! Could totally use this for the new baby’s room!

  106. Love the buckets, and thanks for the tip about using primer! My spare bedroom needs the most help. It currently holds my husbands clothes, work supplies, my craft supplies, sewing machine, and all of our extra stuff that we don’t have room to store. It’s a mess!

  107. Those buckets are a great idea!
    But the rain gutters?? I literally just said “That is BLEEPing awesome” Out Loud. I didn’t say bleep.
    Anyway, I have an office/craft room that is pathetically un-organized and needs help!

  108. LOVE the buckets! They look great! Gosh…to pick a room…basement bedroom needs it the most. My daughter will be down there for the summers when she’s not up at college. Let’s just say it wasn’t really built for a permanant resident!

  109. My kitchen needs the most organization! Fingers crossed!

  110. Liked Lowes on facebook.

  111. love your playroom! My craft room needs major help! :) Thanks for the chance to win.


  112. It would be so amazing to win the Lowes gift card! We are moving from a less than 900 sq ft house to a 1400 sq ft house and I was just at Lowes drooling over all the awesome organization items they have!

  113. I LIKED Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook!

  114. we have an elderly grandfather living with us, so ALL of my stuff gets crammed in my room. i call it my craft room/office/bedroom. with all of this piled in, it needs some serious oranization before it starts looking like an episode of hoarders.

  115. Jen Sanders says:

    I need some serious help with my basement! Our 8 kids are taking over our space & we need more room!

  116. I’d whip the closet in my boy’s room into shape. It needs some serious help.

  117. I would love to have shelves like the ones pictured above for my 5 year olds room. We are thinking about building our own loft bed for her too! Yay!

  118. Mom of 3 boys here…fabric bins do not work! The buckets are a great idea and look great as well! EVERY room in my house could use some more organization but first on the list is my craft room!

  119. My playroom is actually the room that most needs to be organized! It’s a nightmare in there!!

  120. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  121. I Like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  122. Gwen Windham says:

    I’ve got several rooms that could use some help!! ;-) But to choose just one– I’d say, probably the laundry room needs it the most! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  123. Kitchen!!!

  124. melissa evana says:

    What great ideas! We just bought our first house and its a fixer upper built in the 50s. It is only 900 sq. Ft. So organization is a must! I would love to do something fabulous in the back room which is where we enter the house and where our laundry is located. $100 would be a great jump start and I love lowes!

  125. Jess Hansen says:

    My boys room needs some HELP! Loving your ideas from lowes!

  126. Sourkraut says:

    My craft room could use a lot of help. I’ve got so much stuff jumbled together in drawers and piles. It would be nice to sort it all out and have it neatly divided.

  127. Beverly Tank says:

    I have been doing tons of organizing projects on every room of our home, but the one room that could use the most help is our game room. There is no sense of organization whatsoever in that room right now (except that I did get the toys sorted into shoe boxes and bins)…now I need some shelving to put all the toys on, some new lighting to brighten up the room, and some new carpet to replace the old, very stained carpet. I would love to win a gift card to Lowes!

  128. Beverly Tank says:

    I liked Lowes on Facebook!

  129. Liked Lowes on FB!

  130. I would say my craft room needs the most help, hands down! It’s a mess and I just can’t seem to get it straightened up!

  131. Jess Hansen says:

    I liked lowes on facebook!

  132. I desperately need to reorganize my sewing room. I love the rain gutter bookshelf idea!

  133. Tina Nuche says:

    I have a room that serves as a craft and toy room that really needs help!!

  134. Gwen Windham says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! Thanks! I didn’t know that they had a FB page! :-)

  135. melissa evans says:

    I also likes the lowes creative ideas page on Facebook for an extra entry :(

  136. I am in love with the rain gutters! I want to do this in my daughter’s room makeover! Great idea!!

  137. I’m thinking our garage probably needs the most help but the boys room would probably benefit mommy the most. Just can’t seem to keep their toys from being everywhere.

  138. Liz Novosad says:

    I would reorganize some new storage for the thousands of DVDs my husband has ofovies he doesn’t watch!

  139. Our basement could really use some help! I would love to have the tools to get it more organized.

  140. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  141. I would love to paint and organize my sewing space….

  142. I liked Lowes creative ideas on facebook

  143. I would love to organize my laundry & pantry area.

  144. I liked the FB page….love me some LOWE’s

  145. My GARAGE needs some TLC!!!!

  146. The like Lowes on FB too! :)

  147. My office! It has to serve as a multi use space and definitely suffers from that. Some intense organization would be awesome!

  148. Tiffany Mazzara says:

    Love how the buckets turned out! Great idea!

  149. Debra Rice says:

    My master closet needs a makeover so bad. We keep making excuses like, “we can always just close the door so no one sees how bad it is” but honestly I hate going in there to find clothes. It’s dark and we only have two rods to hang clothes on at the top so a lot of clothes and shoes are just in piles on the floor. Yuck!

  150. Tiffany Mazzara says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook.

  151. Liked Lowes creative on FB page…

  152. I would love to organize my pantry!

  153. Your room looks awesome! I love the gutter shelves, I did that in my classroom
    When I taught Kindergarten. I would use gift card to organize 3 kids worth of toys in our new basement playroom…or in my sewing craft room to help me get organized! Thanks for the opportunity.

  154. Oh, what room DOESN”T need it? lol. I would have to pick the loft/office/craft mess.

  155. I like lowes on FB!

  156. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  157. Sourkraut says:

    I liked them on FB (Lina Querry).

  158. Dana Gamble says:

    What room doesn’t need organized would be the easier answer! But the basement needs it the most!

  159. Nichole Ashby says:

    My family room is over run with toys! I need to find a solution!

  160. Oh my goodness, My boys room need a makeover so bad.. 2 boys 1 room = BIG MESS

    I also like Lowes creative ideas on FB

  161. Dana Gamble says:

    And I just “liked” Lowe’s Creative page on Facebook …

  162. debra rice says:

    I Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook :)

  163. Oh, does our landing/computer/play room need help. Yes, it is all one space, right at the top of the stairs. I need some cabinet type things, but can’t find what I want. DH says he has seen what he wants at Lowes though.

  164. Oh my every room needs to be organized but especially the family room or the pantry!

  165. I LOVE the gutter shelving idea. I’m going to have to find some where to incorporate that in our home. Girls room would be perfect! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  166. My bedroom closet!

  167. Most of the rooms in my house could use some organization help. I’d start with the kitchen though

  168. I follow LOWES Creative Ideas :o)

  169. Any room!! We live in a small apartment and with a toddler we need room and ideas of where to stash her stuff!

  170. I liked Lowe’s Creative FB page!

  171. My bedroom needs help! So much help :(

  172. Whitney Smith says:

    I “like” Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook! They rock!

  173. Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB!

  174. Whitney Smith says:

    My laundry room is in major need of some Lowes oranization HELP!!!!

  175. Lisa-Marie Janotka says:

    My office needs help! I have a business attached to my house, so my office is Grand Central!!!

  176. We’re finishing our basement and my Craft room is going to need some major help when it gets done. I sure could use that $.

  177. Kathy Frank says:

    I’m working on my craft room right now! Would LOVE some extra $$ for organizational items!

  178. Denise Panhorst says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  179. I would use Lowe’s gift card to organize my basement, it’s a chaos right now lol ..Thanks for the giveaway :)

  180. Denise Panhorst says:

    I need organizational help in my kitchen.

  181. I love the gutter idea! We have a lot of weird wall space that is begging for something like that.

  182. I liked them on facebook

  183. Kathy Frank says:

    I “liked” Lowe’s” on facebook:) And I really like them in real life too:)!

  184. I have many, many rooms that could use some help from Lowe’s products!!!

  185. I liked lowes creative on Facebook, good thing lots of neat articles!

  186. Trena Carr says:

    I love the paint bucket idea. I can always use a Lowe’s gift card. Getting ready to start a new kitchen project.

  187. What would I do with a $100, probably finally give my little man some place to put his toys beside the thrift store plastic toy bin that is falling apart in his room ;)

  188. sangeetha says:

    My laundry room needs some desperate help

  189. Our play area and office are in desperate need of organization. I keep trying with what we have, but I just need to purchase more shelving and gadgets. Love your bucket idea! My 1 yo son is currently taking a toll on our fabric totes. =)

  190. My little boys room needs some serious help !

  191. Trena Carr says:

    I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  192. I love that you can’t see what’s in the bucket so it still looks neat! Great idea!

  193. We are getting ready to redo the kids space for them – this would help a lot!

  194. I already follow them on FB

  195. liked on fb

  196. My son’s playroom! He just turned one in January so with his first Christmas and Birthday, we are overloaded and in much need of organization! This gift card would help so much! Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. We so need to update our bedroom. Some how that is the room that always gets ignored.

  198. I now follow Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  199. JoEllen Smith says:

    Wow, 100 at Lowe’s would be amazing! I would definitely work on my kids rooms! My 2 girls share a room because we live in a small house and they need quite a bit of help in there! LOL!! My son’s room has a great start but still needs a few things also. Love the buckets! Great idea!!

  200. Stephanie says:

    We just moved and we now have a play room. My children have toy everywhere. I need to find a way to put things in bins in an organizational way.

  201. Rhonda Grisham says:

    My craft room is a mess, and could use help bad!!

  202. I Like Lowe’s Creative Ideas Page

  203. JoEllen Smith says:

    I “liked” the Lowe’s Creative Ideas page also :)

  204. Rhonda Grisham says:

    Liked Lowes creative on FB- Rhonda Bailey Grisham

  205. Well, we just ripped apart our kitchen, so yeah, that’s where I could definitely use some organization help! Thanks for the chance!

  206. I live in a tiny 700 sq foot apartment with hardly any closets and no pantry so my husbands office/my craft room/the pantry is NEVER organized! It would be so nice to have a little shopping trip to Lowe’s so that I can finally get things where they need to be.

  207. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  208. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook and said you sent me :)

  209. I desperately need to organize my craft supplies in my bedroom.

  210. I love shopping at lowes!! I’m ready start some new projects!

  211. I would use it to organize my boys bedroom!

  212. Uh, my whole house needs it! But right now, most urgently, my home office (walk-in closet) needs it. That gift card would help tremendously.

  213. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook.

  214. I also liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  215. I have a dream of a beautifully organized Country Store Pantry! Oh, Lowes, won’t you help?

  216. I ‘LIKE” Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  217. EVERy room in our house needs organization help!!!

  218. My boys room could definately use some organization. With a 4 yr old and 8 month old we have a wide range of toys. Plus a closet originally intended for adults instead of small children! It would be awesome to Have a little extra to help organize their room appropriately! Thanks!

  219. Our office/my sewing room, it shares a space and the closet is over flowing with fabric. We rent and can’t really attach things to the walls.

  220. I’m starting a basement overhaul, and would love some help from Lowes!

  221. I could use some help from Lowe’s in our family room!

  222. I ‘liked’ Lowes creative ideas on face book.

  223. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  224. Allie hocking says:

    Yay, I really need lowes help in our family room! It’s the room we spend the most time in so it would be great to organize and create storage (I may totally snag the rain gutter idea!)

  225. Beth Stultz-Hairston says:

    If I won, the Lowes giftcard would be used to help organize my son’s bedroom…I never knew a 5 year-old could have SO much “stuff”!

  226. My poor craft closet needs a makeover BADLY!

  227. Oh man my master bedroom could use some seems to be the dumping grounds for everyone!

  228. Beth Stultz-Hairston says:

    I “LIKE” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  229. I “liked” Lowes Creative Ideas!

  230. my storage room in our basement needs the most organizing right now. I’m becoming a more avid couponer since hubby’s office laid off 5 guys and hubby’s job was cut to part time in November. Trying to stock up food in the event that he loses his job before finding a new one. Running out of shelf space to put food/paper products. Thanks for the giveaway.

  231. I like lows creative ideas on Facebook

  232. I love those buckets! I would organize my kids play area. It needs a facelift. I have the crappy fabric bins, and I hate how much they cost! Thanks for sharing the color name too! Green is my fave!

  233. Whitney W says:

    My whole house needs organization help! Our office/craft/sewing/storage room probably needs it the most!

  234. Would love to get our basement family room organized. Kids are growing up…so toys need to be sorted and organized and room needs to be made more tween/teen friendly!

  235. Whitney W says:

    I “like” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB!

  236. What a great idea the buckets are!
    Which room in my home needs some Lowe’s organization help? My garage is in desperate need of organization!

  237. My office/craft room needs help!,

  238. liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook

  239. My son’s room needs the most organizational help! To tell the truth every room could use some. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  240. our living room sure needs some help!

  241. Hi! Love this idea. I, like so many moms out there, need to organize my sons toys. They are everywhere!!!!

  242. What great organization ideas, especially the rain gutters. We really need some major organization for our garage, such as shelves, storage bins & a shed. A $100 gift card to Lowes would be awesome!!! We could get a jump start on all our projects.

  243. My upstairs bonus room which I use for crafting & extra space for guests really needs some organizational tools! My supplies are piled in huge bins & it’s not efficient at all!!

  244. I like Lowe’s on FB! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  245. I “like” Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook :)

  246. Heather Kimber says:

    My basement! Media crafts and storage!

  247. My Family Room needs some serious organizational help. Or my Master Closet. Or my Craft Room/Music Room/Guest Bedroom. Or my Garage. Okay, pretty much everywhere needs organizational help!!!

  248. Heather Kimber says:

    Just liked lowes creative on Facebook!

  249. I would love to get my craft room and our kids playroom organized. The $100 could go a long way for either project. By the way I love the idea of the paint buckets. Perfect for little and big boys.

  250. What a great idea! I never label my storage bins because I always find I’m using them for something new. Enter chalkboard paint! Thank you :)
    Our spare room/craft room/game room/office needs help badly

  251. Pick me! Our toy room is a disaster. Those buckets look perfect. We too have destroyed all our fabric bins over the last few years. A GC would be the perfect kick in the butt to get organizing in there.

  252. My homeschool room needs some serious makeover help!

  253. I also liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook! :)

  254. Would love a lowes gift card. I have plenty of projects I want to do.

  255. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  256. Love this post…found you through this contest…looking forward to hearing more!

  257. I also liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  258. Amy Bounds says:

    I really need some organization in my kitchen; specifically the storage containers.

  259. Amy Bounds says:

    Liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  260. Vanessa S. says:

    I have a toy room/ craft room that desperately needs organizing!

  261. Kristina S says:

    My bedroom closets are definitely in need of some organization, and the coat closet too now that I think about it…

  262. Kristina S says:

    I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on FB!

  263. I “liked” Lowes now let’s fix my office. :-)

  264. Our office,/living room,/kitchen,/dining area needs organizing!…Come on, Lowe’s, Let’s build something! :0)

  265. The playroom looks great! We would use a gift card to organize our family room/homeschool room!

  266. my whole house needs organization :-). I think would start by getting shelves or something for the bathroom my teenagers share.

  267. My daughter’s room needs some serious help!! Lovin the rain gutter book shelf idea!!!

  268. Just liked lowest creative ideas…looks like you have sent a lot of visitors their way!

  269. Our family room/toy room needs a little help.

  270. Definitely my craft room/office space needs organization. I do have an IKEA bookshelf in that room and now I’m toying with the bucket idea for it.

  271. I like Lowe’s creative ideas on Facebook

  272. my whole house needs organization! our office, the garage, the family room, my bedroom—ugh. I guess I could go work on that instead of reading blogs…

  273. Christine S says:

    My spare bedroom/den/throw everything in there when people come over room.

    Or the family room–it always needs hel :)

  274. What a great giveaway!! I am starting to change my sons room from a nursery to a little boys room. I could really use this!!

  275. I “liked” Lowes Creative Ideas on FB!

  276. I just started turning my spare room into my sewing room. It need some major help. I have fabric on the floor and patterns on my ironing board. I would love to have this gift card to help me organize my new sewing room.

  277. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook :-)

  278. I have to pick just one space? I guess it would be my family room. I have a bookshelf for books, but not one storage solution for toys. All of the toys currently get piled on the fireplace hearth at the end of the day. It’s pitiful.

  279. I ‘liked’ Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  280. My basement need to be worked on…so I can organize all the many crafts supplies my mother left me :) :(

  281. My kitchen NEEDS lots of help. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! I would love to get some stuff to organize this room from LOWES.

  282. I Like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  283. I LOVE that book shelf Idea. I am trying so hard to organize my daughters room so I would be spending every dollar of the gift card (if I win) to that cause. Thanks for the chance to make it happen(for free)!

  284. I ‘liked’ them on FB. Thanks :) Have a great day!

  285. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  286. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  287. I really need to organize my sewing room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  288. I’m in the throws of a playroom purge too, so there or the office (my playroom) is where I could put it to GREAT use! Thanks for the giveaway!

  289. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  290. We are moving into a new house this weekend, so every room needs some help. The girls’ bedrooms is where I will start. (My craft room will have to wait, I guess.)

  291. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook!

  292. I’m remaking a chandelier and a place to hang coats. I’d love to win this.

  293. I want to win! Pick me! My office and toy room (and bedroom for that matter) REALLY need help! I have a wishlist Specifically for Lowes! (Seriously, a Lowes wishlist–LOVE that place!)

  294. Alexandra says:

    We are getting ready to move so i will have a lot of organizational projects on my hands. My main concern will be my girls’ bedroom – i will have to make it work for 6 yo and 1 yo at the same time, that will be interesting :)

  295. Everyroom in my house could use a good martha stewart-ing, but if I have to choose a starting point it would probably be my boys’ bedroom!!!

  296. I like them on Facebook!

  297. Alexandra says:

    i follow Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  298. The place that I would organize would be my kitchen (cupboards) ! I have several that could use seperators and organizers to keep apart all the Corningware and Pyrex lids, etc

  299. Please save my home office! :)

  300. My closet needs some help indeed! I even put a lock latch on it so the kids wont open it, because it scares me to look inside. I am in and out in no time, then lock it up. Sounds kinda scary.

  301. I need some desperate help in my playroom! Thanks Lowe’s!

  302. Cathy Byrd says:

    My sewing area could really use some Lowes Magic! :-)
    Cathy Byrd
    byrd at

  303. Cathy Byrd says:

    I like Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook ;-)
    Cathy Byrd

  304. I’d love to finally organize my attic; we have a bungalow and the attic is massive and stores all that “too good to chuck, but no place to put it” stuff. I have all my sewing and craft things in there as well as books, important papers, seasonal decorations, out-of-season clothes and old furniture.

  305. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook: Michelle Hudak

  306. My two year old son’s room is in desperate need of organization. The biggest problem is actually the smallest– his room is teeny tiny and need to use every square inch of what’s available. Just need to find ways to be more efficient in the space that’s there. Thanks!

  307. My laundry room needs major help right now in the organization department.
    Love the buckets by the way!

  308. Michelle Caudle says:

    Our Boys room could really use some organization and a Lowes gift card would definitely help!!!

  309. Love the metal buckets. So pretty and shiny! :) And the chalkboard paint is BRILLIANT! :)

  310. Michelle Caudle says:

    I liked the Lowes page on Facebook!!

  311. Michelle Spiess says:

    Love the metal buckets!

  312. Amanda Crandall says:

    My nursery needs a lot of attention with a new baby on the way. What a great giveaway!

  313. Oh no I can only submit one room…I think I have to say our guestroom…the dump-all…everything that doesn’t have a home or we aren’t ready to let go of goes in there…its sad really!.


  314. I need some help in my laundry space–it’s in my garage!

  315. Denise Kossan says:

    My laundry room!!!

  316. Our basement family room could use some MAJOR help!

  317. I like Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook

  318. I like them on FB! Great page!

  319. Oh boy would this come in handy right now. The room I would LOVE to organize: my master bathroom. There’s no proper storage!

  320. I liked Lowe’s FB page!

  321. Our bedroom could use a bit of help and/or our master closet. It’s a disaster, lol.

  322. I like your storage solution, great idea! If I had a $100 gift card from Lowe’s I would definatly use it to fix up my down stairs toy/craft area. It is in need of sooooo much help.

  323. Our living room really needs help. I have nowhere to put the books and toys that constantly migrate there. :)

  324. I “liked” Lowes on FB

  325. I like Lowe’s Creative ideas on facebook.

  326. Our playroom needs a drastic makeover!!! As does our master bedroom…and office…and most of the rest of the house!!

  327. Our garage needs some serious help!! I’d love to win this!

  328. I liked Lowes on FB!!

  329. Uh, I have to pick one room? LOL! I would say it is a toss up between my craft room and our loft/playroom. My craft room is my current project and I think with a few more things, it will be done. Our loft is always changing. I just can’t figure out what works.

  330. Our garage needs a complete makeover with shelves etc. Is that a room? I hope so.

  331. My whole house pretty much needs organizational help, but my office are, probably needs the most!

  332. My basement could use some organizational Lowe’s love. Right now, it is the Bermuda Triangle of my house, and I just know something really, really important is going to get eaten by it someday.

  333. Susana Chaput says:

    my playroom is decent but my office could REALLY use some help.

  334. Susana Chaput says:

    I already had liked Lowes on FB before today :)

  335. My master bath needs SERIOUS Lowes organization ! I’m planning on hitting it hard (possibly with a sledgehammer) in the VERY near future!

  336. Jessica J. says:

    Our kids rooms definitely need some organizational help, to many toys not enough storage, and we need to make room for new baby coming in early July.

  337. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas as well!!!

  338. Don’t you just love Lowes? My husband and I remodeled 3 homes in the last 10 years. He was a contractor, but used to send me in with a laundry list of items while he worked, because, let’s face it, I’m better at shopping. At Lowes, I always had GREAT service – I could find one person to help me locate each item in the store and they loaded it into the truck! We’re ready to update our home again, and winning this would sure be a bonus!

  339. I desperately need to organize my office! I can’t walk through it….

  340. And I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas :-)

  341. I need to reorganize my kids toy area. I am also working on moving my kids bedroom and could use the help there in making a new room that is fun and functional.

  342. Our playroom could use some organizational help!

  343. My playroom needs Lowe’s help!

  344. Oh, and I like Lowe’s on FB :)

  345. I “like” lowes creative ideas on FB.

  346. Our playroom could use a good makeover too

  347. FB fan

    Marisa meme

  348. Oh, and I already like Lowe’s on FB :)

  349. Tiffany Flake says:

    My soon to be finished playroom needs some serious help so I can put all those toys in order!

  350. Tiffany Flake says:

    I like Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  351. My living room could use some of their help!

  352. I am now a fan of Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  353. Sasha Hagle says:

    My craft room needs some serious organization.

  354. I would make over my kitchen…it needs a lot of help!

  355. Sasha Hagle says:

    Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  356. I like lowe’s on fb

  357. I would really like to organize my basement. I have some shelves with “stuff” on them but it isn’t organized. Thanks for the giveaway

  358. I’ve enjoyed your blog through Very useful ideas.
    Already a fan of Lowe’s!

  359. ooops. Forgot, I need bedroom organization!

  360. Almost every room in my house needs some organization help!

  361. I like the Lowes page on FB.

  362. Delanna L. says:

    Liked them on FB!

  363. Marlene Murray says:

    I love these ideas, I am always looking for organization ideas, and I have a craft room that needs some serious help!

  364. Delanna L. says:

    Which room, which room … hmmm … gonna have to go with my girls’ room! There are 4 of them in 1 room! We need the help! :)

  365. My Laundry/Mudroom is dying for some love.

  366. My boys room needs organization!

  367. My craft/living room is seriously in need of a makeover. I am piled up with fabric, buttons, etc. for my crafting and could definitely use some storage solutions.

  368. Becky dudish says:

    My basement is in need of organization makeover.

  369. My new craft/sewing room needs some major organizational help! I love having so much room to work but without any organization it’s turning into a huge mess. To start with, I’d put one of those shelving systems in each closet.

  370. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB~

  371. I liked Lowes on FB

  372. Pretty much every room needs some major organization. Or a bulldozer…If i had to pick one it would be my girls’ room! It needs some serious help!

  373. Our living room needs some organizational items that would be great! Who am I kidding? With a one year old the whole house needs some organization.

  374. I liked lowes creative ideas

  375. I liked Lowe’s on FB

  376. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  377. I have an “area” that I store seasonal items and cleaning supplies. Lets just say, it needs help!!

  378. I like them on FB!

  379. Love this… I’m re doing my son’s room and this would work perfect!!!

  380. Michelle E says:

    My sewing/scrapbooking/craft room needs a LOT of LOWE’s organizing help.

  381. I LOVE both of these ideas! My entire house needs organizing. But mostly my guest room which I’m hoping can become a guest/craft/office space! Thanks for the great tips.

  382. Jennifer C. says:

    I would re-do our playroom. As our kids are getting older we different storage now. My sewing area is also in the room.

  383. Let’s face it – I need help in every room in our house, but especially the play room!!! I just cannot figure out a system that works for us. I think getting rid of 2/3rds of the toys would help, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! Anyway, thanks for the giveaway! Your playroom is amazing, and the bucket idea is nothing short of brilliant.

  384. Michelle E says:

    I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas page on facebook

  385. My office would love a makeover! Crossing fingers! Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

  386. Yvonne. Higgins says:

    This is a very easy question. MY craft room needs lots of help.

  387. My whole house needs organization!!! But I might start in the kitchen… so little space… so much to store!

  388. I am a facebook fan of Lowes Creative Ideas.

  389. Jenelle Penfold says:

    My entire house could use some organization help

  390. Christine B says:

    My basement needs the most organization at the moment! We are ( well my hubby is LOL) in a dash for time trying to make sure everything is finished before the birth of our first baby in the begining of March. Having the basement completed will allow us to have so much more room which we are going to need with the ever growing pile of stuff for the little one!!

  391. Sarah Lewis says:

    I wish I had a play room, but I don’t. So my oldest daughter’s room is where all the toys and books live for our two (soon to be three) kiddos. Her room desperately needs help. Its the one room I just can’t get a handle on (there is pretty much no organization in there right now). I would love the help!

  392. The kitchen needs order. The kitchen is chaos. :)

  393. Anna Marie Penix says:

    I need fabric and sewing storage solutions in the bedroom.

  394. Jenelle Penfold says:

    Also, I liked Lowes creative ideas on Facebook

  395. christine k says:

    we are in the process of changing our dining room into my craft room!! that is a huge make over…we are including an area for my daughter and her stuff too. I need so much inspiration!!

  396. Christine B says:

    I liked lowes creative ideas on FB! Thanks for another chance!!

  397. Can you come redo my playroom next?

  398. christine k says:

    i liked the LOWES Creative fb page too!! thanks so much!

  399. I love the buckets and the gutters! They look great. Would love to clean up my office/craft room!

  400. Sadly, EVERY SINGLE room in my house could use some HELP!!! Love the bucket idea! I have 3 boys and their grasp on organizing is non-existant at this point. Thanks!!

  401. Anna Marie Penix says:

    I liked Lowes Creative Ideas FB page

  402. My playroom desperately needs some of those paint buckets!!

  403. Love the rain gutter book storage! I need some help redoing my storage/recycling closet.

  404. I am a fan of Lowe’s Creative FB page too.

  405. Sarah Clawson says:

    My “playroom” needs some major organization. We have toys everywhere! help!!

  406. Brooke Johnson says:

    My living room needs help, the toys are taking over!

  407. Jessica Bronson says:

    I need an organizing miracle in my master bedroom. My closet is a disaster as well as where my printer/scanner goes. It’s horrid!

  408. Brooke Johnson says:

    I liked Lowe’s Creative Facebook Page.

  409. Jessica Bronson says:

    I ‘like’ Lowes Creative FB page!

  410. Our playroom totally could use organization rehab!!!

  411. Becky Brooks says:

    My son’s nursery! He is due in a couple of weeks and his room is still my husband’s office right now. Eek!

  412. I also liked the Lowes Creative FB Page.

  413. my bedroom, craft room needs Lowe’s help ASAP!

  414. Becky Brooks says:

    I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  415. Love the rain gutter book shelves! These would be great next to my children’s beds for nighttime reading!

  416. Ive always wanted to do that rain gutter book shelf thing, now that my son loves to read i think its the perfect time to do it especially since were going to start on his big boy room at the end of February when he turns 3! I could totally use Lowe’s help!

  417. My “office/hope to make it into a craft room… again” is really what could use the organizational help from Lowe’s. Does the gift card come with a team of organizers, too? Haha! Just kidding!

  418. I have rain gutter book shelves and I love them. I’m trying to think of a room in my house that *doesn’t* need a little organization love from Lowe’s…nope, can’t think of one. But most likely, I’d use the gift card for painting the bathroom or something almost as fun.

  419. Donna Ramos says:

    My garage needs a lot of organization .

  420. Megan Davis says:

    I would love to use $100 from Lowes to spruce up our living room!

  421. My playroom is so painfully disorganized. It makes me crazy to go in there. I would love to win this one!

  422. Megan Davis says:

    I also liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB!

  423. We just moved into a brand new house with an unfinshed basement. We could use a lot of organizational help down there.

  424. I liked Lowes creative ideas on FB!

  425. I REALLY need to redo my kids playroom in the basement It’s overflowing with toys!!

  426. We’re getting ready to a new house, so there isn’t a room we won’t need help with. Lots of painting and updating will be necessary.

  427. I liked Lowe’s Creative Idea FB page, so now send me my gift card! Pretty please.

  428. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  429. Cute ideas!!! Our play room needs help.

  430. We’re in the process of planning a playroom and a Lowe’s gift card would be awesome.

  431. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  432. I’m not sure which room to say needs organization the most since I need it in every room! (dining room/kitchen, kids’ room, my closet). I would probably start with the dining room/kitchen since it’s the most visible to people when we have visitors :)

  433. elizabeth c says:

    every room in my house needs to be organized…maybe my bedroom the most?

  434. We need help in organizing our garage and Lowe’s Gift card would be very helpful!

  435. donna ramos says:

    I “Liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  436. Kamee Konecny says:

    My laundry room is in need of a little organization, so this would be awesome!!

  437. Kamee Konecny says:

    I like Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  438. Our entire house, really, needs organizing…however, our spare bedroom could use it the most. (*sigh* if only I were rich)

  439. Our basement turned playroom is a mess. HELP!

  440. I like them on Facebook!

  441. My home office!

  442. Our garage is in some serious organizational help. I would love this to help motivate me to get out to the garage and clean up.

  443. I also liked them on facebook!

  444. I love Lowes as well. My boys’ rooms definitely need the most help.

  445. Christy Johnson says:

    I would LOVE some help organizing my son’s playroom! Those paint bucket cans are such a great idea!

  446. Christy Johnson says:

    Fan of Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook (Christy Owens Johnson)

  447. Carrie Higgins says:

    my 2 girls share a room. they have so many little teeny tiny toys and they don’t want them falling to the bottom of the toybox so they leave them laying all over the place. my girls need organization badly.

  448. Our play/family room needs help… as does my sewing room. It’s a toss-up, really.

  449. Michelle W says:

    I am desperate for organizational help in my office…

  450. Wow, thanks for the giveaway! We just moved in to our house 3 months ago so we need help in almost every room. I would really love to use it in our office to make built in bookshelves.

    Thanks Char and Lowes!

    Jenn M
    Buildi It Sew It Love It .

  451. i’m going to go with every room! if i had to pick one, i’d go with the playroom/basement first.

  452. Our play room is a mishmash of shelves, bins and cabinets. I am desperate for organization ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  453. i like lowes creative ideas on facebook

  454. I would love to redo (or maybe I should just say do since we’ve never really done it) my master bedroom.

  455. Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  456. Whoa! Thats a lot of comments! I need help organizing the playroom! All those toys!

  457. I liked lowes creative ideas (very cool!) on FB! Thank you!

  458. I need to organize my 7 year old’s room!!!

  459. My kitchen is in serious need of some Lowe’s love!!

  460. I liked Lowe’s on facebook.

  461. every room in our house could use some help, but i’m most excited about updating our laundry room. to be able to fold clothes in there would be a dream come true!

  462. and i liked lowe’s on facebook!

  463. Cari Hozian says:

    I wanna do some build-ins in my dining room. And I wanna put crown molding up in the living room. And I wanna redo the cabinets in my kitchen. I could go on.
    rimayfld {at} yahoo {dot} com

  464. Cari Hozian says:

    I liked the Lowe’s FB page as well.
    rimayfld {at} yahoo {dot} com

  465. Love what you did Char! My dining/sewing room (nice combo, eh?) needs a serious intervention!

  466. I NEED a redo in my living. We have an extremely tight space and baby toys everywhere. I would love to use Lowe’s to help me organize some shelving space for toys to make for some crawling room for my little guy. thanks for the opportunity!

  467. Oh, my basement NEEDS this. It’s been torn apart since October of 2010…yikes!

  468. Thanks Lowes! I NEED a redo in my living. We have an extremely tight space and baby toys everywhere. I would love to use Lowe’s to help me organize some shelving space for toys to make for some crawling room for my little guy. thanks for the opportunity!

  469. The living room.

  470. i love the gutter shelves we have them in our playroom as well for the past 3 years and they are great !!!! what part of my house doesnt need help but the room that bugs be the mot is the kitchen there are hardly and cabinet space and NO counter top space at all!!!!!

  471. also i like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  472. My daughter’s room needs some serious organizational help!

  473. My basement need help! And it counts as a room, because it’s all open right now. Hopefully the future brings walls.

  474. I would love to win! SO many rooms in my house are in desperate need of a revamp, but I would probably use it to build more storage in my craft room (I have a fabric/yarn overflow explosion!)

  475. Noelle Trevizan says:

    I loved!!1 You are so creative, thanks a lot for posting your great ideas!!!

  476. My youngest son needs to move upstairs with his brother. His room downstairs with us is a PIGSTY! We too have those fabric bins (downstairs) and they are not holding up! that gift card would be great for paint and curtains in that new room! thank you! LOVE THE BUCKETS!

  477. Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB!

  478. My closet. Oh my. It needs serious intervention…

  479. Lori Tharp says:

    I love this idea! I also love being organized but need help! ;) We are renovating an old house from the late 1800′s so Lowes knows us very well.

  480. Can I answer every single room in my house?

  481. girlsmama says:

    Which room doesn’t need help??? I think the laundry/mudroom would take priority though.

  482. Becky Pelishek says:

    My kitchen needs Lowe’s organizational help!! And my garage… and my living room. hehe

  483. my bathroom has been sitting with holes in it for the last 6 months…

  484. Brilliant! Loving the rain gutter idea and well, all of it! Thanks!

  485. Became a FAN of Lowe’s Creative on FB! Cool!

  486. I think the kitchen of my house was last updated sometime during the Nixon administration…need help!

  487. My family room needs the most organizational help.

  488. The BATHROOM!! Please help.

  489. I could say my whole house (sad!), but the room most needing organization is my family room.

  490. Becky Pelishek says:

    I also liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB!

  491. “Like” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  492. I like them on Facebook.

  493. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook.

  494. I “liked” whoever I was supposed to like on FB :)

  495. My craft area really needs organizing!! It is all over the place.

  496. Raechel b says:

    We are closing on a house tomorrow and will have a real playroom for the first time ever! It has zero storage. Need lots of help!

  497. We’re moving so EVERY room needs help. lol My son’s room or the playroom would probably need the most help though.

  498. I’m addicted to Lowe’s…hook me up!

  499. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  500. Raechel b says:

    Liked Lowe’s creative ideas on Facebook

  501. my bedroom needs organization!

  502. I like Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook
    (as the name in my email address)

  503. The kitchen need organization – it’s so tiny

  504. My kids seriously have too many toys. Our playroom needs a makeover! Also, a cheap alternative to the metal buckets especially if you have a smaller storage area are plastic dishpans. They are usually two dollars or so at Target or Walmart (and probably Lowe’s too)!


  506. kelly gomez says:

    My loft needs some major organization!! Toys, mail, and exercise equipment everywhere!! This would be a great help!!

  507. kelly gomez says:

    I liked them in fb!!

  508. Lacie Rowell says:

    I am trying to decorate my front living room and need some extra funds to do so! I would be happy as a clam if I won!! :)

  509. Our toy room for the Grand children needs to be organized!! I would love to win!!

  510. I liked them on FB!!! Hope I win!!

  511. Lacie Rowell says:

    I liked Lowes on Facebook!!

  512. My room needs a LOT of organization. Everything gets put there and not away since we pretty much only sleep there!

  513. Shanna-Kaye Fancher says:

    How fabulous of an idea is this!! My son is 8 months old-and we are in a new home and I’m starting to decorate…so this would be a perfect idea for our house!

    I need help in my Living room/dining room. It’s one huge room with built in cabinets on each side of the fire place, and I want creative and cute ideas on how to use the space!

  514. Shanna-Kaye Fancher says:

    liked their page! :)

  515. My laundry room and downstairs living room needs LOTS of organizing. In fact my life needs an organizational overhaul :-)

  516. Jessie C. says:

    I needs some Lowe’s organization help for my laundry room and guest room.

  517. Jessie C. says:

    Like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.
    Jessie C.

  518. Joni Walton says:

    This is my first time entering any blog giveaway. Hopefully that makes me lucky. Or dumb?

  519. MY CLOSET!!! For all of my crafing supplies!!!

  520. My basement is a disaster!

  521. My 3 boys share a closet. We need some major help. I forgot to say they share a dresser too. Please help me

  522. Oh, how we love Lowe’s! Lucky for us there is one just down the street! Our kids’ bedrooms need a major organization overhaul! I do hope I will win!

  523. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB! May the force be with me!

  524. Char, I totally would do something in my Girls room!

  525. My kitchen is in serious need of some organization!

  526. fawn strunk says:

    I think that my kitchen and dining room reallly could use the DIY that lowes offers us.

  527. fawn strunk says:

    I lliked lowes creative ideas on facebook

  528. My garage is the “room” that most needs organization in my home.

  529. I like Lowes Creative Ideas on FB!

  530. Brooke Nelson says:

    My office is a mess and needs bookshelves.

  531. Our playroom/craft room is in desperate need of some serious organizing!!!

  532. I would never have imagined how cute the buckets look, especially with the chalk lables! =) Our playroom needs organization! Toys end up all over our house. Gotta love little ones! I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of our kid books. My nieces and nephews are all older so their kid books have been passed down. I have a them in boxes now and some on a small bookcase. My son loves to read books and I want them displayed so he can see them and look at them. I love how you displayed your books and made great use of rain gutters.

  533. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  534. Love the buckets! Super cute idea. My kitchen needs a lot of organizing help!

  535. I liked them on facebook!

  536. What room doesn’t need the help?? We look like a downscale version of hoarders. Not really, the creepy piles of MESS would make me crazy. BUT, I could really use some help organizing the laundry and where the sewing machine lives.

  537. The sewing/crafting corner of my bedroom needs some help–no space!

  538. My bedroom could use a ton of organization! Since it also functions as my study and craft room … yeah. And with my closet being 2′x2′ … storage is an issue!

  539. I love the metal buckets with chalkboard labels! What an awesome idea! Our garage could definitely use a little love from Lowes.

  540. My boys are grown…It would have been so great to have these ideas waaaay back when. I am going to use the rain gutter shelves for my glazing paints in my potters studio tho’. What an ingenious idea!

  541. Lisa Swendsen says:

    I would LOVE to organize my daughters room and this $100 would be an amazing gift!! Chat- love your ideas!!!

  542. Heather S says:

    I am in love with your buckets – super cute and very practical! I would love to organize my laundry room and/or our toy room.

  543. I am ready to re-organize my sewing/craft room, and could use the giftcard for sure!

  544. Heather S says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  545. i love your boy-proof solution! my living room needs storage in a bad bad way, i could so use that 100 bucks from lowe’s

  546. Kathy Ballarde says:

    I would love to organize my basement. Love your ideas!

  547. My basement, which serves as both my craft room, a play room and the laundry room needs major organization!!! Please help!

  548. I’d reorganize my craft room.

  549. i liked lowes on fb.

  550. Love your playroom, I love the idea of the paint buckets to hold toys.

  551. I think Lowe’s is a great place to get things. Sometimes we can use the products in a different way than intended!

    • My laundry room can use some organizational ideas. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook too!

  552. Would love the Lowes card to fix my 2 toilets that are broken ; ( and maybe Ill buy some nice little throw rugs for the laundry room while Im there.

  553. I also Liked Lowes on Facebook just now, thank you!

  554. what room in my house doesn’t need organizational help…lol?! the kitchen, laundry room, playroom, bathrooms… :)

  555. I need lots of things to organize my house!! I would love a gift card!!

  556. My kids’ room needs major help!

  557. I liked the Lowe’s page on fb.

  558. Erin Young says:

    our office/guest room/soon to be craft room needs desperate organizational help!!!!

  559. Erin Young says:

    i like lowes creative ideas on fb

  560. My playroom needs serious help! Right now we have primary colored bins that don’t hide anything and are a total eye sore!

  561. Um EVERY room. I think I’d have to go bathroom and laundry room if I had to pick.

  562. I likes them on FB :o)

  563. My whole house needs help!!! But I would start with the shelves in my master bath.

  564. I love the gutters! It’s our basement (non)bathroom that needs some Lowe’s lovin’.

  565. Just one room? I have a mile long list of things I need to organize in my house, but I would start with my daughter’s bedroom/ game closet/ craft closet. It has a lot going on and is sorely lacking organization. I love Lowes!

  566. I liked Lowes on FB.

  567. Our closet! (is that a room?) I really want to buy a closet kit for our closet, because we have a huge closet, but we don’t utilize the space enough (just has two racks).

  568. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    My sewing room needs TONS of organization…either that, or I need to move :) I don’t have a way to see my fabrics or keep them stored neatly.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  569. All of my rooms need help, but probably the kitchen or my closet needs it most! Thanks for this chance!

  570. Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas.

  571. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    I would have to say the spare bedroom/scrapbook room needs the most help!!!!!

  572. Kristen K says:

    My bedroom needs help SO BAD!! :-)

  573. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    I “like” Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook.

  574. Our home office is the room in need of the most organization and a makeover. Love the metal buckets…may have to go pick up some of those for my son’s room.

  575. Kristen K says:

    I like (love) Lowe’s Creative Ideas….that may be the “irreconcilable” difference on some divorce papers if I don’t stop with the crafting!! (only kidding, my husband tolerates me well–but a Lowe’s card would always make the blow softer!)

  576. I am a fan of Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB :)

  577. My whole house needs organizing :). But the bathroom most of all!

  578. My master bedroom…especially the closet! I’d love to win!

  579. Heavens! Not too long ago we got half way through a massive house decluttering, had unplanned surgery, sold our furniture, moved 2600 miles away, into a townhouse that has 1 closet. There isn’t a room that doesn’t need help! lol It’s a long, slow road that. Thanks for the giveaway. Fun :)

    The buckets are really cute btw

  580. Our playroom needs some major help…I’ve actually been considering those rain gutter bookshelves, they look awesome!

  581. Natalya Hoak says:

    I love your ideas! I filed away your rain-gutter bookshelves idea when I first saw you post it. It looks so neat and pretty. My sewing room and living room both need some major organizational help. We moved in about a year ago and not everything has found a “home” yet. Oh, and my closet! Thanks for the giveaway and for the inspirations!

  582. I like Lowe’s on FB

  583. Love your ideas for using the paint buckets and raingutters – awesome! We could definitely use some storage/organization help in our basement/laundry room.

  584. My Pantry is BEGGING for organization!!

  585. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook! :-)

  586. Great idea! Our kid’s bedrooms could use some help!

  587. My living room needs the most help!

  588. I like Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  589. I could definitely use some help in organizing the playroom/schoolroom!

  590. I love the buckets! I could really use a better organization system in my daughter’s room for her toys. No matter what I do, she always manages to make a mess!

  591. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  592. My living room is becoming a disaster. With no playroom for the little one, his toys are usually thrown around the living room.

  593. Easy. Our front closet. It’s got a little bit of every random thing in it. Doesn’t leave much room for coats and backpacks…it needs help!

  594. Michelle Carter says:

    I need to make a play room! The toys all over the house are driving me crazy.

  595. I like Lowes…and I like them on facebook! ;)

  596. All of our closets need organizational help!

  597. my master closet and daughter’s room!

  598. we are at lowe’s quite often always picking up something or other. good idea on the paint cans!

  599. Love the chalkboard paint for the labels! Our family rm/playroom needs some serious help!

  600. My garage is in need of major organization! I love your buckets! Very cool!

  601. Dolores McCune says:

    My playroom could use your bins and gutters! Here’s hoping Lowe’s will come to my rescue.

  602. I am so impressed with your ingenuity with this storage idea – wonderful! Both my sewing room and the TV/play room could definitely use some organization.

  603. Amanda Andrus says:

    My boy’s room needs major organization. In a couple of months the third boy will be moving in and it needs an overhaul.

  604. My bedroom needs organizing. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card.

  605. My sewing/exercise/kids playroom could really use some help!

  606. We are in the middle of some organization projects in my son’s play room right now! A $100 gift card would go a long way to help! :)

  607. My bedroom needs Lowe’s help!

  608. Pretty much my whole house, but if I had to pick one room…it’d be the playroom/disaster area :)

  609. Love the buckets!! I need to seriously revamp our playroom!

  610. Wow what a great giveaway. I would really love to work on my craft room and this would be a great start. Thanks for the chance!
    tiffern99 at gmail dot com

  611. I could always use a gift card to reorganize my sewing room to make it more sewer friendly for me & my sewing pal(s}. I just stumbled onto to your site. and enjoy your blog or not to blog. I’ll find you on face book!

  612. I like Lowe’s on facebook!

  613. christine bankston says:

    i liked lowes on fb. I would love to redo my little boys room!!!

  614. Oh Lowes, if I could organize all of my scrapbooking/crafting supplies I would be oh so happy!

  615. The downstairs bedroom (destined to be my craft room) seriously needs some organization – and it could use some paint at the very least!

  616. Faith Drobinski says:

    My family room and my craft room. The family room has toys and books and my craft room…well, I’m sure you can guess how bad that gets.

  617. Faith Drobinski says:

    I liked Lowes Creative Ideas Facebook Page.

  618. Great ideas! My sewing/dining room could really use a makeover. Go Lowes!

  619. The parlor needs help! You know, that useless room at the front of your house that in Victorian novels, people were always having their tea served, with milk, and asked:
    ” One lump, or two”?
    My parlor needs to get up to date and turn into a great library with shelves and comfy chairs, instead of being that barren wasteland where the uncomfortable furniture lives and the cats claw on lonely said furniture.

  620. PS, of course I liked Lowes’ creative FB page!

  621. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! :)

  622. My hall/coat closet in our living room REALLY needs some Lowe’s organization help! :)

  623. I love those buckets! The room in my house that could most use some organizing stuff from Lowe’s is our school room. There’s just so many school supplies in there!

  624. Nice buckets. I am so glad for your blog. Gets me thinking I should go down to Lowe’s and find me a creative solution!

  625. Aubrey Hatch says:

    The buckets are so cute, I liked the Lowes creative ideas on fb, I so could use some organization in my girls room

  626. Alison Swanson says:

    We need to organize the nursery before the baby arrives!

  627. Alison Swanson says:

    I also liked them on Facebook!

  628. I have been working on organizing my sewing room. What a boost this would be in helping me finish my project. The gutter book trays would be perfect for quilting books and the metal buckets are a great idea!

  629. Chelsea Giles says:

    My living room could definitely use some organization! Thanks so much!
    Chelsea Watson-Giles (facebook profile)

  630. The kids’ bedrooms need lots and lots of organization help. And, I want to make some of those rain gutter bookshelves when we finish our basement, for sure!

  631. AND, I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB. :)

  632. Shirley Lupton says:

    Pick me, pick me… My craft room is desparate need of organization.

  633. Shirley Lupton says:

    I am back from the Loew’s site. I signed up for the newsletter.

  634. Our tv room has become our grandson’s playroom since he came to live with us. It could definitely use some cool storage!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  635. I like Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook (Cindy Brooks)
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  636. I think every room in my house needs organization but first place I want to tackle is my daughter’s room!

  637. LOVE the gutter bookshelves! I would love to organize the office/craft room/guest room (unfortunately that is all in one room!)

  638. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on facebook.

  639. Bonnie Cooper says:

    Oy! My master bedroom closet… When I first moved in, the closet seemed so large to me I felt it could almost be another bedroom, albeit a small one:) Now I can only get about 1/3 of the way in! haha… Would love to win the card and see what the back of my closet looks like. Thanks for the chance !

  640. Bonnie Cooper says:

    I liked Lowe’s Createve Ideas on Facebook!

  641. Wendy McKinley says:

    I ‘liked” the Lowe’s page :)

  642. Wendy McKinley says:

    Our daughters’ room needs some serious help!! It’s always so unorganized due to shelving/storage shortage…Can’t afford a whole new storage unit or some kind of organization system :) It’s always such a mess!

  643. Wendy McKinley says:

    I LOVE the book shelves! I am thinking of doing that for my kids. Their book shelf is always a mess! I also like the color of that room! The buckets really go with the rest of the room…It’s such a cute idea!

  644. Lowes is my favorite store, I just loved your shelves, gonna get me some today….and your labels…..that is such a cool idea…you have lots of thoses…..thanks,,oh, my studio need to be purged and painted and redone I sure could use that gift card from Lowes…..

  645. Lowes creative Ideas,,,love that magazine,,,,I have LIKED it on facebook…..

  646. Connie Haack says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  647. My husband’s man room in our basement is in desperate need of an update from Lowe’s. We just got a new store in our area, so yeah!

  648. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  649. My sewing/craft area could use some Lowe’s help. Actually all of my rooms could

  650. Love the bucket storage! My sewing room really needs so help! These buckets would work very well for sorting my fabric scraps by color. They would look so sweet and functional lined up on a shelf. Thank you for the great ideas! And thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card…that surely would come in very handy. Have a blessed day!

  651. I’ve also liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook. To me, they are just like a candy store…browsing is so much fun!

  652. Every room in my house needs help! but I would start in the family room!

  653. I liked lowes creative ideas on fb. And- super bonus- they had the name of a shrub I have been trying to identify! Yahoo!

  654. My Four yr old daughters room! Thanks, [email protected]

  655. This is a great giveaway for your crafty followers!!!! I follow by email!!!! Our newly remodeled bathroom needs to be finished…ran out of budget money. There is no wall cabinet over toilet, no toilet paper or towel hjolders, no heater cover……this $100 would really help!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed!!!

  656. Ironically, our playroom is in need of desperate help. Thank you!

  657. We are currently building a bedroom for baby #3, like framing walls,etc. So,this space is already getting some lowe’s help but some extra lowe’s help would be nice.

  658. Nicole Pendley says:

    We desperately need to create a playroom for my 16 month old and this would help out a ton!

  659. WOW! Those paint containers look awesome! I’d say either my closet or sewing room need some help from Lowe’s!

  660. We moved a year ago and my house still needs ALOT of work. I would really like to work on my craft room (shared with the playroom). It is a mess in there and every time I go to do a project, I am totally uninspired by the mess. So, yes, my craft room.

  661. I liked Lowes creative ideas on Facebook

  662. Nicole Pendley says:

    Just liked them on Facebook :)

  663. Oddly enough, it’s my basement that needs a big boost of help.

  664. Wendy Boyd says:

    I have a den/reading room/craft space that needs LOTS of help…Love your posts!

  665. Stephanie G says:

    My master bath desprately needs some organization. Or the kids’ playroom. We also use fabric bins and they are sad looking after my two boys use them!

  666. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! Would love to win that gift card! Our bedroom closets really need some organization and that gift card sure would be helpful!!

  667. I need to redo my basement/playroom… love the buckets, such a good idea

  668. Just like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! Would love to be able to organize the garage more! It’s my man space with all of my power tools and woodworking materials!

  669. I “liked” Lowes Creative Ideas on facebook

  670. Tanya Phenis says:

    Oh I so need some Lowes help in my craft room! Such a disaster and so frustrating trying to create and can not find what I need!!

  671. Becca FancyPants says:

    We are getting a new house in february, so.. everyroom needs that giftcard!

  672. Oh my bathroom definitely needs some Lowe’s organization!

  673. My spare bedroom/sewing room is full of clutter and in need of Lowes!

  674. My 3 year-old’s room needs organization SO badly!

  675. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  676. Elise Kacal says:

    My daughter’s playroom could really use some help. Seriously looks like a toy tornado tore through there!!

  677. Char the playroom looks great. I LOVE the painted bucket idea – I could use that, and Lowe’s organizational help – to redo our garage/man cave!! (Thats my husband and older son’s “playroom”)

  678. every one of my rooms needs better organization. So to begin I could use some help with the basement storage area or the bedroom.

  679. Oh, boy, it’s a toss up for me between my craft/sun/play room and the kid’s rooms. They all need some serious Lowe’s love. By the way, I’m a diehard Lowe’s fan from WAY back, too. I even had a comment published in one of their circulars in 1994. I will drive out of my way, right past the “orange place that shall not be named”, in order to get to Lowe’s! LOL
    11seventytwo (at) gmail (dot) com

  680. I “like” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB! =)
    11seventytwo (at) gmail (dot) com

  681. My son’s room

  682. liked lowes creative idea on fb

  683. Kathleen W says:

    Our master bedroom has really taken a back seat to the rest of our apartment (mostly because it’s the one place where no one sees but me & my husband)! I really, really need to turn it into a more relaxing room! We need it :)

  684. My sewing/craft rooms needs some Lowe’s Love!

  685. I would love a Lowe’s gift card! We are finishing our basement!

  686. Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  687. I am currently redoing our basement (craft room/playroom). But I also REALLY need to reorganize my master closet. $100 to Lowe’s would certainly help!

  688. Cute organizing ideas. Remodeling the basement…I could use some free money from Lowes :)

  689. I “Liked” them on Facebook.

  690. Would love the giftcard. Painting my kitchen soon!

  691. Jessica P. says:

    Definitely my master bedroom, it needs paint, organization, etc. you name it!

  692. I would love the gift card! We recently moved and would like to update a few areas of the house.

  693. Camille A. says:

    Our downstairs family room needs the most help. It’s a toy disaster!

  694. I love your storage solutions. I need a lot of help in my sewing room.

  695. I like Lowes on FB

  696. My kids’ toy closet could sure use some organizational help from Lowes right now!!!

  697. Oh pick me!! My bedroom needs some serious help!!

  698. I love the bucket idea for my little boys toys. We have one bucket that sits on the floor now, and he loves to tip it over and even chew on it (he’s teething, and it makes me cringe just thinking about it). Our livingroom/play room needs a Lowes storage make over. My craft room could use a little help too :)

  699. We are moving into a small small small home in a few months, and honestly every room of the place is going to have to be redone!! LOL I’ll certainly need amazingly awesome storage ideas for the kiddies’ stuff! Thanks for the contest!

  700. Liked the Lowes page! :)

  701. My craft room for sure! There’s just cardboard boxes of things sitting in there since we moved in back in May!

  702. Lynn D in NC says:

    Every room in my house needs organizational help. But, the area I’m concentrating on is the garage.

  703. Charlotte J says:

    My basement for sure!! Need to declutter and organize. I LOVE your bucket idea!!

  704. Our bonus room/playrom needs the most help right now. I’m in the process of decluttering and need some good organizational pieces and tools to finish the job.
    Love all the buckets for your shelving unit!

  705. I love this idea!

  706. I liked the Facebook page!

  707. Molly Ishmael says:

    My living room needs a little update and this would help! New lamps maybe?

  708. Molly Ishmael says:

    I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  709. Wow! My entire house could benefit from some organization. Mostly though, we’re finishing our basement and I could sure use that gift card to organize my new guest bedroom/office/sewing space!

  710. My 5yo’s room needs organizing in the worse way.
    He has the smallest room but the most stuff…go figure!

  711. My son’s closet. Games, toys, legos, everything is everywhere!

  712. We have so very many spaces that need organizing, but next on the list is the bathrooms – Master and Kids. I hairbows everywhere, am missing a towel rod, and going crazy.

  713. My room’s probably the one that needs the most organization done to it. I don’t have a craft room of my own, so my craft supplies are all piled up in different places in my room.

  714. I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  715. I love the buckets! Great idea. I’d have a hard time saying which room is most in need of a makeover – we’re building a house and already have 1000 projects in mind for once it’s complete. I’d say my new sewing/craft studio will be my most “make-over worthy” room. Can’t wait!

  716. … and I liked them on FB. : )

  717. Son #2 has model trains~~lots and lots of them. We need to store them in such a way that he can take them off to train club displays, and to display some at home, and still play with them at home.

  718. What perfect timing! We’re trying to finish up a little makeover in my 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom, and a little help from Lowe’s would go a long ways! Thanks for the giveaway!

  719. cool, i want to be craftier.

  720. My playroom/craft room definitely needs organizational help. We are just getting ready to move into a new house and I have no idea how I’m going to organize this one room that is going to be both the kids’ playroom and school room plus my craft room.

  721. Without a doubt, my office/craft room need some seeeeerious help in the organization department! $100 from Lowes would be AWESOME!!

  722. I’d love to use the gift card to make some shelving in my toy room and get it more organized!!!

  723. I liked Lowes on facebook.

  724. I hope we win this! We are getting ready to start a big project.

  725. I “liked” creative ideas by Lowes on facebook

  726. I need some organizational help in my entryway!!

  727. I liked Lowes Creative Ideas on Facebook. :)

  728. I’d re-do my livingroom. Like, it really needs it. Bad.

  729. Ashley M. says:

    I “liked” Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook.

  730. Ashley M. says:

    My living room needs organization. I have a lot of books and they are stacked in boxes.

  731. i “liked” lowes creative ideas on FB

  732. What alot of really great ideas! I have had some chalkboard paint that we found on clearance and now I know what to do with it! Thanks!

  733. My craft room needs a organizational over-haul! Thanks for the giveaway!

  734. Following Lowes on FB!

  735. Nancy's Couture says:

    My sewing area is in desperate need of A LOT of organization

  736. Nancy's Couture says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Idea’s on FB
    Nancy Brumfield

  737. My kiddos playroom could use a lot of help – barbie/princess overload.

  738. My garage needs so much help! We have an old falling down shelving unit that I’m afraid to put anything on – not sure why we still keep it but it’s there. Plus so much stuff that can use organizing. Another room that can use major help is my craft room/ office. I’m afraid to open the closet in there. I only do to shove more stuff inside that I can’t find a home for.

  739. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  740. I have been trying to organize my whole house, living room, kitchen, master bedroom and kids room for months now. Should have just done one room at a time. But the most needed is my Living room.

  741. I have a storage closet hat, after I moved, I crammed everything in there that I couldn’t find a place for. It’s definitely a disaster and needs organization. As do my kitchen cabinets :)

  742. Tammy Harvey says:

    My bathroom needs a few updates! We love Lowes!

  743. I like Lowe’s Creative Idea’s on FB

  744. I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!!!

  745. The question should really be, “Which room DOESN’T need a Lowe’s card makeover!!??” But, we desperately need paint on the wall in our kitchen/breakfast nook!! Love the bucket idea- and might just use it in my classroom!!

  746. Liked “Lowe’s Creative Ideas” on FB for an additional entry….fingers crossed!!

  747. LanaMarie says:

    We are in the process of getting a house…. so that gift card could go a long way!!!

  748. Sandra Moak says:

    I love the gutter idea!!! I’m going to try that in my craft room. By the way, my craft room needs a makeover in a major way!!!! Too much stuff and no where to put it:(

  749. Sandra Moak says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB! and ordered the free mag:O)

  750. I don’t have a playroom, but my kids’ rooms are in desperate need of some organization. Hook a girl UP! =)

  751. OH! And I *like* Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB. Thanks!!

  752. Our den! I need to paint AND get a new ceiling fan (along with about 50 other things.) ;)

  753. Our master closet could definitely use a little love!

  754. We are finishing off our 3rd floor/attic and will need lots of organization there for all the kids’ toys!

  755. I *like* Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB

  756. My kids room need organization sooo bad!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  757. Stephanie says:

    I’d love to organize my daughter’s room; such small space with lots of stuff!

  758. Stephanie says:

    I <3 Lowe's! And I liked their page, too!

  759. Charisse Medico says:

    I think every single room in my house needs some organizing help, but I would have to start with the bathroom closets!

  760. Since my closet, the only closet in the whole house, is just a big empty crap catcher I believe it could use an intervention.

  761. Charisse Medico says:

    I like Lowe’s on Facebook.

  762. definitely my closet!

  763. i like them on FB! steph sweeper

  764. We just decided to Homeschool and I have an entire room that needs to be done so we have a play for school. Would LOVE to win! Thanks for sharing!! (LOVE the metal buckets for boys!!)

  765. I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! :)

  766. Kristen Hailey says:

    I desperately need help with some organization as we transition my daughter to a “big girl” bed and room! This would be SUCH a help!

  767. Kristen Hailey says:

    I like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook!

  768. We are getting ready to transform our office into a nursey!

  769. I love the paint buckets! You know you can also use black contact paper instead of the paint? It will take chalk, although I prefer Chalk markers (the writing will not smear but removes easily with a wet cloth).

    Love your room – any room in my house could use a Lowe’s card although storage in the garage would be my first step – I need some organization!

  770. I like Lowes on FB.

  771. I also liked Lowes on FB

  772. My bedroom needs a lot of help from Lowes. What a fun giveaway.

  773. Debby Kaye says:

    I love your buckets! I had no idea I could find those at Lowes!

    As for my house – the pantry needs some Lowes lovin’! I die every time I open the door, it’s such a cluster. Shelving would cure most of the issues!

  774. I love Lowes! We’ve been thinking about turning part of the basement into a playroom, and a gift card could help us get started. Thanks for the giveaway!

  775. I so need to have some help with organizing!!!! TY for this great idea and the chance to win!

  776. I also liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB!!

  777. Stephanie says:

    My son’s room needs the most organizing in our house…although, the whole house could use it too!!

  778. Stephanie says:

    I liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  779. Which room in my house doesn’t need to be organized, yikes! I would use the $100 dollars on my craft room though!

  780. I’m such a goof I posted this same comment on another post of yours. Here we go again . I really want to win this! Every room in my house needs a Lowe’s intervention, however the room that I dare not show people is my master bath. It’s got carpeting in there people! Carpeting!!!!

  781. I already like Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB. I mean what’s not to like?

  782. Cute buckets! My bedroom could use some help…I hate our closets and lack of dressers (I use some of those plastic storage drawer things and they suck!). Thanks for the chance at some help!

  783. Surely you’re not really reading still? If I won a gift card for Lowes, I’d use it to buy shelving for my garage.

    After I did a happy dance, of course.

  784. We need to organize the whole house but most importantly our boys’ room! They are sharing a room and we need more storage for their clothes and toys! I have been to Lowes so many times looking at the closet organizing shelves!

  785. My room is the one that is in need of MUCH help!

  786. My boys room needs help and the office!!

  787. My husband and I both started working from home recently. Our office NEEDS a make-over right now.

  788. I’m starting a business storefront with 1000 bucks and a dream this would help big time with building displays :)

  789. I follow on fb

  790. I Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook

  791. I would organize my craft room!

  792. I NEED organization in my kids rooms..and one day my laundry room!

  793. My playroom could use some major help!

  794. I liked Lowes on FB!

  795. I Liked Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook


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