NKOTB Valentine

This is part of a week-ish long series in which I’ll be sharing simple kid Valentines that can be printed as 4 X 6 photos (13 cents-ish at your local warehouse club) and then spiced up with the addition of inexpensive party supply store trinkets (25 cents or less). If you’re a new reader, check out the TOAD-ally awesome ones I did last year that inspired this series. All of my trinkets were purchased at Zurcher’s, but I’m sure you can find similar things at any party store. I usedZots 3D to adhere the toys.

OK OK OK!  This one doesn’t really fit, but I’m totally handing it out to my friends who share my affinity for Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jonathan and Jordan.


Unfortunately there’s no printable…don’t want to get in trouble for that.

Which New Kid was your favorite?  Are you too young for that?  More of an N*SYNC fan?  Backstreet Boys?

Here’s where I confess that I dated a Joey look alike in high school.  Embarrassed smile

And, because someone asked and I have no shame:


Hope your Thursday is fabulous!

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  1. You can send me one of these! LOL. I was a total Joey fan! Granted I was like 8, but man, I can still belt out STEP BY STEP, OOOOO BABY! :)

  2. Jessica Bronson says:

    I had to look at this posting when it had NKOTB because it could only mean one thing……New Kids!! LOL Jordan was my crush. Man, I still listen to the cd’s of these guys. They’re awesome! Love the valentine lady!

  3. OH! You made my day. I was a totally obsessed with Donnie! My confession…I’ve seen them 4 times in concert in the past 4 years. Don’t judge, lol.

  4. Love it, this is totally my era! My senior year, I saw NKOTB at “Grad Night”… a special event Disney World does for seniors. And Joey is the cutest, so lucky you dating a look alike! :0)

  5. What? No picture of the Joey-look alike and you from HS? C’mon, you can’t tease us all like that!

  6. LOVE IT!! too good, I was a Joe girl too! Still am, staying up to date with all the current stuff! So glad they are back!!


    Thanks for making me feel old though…..Friday night video flashbacks and all….

  8. I was really young when they were huge, but that didn’t stop me! I was (still am) a Donnie fan!!

  9. I appreciate your picture with Joey, but I appreciate that you have on matching shirts in the picture even more :)

  10. Hey…did I tell you (or did Kellie rat me out) that I spent 90 min on the phone with Donnie Wahlberg?? Oh yes…yes I did…and he was super nice….sadly we did not discuss his NKOTB days…

  11. Love it! Love your matching shirts even more. Sadie Hawkins dance?

  12. I remember that. But I remember weird random things, didn’t you answer or ask him to that dance with sunflower seeds?

  13. N*Sync for sure had my heart back in the day. But I didn’t date someone that looked like Joey. Perhaps that would’ve made a difference.
    Way to share my brain de Coester. :P

  14. P.s. Uncle Jesse’s heart is broken right now that you posted about NKOTB and not him.

  15. Wow! Old school! I totally had NKOTB bed sheets. Yeah, I was awesome.

  16. Thank you. THANK YOU! This post is perfect.

  17. Love :-). I was a joey girl, too. Guilty confession…I have a nkotb Pandora station.

  18. Um, no way. NO WAY. I know just who I’m sending these awesome bad boys to!

  19. This one is great, but I was really expecting Richard Greico. ;D

    • Those are some amazing lessons yo;&v39u#e learned this year, and thanks to your blog, I've learned some of those too! Here's to another great year of Advanced Style, and more lessons learned. Happy New Year Ari!

  20. That just made my day! ;o)

  21. The picture TOTALLY wants me want to go out and get a perm…ASAP!!!!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I triple dog dare you.

      • Oh no you di-idn’t….
        The last time I was triple dog dared, I started a Christmas quilt three days before Christmas Day…
        I am a sucker for a dare…..

        Except, I asked my hairdresser a few months ago, and she had a look of horror on her face :)

  22. You are much more fun now that the business part has gone away :)

  23. This is awesome! LOVE IT!
    My sister and I went to the NKOTBSB concert in Nashville last year. It was so much fun! :)

  24. OMG! I LOVE this idea! I’m going to have to make something like this for my sister. She’ll LOVE it!

    I was a younger fan of New Kids – I was around five or six, but I shared a room with my sister who was right there at the tween age. New Kids was plastered all over our walls, and I developed a massive crush on Joey and Donnie. Our mom kept promising us that she’d take us to a concert, but strangely enough they never came near Missouri. So when they announced their reunion tour, we hit her up, and she helped pay for some of our tickets. We decided to go big and bought the VIP passes to meet the guys. My little fangirl was having a massive heart attack that night!

  25. OMG!! You just made my day with this!! I am totally making some of these and sending them to my girlfriends. We are still obsessed with these boys (ahem….men!!!) and don’t miss a concert (much to our husbands’ dismay)! I just know they will die when they get this in their mailbox!! Lol. Btw, my favorite was and still is Donnie. Yummmm!

  26. I love me some NKOTB. And I love Blue Bloods on Friday night – Donnie Wahlberg. MMMMM MMMM MMMMM!

  27. Love this!!! I wish it was a printable though. Me and my NKOTB girls would love it!

  28. This is FANtastic! I love it! My favorite was Joey :)

  29. Best valentine ever! My husband took me to a NKOTB concert for our anniversary in 2009. It was great!

  30. favorite.valentine.ever. i was so over-the-top obsessed with them when i was 12 and 13! it was ridiculous. my husband doesn’t get why i set the dvr anytime they’re on tv. :)

  31. Jordan all.the.way!!! Backstreet Boys are a no-no sorry! lol! I met NKOTB twice and was in heaven! I even went a few years back to the reunion concert. All us old ladies cheerin them on!!!

  32. This is too darn funny! NKOTB was totally my era. Although everyone made fun of him and called him “monkey boy” I was in love with Danny! lol. :) Great Valentine & play on words/lyrics!

  33. DONNIE!!!!!
    I love this. I may have to make it for my kids since every birthday they have I serenade them with “Happy Birthday” by NKOTB….

  34. Oh Char….I totally love NKOTB, still! I went to their concert 2 weeks after Kayden was born in ’08. Donny was/is my fave. I still have my poster of them from back in the day…

  35. Big New Kids fan here! I even went to see them on their reunion tour back in 2009. Sang my heart out with all the other 30 something women in the audience.

    Love this Valentine’s Card!

    {And yes, Joey was my absolute favorite!}

  36. I remember rockin out at the NKOTB concert. I believe it was at the Marriot Center in Provo. I truly loved Joey.
    Love the picture of you, looks like it might be Sadie Hawkins?

  37. That. is. awesome. I was/am a huge NKOTB fan. (dare I share that I’ve even been to a recent concert of theirs and LOVE IT?!)
    Oh, and Joey was always my fav.

  38. This is awesome! Jonathan was my favorite – without question! I have to say that I didn’t know anything about him being gay until I just googled his name… Ah…. well. I LOVE that you are handing these out to your friends!

  39. Char, you are so hot! I’m jealous that my perm wasn’t as big as your perm. You rock!!!

  40. NKOTB is too strong, yo. : ) Love this!!!

    p.s. Donnie is (still) my boyfriend so hands off. LOL!

  41. My sister is the biggest New Kids fan, still! A few years ago she even flew to Dublin Ireland to see them. She would LOVE this card.

    My favorite was always Jon, but Joey ran a close second. I have to agree with Leslie. I didn’t realize he was gay until I Googled “New Kids”. Oh well. I guess that moves Joey into first place. :)

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