DIY Blogger House Update

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So, the DIY Blogger House is moving along at warp speed.  At least that’s what it feels like when you’re trying to finish projects in time to start moving stuff into the house NEXT TUESDAY.

I snapped this picture Sunday night, and it’s already outdated.


There’s no more bare wood on the outside.  The soffit (or whatever technical term I should have used) has been completed.


Inside, things are moving along as well.  On Sunday, there were cabinets still missing doors and no countertops.


Last night that had all been taken care of as well.

The rooms I’m working on still all look pretty much like this:


But, my family room, kitchen, and garage look like I have a hoarding problem.  Or maybe it’s normal to have this propped up on the back of your couch?

Today I’m working on giving our thrifted changing table a facelift.  Step one was to paint the whole frame a delightful shade of green.  Step two is a coat of paint on the shelves.

photo (19)

2 had faux wood grain and one did not because it had been replaced at some point.  No wonder we got the table for $20, ey?  I think you’ll like what I’m doing to the shelves after this.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I am LOVING this house! I want to move in! (After ya’ll do all your magic and if somebody else foots the bill, of course).

  2. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

  3. Oh this house is so pretty! I want to move in!!

  4. The house looks incredible! I can’t wait to see it! Your projects/sneak peeks are looking fabulous!

  5. Mrs. Bailey Park says:

    The exterior is tragic. I like the basic paint color and the yellow door, but there is too much white and the roof tiles look awful with the blue. And those weird u-shaped tiles…just no.

    The interior looks good so far, though!

    • It’s funny you said that because I was just thinking how much I love the u shape tiles! It’s a good thing we all like different styles or all our houses would look the same. ;)

  6. Ohh, pretty! I love the house colors and I’m looking forward to seeing the nursery that you are working on. Those fabrics really caught my interest. =)

  7. The house is looking great. I would love it if you and the other bloggers would post source lists. What the paint colors are, where did you buy things and tutorials for the DIY stuff.

  8. Wow full speed ahead indeed. Great job


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