Neil Diamond shirts for everyone!

Dudes.  Highlight of the summer, for sure.

PicMonkey Collage

Are you a giant dork too?

Do you need to make your own “Diamond Girl” shirt?

You’re in luck.  I’ve uploaded my Neil Diamond cut file for Silhouette for your own use.

Go here to enjoy that for yourself. Winking smile

(The rhinestone portion of the design is not included.  That needs to be purchased from Silhouette.  That alphabet comes free with your rhinestone starter kit.)

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  1. els manning says:

    That is awesome… don’t have a silhouette, but it is an awful nice thing that you shared~ thank you!

  2. darcymae says:

    We loved ours! Got so many compliments at the concert. Thanks Char!

  3. I love it! :)

  4. OMGoodness that is hands down the BEST Neil Diamond shirt. I’m a HUGE fan. I too don’t own a Silhoutte but sure wish I did now. Applause to you for doing an awesome job. Oh Oh Sweet Caroline is now in my head…DH will be sorry!! lol Now where is my Hot August Night vinyl album?


  5. Susan Merrill says:

    Hi, Char!! I’m one of the two ladies at the end of the row at the Neil Diamond concert. It was very fun sit close to some real fans. I was the one on the end–and I’m Emily Andersen’s mom! I wish I would have known who you were. She had told me that one of her friends was going to be at the concert. Anyway, it was nice to meet you!

  6. LOVE Neil Diamond! I’ve seen him a couple of times – the last time when I was 7 months pregnant. The baby was kicking up a storm! Love the Neil t-shirts. Would have stretched one over my big tummy if I had the chance :)

  7. Thanks for the shirt Char! It was perfect! Highlight of the summer for sure!

  8. Last night I put up a post about the Neil Diamond Concert…I seriously thought my group was the only one there under the age of 50. I LOVE Neil…

    Anyways…I was writing about how I’ve never been able to get a danged Diamond Girl shirt and when I turned on my computer this morning I had all these emails telling me to come and read your post and Less Cake More Frostings post…I should have known you were a Neil fan. Now I just need to get myself a sillouette…I’ll be sticking Neil everywhere…like on my shower curtain..or maybe not…that may be going a little bit to far…

  9. THank you so much for posting this!! I just made 4 of these shirts for the women of four couples who are going to a Super Diamond concert tonight (Neil Diamond Cover Band). And I also made one Diamond Boy one to take silly pics of our husbands wearing them!!! So much fun. They look like actual concert t-shirts (except for the Diamond Boy one, of course!! LOL!!)

  10. Sandi Lindsey says:

    My mom recently died (her name was Charlotte) and she once bragged of having a “Diamond Girl” shirt. I turned over every stone, but nothing. I would love one of these! (What’s a silhouette machine?)

  11. Tammy Leonard says:

    OH MY GOSH… I need one of those for my MOM!!!

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