My kids went back to school this week.

One started Monday.


One started Tuesday.


And, one started Wednesday.


The littlest one starts preschool next week.  And, for the first time in TWELVE YEARS, I will be kid-less for a couple of hours 3 times a week.  HOLY.  CRAP.

Whatever shall I do?

Have your kids gone back?

Do you take first day pictures?

Have other traditions?

I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Yep, Audrey went to school at the beginning of August. Why? Because Arizona is crazy. Don’t worry though — some kids stated the last week of July.

    Audrey chose an Angry Birds shirt for her first day back. Can’t say I blame her. Awesome game.

  2. Mine have been for 2 weeks. We always take a picture in front of our tree at our house. Nothing too exciting. Love Macy’s lace shirt

  3. My kids are too old for 1st day photos (one in high school and one in college). That first day after I took my youngest to preschool I went home and jumped for joy. I love my quiet peaceful time. I did lots of crafting. Go make some more crap, already! :)

  4. Mine don’t go back until after Labor Day. I remember that when they were all in school, it was nice to run my errands and not have to drag them all along which cut my errand time in half. And you can “browse” without everyone asking “Are you done yet?”.

  5. those are the best first day school shots!

    we homeschool. so tradition states we start off in pajamas. ‘sup.

  6. We always took 1st day of school pictures on the front porch. Lame. Nothing as cool as yours. They always had a little present on their bed when they got home on the first day of school. All 4 kids are in college this year. I FINALLY quit that tradition. They were (jokingly) disappointed.
    Our best tradition was “yahoo day” – lunch out with our other childless friends.

  7. Yes, Ava went into Kindergarten and Autumn will be in preschool next week, Ill have 1 1/2 hrs to myself 3 days a week, and im so looking forward to quilting/gardening during that time. Im going to try to not waste that precious time cleaning!

  8. My oldest also started 7th grade, my twins started 1st, and my youngest started preschool all on the same day two weeks ago so I too have free time for the first time in 12 years. But I find I actually end up spending most of that free time volunteering at the schools so I am busier than I was when I had all my kids at home. It’s a fun new stage in life even if it does mean they are growing up.

  9. My eldest just started kindergarten on Wednesday and I just started a tradition in our house with pictures. I just blogged about it this week, feel free to check it out!

  10. My daughter will start preschool on September 11th. She’s 2 1/2. She’s very bright and social and I know she’ll do great! She’ll benefit from being around other kids regularly and having other adults teach her and show her how to do things. I’ll benefit from 2 1/2 hours at home, twice a week. I can’t even imagine what I’m going to do with myself. Haha, who am I kidding? I can think of about 25 things. But seriously, I’m really excited for her and yes, there will be pictures taken!

  11. Where is the picture of you jumping for joy?

  12. I used to take pictures on the first day of school but alas she’s grown up now and works. I’m like the one comment above….. Where’s your picture jumping for joy? LOL

  13. Yes, back when the kiddos were little we took pics, but they were never this cute! Luv it!

    Warmly, MIchelle

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