And then there were none…

The last one started school this morning.


And, what did I do with 2 hours to myself?

Had a chocolate donut and a Diet Coke.

Took a load to DI and dropped off some clothes to a friend.

Got gas.

Went to the carwash.

Listened to whatever I wanted on the radio.


A girl could get used to this. Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Char, I am super jealous of your day. Don’t tease me thus…or at least eat a donut in my honor.

  2. Yep…I’ll bet you do get used to it :) Have fun!

  3. My son started kindergarten a few weeks ago. Last week on my day off from work and with my son in school, I went to 2 fabric stores and Goodwill in peace–no whining, no pouting, no asking me to buy him stuff. Although I miss having him home with me on my day off but I think I’ll get used to a little alone time!

  4. lol, that’s much like what I did the first day of my daughter’s preschool. i too got myself a doughnut – i was so proud of myself for not crying. :)

  5. My oldest started Kindergarten today… and she wanted me to just let her out of the van instead of walking her to her classroom! Then at pickup she ran, arms outstretched… straight to her little sister, who she spun around while declaring “I missed you!” Baby brother got a kiss. I got to drive home. Glad she is so independent, I say to myself. ;) At least she insisted on wearing something momma-made to school!

  6. My big one went to Kindergarten and the little one started Preschool today…I went and bought some ant bait (dont ask), went to the bank, went grocery shoppin – bought salami and lorraine cheese, bakery rolls and made some mean sammies when they all got home at lunch! 1.5 hours is just enough to get stuff done.

  7. It is nice, isn’t it!

  8. Shirley Lupton says:

    Enjoy it now because it won’t last long. Roommother, sports, for got their lunch, etc. So enjoy!

  9. Paula Chaffin says:

    This time will go so fast! Yesterday I took our daughter to preschool and she started
    her first year of college two weeks ago. Enjoy your time but savor what time you
    have with your kids. This time in my life has brought a whole new perspective.

  10. I have 4 kids and they are all in the same grades as yours. :) I took my youngest to preschool this week and their were parents upset about bringing their baby to preschool. Not me! I was excited and so was my preschooler. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 12 years, I was definitely ready for my little 2 hour break while she was at preschool. I love my kids, but to just go home and do something uninterrupted was awesome.

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