Silhouette Promotions (a plethora of them)

In case you don’t follow along on Facebook, I’m currently in carpet installation hell.  My family room looks like this:

The install was finished yesterday, but that was just the beginning of the crap.  2 beds (ours and Keller’s) were ruined.  2 sets of closet doors were broken as well (including one that hit me in the face when I attempted to open it).  So, I slept on the floor last night and I’m delightful this morning.  Blah.

So, whilst I try to locate my shoes, I’ve got some Silhouette deals for you!


Do you need a machine?


Do you need some vinyl?


Do you need some heat transfer?


Do you need some adhesive cardstock and/or sketch pens?


A little something for everyone, right???

Use code “CRAP” to take advantage of any of the promotions between now and the end of the month!

Look forward to a heat transfer project from me in the next little bit (you know…when I can walk through my family room to get to my CAMEO again).  In the mean time, Here are some of my favorite Halloween-y projects I’ve made with Silhouette vinyl!

Spooky Soap Dispensers


Batty (and temporary) Chandelier Makeover




(I forgot how much I loved those vinyl candelabras…I should probably cut a new set this year!)

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  1. Hey Char,
    I totally thought of you this morning when I did my very first EVER iron on. (Patches for Addison’s girl scout vest) Hope you are doing great. And, please explain how in the world two beds and closet doors were ruined by the carpet guys. That is just terrible! And weird.
    Jen Paris

  2. I bought a new sewing machine. Gave the old one to daughter in law to help her and my grand daughters learn to sew. I am teaching my grandson to sew too. the Silhouette would help with cutting designs. I am a fan and follower

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