Too Small Linen Closet Solution + $100 Lowe’s Giveaway

This month’s Lowes Creative Ideas Blog team member challenge was blogger’s choice.  The pressure!  This basically meant that Lowes Creative Ideas was giving us free reign.  My house has been a disaster zone for the last several weeks (insert long story about carpet and closet doors and broken beds and sleeping on the floor here) and so I needed something that wouldn’t contribute to the chaos.  I thought about making over my sister’s dining area, but finally decided to fix something in my own space.

We all have things about our houses that drive us nuts, right?  You know…stuff you didn’t realize was going to be an issue until you actually moved in.  For example, at my house there’s nowhere to put your broom.  It has to go in the garage, and that annoys me.  Another thing that drives me nuts?  My linen closet.

(And I’m not just talking about that hole from the doorstop up top courtesy of one of the boy children that lives here.)

Don’t get me wrong…my house is a nice size for the six of us and I’m grateful for it every day.  But that linen closet?  Ugh.  WAY.  TOO.  SMALL.  My house is a 2 story with all the bedrooms upstairs.  This is the only storage space upstairs.  We have some under porch storage in the basement, but that’s way way way not convenient.  There’s no way you can fit towels and sheets for six in that closet, let alone the “extra” stuff (deodorant, hairspray, light bulbs, etc.) that needs to be stored upstairs.  So, I needed a solution.

I picked up this cabinet several (like nine) years ago.  It was very country red and very much no longer my style, but I knew it had some potential, so I decided to make it over.  I put Keller and a friend to work removing the hinges and knobs.

photo (1)photo

And then I went nuts with 2 of my favorites:


Valspar spray paint in Exotic Sea Gloss and Minwax stain in Provincial.

Spray paint tip:  Start with your piece upside down.  Get all the parts that you won’t be able to see/reach once it’s right side up and then flip it over so you don’t have to try to maneuver it when the whole thing is sticky and covered in wet paint.

I did one really good coat of spray paint and then touched up a couple of spots that looked a little on the red side.

Because the wood was not smooth and because my boys make everything look roughed up even when it’s not, I decided to rough it up a bit.

I let the paint dry for 2 or 3 days just to make sure it was really dry and not at all tacky, and then I took my power sander to it.  Once I liked the amount of paint I had taken off, I wiped the whole thing down with a tack cloth and then I applied some stain with a rag. I applied and wiped and applied and wiped until I liked the look.  I put on some new knobs and…


Pretty, right?

Then I went back to Lowe’s and headed to the organization section and picked up some of these baskets.


They’re under $15 for the set of 3 and I LOVE them because they’re super narrow and fit on any shelf.  I have some in my basement bathroom as well.

I grouped stuff in them, like deodorant or light bulbs or Scentsy melts (yes, I have a problem) and put them in the cabinet.


So, here’s hoping that the unused space at the end of the hall helps me not have linen closet rage!

Lowe’s is also giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a $100 gift card!


Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d use the gift card for.  That’s it.  Quick and easy!

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Friday, November 2nd at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

And while you’re waiting to see if you won, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Or, check out the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s app (also free)!  I have it on my iPhone and it’s delightful!


*Disclosure: Lowe’s provided me with a gift card to purchase supplies for this project as part of their Lowe’s Creative ideas Bloggers team.  All opinions and statements are mine.

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  1. Susan Watson says:

    i am always needing paint becsuse i like to change things often…..would also love the closet kits

  2. I have too many small closets…like all of them are teeny tiny. But I also have one kitchen cabinet that is huge but goes way back into a corner that you can’t access. I would buy something that would make it easier for me to use the space in that cabinet. And some of those little baskets you got…love those for their size.

  3. Amanda Taylor says:

    I would use this gift card to work on my front yard. I have all these ideas I want to try out there!

  4. We just bought a house that needs a lot of love and I’m finding myself at Lowe’s up to 5 days a week. <3 Next big project is renovating my master bathroom.

  5. Emilie Schneider says:

    I would use it to finish organizing my son’s room! He’s always the one that gets left out when I decorate/organize.

  6. mirrors–can you believe we moved into our brand new house and our builder didn’t install mirrors?!!

  7. While I would love to say something fun for myself, my girls’ room is in need of new window treatments. Also fun, but not quite the same. :)

  8. I would use a Lowe’s gift card to buy a new kitchen sink, since our current model doesn’t really like to dispense cold water and the sprayer refuses to turn off once on.

  9. LOVE IT! We recently built a garage mud room {thanks to pinterest ideas lol}. I really need a lot of baskets like you used here as well as a indoor/outdoor rug for this space! We had all our shoes, rain boots and jackets piling up in the kitchen (no mud room in this house we just moved in) and I was going absolutely batty! We would LOVE to apply a gift card toward closet organizers for our master closet. I am about to go insane with our closet. So unorganized. It is begging us to do a makeover. lol Oh my laundry room could use some shelves, too. The coat closet needs help as well. I think I need to win at least 15 gift cards! HA! Downsized our home and there isn’t much storage…gots to make more!


  10. I would use this to give one of our bathrooms (with floral vinyl flooring, UGH!) a mini-update.

  11. My bedroom!

  12. Becky Ensinger says:

    I would buy plants!

  13. Hmm….$100 to Lowes? The possibilities are endless! I would most likley get painting supplies becuase I am always in need of them!

  14. I would use it to paint my living room, it’s in sad shape!

  15. I know it’s winter, but definitely something for my patio! I am looking forward to spring flowers!

  16. Jen Higgins says:

    I could think of so many things to use it on, but I think a new handle for the front door is number one!

  17. Liz Brueseke says:

    The rustoleum countertop kits. I have a 1940′s house that the people who lived there put in custom counters, that I can’t afford to change due to the size and attached backsplash, and they are pitted, and have a burn marks in them, so I’ve been wanting for a long time to use the rustoleum product to refinish it but that’s not in the budget either.

  18. I would love to change all the ugly old light fixtures in my home, starting with the one in the dining room, since I think it is the most. horrid of them all. The $100 gift card would be a great boost to get me started on the rest. Hope Lowe’s will bless me with this gift card.

  19. Started redoing the kids bathroom and could always use some extra help!

  20. Tracy Wineberg says:

    I have an small, damaged, octagonal table that was my grandmother’s. I so much want to remove the damaged top layer, recover, paint and restore and turn it back into a family heirloom. The $100 gift card would allow me to do this! I have been waiting (patiently) for several years to have the means to accomplish this goal.

  21. Michelle R. says:

    We had a leak from our fridge one recent weekend we weren’t home… so needless to say, we have to replace flooring. A gift card would certainly help!

  22. I’m thinking we’d get insulation for the attic. Boring, but our house is, according to an energy audit, the leakiest in the county.

  23. We are hoping to remodel our upstairs bathroom and could use this giftcard to buy some flooring.

  24. There’s so many things I could do but what I need the most is storage items for our tiny foyer/mudroom & coat closet! With my two children getting older, their coats, boots & shoes are adult sized now and I need some space! Organizing baskets & closet items are what we need.

  25. I would buy wood to build a kitchen table,

  26. I will be beginning a baby boy nursery project for baby #3 soon, so I would definitely use it in there!

  27. Keep trying to convince my husband to make me a entry table to set holiday decor and misc. on. Maybe if the supplies were free he would get on board!

  28. We’ve been meaning to update our bathroom for well over a year now. I think it’s finally time.

  29. We are getting ready to move and have a mile-long list of projects we are looking forward to! First up, we hope to build a dining table and a $100 Lowe’s gift card would be a huge help for purchasing the supplies!

  30. I would probably use it to finish trim in the house!!!

  31. love the re-do! i would use the gift card for paint to add some personality and quality over that cheap construction paint!

  32. Awesome re-do!! I’m saving for new outdoor lighting. That $100 would get me to my goal. Goodbye yucky bronze garage lights!!!

  33. Honestly, probably a new rug for my craft room, or maybe a new programmable thermostat.

  34. I want to buy a new toilet. It’s true. Mine is old and leaks and my husband says it’s fine. It’s not fine.

  35. I would finish up the new baby’s room!

  36. I would use it to increase the size of my chicken run.

  37. I’m in the middle of redoing my bathroom so I could really use this!

  38. I would buy decorative window film for my entry.

  39. We have a storage space issues in our house as well. The kids closet is big for them but has no door and is totally bare. There are bars or shelfs or anything. I think that would be a great project to tackle!

  40. Danielle G says:

    I would use the gift card to buy a mailbox! Like seriously ours is the saddest thing! When we moved in it was bent in half…we haven’t had the money to replace it so the Hubby got the duct tape out and well…at least it stands upright! HA! My dream is to have a mailbox that actually looks awesome!

  41. I would use it to buy paint for my bathroom and kitchen. They both are overdue for a new paint job!

  42. We are building our very first house (EEK!) and we are about to LIVE at Lowe’s! I would use it to buy paint and supplies!

  43. Sheila Laurence says:

    A gift card to Lowe’s would go to my husband for him to prioritize. I think he has several items on his ‘need to do’ list!

  44. Susan Tennell says:

    I am always in need of paint of all types. Finding stuff on the curbside, yard sales and craigslist have made it possible for me to have some beautiful furniture. Of course they aren’t beautiful until I get them painted. I would be so so excited to win a gift card. I love Lowe’s. They have some great things that are hard to pass up.

  45. I would use it to buy paint. I really need to paint my front door :-)

  46. I would buy a 5 gallon bucket of paint!

  47. Paint!

  48. Paint! We bough an old home that I am nor sure has ever been repainted. It needs help :)

  49. We are moving into a new house in November, so I would put it towards the appliances that we will have to buy!

  50. We just moved into a new house and I am ready to paint! I also need some planter urns for the front porch.

  51. We would use the money to buy the wood for my husband to make our girls Christmas presents, American Girl furniture. They are getting armoires this year.

  52. Somethings to organize closets would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. I would get a pantry for my kitchen. Our new apartment has very klittle cupboard space and I like to stock up on my cupboard foods!

  54. Talai Macfarlane says:

    I would use it to buy things to decorate my sons room – poor guy has bare walls :(

  55. I would love to use on for my kitchen redo…on a budget since my kitchen is the size of a thimble.

  56. I would use the gift card to build bookshelves for the living room, paint, anything really I love Lowes!

  57. I have a little furniture dealio that’s way too brown and boring. I would love to do a little spray paint refresh along the lines of your linen storage thing. Sounds easy enough (famous last words)! :)

  58. I would use it to refinish a dresser I have for my daughters room.

  59. i’d be be buying paint with it. because my children have ruined the stairwell walls and it desperately needs freshened up.

  60. Paint to refinish furniture for my first new house that is all mine!!!

  61. I’d love some curtains/rods for my living room!

  62. My great room is itching for a good coat of paint, but I can never justify spending my money on it! This would be perfect!

  63. Love the cabinet! (I kind of have an aqua addiction problem…). I’d use the gift card to buy stuff. At Lowe’s. Probably paint for the 1.2 bajillion projects I think of but never finish. And maybe some other stuff. From Lowe’s.

  64. We need to replace our kitchen floor-so this would come in handy!

  65. I’d use the gift card for paint! We’re about to be first time home buyers and I foresee lots of painting in my future for the kitchen and my little one’s room =) Fingers crossed!

  66. I have mold all over my bathroom, I would use the gift card to help with the cost of completly gutting and fixing my bathroom. Oh and removing the window that some idiot put right in the middle of the shower.

  67. Gayle Erwin says:

    I would get lots of spray paint and tools. You can do a lot with paint and tools. ;)

  68. I, too, would be re-doing a closet. We only have ONE non-bedroom closet for our entire house & it is dire need of a makeover! It’s just not pulling it’s weight around here!

  69. I would use it for our condo, we just moved in and have to organize everything!! especially my kitchen!

  70. I would use it to redo my daughter’s closet!

  71. I would use it to re-do our pantry, we have only been talking about it for 12 years.

  72. Michelle Carter says:

    Paint! We bought a house a year ago and have been busily tackling the major projects (like a sprinkler system) so my goal for the next year is to start adding some color to the rooms.

  73. Camille A. says:

    We’d use it towards a new water heater. Ours is 16yrs. old and pooping out. My husband keeps having to relight the pilot light on occasion (and it’s an old one where he has to get on his belly and reach in and light it with one of those long lighters). Kinda stinks to need to get that replaced with Christmas coming… But yeah, really fun stuff I’d be doing with that $100…

  74. I would use it to make-over my boys bedroom. I would paint it for sure and then probably add some bookshelves or something.

  75. I would like to replace my kitchen hardware. The brass fruit knobs aren’t really my style.

  76. Allison C says:

    I have my bathroom primed, but not painted so I would finish that. My brother works for Valspar so I only buy my paint from Lowes. It is a quality paint so it works out.

  77. Joni Walton says:

    It totally have the linen closet issue. Maybe I will copy this sweet idea. I also love my two story, but sometimes I want to cry when I have to go up the stairs…AGAIN! Love ya, Char!

  78. I need a new bathroom sink!!!

  79. We too have a linen closet that desperately needs some remodeling!

  80. I’d put shelves into my master bath.

  81. I am working on my entryway. Could use a fresh coat of paint and some organization love.

  82. Melinda Davies says:

    I would use the money to buy the supplies I need to tear out our ugly rock fireplace.

  83. I’d get storage containers. Thanks!

  84. I would use it for paint and other items for our bedroom

  85. Elvis Snoopy says:

    I would finally rid myself of the disgusting grey peeling paint on my front and back steps. Then paint them a bright, cheerful color with a welcoming phrase stenciled on it.

  86. I would probably use it for some closet organization too

  87. I am so wanting to buy some cute 90 degree angles wood and paint to create some small sheving in my pantry for sprinkles and other baking things. Thanks for the GREAT blog!

  88. oh..don’t know what i would buy. probably a table saw for my husband cause he will think i’m awesome…and i’ll get wood cut. double win.

  89. I would probably buy paint. My bedroom needs painted desperately!

  90. I would love to win this gift card so I could put together some picture frames for Christmas presents!

  91. We need a new washer and dryer! I would love to have this go towards a new set!

  92. I would like to buy some spray paint for a few DIY projects and some other items I want/need to fix up around my place.

  93. I would use a gift card to buy some new Christmas lights and some pansies for outside! love~

  94. LanaMarie says:

    We just bought a fix up house, and a there could be so many thing that the money could go towards.

  95. I started redoing my front room, but haven’t put anything up on the walls yet. I would use this gift card to buy supplies for a fun focal wall.

  96. Holly Hamilton says:

    There are about a thousand things I could use it for… but, I think I’ll start with garage shelving since our other fell off the wall!!!!!

  97. We’re planning on redoing our living room fireplace and I would put the gift card towards that.

  98. I would use the gift card for storage containers to get all my craft things organized…I would love a place for every thing and everything in its place.

  99. I need some sort of entryway table, so I would buy supplies for that!

  100. I’d use the gift card to get paint for our house.

  101. Belinda Romney says:

    I would finally finish painting my kitchen cabinets black and get some nobs for the cabinets.

  102. I would give the gift card to my parents who are going to be redoing their bathroom soon. It would help them a lot, especially during the holiday months!

  103. I have always wanted a chiminea for my front porch.

  104. We’ve been saving up for some sheetrock, drywall mud and paint to repair our kitchen ceiling which has two huge cracks and is buckling from a recent roof leak. This would be a huge help, as Social Security doesn’t stretch very far.

  105. Connie Kersten Haack says:

    I would like to use the Giovoni Granite on my countertops and I also need new backsplash.

  106. I’d update the lights and faucets in the bathroom… what a difference :)

  107. We so desperately need a new front AND back door in our 100 year old house. $100 would put a good size dent in the purchase of one!!!

  108. Jessie C. says:

    I’d get new shelves and tiles for the bathroom.

  109. I would use it to buy materials to redecorate my foyer…I saw a great idea on pinterest that looks like what it want…Here’s a link to the site I got it from: It would solve my “everybody drop their backpacks, lunchboxes, and coats right as they walk in the door from school” problem. :) If I had any $$ leftover, I would re-paint my youngest daughters bedroom.

  110. New lighting or stools.

  111. I’d use it toward supplies to renovate baby #2′s room!

  112. A compound miter saw has been on the wish list for some time and my husband would be thrilled if this $100 could be added to the funds!

  113. I would use a $100 Lowe’s card for putting in a second row of hanging room in our bedroom closet as well as new bi-fold doors.

  114. I would put it towards our never-ending “projects.” Like maybe someday we’ll finally get around to scraping off the popcorn ceiling.

  115. Tiffany Jeremay says:

    I’m sure I could use paint! We’re in the process of buying our first home, so I know we can put it to good use!

  116. $100 at Lowe’s? Sounds like an early Christmas present! I would use the $100 to refinish the linen closet doors in our main bathroom. We did a mini redo of the bathroom last fall but still need to do those doors!

  117. I would use for my sons empty closet in his room. It is empty with one shelf on top. All of his clothes are still with his sister’s which is a mess.

  118. Carly Delise says:

    I would use it to finally finish my guest bath, New light fixture and molding to frame out the mirror!

  119. I would use it for rugs and paint as we’re about to redo our second bedroom! And we got all our other products from Lowe’s for the room we just finished, so a gift card would be great!!

  120. We had to cut down a tree in our front yard because it was diseased. I’d save the card for spring and buy plants and dirt and make a new garden where the tree was.

  121. I have so many to-do projects, where to start?! I’ve been needing to paint our master bedroom, so I’d use it for that.

  122. I too have a house short on storage. But it has more storage than our previous house, so short storage is an improvement! But I have some cupboards that could use some freshening up!

  123. Kristin Crysler says:

    I am really itching to buy a jig saw. I have so many projects I want to do with it, including a really cool plant holder for my sunroom.

  124. Laura Decato says:

    I would use this to continue remodeling our bathroom.

  125. Kristin Davis says:

    We’re finishing a basement bathroom so we can put the house on the market in the spring. This would buy a good chunk of tile!!!

  126. Frany cook says:

    Just moved from a 3 bedroom to a small 2 bedroom. I would use the $$ for storage possibilties!

  127. I am in the middle of remodeling my first home. I need everything!!! Paint, supplies, tools, want to redo my bathroom. This would be a great kickstart :)

  128. Karen Garvey says:

    Two years ago I got over zealous taking out a plaster wall section in my dining room and hacked the connecting plaster up pretty darn good. I’d use the gift card to repair the wall and paint my dining room. Nothing fancy I’m just tired of looking at it and I ‘d like to mark the diningroom makeover complete. Thank you.

  129. I’d spend it on $100 worth of organizing items!

  130. Michelle J. says:

    A cozy chair on our porch would be fun!

  131. heather f says:

    I’m hot to add some track lighting and build a new hen house (but the track lights are NOT for the hen house!)

  132. $100 to Lowe’s?! I could do so much… but I would probably replace my horrible outdated gold ceiling fan.

  133. Ooo I love it!
    I’ve actually been trying to psych myself up for a linen closet clean out and organization so I would probably run and pick up several of those cute baskets myself.

  134. Priscilla from California says:

    We’re in the process of putting down Pergo in one of our spare bedrooms; as a matter of fact, it’s my Craft Room. We thought we had purchased enough of the stuff but it turns out we haven’t. The $100 would definitely help with that since we bought the Pergo at Lowe’s.

  135. Cute project. I will use it to finish our unfinished mud/laundry room!

  136. I have a ‘power tools wishlist’. Maybe I’d splurge for one if I won! :)

  137. I’d get paint to repaint our bathroom!

  138. Whitney Evans says:

    I would use the card for new paint

  139. Jamie Skinner says:

    My basement! It is in desperate need of help.

  140. I would buy a ceiling fan for my bathroom

  141. right now i’m jonesing for my husband to get my shelves made in the basement for food storage…i’d go with him to lowe’s and get stocked up and send him down there…

  142. Paint! We live in a rental that has very personal and unique colors throughout and I’d love to paint some of the rooms a more neutral color!

  143. I would buy paint and spray paint

  144. I would use it to but supplies to put up some board and batten in the foyer. : )

  145. Cassie Stephan says:

    I would use it for some Christmas shopping :)

  146. I would use the gift card on PAINT! A girl can never have enough paint- the possibilities are endless.

  147. If I won $100 Lowes Gift Card I would purchase some beautiful house plants from their nursery to bring some life into my home and patio. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway on your blog!

  148. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    Well I am about to move into my new house (my first!) so I have tons of things I could get- switch plate covers, light fixtures, shrubs, faucets, etc.! The possibilities are endless!!

  149. Decorate our new house

  150. i’m midway through designing/setting up my sewing studio space–that ironically includes a small closet. these funds would go a LONG way toward seeing my dreams come to fruition. :)

  151. After this storm we have a ton of cleanup to do so it’d go towards rakes and bags and plants to replace damaged ones!

  152. Emily Krieger says:

    I could definitely use this giftcard! I need some organization supplies, and also an over-the-toilet cabinet for the bathroom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. kristen Olson says:

    i would use it to make over all of my thrifting finds!!!

  154. Michelle A says:

    I would use it for some organizational items for my cupboards. Thanks for the chance to win. What an awesome giveaway.

  155. Cindy Brooks says:

    We need some organizing items for our pantry!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  156. I’m trying to get my office and sewing room organized. I’m out of wall space, so now I put wheels on my bookshelves so I double up and then move them when I need something behind them.. I think I would get shelving to put in the big closet. Thanks

  157. Paint! We’re in the process of trying to make our house “ours” with lots of paint and pictures. Although some organization stuff would be nice, too…

  158. What wouldn’t I want to buy at Lowe’s?? My next project in my to do list is to update my entry hall table, want to paint it some sort of red and then use Minwax on it. After I am done, I need to change the pendant light in the entry way. Wishing myself luck!!!!

  159. I desperately need shelves in my garage.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  160. The whole idea rocks. Good one! The baskets from Lowe’s are a plus. They are functional and look nice. Good job!

  161. Connie Kersten Haack says:

    I have a couple Kitchen projects I would like to do. and I do need some outdoor Christmas lights.

  162. mary billman says:

    Paint, Paint and more paint. A girl can never have too much paint!

  163. I wish you could see my house… well not really I would be too embarrassed. It is partially redone but money and hubby’s time both ran out. When there is time there is no money. I so need a gift card, especially from Lowes as I love that place!. I have all my pantry stuff in a closet that should be holding my fabrics and I need to organize everything creatively to be able to use it and find what I need. I would get some organizing shelves, baskets etc to get some of this looking better and livable.

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  164. I would buy paint for my daughter’s bedroom and supplies to make her shelves and hooks for a dress-up nook.

  165. I am trying to reconfigure my office space and really need some different shelving or a hutch to help with some of my clutter. I would also like to create a new desk using some ideas I have found on the internet using old doors and such, so a little extra help with that would be great.

  166. shannon downer says:

    re-do my boys bathroom!!!

  167. I would finally finish my master bath which is not looking so “master” right now!

  168. I would use the Lowe’s card to redo my kids’ closets. With any wood craps left over, I would make some pictures for the walls. – - I would have no problem using this gift!!!!! – Thanks for a chance to win!

  169. I’d use the gift card to get a fire pit for my recently redone backyard!

  170. I would buy more painting supplies. I swear that I repaint so much that we are losing square footage:)

  171. I would spend it on some organizational products.

  172. I would use the Lowe’s gift card on my own closets! I just moved in to a small apartment so storage is a big issue. I love the baskets you mentioned because narrow is exactly what I need! I also need some lighting solutions as my new digs have a total of 4 light fixtures, and that includes one in the laundry closet! A flashlight really isn’t the ideal way to find things in ones own apartment ;)

  173. I would love some bins for organizing kiddos closets!

  174. I would use it to spruce up my back porch!

  175. I am buying a new house and a couple of its toilets need fixed. That is what I would work on before any of the fun stuff. Silly necessities.

  176. I would re do my linen closet! I also have no place for a broom! (Or vacuum, or mop, etc) I have to store them in the laundry room where everyone can see them at all times!

  177. I need to get wood because I’ve asked my husband to build me a side bar/buffet for my dining room. Wood isn’t cheap!!

  178. I would use the gift card towards a new kitchen counter. Love how your cabinet turned out, especially the color.

  179. organizational stuff for sure!

  180. I would just have to do the little fixit things that always get pushed aside (i.e. now window sills in two bedrooms, no baseboard from when we replaced the door, etc.) And if I have anything left? Various holes in walls and doors.

  181. Probs some crown molding for my dinning room!

  182. We bought our first home 3 months ago and my house has been ripped up since! I have become a frequent visitor to Lowe’s. I would use the money to get some paint and supplies for our bathrooms! They are all an odd color but my husband has cut me off from updating the home for a bit. This would help soften him up!

  183. I would buy paint for my living room!

  184. I would buy paint and repurpose a dresser I have, then I would buy one set of faux wood blinds for the one window I have without them!

  185. We are almost done renovation our kitchen, and I could use a trip to Lowes to pick up some neat organization tools to keep our new cabinets uncluttered. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. I would totally do our master bathroom or master bedroom-both need paint and TLC! Thanks Char for the giveaway!

  187. I would use it to paint the master bedroom!

  188. I love the cabinet makeover! We just got our first home together and there are tons of stuff we need from Lowe’s! We are trying to change out the dated hardware in our bathrooms and we are planning to either stain or paint the cabinets and moldings in each room. Lots to do, but we’re really excited.

  189. I really could use some organization in my kitchen, especially under the sink. I love to wander around the store and see what baskets or bins can help.

  190. We just moved into our house and there is SO much that needs to be done. Organization is needed pretty much everywhere. Several pieces of furniture need to be revamped, and the windows all need a little something.

  191. I woulf buy a ton of drop cloths. I have to drive 2 hours to the nearest Lowes, but I understand that these are the best. I need drapes for too many windows in my living and dining room. Plus, I would like to actually check out a Lowes and I have never won anything in my whole life.

  192. I would get stuff to re-do my ugly moose bathroom (don’t ask, it was that way when we bought it).

  193. I would buy paint, flowers, pots, baskets! I love to cozy up my home!

  194. We are in the midst of some DIY projects for our new home. Our mattress is currently sitting on the floor in our bedroom waiting for a base. I would buy the supplies we need to get that poor mattress a home it deserves!

  195. I’d use it for storage or organizational supplies.

  196. We are a military family so we move quite a bit. We never know what our housing will be like–whether we live on base or in the community. We ALWAYS end up making a few runs to Lowe’s to get items that will help us organize the space we end up with! I love their organizational products!

  197. Our back hallway is in serious need of a revamp and organization…just don’t have the budget for it:) This would certainly help!

  198. I need so much!! I would probably get a leaf blower.

  199. Heather B says:

    I would use it to update/organize closets!

  200. I’d use it to put towards new cabinets we are getting!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  201. I would use the gift card towards a new vanity for my guest bath!

  202. I’d split it between new paint for my bedroom, and dirt/compost/bark to top up my raised beds! Thank you very much for the giveaway!

  203. I need one of those hangy-u-thingies to give the broom a home in the laundry room where it languishes. And I need to paint really badly outside. And I need to mulch, replace the kitchen tile and fix a light in the bathroom. TOO MUCH?

  204. I would LOVE to use a $100 gift card to buy some cute baskets and storage bins to tackle, ahem, multiple areas! (kids’ rooms, bathrooms, craft room, etc.)

  205. Oh where do I start? My kitchen ceramic floor was not put in correctly and it cracked very badly and we had to remove it and we have a mess. We are on a fixed income so we had to stop. So you can see where we would spend the money. Thanks for the giveaway and your blog.

  206. That is an awesome little storage cabinet! love it. i would use the gift card to fix my upstairs hallway. It has awful wallpaper, lighting and the wainscoting needs paint.

  207. OHHHH! What a fabulous cabinet–LOVE that blue rustic look!

    I would use this gift card to buy new plants for our yard–we have tried THREE times to get our front yard to look good and it just hasn’t worked! Four of the bushes have died each time!! OH MY!

    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  208. i could sure use this for i am in the middle of redoing 2 bedrooms, so i could use paints, etc. and i would like to see about the closet organizers. they sound great. thanks for this chance.

  209. This would be so great to win!! There are so many things I could buy with this… paint is the first thing that comes to mind!

  210. Jennifer Jensen says:

    I would buy moulding to finish the room in our basement at the base of the stairs!! And maybe start the bathroom!!! Its a slow, expensive process…Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. We’re moving the kids into a different room soon and I really want shelves in the closet so I don’t have to buy another dresser. I’d get all the supplies for that.

  212. CUTE idea!! I love the Crap you make! What wouldn’t I use it for. My husband and I just bought our house and are remodeling. We still need tile for back splash, new door handles, wood for shelves in the kitchen, baskets for organizing, paint for doors, that have been off for 2 months now, cabinet for the mudroom, wash tub for laundry room… and so on. :)

  213. We’re in the middle of redoing our mudrrom. We could really, really use some new light fixtures.

  214. Shannon Hall says:

    Same problem in this house. Trying to turn a bachelor pad into a sage place for our one yr old and first battle is Daddy’s stuff being moved and a family home I can’t “girl up” too much. Want a cabinet with NO Glass to clean in bathroom. Well no glass to clean at all even better. You can tell a man picked that stuff out!

  215. We would use the gift card to purchase supplies to create a bathroom door for our Master Bath.
    Our bathroom has never had a door it was designed to not have one. I feel terrible for complaining about it as I know others don’t even have a home. Perhaps we will donate the card to a person in need.

  216. Clever idea with the cabinet. I’d love to have some Lowe’s bucks to get new knobs for my kitchen cabinets.

  217. I would use the giftcard for paint and painting supplies. Our house is in need of a lot of paint!

  218. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I would put it towards a new front door to our home! Its so old and we get alot of drafts in and some decorative molding is missing. I would love to put in a new one!

  219. I would use it to get organizational items for my home. I am always trying to find a better way to organize all our crap! Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. Allison R. says:

    I would use the gift card to stock up on winter weatherproofing stuff for the house! I have a feeling we are in for lots of snow and ice since we got off easy last year! Thanks for the great project overview and giveaway.

    - Allison

  221. We’re working on painting and redecorating our bedroom so this gift card would sure come in handy!

  222. Our microwave is dead so I would put the gc toward a new one.

  223. I would give it to my parents as a stocking stuffer..They are always helping me :)

  224. I would purchase some lumber for a mudroom bench! I need some help with organization in there!

  225. I don’t know what I would do, but we just bought a house so it would definitely be useful!

  226. I currently have several projects this would come in handy for. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. Blinds for the master bedroom. We moved in 2 1/2 years ago and we still have the black out paper blinds up. Can you say tacky? In my defense, we have added two children to our home in this time period, so life has been a little crazy.

  228. If I won I would definitely do what you did I would have to go to a yardsaleand find a cabinet like the one you did over its also my favorite color. IRS perfect for outside my bathroom door. I don’t have anywhere to put my towels. There in the closet in our bedrooms! Aggravating! Thank you.

  229. I would use my gift card to buy plants in the spring for my new cottage garden!

  230. I would buy shelving to organize our garage. Thanks!

  231. Erin Kaven says:

    Since Lowes is one of my favorite “let me just wander and see what I see” stores, that is what I would do. I would have the chance to REALLY wander around, putting nuts and bolts and wood and pvc together to create some fun things for my house…or I would FINALLY buy that nail gun I’ve been eyeing for about 100 years. Happy Happy either way.

  232. Great job on the cabinet. I would use the gift card to buy materials to build my son a bookshelf. My first project was a bookcase for my daughter. As soon as I finished, the little guy was begging to one…and to help. Thanks!

  233. What would I use it for??? I have lots of projects that need work, paint, shelving, more storage ideas, fixing the fan! The list could go on and on! We just bought a 133 year old house so it will have projects to work on for years to come. Thanks for the chance to win!

  234. I would use it either for paint, or put it towards a new snow blower. Winter’s a comin!

  235. Heather M. says:

    I would buy a rug for my daughter’s floor.

  236. Kristen & Joe says:

    We’d probably use it for new Christmas lights, although we’ve been talking about a tile backsplash…

  237. I’d use the gift card to get painting supplies for the kitchen.

  238. We are doing a basement remodel right now, so we need a ton of most everything. This would b super handy! :)

  239. Jennifer Phillips says:

    I would love to use the gift card to make a message board….with a magic erase board, cork board etc.

  240. Buy my husband a new grill for Christmas OR a leaf blower for myself since we have 2 huge Oak trees and the leaves are now knee deep!!

  241. This would help buy some supplies/materials I need to help my husband build the teardrop camper we are working together on

  242. As disgusting as this is, I’d use it to help pay for a sewer drain auger. We’re having major problems with overflow in our basement and desperately need to purchase one. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  243. Cindy Sherritt says:

    The Lowe’s gift card will help with a much needed flooring purchase!

  244. I’d like to say I have grand plans to do something amazing! But what I really just need is paint and supplies to repain the kitchen and living room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  245. I’d use the gift card to tile my back splash in the kitchen. I’ve put this project off long enough. It needs to be done before the holidays set in. Thanks for hosting a cool giveaway!!

  246. Heather B says:

    I would have to put it towards a new door. Ours is way too drafty!

  247. I was very fortunate to get a large craft room when we finished out basement. I have a big closet and a smaller closet but need some kind of closet organization system–shelves, racks, etc.

  248. Els Manning says:

    Would be so so handy to have a gift card…! My hallway needs a paint job so very bad! With my husbands recent lay off he has the time to help out with this project! (mixed blessings)

  249. Pam Van Wagoner says:

    I would use the gift card to buy paint for my daughter’s room.

  250. Susan Manning says:

    Single mom here… raising a 6 year old … trying to keep things fixed and working… a gift card to my favorite store (besides maybe a shoe store) would be freaking awesome!

  251. jess vadenais says:

    I would use the gift card towards a new tub for my bathroom! ! My Hubby just refinished a cabinet just like this! It looks great and so does yours :)

  252. A new bathroom cabinet!

  253. We’ve recently remodeled & added on to our entire house. I’m adding finishing touches to organization in the laundry room, so that’s where this would go! :)

  254. $100 @ Lowe’s !? Yes, please. I’d probably get some new Christmas Decorations or new faucet’s for 2 bathrooms :)

  255. Tracy Tritten says:

    To paint my hideous kitchen!! Fingers crossed!! :)

  256. That turned out so cute! I would use the $100 for paint, stain, and wood. I’ve been wanting to (make my husband) make an entry table for our very bare hallway!

  257. ruth tacoma says:

    I would purchase a new light for my master bedroom closet. I cannot see what’s in there because it’s so dark. That’s what drives me crazy currently. :)

  258. Dianna Maxwell says:

    I would use the Lowe’s gift card to finally finish my master bathroom. I would use it to buy the trim and paint we need to get it all completed. Crossing my fingers!

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