Burlap Stockings with Simply Kierste!

Today’s project is a collaboration between me and my pal Kierste (from Simply Kierste) that has been a year in the making.  We started these stockings last year but then life happened for both of us and so…better late than never, right?  Plus, you’d never have known if I hadn’t told you, right?

I’m going to provide you with the pattern and details on how to do the general assembly and Kierste is going to show you how to cute them up.  I’ll tell you when to go over to her site and get some embellishment ideas and then you can click back over here to finish the assembly.  Sound good?


Stocking template, printed and assembled
2/3 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
1/3 yard burlap
6”-ish of ribbon/twill tape/etc for hanging

Cut 2 stocking shapes from interfacing, facing opposite directions.


Fuse shapes to burlap (following package directions and using a press cloth), placing the top of the stocking along the selvage of the burlap, just slightly below the edge.


Cut out around the interfacing, leaving a seam allowance.  It doesn’t need to be uniform or anything, but you do need to leave enough to make a seam.  (You’ll be sewing along the edge of the interfacing.)


***STOP AND EMBELLISH THE BURLAP SIDE (the outside of the stocking) AS DESIRED NOW***

Head on over to Simply Kierste for some ideas and beginner’s tips and then come back to finish your stockings!

Once you’ve monogrammed/embellished/whatever your stocking, put burlap sides together.  You can see through the burlap weave just enough to get the pieces lined up nicely.  Insert a loop of twill tape or ribbon for hanging.




Stitch along edge of interfacing, leaving top of stocking open.


Clip curves (carefully, be sure not to cut the stitching).


Turn right side out and press a little, if necessary.



  1. Oooohhh LOVE!

  2. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. I know it’s a little late to be doing so, but I’m going to make four of these for a family Christmas present this year. Headed to JoAnns this afternoon!

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