A Photo Essay

3 years younger and 3 times meaner.

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  1. I am STILL laughing about this! That was about the funniest phone conversation I’ve had in a long time. Thanks for the distraction, Campbell and Keller!
    (totally feeling good about not having more kids now. heh. weird.)

  2. i see Campbell won?

    also, the candy rage is hilarious.

  3. Oh.My.Heck!! That was the best!! I guess having 10 brothers that just seems like normal brother behavior.

    Happy Halloween Campbell and Keller.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    This only make me worry for the future of ‘Aisea and Matai. I’m sure it will be sooooo fun for me! LOL Everybody’s grounded!!!!!! Matai is already meaner and has WAY more attitude than Sea. I think when he gets a little bigger he will start winning the fights too.

  5. quite possibly the best post ever. i’m laughing so hard and keep having to go back and look again. poor Keller.

  6. Campbell is tough, I will remind Porter to stay on his good side.

    And, every night since Halloween, Ammon and I have fought just like your boys only we’re fighting over Porters candy… poor Porter he’s usually asleep.

  7. I keep coming back to look at this montage again and again. Holy crap, I’m still laughing so hard.

  8. I keep coming back to giggle, too. The look on Keller’s face on that picture 3rd from the end is making me pee my pants. And all that over a sucker. Heh.

  9. PORTER FAMILY says:

    the best part is that you took pictures instead of breaking up the fight! youre my kind of mom!!

  10. I showed Jehremy the pics this morning…he laughed harder and harder as each one came up. PIMP!

  11. bluestocking mama says:

    this is hilarious! candy rage at its best, fighting over one, while plenty lies around them

  12. so stinkin’ funny, char!!! LOL

  13. I think it awesome you were just standing back and watching…! The table flipped over is the best!

  14. And this was all over a single piece of candy corn.

  15. That is so awesome!
    i dont know what makes me happier, seeing that your boys act like mine, or the fact that you let them and took pictures.

  16. OMH! That is seriously funny. That’s awesome, just awesome. It’s like a bar room brawl, with the upturned table and everything!

  17. Awesome!! One question though. Were you at least making sure no one got hurt while you documented this beautiful moment, rather than interfering?

    P.S. Sorry I didn’t mention my slutty-ness or my favorite cousin. Next post.

  18. Al, Wendy, Max, & Lil says:


  19. Al, Wendy, Max, & Lil says:


  20. The Weight Family says:

    Laughed my A$$ off!!!! that is the ultimate hillarious thing i ‘ve seen all week. thanks for that!

  21. I had to see this again. If I am ever in a bad mood, this will be sure to do the trick. I am just laughing so hard at this.

    Dallas got a big laugh out of it too.

  22. HILARIOUS!! You mean Kenzie’s boyfriend can beat up my boyfriend? No fair!!

  23. Love it. And can relate, of course… because I was just thinking not 2 minutes ago about how candy brings out the best in kids. Drew wanted some for breakfast this morning and cried for an hour over it. Ugh!

  24. Those will be some great pictures to add to a wedding video montage one day. I am glad I am not the only one who does stuff like this. I used to videotape Olivia’s temper tantrums so she could see how she looked when she did it.

  25. That is hilarious!!!! by the way you need to make me a purse!!! you know you want to !!!!

  26. Holy cow I love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when people are REAL!!

    You are an awesome mom. :)

  27. Just found this…my mom saw it and sent me the link with "reminds me of 2 boys I know…" as the subject, since I have boys 7 and 4 that are JUST like this! Also have a 9 yr old girl and 1 yr old boy, so I am SO totally in your boat! My 4 yr old boy is so much meaner/tougher/stubborn than my 7 yr old. Makes for FUN times.

    I love that you took pics instead of stopping them. My kind of mom! After the millionth time, you pretty much know how it's going to turn out, so recording it for posterity's sake is just the next logical step :)

  28. rebecca joy says:

    I love how you took pictures instead of breaking them up, lmaooooo, so funny. I especially love the added accessory of the upside down table. FUN!!!

  29. lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE says:

    hahaha, the youngest ones totally are meaner. My husband did not believe that my one year old nephew actually deliberately provokes our three year old daughter (she doesn't like him bothering her) so I made him sit down and watch. Soon he had to admit, the little booger actually follows her around and smirks while taking off with her boots, or trying to get on the same chair as her, or touching her Special Things. She's practically a sibling in their much larger family, and younger siblings are not to be underestimated! lol. So we mostly do just this… watch, chuckle a little, and only interfere if somebody is about to draw blood.

  30. The Dirt Road Diva says:

    This is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the "reminder". :)

  31. Whew! This is seiously hysterical. And I love that you caught it on camera.

  32. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    OMG!!! This made m lough so hard!!!

  33. Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" says:

    This is great! I needed that laugh. Thanks!

  34. Steven, Jenn & Olivia says:

    Made me seriously laugh out loud!!! What a great documentation

  35. Steven, Jenn & Olivia says:

    Made me seriously laugh out loud!!! What a great documentation

  36. I keep coming back to this. It just makes me laugh so much and reminds me of my nephews. I need to show my sister-in-law and remind her that all kids do this stuff. Thanks so much for this!

  37. craftytammie says:


  38. Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life says:

    Laughed until I cried! I also couldn't help thinking "I'm so glad I have three girls." Not that THAT isn't without it's moments, but they're just different kinds of moments.

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