Actual titles of emails in my spam folder

Your best naked pic - Uh….
Sell your Kidney! – The exclamation mark TOTALLY convinced me! As did the capital K!
You’ll peck her like crazy – I will?
Destroy all cops! – Are there people that really want to do that? Again with the exclamation point!
Olsen sisters shot – Like a photo shoot or a gun shot? And why would anyone care either way?
Friend sells stuff – As long as it’s not my stuff, I probably don’t care.
Thnx for yesterday letter – Wlcm for today number.
and my personal favorite
Energy for your dude piston
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  1. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says:

    lol….i had a friend send out a get to know you survey and one question was who email's you daily? I said ummmm victoia secret and bath and body works lol

  2. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    This is sorta off the subject, but did you read Ammon's blog about the conversation he had on the internet with some kid? Your post reminded me of it. Some random guy started a conversation via email, thinking it was the Ammon he knew. It was hilarious!

  3. Steve and Tina says:

    LOL! Your spam is way better than mine :o)

  4. porter family says:

    man, i NEVER get spam with such creative titles! RUDE!!

  5. I love it! I get the some of the same stuff in my spam. Your comments were priceless! I'm at work and that just made my day, for sure!

  6. Kristine Robinson says:

    Glad I'm not the only one getting those wacky emails!

  7. Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    Not only do your projects turn out better than mine, you've got better spam.

  8. lol, dude piston, that one is my fav too!

  9. Dude piston!! I've gotta start checking my spam folder more often!!

  10. Wes and Dani says:

    LOL. :) Hahah I should check my SPAM folder. I always have good ones.


  11. Wow Char! I don't think I've gotten any spam in over a year! You are much more popular than I am. :)

  12. you seriously made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that! And thanks for reminding me to browse at the crazy subject lines before clickin the delete button. too funny!

  13. Grace @ One Craft Girl's Corner says:

    I get those all the time. I accidentally opened the Facebook one "a fun picture of you" supposedly from a friend of mine. I opened it, thinking it WAS from my friend. It wasn't. I don't open a lot of my mail anymore. I figured if it's important, they'll call me on my cell.

  14. emry@my little creative outlet says:

    I love your blog! I read it all the time. so inspirational! i am having a giveaway over at my new blog.
    i would love to see you over there!

  15. that last one would fit well into a conversation I once had with some people I know. Something about what would you name…
    guess you had to be there or at least know the secret password.

  16. haha Thats awful huh! I love that gmail has such a great spam filter I never even have to deal with them. I wonder if people ever actually respond to this stuff?

  17. Jared and Delia says:

    sick…that was funny.

  18. Jen V - Flawed and Fabulous Crafts says:

    Nice – you've got a bunch of crazies emailing you – LOL. Thanks for emailing me about the Johnny's – my mother in law is coming to visit us (she lives in SLC) and she is going to bring me some:) I'll have to post after I make your potatoes… the ones I've been drooling over all these months…

  19. I keept getting Viagra, Extenze and pharmacy spams. Wish there was a way to get rid of them for good. And I started getting random telemarketers on my phone. Goodness!

  20. bluestocking mama says:

    lol! my spam is all X-rated

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