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Before I get to that, I just wanted to draw your attention to the auctions going on this week over at A Daily Scoop. A young husband and father (an 8 month old and a baby on the way!) died last week when he became stuck in a cave. I don’t know this family in any way, but I have been in that cave (with BC when we were engaged), so it hit close to home. I’ve donated 2 camera straps to the auction. If you want to bid on them, click here.

Whilst perusing the Pottery Barn catalog, my neighbor mentioned she’d noticed there were some ornaments pictured that weren’t actually for sale.


You can buy the little stuffed hearts, but the other one is nowhere to be found. Here’s my knock off!

Trace a peace sign (or whatever shape you prefer) on cardboard. I used an old Amazon box. Here’s my template.


Cut it out. You can probably use scissors for the outside, but you’ll need an Exacto knife for the inside.


Don’t forget to punch a hole in the top for hanging. I couldn’t find my big hole punch, so I just punched a bunch of little ones together. It looks awful, but you won’t be able to tell once you’re done.


Get your Mod Podge and a sponge brush. You’ll also want a small brush.


Sponge brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on one side of the cardboard. Stick it to the back side of your paper. I used some great wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby. It’s thinner than scrapbooking paper, which is important. It also has this fabulous grid printed on the back with logos to show you the center of the design. NICE for centering your ornament.


Trim the wrapping paper, leaving approximately 1/8” (or the thickness of your cardboard) all around.


Don’t be too jealous of that fancy IKEA cutting board I use for crafting. Cut slits in all the inside corners and a + (like the straw hole in a take out cup) in the hanger hole.


Take your small brush and, working in small sections, Mod Podge the edge paper down to the edges of the cardboard.



Put a dab of glue in the hanging hole and then stick the handle of your brush through it. This makes a nice round hole instead of that mess I punched out.


You may need to use the blade of the Exacto knife to push down some of the inside corners.


Repeat with the other side.


Once that’s done, give the whole thing a coat of Mod Podge. Let it dry and…..


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  1. Piggy's & Petal's says:

    I like yours better!

  2. Piggy's & Petal's says:

    I like yours better!

  3. Amazing — you are my girl crush. Haha! I hear your neighbor is good at finding stuff, just not making it…

  4. The Scow's says:

    LOVE how you're recreating the PB stuff for a fraction of the cost. Every time I look through their mags. or go to their store and see people buying things I always want to yell "STOP….You know you can make that for SO much cheaper".

    Way to stick it to em….(even if you're not trying to stick it to em.) I think the PB's prices should be against the law. :)

  5. Ooh that's pretty! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking. (so glad I'm not the only one who scrutinizes those catalogs!)

  6. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Very cute! I have been following that story — so sad. Wonderful that you are able to help.


  8. I like yours better too.

  9. You got me going on the knock-offs! Have you seen any of th fabulous ornaments at Ballard Designs? I'm loving them!

  10. Risley and Dylan says:

    im going to totally make these!! thanks!

  11. I have a couple of hip kids who will love this. Thank you for the idea. I will post your tutorial on my blog to share with others. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  12. Love it!

  13. Mod Podge Amy says:

    Char, you really are fabulous at the PB knockoffs!

  14. Calamity Anne says:

    Cool ornament!!! Have to tell you, I love the name of your blog…gave me a good laugh!

  15. Tammy Rockvam says:

    Love this! I’m looking for some cheap (free is better) ideas for Christmas & this is perfect!! I’m thinking other shapes would be great too…maybe a dove?

  16. Very pretty,great fabric choice!


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