Crap You’ve Made

I started a Flickr group called Crap You’ve Made.
It’s a place for you to share the crap you’ve made inspired by, or using tutorials from, Crap I’ve Made.
You can access it any time via the menu bar under my blog header.
Someone go join and upload, please? So far it’s just me.
And don’t forget to enter to win the ruffled camera strap.
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  1. oops! deleted??… i was saying…this is a great idea! i joined and can't wait to see all the awesome crap everyone has made! :)

  2. i would love the camera strap, except it would probably help to have a camera!

  3. Oh what a shame I didn't take any photos of the little rufflebum onesies I made for some little girls for Christmas! I do have plans to make your patchwork camera strap so maybe i'll join up then. (although, must go enter the ruffle strap giveaway, i've been on a winning streak lately, maybe then i won't need to make myself the patchwork one!)

  4. Kari @ Ucreate says:

    I LOVE your camera strap with the ruffles! I'm seriously thinking ruffles can make anything look better!

  5. How fun! Going to bookmark that!!

  6. craftpriestess says:

    grabbed your awesome button for my blog. i just love it. because i love to make all sorts of handy crap too!

  7. I added a few things (lovesjaydog) such a cute idea, and one more thing for me to watch!

  8. I'm in, I sure make a lot of crap.

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