Ruffled Camera Strap Tutorial

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An old camera strap, for the hardware
Heavy fusible interfacing, the same length and twice the width of your strap
Fabric the same length and twice the width plus 1” of your strap
A strip of fabric approximately 1.5” tall by 45” long for your ruffle

You may want to refer to my Patchwork Camera Strap Tutorial if you want more detail on any of the steps involving removing the hardware from your old strap or reattaching it to the new one.

Cut a piece of heavy fusible interfacing the length and twice the width of your old strap. My strap was 26” X 1.5”, so I cut my interfacing 26” X 3”.

Fuse the interfacing to your fabric.


Trim the short edges flush with the interfacing and the long edges so that there’s 1/4 – 1/2” beyond the interfacing.


Fold both long edges of your 1.5” X 45” ruffle strip in approximately 1/4” and press. I serged my edges first. Set aside.


Yikes. My ironing board is getting NASTY.

Whilst you’re ironing, fold over the fabric edges on your interfaced piece and press them too. I like to use a piece of cardstock along the edge line of the interfacing to get a nice straight crease.


Then fold your strap piece in half the long way and press again.


You should have this now.


Head over to your sewing machine and hem both long edges of your ruffle.


Turn the ruffle strip right side up and sew a long basting stitch (on most machines this will be stitch length 5) right smack down the middle. DO NOT back stitch at the beginning or end.


For this next part, you’ll want to unfold your strap. I couldn’t hold it and get a picture by myself. You’ll be centering your ruffle on one half of the strap, excluding the non-interfaced part.

Line up the ends, middles, and then the middles of each half and pin.


Next pull your bobbin thread only (the one on the bottom) to gather your ruffle strip. Evenly distribute your ruffles (keep the last 1-2” on each end flat) and pin in place.


See how it’s only pinned on half the strap?

Go back to your machine and sew (regular stitch length, backstitching at beginning and end again) right smack down the middle of the ruffle.


Remove your pins and the threads you used for gathering.

At this point I think it would be cute to sew some ric rac or ribbon right down the middle of that ruffle, but I didn’t have anything good in my stash when I was making this. I’m imagining orange or red or hot pink on this one.

Fold your strap back up.

Edge stitch down both long edges, being sure to fold the ruffle out of the way.


I did one more row of stitching, about 1/4” from my edge stitching.


Here’s what the back looks like:


Reattach the strap hardware. More specific directions for that here.

And you’re done!


Want this very strap for yourself? Leave a comment before Monday night at midnight MST.

I’ll pick a winner Tuesday morning.



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  1. this is darling…all your camera straps are super cute..but the ruffle is a fresh take on them…LOVE it! awesome tutorial too! if i am not lucky enough to win this little cutie…i'll have to try my hand at making my own!

    Since I can't put ruffles on my son I guess I will put them on my camera!

  3. saraiwithani says:

    That ruffle is adorable!! I've been wanting to make one of these for a while…hope I win!!

  4. Love this Char!! I am too lazy to sew it, so pick me K?! :) Looks fabulous.

  5. Love the ruffle strap! I've been wanting to make one, but I'd be happy to win one instead!

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  7. Michelley! says:

    love this! the color is fabulous! and those ruffles are amazing! way to go, you crafty lady! i would love to win…just got a new canon rebel, and it needs some strappy pizazz!

  8. YES, I'd LOVE it!!! That fabric with the ruffle is just too cute!

  9. This is just adorable. It would be a perfect addition to my new camera!

  10. I'd love to give this to my photographer friend!!

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  12. I'd be a happy girl if I won that gem!

  13. Little Momma & Co. says:

    oh that is just precious!! i would love to win :) [email protected]

  14. Little Momma & Co. says:

    oh that is just precious!! i would love to win :) [email protected]

  15. Eric and Danielle says:

    Gorgeous fabric! I would love it!

    eric_danielle at netzero dot com

  16. LOVE this strap–fabric, and ruffle, and all! I am just getting into photography, with a semi-fancy camera and all. This strap would be perfect!


  17. Oh Wow this is the most adorable strap EVER!! and since i seriously lack your sewing skills and will never be able to recreate it, I am hoping very very much to win it!! THanks!!

    kristenpenn at ymail dot com

  18. That is super cute! I'm thinking maybe I could make one for my son (of course not girly looking). :)

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  23. I NEED this. My camera strap is gross and every time I try and make a new one it always comes out funky looking lol.

    I love the ruffles!

    [email protected]

  24. The Robinsons says:

    I love this! I've seen lots of patchwork straps, but this is the first ruffled one I've seen. So cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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    Lovely! So great, seriously. I have to tell you, my last trip to Ikea, I hoped to see you. Not that I've ever met you or anything! I would love this though!

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    I LOVE it! I'm new to sewing, and this is a bit beyond my realm of capabilities so far–so I'd LOVE to win! LOL
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    I'm still laughing!
    Thanks for reminding me everything I try to make isn't a masterpiece :0).

    I'd like a chance to win that adorable strap…definitely not crap ….Lol

    Happy sewing

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    I forgot that you know Jill and Ellie. That is funny!


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    I love anything with ruffles! Next on your list should be making me a robe with ruffles! :) Ha ha!

  56. Piggy's & Petal's says:

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  61. Tom, Brittany, & Girls says:

    I need one of these so bad, I can't sew and have been wanting one forever. They are sooooo cute!! Please oh please pick me!

  62. Thanks for the tutorial! I'd be thrilled to be chosen – it's so perdy :)

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    Oh my goodness, that has got to be the cutest thing EVER! My camera NEEDS this so the other cameras will stop picking on her ;)

  66. Kim & Corey Nasfell says:

    Oh my goodness, that has got to be the cutest thing EVER! My camera NEEDS this so the other cameras will stop picking on her ;)

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    If you're interested, tomorrow we have a friday fun find party that we'd love for you to link up to!

  95. kirstin & jordan says:

    Love this, love this, love this!
    If you're interested, tomorrow we have a friday fun find party that we'd love for you to link up to!

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    Love it!

  238. Matt, Katie & Jayden says:

    I just bought me a new camera and I would love love this strap. Pick me, pick me.

  239. Matt, Katie & Jayden says:

    I just bought me a new camera and I would love love this strap. Pick me, pick me.

  240. darling and wonderful tutorial too!

  241. Oh, we LOVE this. If I win, I will give it to my sweet daughter, who wants it so bad. Thank-you for the give away.
    [email protected]

  242. brown paper packages says:

    I want that!!

  243. Way CUTE!

  244. I'm Thankful for... says:

    I am in SERIOUS love! I have never wanted to be able to sew so bad! :)

  245. I LOVE it! I need one, Pretty please!

  246. SO CUTE! If I don't win it, I will DEFINITELY make one. LOVE it! :)

  247. NatalieDeltaGam says:

    please please PLEASE!
    natalie @ this old southern house

  248. Ryan & Kim Pease says:

    I WANT THIS!!! I would never be able to make this.. dont even know how to work a sewing machine!

    [email protected]

    Kim Pease

  249. Ryan & Kim Pease says:

    I WANT THIS!!! I would never be able to make this.. dont even know how to work a sewing machine!

    [email protected]

    Kim Pease

  250. your strap is so cute, i wish i could sew!
    this would be sooo cute!

  251. Mike and Wendy says:

    I have been wanting one of these forever!!!

  252. David and Jackie says:

    LOVE IT!
    please, please, pleeeeeeeeaase pick me! :)

  253. RyDeb.White says:

    ruffles on a camera strap? i'm in love! i hope i win!

  254. This would be perfect for my sister in law Heather! We're flying out to NYC to surprise her for her birthday and she would love this! It's so cute, I just might be making this for her if I don't win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. So super cute! I am totally going to make one of these, unless I win!!!

  256. This is the cutest idea I love love love it. Lots of luck to everyone but I do hope its me that gets this treasure LOL

  257. kathybooker says:

    so i just stumbled upon you and love your crap you've made!! in my former days i would cheerfully attempt this b/c i need one, but the 4 mo. old twins, the 2 yr. old, the 4 yr. old and my oldest 5 year old have put a little dent in my time to be creative. but the tubes are tied and i WILL return someday to make some of your fabulous ideas- keep them coming!

  258. Sew Much Ado says:

    So cute! It would go great with my new camera!!!

  259. This strap has my daughters name all over it. It is beautiful and I love it. Hope I win.

  260. This is such a cute idea!

  261. Sparklinbecks says:

    i just had a baby and dont have much time to sew…plus i always have my camera on me, and I would LOVE a ruffle strap!

  262. Nice! Count me in :)

  263. This is so fun! I would love to win one, but if not I will have to attempt to make one myself. Thank you for the instructions!!!

  264. CraftCrave says:

    Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [14 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

  265. I would love to win this, I cannot sew at all and failed making your other strap lol! *crosses fingers*

  266. Love it! Ruffles! Polka dots! Sky blue!

  267. Ooh, this would really jazz up my camera!!

  268. me me me me me!

  269. Love, Love, Love it! I want it! Pick Me!

  270. I can't sew but I can take pictures!!

  271. VeRy CuTe!
    [email protected]

  272. I would love to add that to my camera

  273. Ohhh, now that is good "crap!" If I don't win, (which I probably won't, & that's okay) I am going to make one of these for my camera. That means my hubby will look uber CUTE when he carries it ;) Thanks for posting "crap" like this, it inspires so many of us!

  274. The Bordons says:

    what a cute idea! I would love to win such a darling strap for my camera. It would look perfect!

  275. I love this camera strap! You are so talented!

  276. Oh SO cute – I love it!

  277. Oooooh, please, please, please. I've been saving to buy a new camera, so this would just MAKE MY DAY. Super cute!!

  278. Thurston Fam says:

    i would love to win this cute little baby!!! love it!

  279. Mike and Lillian Montoya says:

    I adore it,so dang cute!! Just got a new Nikon Camera too, so man would this be the icing on the cake ;)
    [email protected]

  280. Love the ruffles and just getting a camera soon! Its a beauty!

  281. I'd love to win, a camera strap has been on my craft to-do list for a long while! Love the ruffle!

  282. OMG I love this!! First of all I love the polka dots….then the colour….then the ruffle!!! LOVE IT!

  283. Thanks for a great tutorial! I'm holding my breath that I might win this one…but if I don't I'll just have to break down and make my own. Thanks!

  284. Perfect clor, polka dots AND ruffles!!??!! I so NEED this!

  285. I'd love to say that I'll make this, but it'd be so much easier for you to just send it to me ;-)


  286. So absolutely adorable! I would love to win this. Everything you make is so fantastic! Thanks!

  287. Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade says:

    I love this strap!! I really want to win it!! I don't have access to my sewing machine right now, so I totally want this!!! You are so creative!!

  288. Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade says:

    I love this strap!! I really want to win it!! I don't have access to my sewing machine right now, so I totally want this!!! You are so creative!!

  289. Oh I would love to have this. So, so cute!!!


  290. So cute!! I LOVE the ruffles!!

  291. Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton says:

    so cute. love the ruffle and love the polka dots. it would look so cute on my camera!!

  292. Love the ruffle! I really need a strap for my camera.

  293. Mona @ la la by mona says:

    I do love this camera strap! And, I could certainly put it to good use. Thanks for sharing!

  294. I want a one!! SO CUTE!

  295. I know exactly where this strap would go!

  296. I would LOVE this!

  297. I need it! 'Nuff said.

  298. I've been wanting to make one of these for soooo long. Yours is adorable!

  299. I love the ruffle! That is so cute!!! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  300. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    My sister has a great camera, so if I win I'll send it to her.

  301. this is by far the cutest camera strap i've seen. excellent job!

  302. So cute! I can't wait to make this for my photog friend!

  303. Pick me Pick me!

  304. I love it. I want it. I have to have it. Very, very cute! :)

  305. Super Cute!!


  306. Ooh, super cute. I'd add some chunky red wood beads to it. Nice job!

  307. Amy Knollmeyer says:

    This is the cutest strap!! Wish I could make one… but I prob never would. Would I like to win one? YES, YES, YES!!!

  308. I love this, I want this.. I tried to make one of my own and it was a disaster. Would love to wind this one.

  309. adorable!

  310. Totally cute!

  311. This is so cute! I love the ruffle!

  312. My name is Erin. says:

    I LOVE this and I didn't even realize I needed a new camera strap until JUST NOW! : ) Perfect for helping me take photos to post on my blogs.

    *fingers crossed*

  313. Trying Traditional says:

    Wow, my mind is swimming with all the fun fabrics I have stashed away!

  314. Would really love to win this…it is sooo cute. If my sewing machine wasn't broken, I would be copying this! Thanks for the great instructions.

  315. Tiffany Meagan says:

    Yes, I do want this…
    If I don't win it I just might have to make it for myself. (I'll have to add it to the list :D )

    Tiffany Morgan

  316. I love it!!! Pick me, Char. You know you can't help but love me ;)

  317. Jeremy and Heidi says:

    Thank you so much for posting a tutorial on how to make these! I'm going to have to try this out if I don't win!

  318. I definitely need to copy this I think I can I'm a newbie sewer but hey if I win that would be cool too:)thanks for all the great sharing of ideas

  319. Thanks for posting the tutorial. It is absolutely adorable. I have to admit…I'm feeling lazy these days, so I'd love to win it. But if not, I'll be making one for myself:)

  320. It's not yet midnight my time!! I'd love to have this. :D Thanks for the giveaway

  321. This is adorable ! Would go great with my camera!

  322. Love the strap, we just bought a camera and this would be perfect. Does anyone know of a tutorial to dress up or make a new camera bag for a full size camera?

  323. The strap is beautiful, thank you for sharing the how-to.

  324. VERY nice! I sure would prefer winning it to making it! :)

  325. This is so darling! Thanks for sharing it. We are featuring you on our site today. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    One of A Kind

  326. Buttons Threads says:

    I love this so much! IF any of you guys want to check out my sewing blog go here:
    I'll put up sewing tutorials on in no time

  327. Peggy of Plush Nest says:

    oh for the love of all that is fabulous! this is wonderful!!! I'm SO making one!

  328. Peggy of Plush Nest says:

    oh for the love of all that is fabulous! this is wonderful!!! I'm SO making one!

  329. ok, 323 comments later… WOW! this is beyond adorable! i am filing this at 'cause I gots to make me one of these! thanks so much for sharing!

  330. Love it! Come link your cute tute at my party: Thursday's Treasures!!

  331. Lemonade Makin' Mama says:

    Just curious… do you happen to sell these? If you did, how much would you sell them for? Would you sell me one even if you don't sell them?? Am I making any sense? :) I'd LOVE one, as I just purchased a brand new camera and it's heavy! The current strap is not only UGLY, it sort of digs into my neck.

    I'd even be willing to post about it and brag about you all over the darn place…

    I can be reached via email at [email protected]


  332. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    I did indeed use a Nikon strap, because that is what I found cheapest on Amazon. Here's a link to the one I bought:

  333. The Oxford Family says:

    Posted this tute on my blog today! Hope you don't mind! You can see it here:

    If you prefer me not to just let me know and I'll sadly take it down :) Thanks for a great project!

  334. Nancy Ward says:


    Wanted to let you know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

    Nancy Ward

  335. Sophia Luksana says:

    WOW!!! So cute, very gorgeous!! A real ruffle girl is here. I'm so in love with ruffles, plus I love the white and blue pattern. I gotta try this out. I've done craft projects and thought you might want to take a look. Feel free to promote projects on your blog! Stop by: when you get a chance. Take care.

  336. <3 ruffles! thumbs up
    happy crafting,

  337. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I found it yesterday, tried it, and less than 2 hours later, I ended up with a super cute strap! You can see a picture of it here,
    Thanks again.


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