Create With Me

Everyone knows Kari over at UCreate, right?

She’s got a new feature starting this month called “Create With Me”.


The idea is that each month anybody that reads UCreate and wants to participate will work on the same project and help each other out along the way and then show and tell at the end.

June’s project?

My ruffled camera strap tutorial.

There’s a post over on UCreate where you can ask any questions you have along the way.  I’m subscribed to the comments, so I’ll be sure to answer promptly.

Join us, will ya?


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  1. sounds like fun, I was just looking at camera straps this morning.. thinking…" I should just make one of those.." Count me in.

  2. OMG—25 more!!! (I know you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.)

  3. Jen @ says:

    I'm in. I can't wait!


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