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How’s that for a title?


The number of emails I’ve gotten from people willing to do a giveaway for my 1,000,000th hit party is seriously AMAZING.  I’m going to sit down tonight after the kids are in bed and respond,  I swear.

Finally Feels Like Summer


My kids just got out of school last Friday.  Weird, right?  They started swimming lessons today (no pictures, I suck).  We’re trying a new “thing” where they have to do a special project/job every day before they’re allowed to run wild.

They hate it.

I love it.

Kids in the Kitchen Tip

Yesterday we were all making tacos for dinner.  Macy(10)  and Keller (7) were both chopping stuff.  Campbell (4) can’t be trusted with a knife.  He really wanted to help, though.  I needed something he couldn’t ruin.  I decided to have him measure water for the taco seasoning.

Problem?  He doesn’t actually know fractions.



Mark the outside of the measuring cup with a dry erase marker.


Campbell knew exactly how high to fill the measuring cup and it wiped right off when we were done.

And that concludes this episode of random!

Wait.  It doesn’t.  I thought of a question for all of you.

Why can’t I actually get my dishes clean with those tablets?  The store was out of powder last time I went, so I decided to give the tablets a try.  EPIC fail.

Now I’m done……I think…..

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  1. What a cute tip for helping them measure stuff! We use gel detergent. The tablets and powder don't work for us. So…in other words. I have no idea. :)

  2. Way cute picture! And I've heard nothing but poor results from those tablets, so…(never tried them myself)
    And I REALLY need to step it up and make my kids (or at least Kyle, since Kelly's in school 4 mornings/week again) do a job each day. It's pathetic how lazy and spoiled he's become. And I've only got myself to blame.

  3. Love your Pampered Chef Measuring Cup ;)!

  4. I think it depends on your dishwasher and the way it sprays the water! I used to have a dishwasher that the tablets worked great in, I think it may have been the pressure. Now, it won't even break it up or dissolve it all the way in our current one. It's also REALLY picky about the powder too… No generic brands, Cascade is the ONLY one we have found for this dishwasher that doesn't leave a gross residue.

  5. Love the tablets! They are the only thing that actually work in our awful dishwasher. The powder is absolutely awful, and surprisingly the gel is just as bad. But when they are together as a tab, they are superb! On a side note, I just stumbled upon your blog this morning (around 5-ish *grin*), and I think I've visited it at least a half a dozen times since then. I absolutely love all your tutorials! I went out today to the fabric store just so I can make the tie and rocket onesies…I'm so excited!!! :) Thank you! :)

  6. Stacey Smith says:

    I can't get my dishes clean with the powder. I'm a tablet girl. Don't know what else to tell ya.

  7. I only use the tablets. BUT, you still have to make sure your rinse agent is full. If I run out of Jet Dry then I have lousy results. HEY, BTW, thanks for going in on swim. lessons. I am sooo pleased!

  8. Do you have a water softener? If my ws is out of salt, I have bad results with the tablets…that's how I know when to add more ws salt. :) But, for me, the tablets work better than powder or gel.

  9. What an awesome idea!
    I am so doing this with my soon to be 4yo.

  10. Mechelle says:

    My husband taught my son to make instant oatmeal that way.

  11. Shelle-BlokThoughts says:

    Yea, those dumb tabs stink. Anyway, at least you're teaching your sons something… I better go do that now, with my son, like teach him to clean my toilet! :)

  12. Since we got a water softener, the tabs seem to work fine. The guy recommended we use less detergent overall, so I bust the tabs in half. Seems to work.

  13. Life in Rehab says:

    My hubby swears by the tabs so I'm not sure, but he also uses Jet Dry. That may make a difference.

  14. The Petersons says:

    Our dishwasher repair guy said that the tablets are no good because most dishwashers actually do two separate wash cycles, and if you use the tablets, you only get the benefit of the second wash. He said to always use the powder and fill both cups. He also said always make sure your Jet-Dry is full.

    Love your summer plans for the kids too :)

  15. This is a topic which is close to my heart.
    .. Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

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