I’ve created a monster

I was out with some friends last night. I got home well after bed time. Campbell was still up. “I need you to make me a shirt for Leprechaun Day.”

“Um, can’t you just wear something green from your closet?”

“No. I need you to make me one like for Valentine’s Day…with leaves on it.”

And since I’m a sucker…




I think I’m single handedly keeping the Tulip Soft Fabric Paint division in business.

Don’t even get me started on the part where I had to go to 2 stores this morning to find corned beef since it’s suddenly everyone’s favorite meal of the whole year. Winking smile

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  1. haha aww! SO cute! I'm sure your kids love you for it! :)
    ~Ariel at http://adreamersdaze.blogspot.com/

  2. sweet! it's those little extras that count! we ate green pancakes for breakfast – apparently that makes me a "cool mom." Of course, the coolness will wear off when she gets home from school and realizes that St. Patty's Day or not, she still has to do her chores.

  3. Jennifer V. says:

    Just add one more thing to the "Don't say I never did anything for you" list.

  4. That's the fun stuff!!! Enjoy it!

  5. Mine are getting to be the same way…We can do anything crafty the night OR day of, right?

  6. Ok, but how can you resist that happy face!? Totally worth it, right? I say that, but my kids wouldn't even dare ask.

  7. Awww I love this. He's so cute.

  8. Resweater says:

    You're such a good mom! Mine went to school with the boring green shirt he already had in his closet ;)

  9. Cherie@DragonfliezCreationz says:

    too cute Char. aww how little ones wrap us!
    Cherie @ http://dragonfliezcreationz.blogspot.com

  10. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    How can you say no? Especially since the whole "will you make me?" phase doesn't last forever. (Well, from what my Grandma Betty Tells me, it slows a bit in high school, then when they grow up and realize your stuff is better they call again)

  11. You are a totally awesome mom!!

  12. Good Time Charlie says:

    You have to put an end to this immediatly, or you will have a 14 year old that demands this kind of treatment, and it just gets harder. Good mommy though!

  13. I love corned beef also…Reuben sandwich is my all-time fav! cute kiddies

  14. Sarah @ Sarahndipities says:

    Bwahahahaha! Love it!!!

  15. Kristine Robinson says:

    and of course you do it because who could tell that beautiful boy no????

  16. Que amor!

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