Giveaway: Signed Heather Bailey Pattern

First things first:  The winners of The Key To Taking Great Pictures ebooks are Kerri, Paula G, and Amanda.  If there’s any chance that’s you, go check your email and respond to me ASAP to claim your prize!  The rest of you can still get $2 off using code “CRAP” through Monday, June 6th.

Second things second:  The $50 Target gift card giveaway from Consumer Crew runs until tomorrow.  Go here to enter.

Third things third:  If you’re my mom and/or grandma, these pictures are for you.


They were obviously not giving awards for smiling nicely in pictures.  Or even for holding your certificates right side up.

Fourth (and best) things fourth:  International Quilt Market was in Salt Lake a few weeks back.  This meant that lots of fabulous fabric designers were also in Salt Lake.  Heather Bailey did a meet and greet thing at my favorite local fabric store.


I was on crutches and under the influence of drugs, but I went anyway.  Which is probably why I completely forgot that I had her sign one of her patterns to giveaway here on the old bloggity blog.  What reminded me?  The fact that there’s also one up for grabs (different pattern) over on the Snap! Conference blog.  So, go enter there, too, if you like free stuff.

(The super cute pin cushion pattern Snap! is giving away.)

What have I got for you?


A signed Smarty Girl Book Bag pattern!


Leave a comment.  That’s it.  You can tell me how much you love me, but it won’t help your odds.  Neither will jokes.  Or cookies.

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  1. If I didn’t have a blackberry I would forget things all the time. My brain is so full of stuff, I can’t remember anything anymore. What is this contest for? What was I just saying?

  2. That book bag is super cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  3. Char you crack me up!! I would love to win this!!

  4. What a great opportunity – thanks!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Really? Not even cookies!? I would TOTALLY be persuaded by cookies.
    Thanks for the giveaway ;)

  6. oh, oh, pick me :)

  7. Camille says:

    That book bag is super cute! I’d love it. :)

  8. I love it, so cute! thanks for the chance!

  9. The cookies are on the way. That’s Erica. With a C. Just like cookies start with C.

  10. What a great opportunity! And a pretty cute bag, too! Pick me, pick me!

  11. Lauren Bytheway says:

    That looks like it would be so fun to make! I would add it right to the top of my list. :)

  12. You are a riot! I crack up every time I read one of your posts. Seriously.

    This would be so much fun to win. I could probably con my mom into helping me, since I am not completely confident in my sewing skills!

  13. Liz Vickers says:

    Love your website! As a (clueless) new sewer your tutorials are easy to follow!

  14. dannielle says:

    Like the pincushion. Your blog gaves me inspiration every time I look at it. Thank you

  15. I love to sew and would love to win that pattern!

  16. <3 this, <3 the blog :)

  17. Your kids are related to my kids. Weird pictures abound of them.

  18. Great giveaway, as usual!
    Love your work! Congratulations!

  19. Love Heather Bailey – and I would LOVE to have this pattern. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  20. Would chocolate help my chances? It might be a melty mess by the time it made it to you from Mississippi, (It’s going to be 101 DEGREES tomorrow!!!), but I’d send it if it helped my chances. This pattern looks great! I never make myself anything, and winning this would be a great excuse.

  21. Cute, cute! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  22. I’m just getting the sewing bug, and I’m having sew (bwahahahah!!) much fun with it!! I really need some more patterns and different things to sew, and this would be perfect.

  23. Ah I love heather Bailey and I love her patterns!!

  24. This is an awesome bag pattern! My girls would be thrilled if I won it! Thanks for the chance! :)

  25. The pictures of your daughter are awesome. Pure awesome. Thanks for offering up the great pattern. I haven’t seen that one yet. Thanks for sharing!

  26. amy anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing! Hope I win! ~amy anderson

  27. Angelina says:

    I ‘Like’ Consumer Crews on Facebook

  28. Your kids have priceless expressions. :) Love your humor & wish you were my neighbor. ;)

  29. Nice! Awesome giveaway! Thanks.

  30. Melissa says:

    Love your blog. And thanks for the giveaway. I love your humor; you make me smile :)

  31. I love the ruffles on this bag! Would love to win this pattern!

  32. My entire craft room is decorated in HB Nicey Jane… this signed pattern would make a lovely addition!

  33. I need another bag pattern. Kinda tired of making the same one over and over.

  34. I need another bag and bag pattern like I need a hole in the head, but I LOVE me some HB! Thanks!

  35. Christie S. says:

    I’d love to have a bag pattern. Oh, and I love you too.

  36. Tiffany says:

    Looks like a fun pattern! I would love it!

  37. so cute

  38. What about the best chocolate chip cookies in the world? (Oh, wait, I’d have to be able to bake more than pull-apart cookies to give you those!) …. So instead, I’ll just say your blog is awesome and worth looking forward to each day on “break” from work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I would love to make another purse. I made one last fall and I love it but it’s HUGE so I have been wanting to try another pattern that is small and more practical.

  40. I would love to win!! And I was going to be clever and tell you a super funny joke – but I got nothin’. So here’s a cookie recipe (from one of my favorite fookie blogs) for you since I’m not one of the cool kids that live in Utah and I can’t bring them to you myself.
    oh and – love ya!

  41. What a great prize! :)

  42. Janet Langley says:

    That bag screams, “Summer cuteness!!!”

  43. I love you so much! I have cookies, little girl. Hahahhahahhaha! Would love to win.

  44. I’m not your mom or grandmom, but the pictures of your kids are hilarious! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for such a great giveaway!

  45. Brooke R. says:

    Love the requirements to enter!

  46. Tiffany says:

    How cute! I’d love to win! I’ve been teaching myself how to sew and I love purse/ bag patterns!

  47. I would be ecstatic if I win :)

  48. Nancy D. says:

    You made me laugh. I’m so glad I found your blog today. Thank you!

  49. Oh how I would love to win. And thanks for keeping it simple and not making me go 10 places to enter!

  50. I wanted to go to this, but I had forgotten about it until after we had already started grocery shopping. Either way, it’s all good!

    PS I also LOVE the shop too, although I’ve only been twice. Got stores on the east side that I’m closer to, so it’s a treat when I can make it out to MGQ!

  51. Ohhhh, I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance.

  52. Found your blog a few weeks ago and it’s now one of my very favorites (and I’m not just kissing up to win the pattern). Thanks for the opportunity to win and for making me laugh every time I read your words!

  53. I love to see what you have going on on the blog! Now you have a giveaway? Even better! You rock!

  54. Pick me, I have cake…

  55. kristen says:

    I’m a bag junkie…mostly ones I make myself. So, if I win, you’re helping feed my addiction and we all know it’s good to feed an addict right?

  56. Here I am, commenting so I can enter the giveaway. But I am totally not saying that I love your blog or anything. That would just be that unneccessary brown-nosing you taliked about. And I am definitely not brown-nosing or telling you that I love your blog.

  57. Here I am, commenting so I can enter your sweet giveaway. :) What I am not doing is saying that I love your blog. That would be the brown-nosing you were talking about. So, I am definitely not brown-nosing and I’m totally not saying that I love your blog either. So there.

    • And I’m definitely an idiot since my office phone rang as I was submitting this comment, and apparently it caused my goldfish-like memory to forget I hit “submit” already. Argh.

  58. I’d give you a cookie, but the one I found today has been in our van for 2 weeks… uhhhhh, I may have to stop procrastinating and clean that van!!!

  59. so cute! thanks so much!!

  60. Sarah C. says:

    Love your blog (especially the title)! Can’t wait for my autographed pattern!

  61. I love jokes & cookies….

  62. Katrina H says:

    OOH I love Heather bailey patterns!

  63. Even with crutches and drugs it still looks like you had a great time! :)

  64. Love!

  65. Love the bag!

  66. Love the bag and the blog!

  67. Becky M. says:

    Cute pattern! I would love to win and my girls would love to have one made for them as well!

  68. Danielle says:

    I would love to win a Heather Bailey pattern from my favorite blog. Does sucking up improve my chances of winning?!

  69. Cute Cute Cute. Love the bag and love the blog.

  70. I LOVE Heather Bailey and would have gone on crutches too! How fun and I love the bag!

  71. Love Heather Bailey! Thanks!

  72. Pretty sure you should pick me! Just sayin’ …

  73. Whitney C says:

    I’m always up for a free pattern :). I love Heather Bailey!

  74. i love how profusely you use the word crap. it makes me smile. who knew crap could bring so much joy?

  75. Not to suck up (not a lot anyway), because I love to read your blog. And I’d love to win a pattern! :)

  76. ow about chocolate or caffeine? would that be a good bribe? if not then here is my entry!

  77. I love you and the awesome pictures of your kiddos!

  78. I’ve never made a bag before…would love to try this one! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  79. Oh! I’d love to make that bag! thanks for the chance!

  80. Sah-weet! :)

  81. I love Heather Bailey stuff. She rocks!

  82. Well, thanks for a sweet giveaway, sweetie pie! OK, that’s my attempt to butter you up! ha! I love Heather Bailey’s patterns so I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Susan

  83. Thanks for a chance to win!! I’d love to sew this! Megan

  84. sorahart says:

    Utah seems to be a fabric mecca…*sigh*. I think I need to check out Material Girls next time I come to visit. Heather Bailey fabric is always lovely, so I have a feeling her patterns are just as fantastic.

  85. Christy Whetten says:

    What a nice giveaway! I have always loved that pattern, it would. make great gifts.

  86. Dear – pick me:)

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I don’t use anymore. I bet my WordPress Plugin is TICKED. There go your chances of winning…

  87. THanks for the fun giveaway! Sign me up!

  88. Love your blog. Always good for a laugh!


  89. Amelia Poll says:

    Oh!! I love this pattern and have been wanting to buy it for some time. But if I could just win it, that would be much easier!

    :) Thanks!!

  90. This pattern looks interesting, Thanks.

  91. Crystal S. says:

    I discovered your blog, thanks to my crafty sister-in-law and I am so excited to try out some of your ideas. I love the pattern for the bag, I’m thinking my daughter might like that better than a backpack when she starts kindergarten in the fall. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. :)

  92. Clare G. says:

    Love giveaways! Love that pattern-too cute!

  93. Cheyenne says:

    Super cute!! Pick me! Pick Me!! ;)

  94. It’s your mother……… What did those two ‘special’ grandbabies win now? XOXOXOXO

  95. I want it!!!!!

  96. Heather J. says:

    Of all the wonderful giveaways on the interwebs, this one I am destined for! I promised my 5yo daughter a bookbag just last month, so she can tote around whatever new book she has her cute little nose stuck in. This is exactly the pattern I had in mind. Help me make good on my promise!!

  97. Charisse Medico says:

    What an adorable bag! I would love to win!

  98. You ARE awesome!! I have always told my sister (who is also a huge fan of yours) that I want to be your neighbor. She went on your site today and said that your kids have the same awards that her kids do, so you are HER neighbor! I’m so jealous!!!

  99. Adorable pattern–I could use a fancy new bag!

  100. WOW! I am a huge fan of yours, as is my sister Kim, (2 above). I looked at your blog today and realized that our children go to the same elementary school! What are the chances of that. Maybe, just maybe, your awesomeness will somehow float through the air and land over here a little – I could use some!!!! Anyway – Love your site and think that it is fabulous!

  101. Right on. Is there a better way to meet someone than under the influence of drugs and on crutches? You’ll get their attention…and never remember anything foolish you say. :)

    Thanks for the chance! Love Heather Bailey!

  102. OHHH! What a fun giveaway:) LOVE Heather Bailey!!! And I love the pics of the family!! <3 sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  103. Allison says:

    That bookbag is so dang cute! I love you! ;)

  104. Pick me please!

  105. i’d love to try out that pattern!!

  106. So maybe cookies won’t work, but I’m sure a big pan of fudgy brownies would!

  107. OOO…I’d LOVE to make me a Smarty Girl Book Bag! And maybe one for every person in my book swapping group. Thanks for the chance to win! Anne, yourmainestamper

  108. I would love that pattern!! What a super cute bag :)

  109. Perfect summer project!

  110. You are such a good cure for mommy blues! Oh, and my friend is your neighbor (Marci with the new twins). Does that help my chances? :)

  111. Kristen says:

    Awesome giveaway! Hope the foot color is normal again soon! Musta been some fall!

  112. crutches? Your are a trooper! thx for the giveaway opportunity :)

  113. A good reason to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine!! :) And, I LOVE bags. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable pattern!!

  114. What a great giveaway. I am getting into sewing now so that would be great.

  115. Melissa says:

    Love your blog! I discovered you when I first started sewing a year ago and found tutorials for cute baby stuff. But you’re so entertaining I just have to keep checking in every night. :) Thanks!

  116. I’ve never been able to make a nice looking bad. Maybe if I had that pattern I could.

  117. Nancy H says:

    I love your blog and I would love to win this giveaway!

  118. Kathleen says:

    would love to win this! thanks!!

  119. Jamie O. says:

    Thanks! I just discovered HB and she is awesome!

  120. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  121. JESSICA says:

    I love cool purses/totes…This would be fun to sew up for friends and I.

  122. Well, I like cookies too much to use them for a bribe. :) I do love sewing totes and this one looks adorable! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Blessings

  123. LOVE!

  124. Love you!! And I love this giveaway!

  125. Love your website and this bag!

  126. Super cute bag. Thanks so much!

  127. I wanna win! Its a cute bag!

  128. Carol in E TN says:

    Thanks for the great pattern giveaway!

  129. Stephanie Klemm says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. FAB–U–LOUS!!!

  131. April Hurley says:

    I am back in school (yes at my age) and am looking to make a bag to tote my book around in. This would be a great pattern! Thanks for offering it up to us!

  132. I love Heather Bailey!

  133. Celeste says:

    That book bag is super cute.

  134. A comment. :)

  135. I adore Heather Bailey! Thanks fpr being awesome yourself!!!

  136. I would love to win! I don’t know any good jokes and my cookies never turn out right so I guess it’s a good thing you aren’t taking bribes.

  137. Kelly G says:

    I love Heather Bailey’s fabric, patterns, etc… I don’t have this one yet!

  138. Amanda Morrison says:

    I hardly use patterns, so this would be really neat!

  139. Jill Crossfield says:

    I’ve just started taking sewing lessons and this pattern would be a blast to use! Thanks for the chance to win!

  140. Wonderful photos. They resemble my life

  141. MelindaB says:

    Love ya and all you “crap” :) Thanks for the giveaway – hope I win!

  142. Oh great, now I want to eat cookies. :)

  143. That is adorable!!

  144. I would love the pattern.

  145. Yea! I love Heather Bailey!
    Hope your ankle is healing well.

  146. Jane T in NW Louisiana says:

    This would be fun to make and take to the library with me. I believe people would ask where it came from and then there would be a lot of begging of one. LOL

  147. I love to sew and I love Heather Bailey so I would really like to win your giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  148. Well, if you want to make it easy on yourself, just pick me! ;) And maybe I can butter myself up a bit by saying that you are the most awesome crap maker I’ve ever read! ;)

  149. Tracie Koenig says:

    Your kids crack me up!

  150. Yea! A giveaway.

  151. Trisha Wright says:

    Love your blog and the great crafts you share. Hoping to win this giveaway…it just might be the motivation I need to start sewing. Thanks!

  152. My best knock knock joke doesn’t translate well into print. So lucky that a good joke wont sway you. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  153. Mmmm, that would be perfect for my little sweetie. She just loves bags and is always stealing her brother’s “super” bag. I think she needs one of her own.

  154. Muireann says:

    I love the prize photos. They look like most of my family photos… Thanks for the chance to win!

  155. Heather E says:

    I love your blog but really like the little avatars that come up by the comments now, or maybe I’ve just now noticed but so cute! I hope I win because ummm…I really love Heather Bailey!


  156. I love this pattern…and my Snickerdoodles might just change your mind on that whole bribery thing….~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  157. Aloha, I just found your blog and love it. You have so many beautiful projects.

  158. how fun! Thanks for the giveaway :)
    jacy468 at aim dot com

  159. Shalimar says:

    I don’t understand how cookies *won’t* help!

  160. Bonnie P says:

    What an opportunity. I would love that.

  161. Thanks for a chance – that bag would make a great gift for some teenage girls I know.

  162. Hi! Would love to make my girls this bag!

  163. Mara Morrison says:

    I absolutely LOVE Heather Bailey’s designs! This bag looks super cute & would be so fun to make!

  164. I am an aspiring sewer/crafter & I’d love to tackle this project.

  165. Kristen T. says:

    Thanks for the rad giveaway. Love it!

  166. entering the giveaway…how original is that?

  167. Pick me

  168. Great giveaway- thanks!

  169. Alicia Stratton says:

    Would love to win this cute pattern!

  170. Cami Fulmer says:

    How stinkin’ cute is that pattern! I won’t bribe you with cookies but I will offer up the bestest, quickest, easiest cookie recipe ever!

    1 box choc. fudge cake mix
    1/2 cup oil
    2 eggs
    1/2 bag of heath toffee bits and 1/2 bag of mini choc chips

    Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes!

    My family loves these to bits!

  171. Suzy Roberts says:

    Oooohh. Heather Bailey… LOVE HER!!! And I love you for this giveaway! :-)

  172. That Pear pattern is exactly what introduced me to Heather Bailey’s stuff–I still need to make my pincushion, though :o

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