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We haven’t done this in a while (a super, super  long while), and I have a few things I’m REALLY digging right now, so I though I’d share.  And they’re all (except one) available at your friendly neighborhood Target.  And probably WalMart, but I don’t shop there…it makes me swear.

#1: Lemi Shine


Are your dishes all filmy after the ban on phosphates in dish detergent?  No more!  I believe the directions say to use it in place of detergent, but I just sprinkle about a teaspoon in the dispenser and then add detergent as normal.

#2: Nicole by OPI glittery nail polish


Want the glitter toes look without the mess?  This stuff is for you.  It looks EXACTLY like when we’ve done glitter does with Martha’s glitter, but it’s a whole lot easier.  Don’t be alarmed after the first coat.  Add a second coat and you’ll be in good shape.  I just wish it came in more colors…

#3: CoverGirl’s NatureLuxe Lip Balm


I’ve been on a quest for the perfected tinted lip balm for years.  They’ve all been too shimmery, too runny, too glossy, too bright…  You get the picture.  I think this one by Cover Girl is perfection.

#4: Continuous spray sunscreen


If you’ve got a bunch of pasty blondes around your house like we’ve got around mine, you NEED this stuff.  I love that I don’t have to pin down 4 children and slather them from head to toe.  I can line then all up and spray and be done in a minute or less.  I also love that it requires pretty much no touching.  If you have a kid with SPD/Asperger’s, you’ll know why that alone makes this stuff worth it’s weight in gold.

#5: My Eclectic Whatnot camera strap cover


If you follow along on Facebook, you’ve already heard about this one.  Sorry, but someone dorky enough to buy a strap cover that matches their blog is also dorky enough to talk about it more than once.  Or twice.  I hear Ruthanne is closing up shop for the summer on July 1st, so if you’re needing one for yourself, you’d better get it soon.


So, what are you loving right now? 


***In the interest of full disclosure, I bought all this crap with my own money.  Open-mouthed smile ***

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  1. Wow…just what I needed! Thanks for the great ideas. I’m so sick of the cloudy glasses coming out of my dishwasher and can’t wait to try the LemiShine…but I will check Target because shopping with the Wal-Marxists makes me act bad, too!

    I’ve been using Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm for a couple of years but I never can find a shade that looks good on me…I will definitely be checking out the Cover Girl option.

    Again…thanks! Great post and really helpful!

  2. i’m definitely trying LemiShine, phosphates aren’t banned in my state (stupid state) but we buy phosphate free detergent anyway…we’ve been using borax and vinegar ALONG with our detergent, it’s a huge hassle, actually, so if this work, BOOM! thanks for sharing, thanks a TON

  3. You can also buy the lemon stuff and add it to water…spray down your shower doors….MAGIC!!!

    Spray sunscreen….but the BullFrog brand. I have the white blondie boys and NO sunburns!

    And something new to add? My Rowenta Pro Master Iron is my best friend.

  4. I stopped shopping at Walmart for the EXACT same reason. I despise that place. I am right there with you on the sunscreen. I hate rubbing on sunscreen!

    I had a neighbor recommend LemiShine, but another neighbor recommended white vinegar, and for the sake of saving a buck, I use the vinegar. It works awesome!

    Right now I am digging ziplock bag! They keep everything I need organized and tidy!

  5. LOL! I hate Nasty-Mart, too. Even though we have a brand spanking new one, I always feel like I’m going to get a disease in that store. I only go in if there is no other choice, so once or twice a year. Blech! Hate that place. going to look for that Lemi Shine stuff, that’s just what I need right now, Thanks!

  6. I love the Lemi Shine! Use it all the time!!!!

  7. okay, I agree with you on Walmart. EVERYTIME I go I leave in a bad mood-which could make me swear.

    I love love love Lemi Shine. that stuff is the best ever!! I want to try out the Cover Girl balm because every other brand I use makes my lios look orange -nothing wrong with the color just looks horrible on my face.

  8. I feel the same way you (and the other commenters) do about walmart. I always leave the place tense and stressed and usually swearing. Why is this? Why is walmart so evil??

    Thanks for sharing these items. I really want to try the tinted lip gloss. And Sutton will go gaga over the glitter polish!

  9. I LOVE LemiShine also! Up here in NE Kansas my dishes just look so much better with LemiShine. I saw it in a liquid form also, so next time I buy it I am going to try that to see if I like it.
    Great list!

  10. Lindsey M. says:

    totally going to try lemi shine, thanks for the tip!!!

    right now i’m 7 1/2 months pregnant, and today is the first day it hasn’t been 100 degrees all month. all i’m loving right now is my air conditioning, and the fact that every room in my house has a ceiling fan. except the bathroom. i’m trying to convince my husband to remedy that…

  11. I LOVE Lemi Shine– actually saved me from buying a new dishwasher when I wrongly ASSumed it was the dishwasher, and not the new phosphate-less detergent.

    Stupid detergent.

  12. i am loving: mustaches cut out of vinyl and applied all over the house (upcoming party), oreos, spray on sunscreen (same as you), and flip flops.
    i want to find the glitter nail polish…that would be great for the wedding i am going to…

  13. Just a note on the Lemishine…If you have glazed dishes, after a while it starts pitting them and eating off the glaze, but I used it a long time before we got a watersoftener and it works wonders on those cloudy dishes!

  14. I am OBSESSED with LemiShine. It has saved my life. Well not really, but it saved me from buying a new dishwasher. We have HARD water so all my girlfriends talk about LemiShine on girls’ nights. It’s pretty funny!!!!!! Great stuff…………

  15. I am loving Target diapers my 10 month old is still wearing a size 1 and that is beyond awesome. Wal Mart is run by idiots.

  16. Thanks for the heads-up on the Lemi Shine, I can’t wait to go get some at Walmart!

  17. I am also on the search for the perfect colored lip balm. I’ll have to give this one a try. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to pick up the Lemi Shine too. Stupid Phosphates…

  18. I am totally with you on the horrific-ness of Walmart. Oh, and I totally grinned when I saw your ruffled camera strap. And I’m pretty sure you know why. :)

  19. Melissa Jorgensen says:

    I was at Target on Wednesday and thought I’d try a couple of the above products. I picked up the lip balm and the nail polish. I haven’t used the nail polish yet but my girls are going to love it. I love the lip balm….it is a fantastic consistency. I also picked up the NatureLuxe mascara because I’m always on the hunt for a great mascara. I really love it too!!! It’s fabulous! Thanks for the suggestions!

  20. WalMart makes me swear too. :)
    I love LemiShine!

  21. Can’t wait to try the lipbalm. Been on a quest for the perfect one for about 15 years. Totally agree with you about Wal-Mart. Even if I manage to make it to the register in a good mood, waiting 25 min to check out pisses me off. I am SO excited that we are FINALLY getting Target in Canada. Only a couple more years and we’ll have one right in my city. Now if we could get an Ikea I’d be all set. Right now I’m loving: Costco bagels, Dr. Seuss classics published as board books, everything about my local Sally Ann (remodeled, clean, organized, well-staffed) especially the $5 Radio Flyer tricycle I got for my son, Melissa and Doug triangular crayons and wooden puzzles, and chicken and cheese taquitos. And watching my 3 year old try to fit 2 pillows, 3 blankets (including a twin comforter), about 15 stuffed animals and himself into our wing chair at the same time. It’s hilarious.

  22. First of all I love the disclaimer at the end about how you “bought all this crap with my own money.” LOL

    Second–I have heard of Lemi Shine but had NOT seen a pic and didn’t know what to look for. I will try to find it at our store!

    Third–Walmart sucks.

    The end.

  23. I am loving…
    parmesan cheese– or as we call it, “snow cheese”. Sprinkle it on whatever, and my kiddos will eat it!–I just discovered it and I’m totally obsessed.
    neutrogena hand cream–not greasy, but works wonders. use it on my feet too.
    suave detangling spray–saves SO many tears in the morning!

  24. So I may be the only one, but I am so grateful for walmart. Being in a foreign country and not knowing what is safe to eat…walmart was glowing after the local shops I had been too. I do like supporting the locals, I am just grateful for my walmart indulgences when I am missing the good old USA!!

  25. shirley h. says:

    I am a “Walmarxist” and proud of it! =D I was so excited when I went to Wales and the hotel was near an ASDA (Britland’s name for Walmart). Despite our tour leader’s begging us not to go to that evil, Stalentist (his word for anything ugly, or post-war) we went and loaded up with Diet Coke! =D

  26. shirley h. says:

    I should spell check. “Stalinist” was the word I wanted. =D

  27. My husband had just sent me an email about Lemi-Shine. I need go find some and try it out.
    So I guess I’m off to Target at Lunch.

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