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I’m not sure how regularly we’ll do this, but I thought from time to time it might be fun for me to share stuff I’ve discovered.


So, we’ve discussed my love of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint before.  We’ve also discussed the happy little accident where I discovered that the velveteen line puffs up when ironed.

I busted out my paint stash this weekend to make Keller some shirts (freezer paper primer here) to wear over his pads to football practice.  The kids that have played before all have jerseys, but it’s his first year so he just had t-shirts…plain old boring t-shirts.  We needed a forest greenish color, but I only had a bright green.  I mixed it with some black and some navy and got a color I was happy with.

After painting the shirts, I noticed that the green paint was the velveteen variety.  The other 2 were not.  I decided to see if the paint would still puff, and it totally did.

photo (7)-1

So, if you want fabric paint that puffs and they don’t have the color you’re looking for, try mixing and use at least one color that does.

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  1. That’s one rocking t-shirt!

  2. That’s funny! I accidentally made the same discovery! Then I thought maybe I was wrong because the next time I tried it didn’t puff. Now I know what to look for! Thanks for clearing that up.

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