The secret to big old Frankenstein shoulders…


A pool noodle, with a neck notch cut into it.  I used a serrated bread knife.


Happy Halloween!

Quick reminder that today is the last day to take advantage of the current Silhouette promo…$299 for a Cameo and your choice of starter kit (vinyl, heat transfer, fabric ink, or rhinestones).  Use code “CRAP”.

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  1. You are freakin’ brilliant! And he is an AWESOME Frankenstien. Seriously, I barely recognized him. He rules!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!

  3. You always have the best costume ideas. Seriously.

  4. How do you think of these things? Great tip.

  5. you’re a genius. really. but i want to see the front, please.

  6. That is so clever!

  7. So simple and and creative! This is why I am not creative. I have to use the ideas of others!

  8. Nice blog! You shared such a simple and very creative idea. You’re really genius. Thanks for sharing.

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