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This is the 3rd time I’ve written this post this morning.  Hopefully the 3rd time’s the charm.  And hopefully no one jumps on me and makes me delete the whole thing.  And hopefully the power stays on.


The Cut It Out frames winners are:



The GoodieJar winner is:

A.J. Dub

All the rest of you can still get 15% off with code “CRAPPY11” through the 16th.  Be sure to order before the 17th to ensure Christmas delivery.


The $25 PartyLite giveaway is still going on.  Entries are low, so your odds are good.  It’s also REALLY simple to enter.  Go here, if you’re interested.

snap conference

And, don’t forget about the full conference pass to SNAP! that I’m giving away here.  Our first round of speaker announcements is going to be made later this afternoon (1pm MST) so be sure to check the SNAP! blog for the details.

Happy Thursday!

And if you have a winner’s name, CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND RESPOND ASAP!

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  1. Char,
    I totally hate it when your working hard on phrasing a letter just right and then it dumps on you and you (sob) have to start all over knowing that the next one isn’t as good as the first.
    This reminds me of playing “Legend of Zelda” on the original 8-bit Nintendo. (Yes, I am as old as that.) I spent one month – no I am NOT kidding – in trying to get through ONE room in a dungeon. I hate that room… I would come home from the night shift and be too tired to sleep and would play until I could. After four weeks, I finaly killed all the enemies in the room! YEAH!! Then the cat (her name was Amanda) walked over and rubbed on the reset button and erased it (no, I didn’t kill her.) It took me another four weeks (yes, ANOTHER month) to get through all those bad guys. When this happened I yelled “Yeah!”, stretched and hit the DAMN reset button with my foot!!!! Next to tears, I started over again. Only TWO %$#@&(^&$#@@$$% weeks later, I got through that room again and made sure nothing came within twenty feet of the game console. This time I was able to get through and save and never went back again. Zelda is still my favorite game and I can now get through that room in about fifteen minutes but still shudder when remembering it took me nearly an entire summer to play ONE level of Zelda.


    P.S. The level is Five and the room is full of Blue Darknuts. You must get through this room to get the Flute in order to be able to kill the dungeon Boss. There is no way to skip this room and be able to finish the game. :(

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