Art Class Dropouts Unite!

Confession:  In high school I took ceramics and social dance for my art credit.


can’t draw.  Like, not at all.  I think I’m too uptight or something.  I also can’t paint.  My grandma tried to teach my brother and I to oil paint one summer.  It didn’t end well.  I wonder if my mom still has my floating peach painting somewhere…

You know that you can draw with your Silhouette, right?  I made some art for above my headboard a couple of years ago:

(You can read all the details here.)

One of the features of the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software is the ability to change pretty much ANY of the designs into a sketch.

Macy loves old cars (specifically ‘55 Bel Airs).  Her bedroom makeover (which I have big plans to finish before the end of April) was inspired by some classic car prints.  I found a car design in the Silhouette Online Store:

Fullscreen capture 3262012 10939 PM

I ungrouped the design:

Fullscreen capture 3262012 11001 PM

I stacked the design pieces on top of each other in the software, like you would if you were assembling the design out of paper:

Fullscreen capture 3262012 11300 PM

And then I grouped them back together so I could resize/flip/whatever without undoing all my hard work:

Fullscreen capture 3262012 11312 PM

Then choose the sketch menu and whichever sketch option you like:

Fullscreen capture 3262012 11332 PM.bmp

I’m a fan of the “continuous” option myself.  Winking smile

I started out with a silver pen, because I thought it looked like a pencil sketch, but the pen died on me.


I decided to try a couple of different glitter pens instead.


Fun, right?

And just a friendly reminder about the current Silhouette promotion:

Silhouette CAMEO™ + Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition = $269.99

That’s a savings of almost $80!!!

Go here to add the bundle to your cart and, as always, use code “CRAP” to take advantage of the savings.

If you already have a CAMEO and just want to pick up the software, it’s 50% off using code “CRAP” as well.

The promo runs through the 28th.

See you soon!

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  1. The Silhouette is so awesome but I feel a little intimidated by it. I’m an invitation and wedding designer, planner and coordinator and should really get one of these! I love the artwork above your bed. Can’t wait to see the classic car inspired room.

  2. Kathy Johnson Zwahl says:

    Wow that Silhouette is cool. If you aren’t into drawing it would be so great to have this! It looked pretty straight-forward and easy to do, correct? I am sure there are some people who would not do art on the computer just like you said you couldn’t draw. :)
    As an art teacher these days, my friends from high school think this is too funny. See I never took art in school. Nope never even dreamed of venturing into that department of strange and unusual teachers and kids. They scared me.
    But I was into photography and went to get my BA in that. Lo and behold I had to take art classes! I found out I could do some of that “stuff”. Surprised the heck out of me and my family too.
    Awww- but life evens things out, helps those who say they can’t do, do exactly that!

  3. Love the ’57 Chevy! I had my first date in one! A few years ago someone named it the best make-out car of all time. I wouldn’t know….. ;-)
    And now I love my Silhouette digital cutter.

  4. Who says you can’t draw?! I saw that MC Hammer drawing you did on Draw Something… THAT’S art!!

  5. Shirley Lupton says:

    I can’t wait to get my designer software. I know I will need a lot of help but I am looking forward for it to get here.

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