Oh, hey! Who wants $100 at Lowe’s?

So, I’ve been a little bit MIA as of late.  SNAP! happened this weekend.  I spent the Saturday before making decorations (cut a hole clear through my CAMEO mat), the Monday loading a trailer, the Tuesday making a sign and more decorations, the Wednesday towing a trailer for the first time, unloading the trailer, decorating, and filling swag bags.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all SNAP! all the time.  And that’s just the SNAP! stuff.  Wait ‘til you hear about the crazy life stuff…


Today I slept.  A LOT.

I have so, so much to say, but I have to get back in the mom zone:  orchestra concerts, tonsil follow ups, properly celebrating the kid birthday I missed on Saturday, etc.  In the mean time, I’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ for you:

As part of this month’s Lowe’s room makeover challenge, they’re giving me a $100 gift card to give to one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader.

In addition to the cheap board and batten, the headboard for Macy’s room is done, and I’ll post about it shortly.  The drawers for the thrifted dresser and desk have been wood puttied and are strewn all over my dining area.  I didn’t make a whole lot of progress last week, though, because all my trips to Lowe’s were in the name of this:

photo (45)

Not bad for a couple of girls with 4 kids running around, right?

HUGE props to the nice Lowe’s employee who cut the plexi glass for me and didn’t even laugh when I told him what it was for.

So, do you want $100 from Lowe’s to make over a room in your house?  Or, do you need to make a ridiculously awesome sign?  Winking smile

You might be in luck!


Leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) saying which room in your home could use a Lowe’s makeover.

That’s it.  Quick and easy!

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Friday, April 27th at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen…I need the winner’s info before the end of the month!

And while you’re waiting to see if you won, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Disclosure:  Lowe’s provided me with a gift card for this month’s room makeover challenge.

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  1. My kids’ bathroom!

  2. Michelle Spiess says:

    I would love to win the Lowe’s Gift Card to help build an awesome bench/storage unit in our entry way!

  3. Well right now it’s not a room that needs a makeover the most (although the rooms in the house DO need them) it’s our outdoors that needs it most! We literally have dirt in the front and dirt in the back and are slowly but surely working toward having green there instead!

  4. My kitchen but I’d probably spend it on my garden!

  5. Our master bedroom

  6. Our master bedroom could use a little lovin’ from Lowes!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  7. Priscilla says:

    I would love to redo my sewing/craft room. The Lowe’s gift card would be a great start!!

  8. We’re doing our hall bathroom very soon!
    Also, great job with SNAP–it was totally fun, and I’m so glad I got to meet you!

  9. Michelle Caudle says:

    My dining room could really use a makeover!!!
    bingoblue at hotmail dot com

  10. Becky Brooks says:

    My kitchen! I would LOVE to have a new oven/stove!

  11. Kristin Bybee says:

    For a room – definitely my kitchen. If I can choose to use this for my garden, then I will!

  12. Master bathroom, or guest bathroom, or garage, or…my list could go on and on! :)

  13. That would be our still unfinished basement that desperately needs to get finished.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. My son’s room is so bare I really need to fix it up before his 2nd birthday.

  15. OH my play room needs so so much help!! The dining room is a close second.

  16. my garage/laundry room is in serious need of a organizational makeover :)
    [email protected]

  17. My bathroom could sure use that gift card!!!

  18. The master bedroom- the only room in the house not painted yet (isn’t that the way it usually goes?)

  19. My master bathroom could use a serious overhaul!

  20. I would love to use it for some curtains for my family and living rooms. Fun!

  21. Amy Bounds says:

    I would love to make over my kitchen.

  22. Guest bedroom – help!!! :)

  23. My craft/sewing/office could use some organizational redoing.

  24. EVERY room in our house needs a makeover. I wish it wasn’t the truth! :)

  25. Amanda M. says:

    My oldest sons bedroom needs some work!

  26. Sandra Moak says:

    My craft room…it needs some major help!

  27. Char, I didn’t realize you made that sign. It looks so professional, like you had it ordered from out of town. – Not saying I don’t believe you’re capable of creating something like that ‘cuz I totally think you are. You were amazing at SNAP! I am amazed at what the Snapette team created together. I had a wonderful weekend seeing everyone and learning new things. I kept meaning to ask where those puff ball centerpieces came from. I’d love to feature them on my blog as a Dr. Seuss party decor idea. Tweet me if you have a second.
    Oh yes, I’m working on re-doing my living room and want some built-in cupboards and bookshelves and a Lowe’s card would totally help with that. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      Victoria, Tauni and Lara bought the puff balls. Jen and I spray painted them. I’m not sure where they got them but those would be the two to ask!

  28. This would be awesome to make over the landscaping! We want to buy some bushes and trees and this would totally help!!

  29. The downstairs bathroom is in a terrible state! Needs wallpaper removed, new paint, new shower doors, new blinds, new fixtures and more…

  30. My front yard needs a new porch swing! We’re in it every chance we get and our old one is.not.fresh. :)

  31. MY bathroom is in need of a Lowe’s make over!

  32. I would love to makeover my daughter’s play room. She is growing up and it’s time for the room to grow with her. She will be six next month.

  33. justjayma says:

    My LIVING ROOM desperately needs a makeover. It’s so BLAH right now!

  34. The kitchen!!!!

  35. My craft room or a few random spaces in our house could use a Lowe’s make over… :)

  36. Amanda straight says:

    I would LOVE to make over/organize my craft room (that is slowly being taken over by my cake decorating business). I would love to be able to finally get all the missing pieces and throw some color into my personal corner of my house.

  37. It’s not really one single room in my house that needs a makeover…all of them are in desperate need of a few things to help with storage. Sometimes the tiny size of my house makes me cry. Most days I love it, but when things are cluttered, it really borks our whole life.

  38. My kitchen could use some help. It’s already been started, but certainly not finished.

  39. Kelli barkema says:

    I would redo my doors! It took me years tho get then and now they could desperately use a good coat (or 2) of fresh paint! Thanks!

  40. Ooh, that’s a toughie….either my master bedroom or the kitchen….

  41. I have a tiny (500 sq ft) house… :)and would love to add wall shelving and clever storage. :)

  42. My upstairs bathroom. 3 Boys, carpet, need I say more?

  43. Anna Palmer says:

    I would buy a new light fixture for my entry

  44. Jessica Purtymun says:

    Our master bedroom really needs a make over!!

  45. Oohhh, boy. My front room needs some serious love… it’s been neglected for too long even though it’s the FRONT of my house. Blerg. :)

  46. My bathroom and dining area could both use a makeover! :)

  47. terri mahoney says:

    Wanting to make some lanterns and needing some paint for some furniture. Would be thrilled to win $100!!!

  48. i just painted our mudroom and now i need to build a storage bench!!

  49. We will be closing on our first home in a couple weeks! So excited to get to work on this home that needs alot of work! I think I’d start with the master bed room!!

  50. Emily Krieger says:

    I would love this giftcard! I would really like to build some garden boxes for my new house, or buy some outdoor furniture for the patio!

  51. We are going to re-do our master bathroom soon and this would be a great way to start!

  52. I totally need this to motivate me to do my bedroom. Most of my house is done but my bedroom. It’s been over 4 years and I still have no clue what to do. I hope I win!!

  53. I have a few rooms that need at the very lest a coat of paint. I’d probably start with the bonus/family room though. Thanks for the chance!

  54. I could really use this in my kitchen! I have a window that leaks and needs to be replaced, unfortunately I also have to replace the cabinets because of the water damage too… doesn’t that stink?
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. I would love to makeover my own bedroom. It’s always the last place to get done.

  56. I am actually in the middle of making over my bedroom. A $100 Lowe’s gift card would come in quite handy!!!

  57. Our one and only bathroom needs some serious tlc, but I’d love to re-do our living room as well. A bit of a toss up.

  58. My kids’ toy storage (or lack thereof) could use a makeover!

  59. My sewing room could really use $100

  60. tennille michel says:

    My oh my, MY KITCHEN! We bought some glass tiles from the discount rack at Lowes last year, but there wasn’t enough to tile the entire backsplash, but not enough $ to buy the rest of the breed supplies AND having a baby last August put a damper on finishing the project. Plus, during the pregnancy prior to that I got tired of some kitchen wallpaper so I just plastered over it…fail. We would LOVE to see what $100 from Lowes could do for us!

  61. Wow, I need help in the living room/kids play area. It’s a large space we share and I have so many projects I need to get done for it to come together!

  62. courtney margot says:

    The inside of my house is complete but outside is a disaster. I need a patio and garden makeover.

  63. Kitchen!

  64. EVERY room in my house could use a makeover! But I’d start with my bedroom since I think it’s the hardest.

  65. Front of my house. I’ve been saving up to add stone tiles on the front steps and this giftcard would get me the rest of the way!

  66. My catch all room needs an overhaul, shelves, paint!

  67. Sue Smilesalot says:

    I’d do some making over of the bathroom. Thanks for this chance!

  68. Ashley M. says:

    My bedroom! It’s so boring and unorganized.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  69. Jennifer G says:

    My living room could really use a makeover. I’ve never been good at decorating, but I’d love to give it a shot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Meredith K. says:

    My kids’ room could definitely use a makeover!

  71. Christine says:

    I would love to makeover my basement bathroom! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  72. Carmen Wyant says:

    My sewing area really, really needs some decent lighting-the 5 or 6 lamps I use right now just do not cut it.

  73. Whitney Davis says:

    I would love to use the giftcard to buy the stuff to make the awesome bed that Shanty 2 Chic posted!!!!

  74. Claudia Brown says:

    My son’s( who graduated from college and is back at home while beginning grad school ) bedroom.

  75. Tracy Massey says:

    Well, pretty much EVERY room in our house could use a makeover, but would probably use it towards new countertops/island top in our kitchen! Or maybe new hardwood floors … oh, I’ve got SO many ideas :)

  76. Cheryl S. says:

    The kitchen or garage could use some Lowe’s help! Thanks

  77. Our Guest Room could use a little Lowe’s TLC! Thanks for the chance!

  78. I would LOVE to have help with my craft room…if it a crap room right now!!!!! Thx

  79. Connie Haack says:

    My kitchen is Next on the List for a make over. Painting the cupboards, Putting Gioni Granite on the countertops, New backsplash. I sure could use the Lowes gift card.

  80. Every room in my house needs a makeover! We live in my husbands house and he has lived here for 27 years with NO sense of style!! Lol

  81. Your sign is amazing. Oh so talented are you!!

    If I had $100, I would buy the supplies to make over those dining chairs that I wanted to have finished before baby got here…and they are still untouched.

  82. Our master bedroom could use a makeover – it’s looking very dated.

  83. Lauralee says:

    OMGoodness, the kitchen! It’s next on our list (as we work our way from one end of the house to the other) and I can already tell it’s going to be the giant black hole that sucks in all our money! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the gift card!!!!

  84. This would be perfect! I need to paint my dining room!

  85. Thank you! My master bedroom needs it desperately! Pamie G.

  86. Yes! And thank you

  87. Nicole G says:

    My bedroom could definitely use a Lowe’s makeover. Thx for the chance!

  88. Many rooms in my home need help, but I would use the gift card for my living room.

  89. Kristi McCandless says:

    My master bath – it’s a hideous embarrassment!

  90. Most of my house could handle a little extra loving, but I think my bathroom would be first in line. Thanks for the chance.

  91. Well, I spent the weekend reading a book on organizing my small home. I have ideas for every room. My choice for the hundred dollar card? My kitchen!

  92. Our new patio could use some Lowes love. We just moved into our new apartment and this is the first time I have had outside space in YEARS.

  93. Does it HAVE to be a room? We are doing some landscaping in our totally crap back yard. I am looking at some fencing at Lowe’s that I would love. Please, please, please pick me.

  94. I’d really like to make a headboard for my bedroom!

  95. my living room.

  96. I would use it in my laundry?craft room. It has no ceiling or drywall yet. A girl needs walls. :-)

  97. Angie L. says:

    My youngest daughters room….we have paint peeling off the wall (with their help, of course) and it could stand to be freshened up A LOT!!!

  98. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says:

    Our guest room or our master bath…both need help!!!

  99. Amelia P. says:

    Any and every room could use some updating in our home. However, I think the master bedroom could use it the most.

  100. At this time of year, it would be my outside ‘room’, the pool deck that could really use a bit of sprucing up,,, some pots and plants etc. My husband and I are at our local Lowes at least twice every week because there is something we need there. Thank goodness, it’s only about 10 minutes from our home! Have an especially blessed day, Kathy

  101. Courtney says:

    Right now we are in the process of converting our garage into a den, so I could definitely use the gift card for that room!

  102. My bedroom and bathroom

  103. My kitchen!!

  104. I think I would have to use in my backyard since it is a complete eyesore and I have started feeling sorry for the neighbors who have to look at it. Missi

  105. My master bedroom! Help!

  106. Amanda jones says:

    I woul make over my back deck. It’s an extension of my home and definitely used as a room during the summer. I could use some new planters and new chair cushions and live plants.

  107. Well, we’re in the middle of redoing our mudroom right now….so not fun!!! Next, we’re onto putting in a new wrap-around front porch. Can’t wait!!

  108. $100 would be a perfect start to my daughter’s bedroom makeover!

  109. Our 1/2 bath still has red, blue, and gold wallpaper, a ridiculously ornate pedestal sink, no storage, and gold fixtures. It could definitely use an update!

  110. My kids bedroom, it desperately needs to be redone

  111. joanna waddoups says:

    i would finally paint my house and fix the yard up nice:) hope you had fun at snap!

  112. Michelle says:

    I would love to get a head start redoing our master bedroom! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  113. Melissa N says:

    My living room! Or my master bedroom! Or really, every room in my house.

  114. Stephanie Reynolds says:

    Definitely the master bedroom!

  115. Lori Conran says:

    I’d use it on my boy’s bathroom….or living room. there’s plenty of projects around here I could use it on! thanks!

  116. Jamie Olander says:

    I would put it toward our new outdoor living space.
    We are planning a patio and fire pit.

  117. Michelle says:

    Our living/family room could use some help!

  118. Hey Char! So nice meeting you this weekend. You all did such an awesome job on everything, so we really did appreciate all your hard work and countless hours of time. I’d LOVE to win this and makeover my living room…it needs some serious help and I’m feeling fresh and inspired after this weekend. Take care!

  119. Our “to be” family room!

  120. Flo McDonough says:

    What is it about the kids’ bathroom? Just disgusting. Definitely #1 on the list for makeovers.

  121. This would be great to go towards a master bedroom redo!

  122. Our kitchen! I’m on the hunt for the perfect faucet! Your sign is great btw :)

  123. I need to makeover my kitchen & pronto! Love your blog!

  124. Since we just found out that birth dad is going to sign the papers instead of fighting us for a sweet little boy due at the end of May, I have a nursery to get ready! I sure hope I can get it finished in 5 weeks!

  125. does an attic qualify as a room? That’s where we need some creative organization ideas & supplies!!

  126. I’ve been itching to paint my bedroom!

  127. My craft room! I never do anything for myself, always put my 4 boys and hubby first. I would love to use the money to buy some shelves and bins to organize everything pretty! Oh how I would love it so! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  128. Tina Nuche says:

    Our hallway bathroom needs a makeover!

  129. We could use a lowes giftcard for our living room!!

  130. What room doesn’t need a makeover? We’ve been in this house for over 10 years and with the appearance of 4 kids in 5 years our plans to fix it up have been put to the side. But this year the project is the kitchen/dining room – the consolidation/expansion project!

  131. The “room” that needs the biggest makeover is my porch!

  132. It would be the kids corner of the backyard. I would love to build a play structure for them. Make it all cute. This would help pay for supplies.

  133. Heidi J. says:

    I am wanting to make one of those AWESOME entertainment center to play kitchen’s for my little girls and this would really help with that! Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. I recently redesigned my kids bedrooms, now the master is looking for some love. This would be awesome and help out tremendously!

  135. My bathroom needs a makeover!

  136. Every room in my house needs a makeover. We just moved here in October and we have wood paneling everywhere, 80s carpets in blues, greens, and reds. And a 70s carpet in orange. We are dutifully saving our money to change it out, but it’ll be a long going.

  137. My master BR is in desperate need for some help! Thank you!

  138. What an awesome giveaway! OUr family room is almost there, but is void of any and all trim/moulding/saddles. We can’t ever say that room is “finished” without them, and without a gift card in my hand, it might never get done. LOL! :)

  139. With so many choices…I think the playroom the most. It could definitely use some updating!

  140. Daffodil says:

    My kitchen could use $100 at Lowe’s. You know how they say changing out your cabinet knobs can really freshen up a room. I hope they are right. My kitchen right now makes me want to stab myself with a fork. ;)

  141. Andrea Dennis says:

    We are in the middle of moving this week so I am thinking every room in the new house would benefit from a Lowes makeover!

  142. Oh how I love Lowes! My craft room/gym could use a makeover or sprucing up.

  143. My craft room. It doesn’t really need a makeover and it is new but it needs MAJOR organization!

  144. Bathroom is in desperate need of some major help. I would like to try a more modern board/batten design.

  145. Kathy E. says:

    master bathroom!!!!!

  146. Our living room needs a makeover. Paint, curtains and new pillows. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  147. Quincie K says:

    I’d love to be able to add a couple ceiling fans to our kids bedrooms!

  148. Me! I want to win the giveaway! . . . My kids bathroom needs a makeover, some new paint, a new shower curtain, etc.

  149. So many choices but think I’ll pick the patio. New umbrellas, outdoor rugs and a pretty planter or two.

  150. every.single.room.in.the.house. If I can only pick one, the family room. the paint and carpet are almost 18 years old.

  151. I have a downstairs bathroom begging for attention! Loved your shower curtain! Someday, the shower will be functional!

  152. I have been wanting to make an upholstered headboard for our master bedroom. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

  153. Just spent $400 yesterday at Lowes for paint and fixtures for our master bath. This gift card could go towards the next bathroom. Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. Our master bed needs the most work. It’s pretty boring and pathetic, actually. I heart Lowes!

  155. My kitchen could use a new coat of paint.

  156. Andrea Linder says:

    Every room that has a WALL!! We need to paint…desparately!!

  157. If I won I would use the gift card to buy sheet rock paste and finish the walls in our house. Then I would paint the walls. We have built our homestead a little at a time and the outside …chicken coop, cellar and such have been more important. We put in the floor in the living room after 5 years…the kitchen still awaits flooring though I do have really smooth chipboard. (grin) There is so much to do. It would be nice to have real walls with color.

    I enjoy your blog and your humor

  158. Allison C says:

    We are buying our first house and moving in one week! A lot of painting, repairs, upgrades, etc need to be completed and this gift certificate would really come in handy. I can’t wait to decorate our house whatever way we want to. It is so exciting! Thanks for the chance.

  159. Oh oh, me me!!! It would be our 6 year olds bedroom. He recently told me he wanted me to put his mattress on the floor, so I started looking and thinking about building a platform bed with cubbies to put bins in to store his toys. Then I cold paint the dresser and desk he already has to match the platform bed! Then I’m sure we would have money left over to work on my 4 year old’s room after we put the bunk beds back together!

  160. Our girls will soon be sharing a room and their room could definitely use some TLC!!! They need a room that fits both the needs of a 10 year old and a 2 year old…quite a challenge!!! :) This gift card would definitely get us started! :)

  161. My porch could use some Lowe’s $$! i need to buy plants for spring, and Lowe’s is a great place for that.

  162. Our master bath is in desperate need of help – currently it is just a concrete floor with trenches dug for pipes. We could really put the $100 to good use!
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  163. Hallie G says:

    If I could make over one room it would most definitely be the master bedroom. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have never had a nice master bedroom. It has always been a mixture of everything. We would love to turn it into a relaxing, romantic retreat.

  164. We desperately need to make over my son’s room!

  165. I would use it for some plants for the front yard! We say every year we’re going to start landscaping, but then run out of money. This would be awesome! :)

  166. my bedroom could definitely use a makeover.

  167. kerri ward says:

    There are so many little things that I want to do over in my house. But for $100, I would have to put my money on the kitchen pantry. I am hoarding organizing ideas on Pinterest and it is my dream to walk into the Pantry and actually be able to see everything!!

  168. My bathroom needs some serious help!

  169. So many things to remodel. Master Bedroom, Twins’ bedroom, Laundry room…oh and desperately need to finish my basement!

  170. What room doesn’t need a little love around here? Our basement family/playroom needs love on the walls, I’d like to re-tile the kitchen backsplash, the laundry room needs some love, oh yes, and now that the weather is nice, the garden needs a lot of lovin’. Which to choose???

  171. Adrienne C says:

    I would say our garage needs a makeover. My husband rarely takes time for himself but when he does it’s to work on projects in the garage and it could use some organizing so he doesn’t have to pull the car out to go in there!

  172. Lowes gift card? Uhm, yes, DEFINITELY! I could totally put that baby to good use!

  173. Linda Deaton-Gilbert says:

    My bathroom by the family room needs a LOWE’S makeover….goodby gold fixtures and 80′s striped wall paper!!!

  174. My garage needs desperate help!

  175. Stefanie says:

    My kitchen!! I could use it to go towards a new stove!! Thanks for the offer((:

  176. Allison Macri says:

    every room could use it, but our bckyard NEEDS it!

  177. Our boring guest room needs to turn into a fabulous nursery within the next 4 months!

  178. Heather Kimber says:

    Yeah for you and lowes! This is an awesome gift!

  179. heather f says:

    I have a guest room that needs to be turned into a grandchild play room. I’d also like to do something creative with our front porch.. covered and blah

  180. Brenda Haynes says:

    Would love to spend $100 gift card toward that “paint” to change the bathroom counter!

  181. My guest room could definitely use some sprucing up. A Lowes gift card would really come in handy. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  182. Margaret R says:

    I could really use this card. We are in the process of a remodel. We tore out all the walls in our downstairs to make one big room. We put in a pellet stove and ripped out all the carpet. Now we need to drywall what was lathe and plaster (what a mess tearing that out!) and redo the original hard wood floors. So that card would come in real handy right about now.

  183. We are moving soon, this card would be sooo handy

  184. My kitchen, fresh coat of paint and building a new table with a bench.

  185. Our bathroom definitely needs a makeover :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  186. I need to fix up my sons room and also i would use the gift cardx to buy plants and flowers for my garden.

  187. Crystal Niemann says:

    Our living room is a combined office, living room and play room. It could use some Lowe’s TLC.

  188. Um…pretty much every room in my house! But it would probably go toward the kids’ bathroom. That room could seriously use some happy colors.

  189. i need it please please please — we are moving this week and we have a LOT of work to do in the new house. we have to replace carpet and re-paint my daughter’s room and we need some closet organization and there’s the issue of getting new locks and well, you get the picture. i’m going to be LIVING in the lowes so this would be LOVELY!!!!

  190. Jessica F. says:

    My master bedroom. Help! It needs new paint, a new ceiling fan, and some storage solutions!

  191. Of all the rooms in my house, my master bedroom is the most neglected. It needs some TLC!

  192. Julie A. says:

    Pretty much every room we have needs a makeover! But I’ve been dying to have my husband make us a new dining table- this would cut that cost in half!

  193. Melissa M. says:

    I would use it to build a command center in my front porch/kitchen. Someplace for backpacks, papers, shoes etc.

  194. We started to makeover our guest bathroom but ran out of money to finish, lol, ain’t that always the case for unfinished projects. The Lowe’s gift card would definitely get that little room finished up & beautiful. :)

  195. That IS a ridiculously awesome sign! As for makeovers…master bath…hands-down. Cracked tiles and old, dingy, ecru paint. Yuck!

  196. mary norman says:

    hmmmm craft rrom/ office definitly or maybe the bathroom. BOTH!
    thanks for the chance.

  197. There’s not a room in my house that doesn’t need help! I would use the gift card for building storage for my craft supplies so my living room doesn’t look such a mess. =]

  198. Oh man I’d use this for my master bedroom or our back patio…the patio will prob win since its warming up!

  199. We’re retiling both upstairs bathrooms this summer.

  200. Deanna E. says:

    Um, pretty much my whole house! We’re moving to a new home in a few weeks and need a LOT of help!!

  201. My living room is in need of a makeover! I’m ready to get rid of the huge desk taking up most of the space, and make it a nice, cozy spot for homework and relaxing!

  202. Every room! :) I could start with the Master Bedroom….or Kitchen.

  203. my parent’s bedroom. They need it!!
    thanks for the chance to win,

  204. Teresia Smith says:

    I would love to redo my living room! After seven years of foster kids coming and going, it needs a redo! Lots of wear and tear but also lots of love. But a fresh look would be oh so nice.

  205. jessica blood says:

    My kitchen needs a make over it is neon yellow!!

  206. Callie Greenleaf says:

    Our guest bathroom upstairs is the next on my list for a makeover. A gift card would be such a blessing!!

  207. My kitchen needs a new floor-$100 would help!

  208. Our dinning room is in need of some sprucing for dinner guests. :)

  209. My sewing room could desperately use a spruce up. The gift card would help tremedously.

  210. What room doesn’t?? ;)

  211. We’ve been in our house less than a year, so most of the rooms could use help. If I have to pick just one, it would probably be the nursery for our newest addition. The walls are still bear and need a little pizazz! I think some paint and a few craft projects would help tremendously. Thanks! *pick me, pick me!*

  212. The spare room that we’ve been using for storage needs to become a beautiful nursery for our baby girl arriving in September.

  213. Ummm….hard choice…..My craft room, or my upstairs bath (which is used by all since we have no master bath), or our ‘school’ room! So many projects, so little $$ (and time!)

  214. xeyedmary says:

    Honestly? My whole house could use a makeover! I’d probably start with soem exterior trim paint because the paint I used less than 5 years ago is already flaj=king off in huge sheets and I need to re-do ASAP!

  215. Bethany Weed says:

    Um, hey! I’d love $100 at Lowe’s! I need to paint my daughter’s room, so paint is the first thing I’d use my gift card on. Then I need shelves and all sorts of other things.

    Here’s hoping… :)

  216. I so wish I could have made it to the SNAP! conference! Sounds like y’all did a wonderful job and everyone had a great time!
    Our master closet is screaming for attention – $100 from Lowe’s would go a long way towards getting it in to shape.

  217. My master bath could use some updating since we had to cut some holes in the ceiling to work on the plumbing of the bathroom above it!

  218. As my house seems to be falling apart, it’s a tough decision. As it’s getting nice out, I’d probably use it to make our mudpit of a backyard more useable.

    Awesome giveaway!

  219. Pick me! Pick me! I need some stuff to make bins for the office…. Timing is right!

  220. Either the kids bathroom or the outdoor area.

  221. I think my laundry room is the most in need of a Lowe’s makeover!! Painting, shelving, and organizing are just part of the plans for this disaster of a room!

  222. I could definitely use $100. ANYWHERE. But I’m going with a new pantry project I’ve got up my sleeve.

  223. Danielle says:

    My front entrance needs a makeover!

  224. Carly Delise says:

    Sadly my entire house could use a makeover. We just bought our first home and there are so many projects that need to be done! A new kitchen faucet would be a great start though!

  225. I have a play room that needs a majjjjjooorrr pick me up. It’s a furniture grave yard.

  226. my family room is in desperate need of a make over!! it is just awful!

  227. My girl’s playroom.

  228. My kitchen is in serious need of a makeover!!!

  229. My kitchen could use a Lowe’s makeover! That would be so wonderful!

  230. My master bath has seen better days! Needs new paint, and some wall decor! thanks for the giveaway!!!

  231. Our bathroom is definitely in need of a makeover!

  232. My kitchen needs the most help!

  233. The place at my house that could use some fixing up isn’t a room… It’s my front yard. Now that spring is finally here, I need to make it pretty out there!

  234. my master bath needs a makeover and I already made a list that comes to about a hundred bucks…

  235. I’d like to tackle the bedroom closets…we’re in desperate need of a storage/organization solution. Thanks for the chance to win!

  236. That sign is rad!! Great design.

  237. Danielle says:

    I don’t know if you could consider it a room but my outdoor living space could definitely use a makeover! But I seriously have about a million projects that I would love to be able to tackle right now :)

  238. We are working hard on a nursery for our little boy due in August. We would LOVE to incorporate the faux brick they sell at Lowes!!

  239. I would love the Lowe’s giftcard to re-do OUR bedroom! After the kids’ rooms, don’t we come next? ;)

  240. Which room? Well, being that our home was built by Paw-Paw himself back in ’56, it needs a lot of work in all of the rooms. I would probably use the money to complete my daughters room. Going for a beach theme. New paint, molding and such would do the job!

  241. julie gosney says:

    I am in desperate need of a bathroom over haul. My tile in my shower is going to have to be torn out to fix the setting for the hot water. Right now I get to take a luke warm shower and I have a jacuzzi tub that I never use because I would have to boil water to enjoy it.

  242. My craft room/home office is in desperate need of paint and shelving so please please pick me!

  243. my office without a doubt! It’s BAD!

  244. I am in the process of updating my kitchen, so my 100 would go towards new hinges for my cabinets

  245. Hollye Kavanagh says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the gift card to re-paint our living room & dining room!!!

  246. Delanna L says:

    Oh, my poor bathroom needs this $100, without a doubt!

  247. Elise Kacal says:

    My living room could definitely use a makeover.

  248. My master bathroom!

  249. My kitchen could use a little love!

  250. My craftroom is a (freshly-painted) blank slate! It could use some Lowe’s love!! Thanks Char!

  251. Vanessa M says:

    We would love to redo our basement. It could use some new paint and flooring.

  252. Our bedroom could use some new paint!

  253. Room? ha! We must go to Lowes at least once a week for something for the house or garden!

  254. Hey Char! I think pretty much every room needs a makeover….but I’m going to start with the living room. I would love this!

  255. Becky M. says:

    My basement needs a makeover!

  256. My back patio needs a makeover :)

  257. Mary Sue says:

    I could use better shelving for my sewing/computer room. Thanks.

  258. Oh man. My bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover! It’s my next project to tackle and a gift card to Lowes would help out a little bit ;)

  259. Sandi Allen says:

    My Boy’s Bathroom could use a makeover!

  260. My daughter’s bedroom needs a makeover! I’ve been busy with the nursery for baby #2, but I hope I can spruce her room up a little too.

  261. Every room, since we just bought the house 6 months ago, but I guess I’d go with either master bedroom closet, or kid’s closets. Or both depending on how much materials cost.

  262. My daughter’s playroom corner!

  263. Theresa Ashcroft says:

    My master bedroom needs some serious attention.

  264. We moved last year & haven’t had the funds to paint after we moved in, so for us we could use paint for the family room, bedrooms, kitchen, & our school/play room.

  265. So…my husband and I just signed the papers on a house and we’re doing a total revamp of the ENTIRE house! I would love a $100 gift card to help with the endless project we have to complete :)

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  266. We’re moving into our new house in 3 weeks and unfortunately, every room needs a makeover. Royal blue carpet, green marble tile, wallpaper galore…this $100 would put a dent in our DIY adventures for sure!

  267. well, my kitchen needs paint, my living room needs paint, i want to totally redo my master bathroom, and i am trying to gather everything to redo my master bedroom. oh and while my girls are at camp this summer i want to surprise them by redoing their room too. big dreams, little money.

  268. Jennifer says:

    Our guest bathroom is in serious need of a coat of paint and a new faucet! Fingers crossed!!

  269. My daughter’s bedroom needs a makeover! Hope we win!

  270. I would love to redo lots of things in our house… but would probably start with the master bath or my daughters room!

  271. Our guest bath is so sad & needs an update – would love to win $100 to get us started. Thanks for the giveaway.

  272. The kid’s bathroom is in SERIOUS need of help. I would definitely start there.

  273. I think every room in my house needs a makeover but I really want to do something to my son’s room. his 6 months old now and the room still has nothing on the walls and has junk everywhere! He at least deserves something on the wall right?!

  274. I would love the Lowe’s gift card. My whole house needs updates here and there. If I have to choose 1 room it would be my kids room. They need storage for toys and books and a desk for homework. Thanks for the giveaway!

  275. My bedroom is in the middle of a makeover and could most definitely use $100 from Lowe’s to put towards it! That would be exciting!

  276. My dining room/craft room!

  277. I would love to give my kitchen a little Lowe’s love!

  278. Alexandrea M says:

    My very neglected back hall closet could use a makeover – it mainly holds garden stuff and misc. household goods and it’s getting more and more disorganized every year!

  279. Rhonda S. says:

    I am in need a new area rug for my livingroom! Wahoo!

  280. My family room could definitely use the money for a make-over! :)

  281. Chris Lewis says:

    i would love to be able to create a craft room in my basement! The Lowes gift card would help so much, because my husband says I already spend too much on crafts!

  282. I would love to finally put some work into the master bedroom. It’s been bland since day 1, patiently waiting for its turn. LoL

    Thanks for the chance!

  283. My boys bathroom is the next project on the To-Do list. Thanks!

  284. my kitchen needs some love!

  285. Oh which room couldn’t use a makeover!!!??? But forced to choose, I would say the bathroom.

  286. First of all, your sign looks amazing!!!

    I could really use the gift cerfificate to makeover our master bedroom, I’ve got big plans for it! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. The kitchen needs a new sink and the main bathroom needs a paint job.

  288. I can’t wait for your Snap follow up, but I guess I’ll take a GC in the meantime.

  289. Becca FancyPants says:

    molding for the dinning room… or a window seat!

  290. Stephanie Stark says:

    My backyard! We are re-doing the deck this year so the gift card would really help out :)

  291. My bedroom needs some serious help decluttering all of our stuff! Thanks!!!

  292. I could definitely use this to start redoing my sons room!! Great sign by the way!

  293. I’m working on a playroom makeover although my patio could use some help right now!

  294. Alexandra says:

    My backyard!! That’s a room, right? We’ve been in this house a year and its just dirt and rocks. It needs some help back there!

  295. Janet Caldwell says:

    Our basement family room. We’ve just started and it needs lots of help!

  296. Our expandable play room above the garage could really use this gift card. We have the drywall and lumber to frame it all stacked up neatly in there now. We just need to buy a few more supplies and get rolling on this massive project.

  297. Love Lowes and would love the $!

  298. I would use this to makeover my craft room/office. I need more shelving and organization. A big pin board would be great, too!!

  299. Allison R. says:

    My bathroom needs some serious help! Thanks for the giveaway!

    -Allison R.

  300. Abbie Johnson says:

    our master bedroom needs a new paint job and decor to go with our new furniture!

  301. Charlotte j says:

    Oh my. To pick only one! LoL. I would say that it would either be our still unfinished basement!! Though ther are many other rooms and outside needing help!!

  302. We really need to paint — everywhere! But I’d probably use it for the yard . . . .

  303. Christina Bailey says:

    Our whole house is in “make-over” mode! But Our next project is the bedroom…paint, organization, building furniture….cant wait!

  304. The master bedroom needs some attention.

  305. I could REALLY use the money to work on my laundry room! It’s so small and really in need of organization and a paint job! Thanks for the giveaway!

    [email protected]

  306. Liberty Cameron says:

    Pretty much every room could use it….but I’d probably use it for the yard as well!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  307. I bet you guys had a blast!!!! I would love $100 to make over our guest room :)


  308. My master bedroom!

  309. I have been dying to paint my kitchen cabinets. This would be great motivation!

  310. The kitchen or my bedroom.

  311. My bedroom Definitely!

  312. We are redoing our laundry room now so I would probably use it for that…or maybe in the garden…it’s that time of year:)

  313. We just moved into our first house. This house looks like a blind person (no offense) decorated it. We need major amounts of Lowes $$ to re-do the living room and the yard. Please help :)

  314. Taylor Schwin says:

    I would definitely make over MY room!! The bf and I painted it a pretty burnt orange color when we first moved it. We were almost done and……he decided he didnt like the color!!! On top of that, all my craft supplies take up a good quarter of the space and its just lumped there- no organization :( We’ve been living in a partial orange mess for months- time to fix that!!

  315. Hmmm. Which room doesn’t need a makeover? We spend a ton of together time in our family room, so I think that’s what I’d want to address first. Thanks!

  316. Our master bedroom! Almost every other room in the house has been redone in the last couple months but that room hasn’t been touched. And it needs some love!

  317. My basement :)

  318. I’d do my master bathroom. We’ve been without a toilet now for a few months.

  319. Paula Chaffin says:

    I would have to say that it would be our outdoor room on the patio.

  320. My living room needs a makeover most of all!!

  321. We need to get started on the nursery soon :)

  322. Shirley Lupton says:

    My craft room.. I just hope I am not too old before I get it done. This would help to put a dent in the storage area. Thanks for the post.

  323. Our nursery! We are expeciting our first daughter in late July/early August!

  324. Shirley Lupton says:

    Oh I forgot to say I am signing up for the free magizine at Lowes.

  325. Just this morning my garage asked me for more shelves.

  326. A. Bowles says:

    We just bought a new house for our family of 8 and I can find ALOT of rooms that could use a quick makeover (to make it my own) but I think if I had a Lowe’s gift card I would definitely start by re-doing the master bedroom/bathroom. They are BRIGHT YELLOW with faux texture and Oh Boy! It needs a HUGE change.

  327. I could really use it to finish up my Master bedroom project which is only half way through! Alot of ugly primer and wood filler right now.

  328. I could use it to start on my kitchen! I hate my cabinets, and I think I may do heavy duty shelves instead of cabinets over my kitchen sink area… I love the open look! (motivation to do dishes more too wouldn’t be terrible either)

  329. Seeing as how we live in a bland, white walled apartment, every room could use a sprucing up!

  330. Christy Johnson says:

    I would love to win this gift card to re-do my son’s big boy room!

  331. My kids playroom could definitely use a makeover!

  332. I would gladly take 100bucks and use it towards my family room. Can we say builder grade blah!

  333. Jamie Larsen says:

    cute sign. Most rooms in my house could use a make over lol. We moved in almost a year ago but i just had a baby and have been too busy.. we’re in the process of finishing the nursery.. but i’d probably use the gift card to possibly do a couple rooms.. dinning and one living room. thanks for the chance to win.
    [email protected]

  334. Priscilla from California says:

    I’ve got a spare bedroom that’s been neglected for years. It really needs some TLC and I’ll bet I can buy some at Lowe’s.

  335. Holy that sign is awesome! I would for SURE do some updating to the kids’ bathroom. It has those nasty crystal/plastic faucet knobs with stuff growing under the knob part and no way to clean it. Yeah, yuck. So, the first thing to go is the sink and faucet.

  336. My hall bathroom is screaming for a makeover

  337. Just one??
    I’m going to go with the kitchen. No, the living room. Hmmm…the entire basement needs to be finished too. Ok, final answer – the boys’ new room in the basement!

  338. Jessie J. says:

    My master bedroom. I just got a new bed cover and i need to paint some nightstands, the room, and possible make a new headboard.

  339. We are repainting our whole house. Yes the whole house. So, I need some paint. And some plants. And some light fixtures. And a new ceiling fan. The list goes on!

  340. My kitchen really, really, really needs a Lowe’s makeover.

  341. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    Pretty much all of my rooms LOL!!

  342. Jayne Votaw says:

    Definitely the bathroom!

  343. Me!!! Which room doesn’t need the $100 but we have been itchin to do a corner fireplace and mantel for the family room so I think it would go there!!

  344. I’d put that money towards a generator — not fun but VERY practical!

  345. My sewing room could use some Lowe’s $$$.

  346. I was just at Lowes earlier today. My husband thinks there is an intruder in our house at least 3 nights a week. I’d LOVE to give him a false sense of security by installing a DIY home security system from Lowes. I know they have them and $100 would go most the way toward getting her all paid for. Then maybe I can sleep the whole night through.

  347. Patricia Nielson says:

    I am in the process of a baby girl room. I would love this money! Thanks for the chance!

  348. The one room that needs the most help is our living room.

  349. charissa says:

    my bedroom

  350. *sigh* I need this so badly. Macy’s long lost, darker twin, Amelia needs her room done in the worst way. I keep promising and nothing happens. Poor disillusioned tween.

  351. I am buying a house and absolutely EVERY room needs help!!

  352. My dining room could use a little love! I would LOVE to win the Lowes gift card as our money is being put towards preparing for baby #2!

  353. Janet Clarke says:

    Hard to decide. My house is 20 years old and has not been updated at all! Would like to start with the kitchen or master bath!!!

  354. Um, which room couldn’t use a makeover?! Really though, I think I’d use it on my family room or garden.

  355. I would love to win this gift card. I would use it for some things to make my yard pretty.

  356. would love a lowe’s gift card for my guest bathroom! thanks for the chance to win!

  357. My master bedroom is in need of some love. I really want to find an old dresser to refinish and have my hubby build a bookcase.

  358. My basement. Egads…I don’t even know where to begin.

  359. I’m moving! (soon — probably June). We got our home after two plus years of searching! I’d use this $100 towards the garage renovation (turning it into a crafting/sewing/overflow-of-guests room. Thank youf ro a chance to win!

  360. Melissa Izquierdo says:

    I would love to win the Lowe’s card. I would love to use it toward our kitchen re-do.

  361. Stephanie says:

    My Kitchen NEEDS color to cover the boring builder blah!

  362. Right now it’s my yard that is suffering! ; ) Thank you for the chance!

  363. our garage! its loaded with stuff and we need shelves to organize!

  364. Dude, any room in my house could use a make over, but I”d go with my bedroom…probably…

  365. My craft room needs some serious making over!

  366. Wow – I have so many to choose from! Probably the living room.

  367. I would choose my family room downstairs, we just finished our basement and now I need to add all those fun personal touches to really make it ours!

  368. I am going to make over my closed in patio. It needs some serious help!

  369. Our office is in serious need of organization – especially since I started to take it over as my craft room!

  370. Erin Young says:

    family room/dining room! :)))

  371. There are lots of rooms in my house that need a makeover, but I saw some bead board at Lowe’s that would be perfect in my laundry room.

  372. We’re building a house, so really, I could use this for any room! But if I had to narrow it down, it would probably be our master bedroom or living room. Pick me please.

  373. We’re moving in a few weeks and the kitchen in our new home could definitely use some sprucing up!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  374. Elaine B. Billings says:


  375. I am pretty good at decorating my house inside, but on the outside? Yeah, it looks like noone lives here. I would definitely spend the money on my outside to make it as nice as the rest of the house!

  376. I would love to win the gift card! Would like to buy some annuals!

  377. Kelly M. says:

    We’re moving into a house in a few week, and just about every room could use some small touching up. If I won, I’d mostly spend the money on paint and good painting tools/supplies.

  378. Oh, heck. Everywhere! My whole house needs an overhaul.

  379. Every room. But I would settle for paint downstairs!

  380. The guest bedroom for my guests. Of course :)

  381. My little boys room. I’m going to attempt book shelves and a window seat…all by myself! Yikes!

  382. Our master bedroom could use a makeover. We updated the kids’ rooms, but ours is just stark white. Right now it’s just a “place to sleep.” I would love to have a sanctuary.

  383. We just moved- so every room needs help. But is start with the entryway

  384. I would love this!

  385. I would LOVE that money to update the cabinets in our kitchen!!!!!

  386. Amanda A. says:

    The boys room are in need of a makeover. Soon to move the 3rd boy in there.

  387. My daughter recently got married and I would love to remake her room into a sewing/craft room. Time to have a room just for me!!

  388. There are several rooms that need some TLC but the master bath is at the top of my list!!!

  389. Charisse says:

    There are so many places that I could use $100. Our office/playroom, the master bedroom, outside, or in the basement that we’re getting ready to finish!

  390. Suzanna Graff says:

    I would redo my kitchen!!!

  391. I’d love to start/finish my laundry room. There are several paint samples on the wall…I’m need paint the walls, buy and install cabinets and find a new light fixture…the $100 would go a long way!

  392. I’d love to finish all those littl details in my newly remodeled, but not nearly finished kitchen!

  393. Monica C says:

    I’m going to redo my kitchen (fresh paint on wall and cabinets plus a new backsplash).

  394. We are getting ready to put our house up for sale, and we could use this gift card in several places!

  395. Antoinette Parton says:

    I need this! We had a very small budget for our dual nursery and now it will remain unfinished because of unexpected costs :( please, please!

  396. MelindaB says:

    the garage for sure

  397. So many, many rooms but if I had to narrow it down, the bathroom.

  398. Does my backyard count as a “room”? If so, I need this!!! We are in the midst of an enormous landscaping project and this prize would certainly help us put a dent into it!

  399. Barbara Medeiros says:

    So hard to decide but would have to say my grand kids room! need to make it more functional for them staying as they are basically living here! :)

  400. My kids room could really use this

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  401. Oh crap…my master bathroom that is the size of a tuna can – needs serious help!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}
    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}

  402. I would spend the lowes gift card on the new baby nursery. I am pregnant with my second and I have deprived this child thus far of a cute bedroom. With my first there was so much planning…now, I am lucky to plan out dinner. :-)

  403. Jenn D (nc) says:

    I would redo my kids bathroom! Cars theme!

  404. Oh! How wonderful! We are adopting 2 little boys from foster care so I would love to use the gift card to finish their room!

  405. Definite toss up between the Living room and the Craft room!!

  406. Jennifer says:

    They all could, but our great room is in dire straits :)

  407. Margaret says:

    Either the bedroom or living room, or maybe both!

  408. Bedroom for the granddaughters.

  409. my husband and i are building a house, and could use it for ANYTHING which would be awesome. we would love to win this!

  410. I have to pick one room?! For the purposes of this entry I will choose my very tiny bathroom.

  411. All of my rooms! :)

  412. My new master bedroom and bathroom. We are adding on to our really small house and we are making a bigger master bedroom, closet and bathroom.

  413. I would love to work on my master bedroom!

  414. def my dining room!!

  415. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I love seeing all of your fabulous projects- they always inspire me!! My husband and I have been doing a lot of projects around the house to really make it ours:) We just put bead board as the backsplash under our bar, but we’d really like to continue it into the kitchen but thought for budgeting reasons we’d just do one part at a time…so this would be really helpful!!! Thanks so much!

  416. I would love to use the $100 towards some fabulous wallpaper for my “toilet closet” as I’ve decided to call it, in my master bath. I think it would be a fun, and super unexpected thing…plus it would make me smile :)

  417. My living room could use a mini-makeover. I use the space as my sewing area and some organization and pretty things would do wonders.

  418. We could use it on our family room addition OR our patio we’re working on, thanks!

  419. My basement ‘storage room’ would love to look organized. Right now it is so sad!

  420. The TV/playroom is a blank canvas.

  421. I have been reading your blog for about 18 months. I keep coming back because you do the coolest things! So inspiring!

    If I won the $100 gift card to Lowes, I would buy the hardware for new blinds in my living room and for an awning over my kitchen window (it gets so dang hot in there!). If there’s enough left over, I’ll pick up some basic tools for my daughter to use.

  422. I would use it to update light fixtures throughout the house to help it sell! Thanks for the chance. LOVE your blog!

  423. i have a pretty large bedroom in our home of 6 years and the decorations include piles of laundry, an old disassembled crib, and tubs of sewing fabric. I would love to have a room that I could go to to hide from the kids and not feel like I needed to start organizing every time I walked into it!

  424. I think we could definitely use some Lowes help around the bedroom and garden. More organization would make life so much easier!

  425. Janna Barnes says:

    I’d love to paint some old bunkbeds!!

  426. We need to paint the kitchen and front room pretty badly, but what I really want to do is finish up the last bit of landscaping and planting in the back yard!

  427. The room in my house that ALWAYS needs some help is the kitchen….
    Thanks for the opportunity..

    Carri Wright

  428. My master bedroom needs a makeover BAD. The money always seems to go somewhere else first! I could do a lot to get started with $100!

  429. My sewing-crap (craft) room could use a Lowe’s makeover. Hope I win.

  430. Lisa Cooper says:

    Just found your blog and LOVE it!! My master bathroom could use a little love! Thanks!

  431. Stacy Deaton says:

    The kids’ bathroom!! That place is just plain narsty. (altho, I’m not entirely sure a makeover will fix that.)

  432. All of my rooms need a spring touchup! I NEED that $100!

  433. My patio! That counts, right?

  434. Every single room in my house desperately needs a make over but I would use it on my youngest daughters bedroom…..she will be a senior in the fall and I would love to re-do her room to reflect the beautiful young woman she has grown into.

  435. Kathy Sigmon says:

    My son’s room.

  436. MY ROOM/CRAFT ROOM! My bedroom is also my computer/craft storage room and I need storage solutions!

  437. My poor kitchen needs trim!

  438. Simple. The kitchen.

  439. Pick me, please. I need to pot the plants on my porch…have you priced the flowers that I’m going to kill?!

  440. I’ve been wanting to paint my two bathrooms for awhile now. This might actually be the motivation to do it.

  441. Kristen Nelson says:

    Oh I would love this! It would help me get my baby nursery done, we only have 3 months to go!!
    Pick me! Pick me!

    [email protected]

  442. This would make a small dent in our kitchen remodel!

  443. My master bedroom or kitchen probably would receive attention from the gift card.

  444. I’ve just started a kitchen redo, and $100 would come in SO handy to get some things I might not otherwise have been able to afford. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  445. Cripe, they could all use a makeover. But I’d like to get started on a playroom for the kids.

  446. We are moving kids to the basement to make way for the new baby which means lots of trips to home improvement stores are upcoming for us.

  447. Jennifer says:

    I would love to redo my master bedroom. It desperately needs new paint and window treatments!

  448. Toni Anne says:

    It’s a toss up between my sons messy(not enough room for everything)bedroom or our 10 by 6 laundry room that seems to bea catch all room. I’m a follower. I LOVE your “Crap I’ve Made” name, maybe we were separated at birth. ;-> Toni Anne

  449. OHHHH!! My kitchen and bedroom need some serious TLC!! Thank you so much for the giveaway chance!

  450. My office needs some tlc, thanks for the chance to enter

  451. My craft room or my new baby nursery could definately use a Lowes makeover!

  452. sangEetha says:

    My guest bath is in desperate need of a fix up

  453. Our patio. Definitely.

  454. We are currently working on our babies nursery so the gift card would be perfect to help out with that!

  455. Our guest bathroom could definitely use some love…I want to make it look more inviting and relaxing. Thanks so much!

  456. We would finally be able to finish our deck!

  457. Whoohoo! What an opportunity….let’s see, I think the hall bathroom could use a lot of help! LOL Thanks for the chance to win!

  458. Um, any of them! Although truth be told, we’re looking into possibly buying for the first time ever, so it’d be a great help for picking up some of those tools apartment-dwellers just don’t need.

  459. I am decorating a nursery for our FIRST BABY and would love a Lowe’s gift certificate. I have way too many DIY ideas from your blog and others… I need financial support ;)

  460. Well, the “office” is what we call it. Hot mess would probably be more appropriate.

  461. Heather C. says:

    The “grownup” bathroom! It needs some serious love and attention to keep the clutter at bay, to make it look like two grownup actually use it instead of a bunch of crazy homo sapiens!

  462. My master bedroom needs updating DESPERATELY!

  463. My craft room/office!!! It’s the only room that’s hasn’t received a new coat of paint since we moved in. I’ll be honest, everything is still in the boxes we used to move!!! Sheesh…

  464. My laundry room!!!!!

  465. My bedroom!!!! We haven’t had any trim in a few years!!!! Help!!!!

  466. My master bedroom could REALLY use a makeover!

  467. Jannelle Kennedy says:

    Oh my goodness, my bedroom is crying out for some paint, a ceiling fan and some new shelving in the closet.

  468. Heck, I could use $100 gift card from Lowes. I would like to work on my basement room. I bought a few Expedit shelves on Craigslist for a room divider and would like MDF board, paint and drawer pulls to make some storage cubbies for it.

  469. My bedroom is in the process of a makeover. $100 to Lowe’s would go a long way towards the makeover!

  470. Lauren Davison says:

    Master bedroom! Definitely!

  471. Michelle Carter says:

    We just bought a new (to us) home so they could all pretty much use a makeover. But honestly, I’d probably start with the yard. Next stop, kitchen.

  472. You could pick a room in our house, but really the living room/hallway needs the most love.

  473. Stephanie says:

    I would have to say my master bedroom. For some reason it always gets put at the bottom of the list.

  474. I have a living room, dining room kitchen combo area that really needs some help. Thanks

  475. Jeanne Ann says:

    I love the Creative Ideas from Lowe’s. It is so fun to look at! If I could makeover one room in my home I think I would start with my bathroom. It doesn’t need a whole lot, just some polishing to make it a great space. The foundation is there just needs a bit of help! Thanks for the chance to win

  476. My two-year-old daughter Ella’s room is in the works.

  477. The outside, especially the porch ceiling that needs a new timber before I dare climb on the roof to fix the two broken windows!

  478. I would LOVE to redo my bright pink guest room into something that wouldn’t give my guests heartburn:)

  479. Sewing room, of course! My eyes are getting old & the lack of overhead lighting is starting to become a huge problem for me. Need lighting for the late night stitching!!

  480. I would love $100 from Lowes! I used your board and batten tute in my kids bathroom last weekend. But now my bathroom needs some attention!

  481. I would use it on my kitchen that I am working on redoing!!!

  482. I would do the steampunk bathroom I have been dreaming of.

  483. I’d love to paint our twin girls room, and update it from “little girl” to “tween.” We promised them months ago, and are just saving up to make good on our promise.

  484. Our guest/kid’s bathroom could really use a makeover.

  485. I’d love to win it to make over my sewing/craft room.

  486. Andrea Balmforth says:

    My Bathroom! This would be amazing to win :)

  487. Kristine Bunting says:

    the baby’s room!

  488. My whole house needs a makeover, so I think I would spread the love and get things for several rooms. Thanks :-)

  489. We’re buying a house. I’d use it for my daughters’ bedroom.

  490. dannielle steen says:

    The bathroom. Its an old house and there is no shelving at all in the bathroom.

  491. Kailene C. says:

    I would use the $100 for my soon to be craft room!

  492. Kailene C. says:

    I would use the $100 for my craft room!

  493. Peggy in TN says:

    We are making a new half bath and could really put this to good use!

  494. We are getting ready to move and I will finally have my own office! I will totally need that gift card to do it up right and get it organized and looking great! Thanks for a chance!

  495. Niki Blake says:

    My media room could use it!!!

  496. My bathroom could use some board and batten to beautify it!

  497. My dark, dank, scary little bathroom is just SCREAMING for a makeover courtesy of Lowe’s!

  498. Becky Dearden says:

    I would love to do our Patio!!!!!!

  499. Becky Dearden says:

    Our Master Bedroom.

  500. Amanda K says:

    Getting married in August so I would definitely put it towards painting the walls in our new home!

  501. We just moved and the place we rent has zilch in the line of closet or storage space. We are getting there but most rooms are still in desperate need of storage makeovers! Does that count? ;)

  502. Our kitchen needs some updating!!!

  503. fawn strunk says:

    My bedroom need help.. thanks for the giveaway

  504. our master bedroom!

  505. Lisa Vick says:

    I desperately need to do y girls room…..badly!

  506. We are moving into a new house this next month and the master bedroom and living room are going to need a serious makeover. The both have hideous paint! I can’t wait to get rid of the colors that are in there.

  507. My master bath is stuck in the late eighties, peach paint and light blue fuzzy carpet…

  508. Could definitely use some Lowe’s cash since I just spent that much there last week. I am currently redoing kids rooms. Can’t wait for the finished product.

  509. Merrilyn Harris says:

    MY bedroom!

  510. I would love to redo part of my kitchen from lowes my last trip of many I seen the greatest lil stools that would be such a perfect beginning then add a few gallons of paint some new hardware for the cabinets and I could totally make do with $100.00 gift card or at least it would be a great beginning to a new Lowes adventure :-)

  511. Patti DiVincenzo says:

    My “room” that needs the most work is my front yard! Compared to the other houses on the block, we look like the Clampetts from the Beverly Hillbillies. We need grass seed, flowers, hedges, everything (but dirt, we have plenty of bare ground.) We bought our home after a foreclosure and the front looks very sad…

  512. I really, really need something” just for me”. Really, my office/craft room needs storage help in the worst way

  513. Rebecca D says:

    While we have rooms that could use new paint and flooring, our biggest need is to change our backyard. It is pretty much just dirt/sand with weeds and ugly rock. My boys and dog are filthy when they come in after rolling around in that dirt! We definitely need a backyard makeover!

  514. I need help in my family room!

  515. My master bedroom is the worst room in the house! In need big time of a makeover!

  516. Pick me! My backyard could seriously need some help! And my master bathroom :)

  517. Definitely my bedroom! Gotta get rid of that awful red/leopard theme the previous owner had!

  518. I’d love to use the Lowes card to make my garden prettier!

  519. My husband and I are building our own home…and I could use any help I can! We need everything…trim, paint, lights, you name it. :) $100 would be a big help. The drywall just got finished yesterday, and it’s time to start finish work, my favorite.

  520. Thanks for the giveaway! My office needs a makeover pretty badly… we have 3 desks and 3 bookcases shoved in there…

  521. Leigh Ann says:

    We have a third baby due any day now and no finished nursery :( The Lowe’s card would all go to making him an adorable space!

  522. My dining room is begging for board and batten!

  523. Our Master bedroom sure could use some help!

  524. We’re moving into a new house next month, so every room could use a makeover at this point.

  525. I will selfishly say that my room could use it the most makeover wise. Life wise, $100 would be spent on the kids’ rooms first.

  526. My living room could use a Lowe’s Makeover!

  527. Oh, hey, I would love that $100 at Lowe’s. My playroom needs a little more organization!
    Among other things….

  528. I need this $100 for my kitchen – I just bought paint to paint the cabinets and there are lots of things still to purchase! Thanks so much!

  529. Charisse Medico says:

    My master bedroom desperately needs a makeover. It has sat and been neglected since we moved in 5 years ago….

  530. I really rEAlly REALly REALLY need some chairs for my porch. They are former patio deck chairs and the
    straps are broken on some and so my butt sags down through them. I have to say I’ve gotten my use out of them though. I think I bought them in 1991, so that’s 20 yrs. Wow, where did the time go?
    So please–save my neighbors the embarrassment of seeing my butt hanging out of the bottom of my chairs this summer while I’m out there watching them mow their lawns and weeding their flower beds, would ya? They’ll all thank you kindly.

  531. Emily O. says:

    Our family room would be so much better without he hideous, hideous strangler vine wallpaper chosen by some insane former homeowner!

  532. My kitchen needs better lighting!

  533. My family/dining room needs some serious help! We still have all the originals from when we bought the house a few years ago – paint and this crazy wallpaper accent wall. We really want to make this house our own style finally!

  534. Hi, I would love to win this for my guest room – I want it to convert it to a room for both of my daughters to sleep (repainting and fixing up the closet and windows) but I am saving some money first. This would help us a lot because we love Lowe’s and every little bit helps!

  535. I would love to win this to help fix the garage – doors won’t open and only squirrels are in there right now!

  536. This would totally help us with our ceiling repair in one of our bathrooms – currently there is mold and we need to replace the ceiling!

  537. I would love to remake the guest room!

  538. I would love to remake our master bedroom. With a baby on the way, I have lots of ideas to make it more spacious and accommodating for co-sleeping

  539. My daughter’s room could use a organizational makeover! Boy do babies come with a ton of stuff!

  540. It’s hard to pick just one room but I’m going to choose the family room.

  541. Were moving into a house that needs some work so it would get used in a few different rooms.

  542. Kayla Milam says:

    Just found your site and I love it! I would use a gift card like that on my garage for sure! And maybe a little bit on my garden too

  543. Anna Patnode says:

    My playroom needs some serious help! :)

  544. Teresa Novak says:

    My master bathroom is in desperate need. That’s where I’d use it.

  545. Kelly Fox says:

    I do, I do! We are knee deep in a bathroom addition and have already spent a small fortune at Lowes…..as we all know there will be at least a billion more trips, so the $100 would come in handy!!

  546. I would love to redo the kid’s bathroom. It is very 70′s. I may even use some of your ideas!

  547. Definitely my living/craft/sewing room! Sometimes I get the feeling I’m a hoarder when I’m in there!

  548. heather burdett says:

    I actually really want this for my mom. Her house had some issues and the inspector/repair man completely ripped up all the tiles in the front entry way. My mom lost her job two years ago and has had 2 knees and 1 hip replaced. My day is losing his job in May. I would like to at least get this and try to help put new tiles down myself.

  549. KITCHEN! We need to do a few things in there and I’d love a GC to help out :) Thanks for the chance!

  550. DeLayne O says:

    The area in my home that needs a makeover the most is the living room/dining room combo. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. It’s odd-shaped and well, just akward. We have been here 4+ years and I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it yet.

  551. I would love to finish my small bath! The reno was started a year ago with Lowe’s supplies. It would be great to finish it now!

  552. Erika Hill says:

    I would make over my sewing room! Right now it’s an unorganized blah room! I’d love it to be someplace I would actually like to be…

  553. Either of my son’s bedrooms thanks

  554. Either my sewing room closet (needs shelves) or my guest bath
    Thanks for a chance to win a $100 Lowe’s card

  555. We just moved into a new house where everything is white. I’m in the process of picking out paint colors for all of our rooms but I think I’d start with the master bedroom

  556. I would definitely use this for updating my sons room! I would love to give it a fresh coat of paint, purchase better blinds, or get a few things for better closet organization. Thanks for the chance to win!

  557. I don’t have just one room – they all could use a little help. :-)
    Thanks for the chance to get going on them!

  558. Every room in my house needs a makeover, but my master bath probably needs it the most.

  559. Melissa W. says:

    Moving and I am sure I will have plenty of projects that I can complete with the help of Lowe’s.

  560. I’m mid-makeover on my craft room/office, and I could definitely use a little help from Lowe’s to finish up my shelving so I can get all my crap back in there and out of the guest room, my bedroom and the dining room table ;)

  561. I need to redo out kitchen – it’s a mess!

  562. I think my hallway needs something! Also, I want steel tub, I have had my eye on it forever!

  563. I’ve got this basement bathroom- the prior owners have it an under the sea theme complete with blue ceilings. Faces look so strange in that mirror! It definately needs some updating. I want tall board and baton and paint the cabnetry white or cream to match the existing cultured marble counter and shower surround. So much work!

  564. Toni Brooks says:

    I would love to be able to re-do my sewing loft.
    thank you for the opportunity.
    hadacres at comcast.net

  565. My Son’s bedroom

  566. Our kitchen/dining room area needs a makeover! Starting with a new paint colors! I’m not a fan of the colors they are right now!

  567. We just had our house resided (LOVE IT) and new windows installed (love them too)… which then created a new project for us. The new window casings and molding no longer match the rest of the molding… we’ve tried to match it in the past and our contractor tried this time, but the builder of the house did something funky that we just cannot replicate… plus it is 20 years old so that is hard to match too. Needless to say we now need to replace all the molding and door casings on the top two floors of the house! Not a horrible expense, but after the other changes we just made, it puts us over budget!

  568. my master bedroom could use a makeover and a good scrubbing/dejunking while we’re at it. I think the storage solutions available are great, now I just need the fund-age!

  569. I would love to redo my basement!

  570. Michelle Bahl says:

    Every room. I love upcycling too and make stuff for everyroom I possibly can.

  571. Bathroom!

  572. Thank you for the opportunity to win this! My master bedroom is on my to-do list and this would be a jumpstart for that project.

  573. DeAnne L says:

    As soon as we find out what baby #2 is – “the kids bathroom” is going to need a re-do. It’s only white walls and mismatched towels right now!

  574. my bedroom :(

  575. My poor master bedroom could use a bit of love…it is always the last room to get any attention!

  576. KittenJen says:

    I’d spend it on the poor neglected master bedroom!

  577. Kelsey Sorensen says:

    Totes love Lowes! I would spend that baby on some fun craft projects!

  578. I could really use the money in our room. It tends to get neglected the most!

  579. I would love the giftcard to do some work on my living room. It need paint, new lights and well a lot more. Love your blog.

  580. Brandi Burdette says:

    Our bathroom and kitchen need the most help! If I won the $100 I think I’d use it for our garden though. :)

  581. Oh I need this! The beams above my daughters room are rotten from some roof damage a couple of years ago. I have to replace the entire ceiling!

  582. I would love the lowe’s money. My livingroom and tv room (and bedroom) could use some paint to brighten the walls and bring some color into my life.

  583. My daughters room needs an organization make over! This would be so amazing to win so we could use it for that.

  584. Sue Smilesalot says:

    Either the kitchen or the bathroom. Actually, the living room could use a paint job…

  585. The kitchen is our next makeover… obviously more than $100 will cover, but then I could splurge on the beautiful light fixtures I’ve been swooning over.

  586. My bedroom….or garden. Too hard to choose!

  587. My kitchen or living room definitely – although the garden is right up there – good idea Rachel!

  588. The living room; oh, yes; definitely the living room!

  589. my garage needs some serious help!

  590. I’m just getting started on a kitchen remodel and could use some extra $.

  591. Um, which room in my house could not use a makeover?

  592. OH geez any room in my apartment could use a makeover, BUT I do believe I’d start with the living room ;)

  593. Amy Walker says:

    I would love to makeover my daughter’s bedroom if I won this giveaway….thanks for the chance!

  594. My kitchen update is stalled – winning will give me the push I need to move closer to the finish line

  595. Oh, EVERY room needs help! I guess the no. 1 priority would be finishing up the laminate floor in the family room with base molding…and finishing painting the walls…
    The lists never end!!

  596. Michelle J says:

    My craft room needs a makeover. It is so disorganized!

  597. Jenny Christensen says:

    I’m finally working on our master bedroom ;)
    Now that the kids rooms look great!

  598. Our master bathroom can use some updating. :o)

  599. Danielle W says:

    Our dining room could use a definite makeover to get rid of baby poop green (was suppose to be a gold color) columns from our entry way. :)

  600. My office could use a little help :)

  601. Love this, I would redo my living room/kitchen area! It definitely needs a paint makeover. Thanks

  602. Linda Southworth says:

    I would love to have a Lowes gift card to buy a few boards for a couple of new shelves in my Craft Room!

  603. I can’t even tell you how many trips we’ve made to Lowe’s recently. We’re trying to finish up the kids room and would love some extra cash to spend there. Thanks for the chance to win!

  604. Velva SMith says:

    I would loveto redo my kitchen.

  605. heather f says:

    I want to make a play area for my grandbabies! It would fun to win.

  606. Paula Wedig says:

    We could use the gift card to complete our already in progress Lowe’s kitchen remodel. It seems we are constantly heading to Lowe’s for another item, stove hood, lighting fixture, do-hickies for fixing the cabinets to the walls, etc…

  607. Oh – I could really use some things to spruce up my family room – With 4 children I could really use some shelves & lamps ….. Anything to make it comfortable for 6 people to enjoy -
    Thank you for the Giveaway ;)

  608. My closet is spilling out into my tiny bedroom! I sure could use some closet organization products! I love your blog!

  609. Mel Spen says:

    I could use some laundry room/utility storage help right now… or maybe it would be the half of to room the baby will use while sharing with the toddler??

  610. My home needs an organizational makeover. We are storing about half our stuff in our garage and I would really like to use some of it. As well as park the car in the garage. :) I need to do some creative organizing. Help!

  611. shirley tener says:

    I am working on my Master bed room that right now is a depressing place.. This would be a help !

  612. melaniej says:

    my living room

  613. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Our kids playroom is in desperate need of some attention!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!:)

  614. My sewing room!!

  615. I would use the giftcard for either my dining room which needs the most attention, or my girls’ room which would be more fun!

  616. I’m redoing our office/sewing room. This would be a HUGE help!

  617. Honestly every room in my house needs a makeover but I desperately want to get my itty bitty laundry room organized!

  618. Polly Holthaus says:

    My laundry room could use an update! Thank you for the chance to win. I big puffy heart Lowes.

  619. Amanda Brantley says:

    We DEF. need help in our living room/dining room. It needs to be painted in a bad way. A fun, homey color it what it needs!

  620. Heather vB says:

    I would love to finish our living room by putting in laminate flooring!

  621. I need to fix up my craft room.

  622. I need about 50,000 of these cards please. :-D. I’m dying to redo my kitchen!

  623. Carrie Lynch says:

    Show me the love Char, I need to organize my crappy office. :-)

  624. My whole house needs help but if I had to pick a room it would be the odd loft space upstairs. It gets to become a bedroom because we are out of rooms.

  625. My bedroom! Previous owners left holes in the walls and as a newly wed we can’t afford to fix them. And the color is BLAGH! :) I have high expectations for that room. <3

  626. I would be sooo happy to win this gift card!! I’m in the process of redoing my living room, and can always use a gift card to finish!! Thanks for this giveaway!!

  627. Beth Frazier says:

    My Bedroom!

  628. I’m dying to do board and batten in multiple places in my house! Would love to win! xoxo

  629. Our kitchen! Definitely! Or maybe our bedroom. Then again the master bath needs a total makeover… I could basically list almost every part of our home! :)

  630. My kitchen needs a total makeover

  631. My laundry room needs serious help!

  632. Every room… we needhave new floors

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